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Persona: Gardens and Graveyards the Discussion


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GM: Katherine Dyson, Magician Arcana - Skillfulness

Celes Desposito, Chariot Arcana | Raven Desposito, Priestess Aracna - TheCharredDragon
Jamie Moore, Emperor Arcana | Rome Caesar, Star Arcana - InnerFlame
André Bellamy, Lovers Arcana - Monster Guy
Cassandra Winter, Justice Arcana - TheSequelReturns
Eirik Sollien, Devil Arcana - Schade (currently inactive, character still exists)
Morgan Valentine, Moon Arcana - Vern
Sofiya Ignatova, Sun Arcana - GoldenHouou

~[ Hey everyone! GM Skill here ~ There's a lot of info here, but it'll come in handy for giving you guys more to material to work with when posting. It will also help solidify locations, people, enemies, and other important details as we go along. I'll update as more things happen, so keep coming back! As always, feel free to ask any questions, I'll answer them as soon as I can get to them, thanks. ]~

Cantillion Academy


Key Features

  • parking lot and main road in back
  • main entrance in front - courtyard area at the front
  • open area with dirt paths, trees, and small lake at the front
  • center area of school is for classrooms and offices
  • left area is for locker rooms and indoor gyms
  • right area is for dorms; girls first floor, boys second
Further Details

Top down view of the school. To the north is a main road and a parking lot for staff and any students with a car. A big sidewalk runs parallel to the school with multiple points of entry. The main entrance and front of the school is to the south and has a long walkway leading up to it. There's a central courtyard area with benches and trash cans with a few plants and flowers growing around the edges. Two mulch paths run around the open space in front of the school, winding through trees and bushes and also going along the side of the school to alternate entrances. A small lake is at the front with water plants around the edges to deter students from causing trouble there. As for the school itself, the central portion includes most classrooms, offices, and the cafeteria. The left section has locker rooms, indoor gymnasiums, and other indoor sports rooms. The right area is the students dorms; girls are on the first floor, boys on the second with a handful of lobbies located at stairways for staff and visiting.

Dorm Rules
  • All students must be in the their dorm room by midnight.
  • There will be no girls in the boys dorm and no boys in the girls dorm outside the allowed hours (vary by season). This does not include the lobby areas and stairways, those are open for any student to use or travel through.
  • Any weapons, drugs, or alcohol found in a students room will result in a week of detention and counseling sessions for all occupants of the room. A complete list of illegal items in the dorms can be obtained from your Residence Assistant (RA).
  • Students are responsible for their belongings. The bathrooms and laundry room are cleaned every 3 days by our staff and any personal belongings found will be placed in lost in found for a week before being thrown away.
  • Any disputes between students can be brought to the RA or, if a student is not comfortable going to one of the RAs, it may be brought to the Hall Director or their Assistant Hall Director.
  • Regular sweeps of students rooms will occur in order to ensure students are following these rules. No notice needs to be given, but students may receive an email the day of or a day or two before an inspection.

~ Feel free to request a new club or sport be added, just stop by the Student Enrichment Center offices. You can also inquire for further details by emailing the leading teacher or pick up a pamphlet at our offices. ~

Currently offered clubs - poetry, literature, anime, film, photography, art, LGBTQ+, ethics, Spanish, French, German, Russian, theater, math, robotics, history, debate, chess, government, cooking, speech, computer, and serving.
Currently offered sports - volleyball, soccer, football, baseball, tennis, dance, wrestling, badminton, swimming, fencing, basketball, quidditch, frisbee, archery, track and field, cross country, and rugby.

Algebra - Mr. Ming-jin - funniest teacher hands down. Makes class fun while still explaining things well, but never manages to get through all the material he needs to in one year. Has some fun props and a wears a different tie every single day.

- Mrs. Nyko - a crazy haired teacher that has a strange obsession with her subject. It almost feels like she can forget her students while teaching, but at least she's a passionate teacher.

- Mr. Bestuvo - strict and usually very intimidating despite being short. Only accepts full effort from every student and offers a good challenge for ambitious students.

- Mr. Nichelsin - a gangly, quirky, and sometimes obnoxious teacher. He's very passionate about his subject and does what he can to get students into it too with varying success. Most visited teacher by graduated students.

- Mr. Lucas - appears a little creepy at first, but he is sweet and harmless. He's almost nice to a fault and makes sure all students are on the same page at the same time. Class with him can be frustrating, but he is too kind to be mad at.

- Mr. Gail - a large, tough teacher, but friendly. Works students hard without pushing them too far. Slight bias for students in sports and usually wears outfits that support the school.

- Mr. Yong - a tired and worn down teacher who usually looks like a mess. He puts in minimum effort and his classes usually feel very boring. He is incredibly smart in his subject though is happy if students show an interest in his class.

- Ms. Baker - a tall, spunky teacher that makes her subject exciting, regardless of if her students find it interesting. She's a little haphazard and clumsy.(edited)

Home Economics
- Mr. Oschen - an outgoing teacher that does what he can to seem cool. He's a solid teacher, but a bit weird when he tries to fit in. Some students really enjoy his classes and become friends with him after graduation.

Literature - Mrs. Wesley - a portly, kind, and quiet teacher with many years at school. Well known for being fair, patient, and maybe a bit of a pushover.

- Ms. Dillenger - a hopeless romantic of a teacher, but she remains professional. She pours her soul into her teaching. Sometimes she goes too far into philosophy and misses the point of what she was supposed to be teaching.

- Mrs. Nelson - a small, studious teacher that often struggles to make her point clear. Is always prepared with extra material and offers after class hours for anyone falling behind. Cares about her subject and her students even if she isn’t always the best at teaching it.

- Mr. Jenson - the young, hip teacher. He gets along with pretty much every student, but doesn't quite have the experience to be an effective teacher. Does his best and is humbly learning alongside his students.

- Mr. Sandwich - yes he knows about his surname and he's sick of hearing about it. He's shrewd, easily annoyed, and doesn't put up with anything, opting to send students to the dean rather than dealing with issues on his own.

Tech Education
- Mrs. Gravious - a calm and understanding teacher with a motherly look. She can call students out on lies and has a firm grasp on her subject. Her classes may be slightly dull, but effective and nothing typically goes wrong during class.

Track and Field
- Mrs. Tik - a harsh teacher that is not very forgiving. Once in her favor though, a student will stay there and receive praise and kindness from her. Looks to be younger, but is actually older than most teachers.
(for extra classes that only your character is in, feel free to make up teachers, but please stay consistent)

Character Schedules

Shared Classes

(separated by shared hour)
Literature: Morgan, André | Jamie, Celes | Rome, Raven, Cassandra
Grammar: Eirik, Sofiya

Chemistry: Eirik | Sofiya, Cassandra | Raven, Rome
Physics: Morgan, André, Jamie, Celes

Algebra: André, Cassandra, Rome
Calculus: Morgan, Raven | Eirik, Sofiya, Jamie, Celes

Track and Field: Morgan, Sofiya, Jamie | Eirik, Cassandra, Celes
Health: André, Raven, Rome

Home Economics: Sofiya, Jamie, Celes, Raven
Art: Morgan, Cassandra | André, Eirik, Rome

Shop: Jamie, Raven
Tech Education: Morgan, André, Eirik, Sofiya, Cassandra, Celes, Rome

History: Morgan, Eirik | Cassandra | Raven
Sociology: André, Sofiya, Jamie, Rome | Celes

Photography: Morgan, Cassandra
Dance: André, Sofiya, Raven, Rome | Eirik, Jamie, Celes

Lunch: André, Eirik, Rome | Sofiya, Morgan, Jamie | Cassandra, Raven, Celes


Hoover Town - a slightly older town, there is a homey downtown area filled with mom and pop shops. There are a number of parks, an old theater, and the edges of town are surrounded by farmland.

Larken Village - mostly populated with suburbs, this town has lots of houses and some apartments. One side of town has a number of industrial buildings and offices as well as the nearest major hospital.

City of Cantillion
- including the historical Cantillion Academy, this city has a flourishing mall and lots of growing businesses. There is a small downtown area near the school, but the nearby mall attracts more crowds.

Persona Glossary
Persona - Once overcoming your Shadow Self, you can summon a companion that represents a part of your identity, your Persona. They are able to fight against Shadows and help you through difficult situations. Other Persona users can see and interact with ones that are not their own, though Persona will disappear around humans without the ability to summon one. They always reside inside your mind and can be summoned at will. They cannot be summoned around regular humans and there are cases where you may be unable to summon them or they are forced back into your mind due to an effect from a Shadow or an intense emotional situation.

- A manifestation of the repressed parts of a humans being; negative thoughts, feelings, impulses, weaknesses, and desires. There are a variety of species, usually representing something close to the person they manifest from. Under intense emotional stress, these Shadows can begin appearing in our world, unnoticed by normal humans, and they will eventually overpower the person they manifest from. While most are weak, they become more powerful as the person falls further into despair unless dealt with.

Split-Realm - Shadows and Persona do not exist in our world, but they may travel through it. If a person that wields a Persona interacts with a Shadow, they will enter the Split-Realm. Nearly identical to our world, it is impossible to interact with any people and time seems to be frozen. Any destruction done to the environment will not carry over to the real world, but people can be effected by what happens, even if they do not wield a Persona.

And away we go!
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Yep, and if you want any clubs not listed, feel free to message me or even play it out in the RP; have your character visit the Student Enrichment Center offices and request their club be added, I'll make note of it. Before my next post I'll have the schedules up, everyone has at least one class with anther player throughout the day for options to interact.


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Woo! This'll be so helpful for me.

Not sure if I'll have the twins join a club yet. Or a sport. If it's not mandatory. If it is, Celes's would be basketball and Raven's archery.

Oh and for anyone who might need it, I made a list of who's in what class.

Literature: 7 (Morgan, Andre, Cassandra, Jamie, Raven, Celes, Rome) / Grammar: 2 (Eirik, Sofiya)
Chemistry: 5 (Eirik, Sofiya, Cassandra, Raven, Rome) / Physics: 4 (Morgan, Andre, Jamie, Celes)
Algebra: 3 (Andre, Cassandra, Rome) / Calculus: 6 (Morgan, Eirik, Sofiya, Jamie, Raven, Celes)
Track and Field: 6 (Morgan, Eirik, Sofiya, Cassandra, Jamie, Celes) / Health: 3 (Andre, Raven, Rome)
Home Economics: 4 (Sofiya, Jamie, Celes, Raven) / Art: 5 (Morgan, Andre, Eirik, Cassandra, Rome)
Shop: 2 (Jamie, Raven) / Tech Education: 7 (Morgan, Andre, Eirik, Sofiya, Cassandra, Celes, Rome)
History: 5 (Morgan, Eirik, Cassandra, Jamie, Raven) / Sociology: 4 (Andre, Sofiya, Celes, Rome)
Photography: 2 (Morgan, Cassandra) / Dance: 7 (Andre, Eirik, Sofiya, Jamie, Raven, Celes, Rome)


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I slightly forgot about extra class but I decided to put him in Personal Fitness. As for clubs, Jamie is going to be in the chorus club. For Rome, I thinking of him being in Student Council as the secretary or treasurer...


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@Monster Guy: I would say film club but André will probably be very biased about that, wouldn't he?

Maybe a sewing club? If only because Raven would join in on it too.

Also, anyone else like that some Persona traditions are being kept? Unintentionally or otherwise? Yeah, you can partially blame it on the fact we're basing/sloting our characters into these roles in the Major Arcana, but still.

I mean, we have Justice who's lost their mom, Lovers is someone very popular, Sun is supposed to be cheery but has one of the darker, if not the darkest, backstories of the group and Moon is pretending to be someone they're not (or are they?).

I can't help but like it as a Persona fan.

Also also, I picked fire and ice and buffer and debuffer for the twins becausr literally no one picked ice. No one. And a Persona team must have all the elements!
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I was actually thinking André in drama club, all the amateur actors would love him, but that might too close to his normal life and he might be trying to branch out a bit.

I'm a huge persona fan, but I'm indifferent toward traditions. I often go against traditions as much as I can without outright destroying it. Jamie has the Emperor traits but Emperors are males. I tend to try to fill in gaps and balance out the cast but I don't get used Jamie because people tend to lock her arcana as male-only. So I throw her in with ones that don't do that.

Also Sun from Persona 3, my favorite social link in the game, not the most cheerful person which is understandable considering he has an incurable disease.

I think don't even think everyone here has played persona. I feel a RPG is meant to be a fun immersive adventure whether you know what it's based on or not.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
There are a number of clubs that André could fit into.

Film: André is a movie star
Theater/Drama: André is an actor, and would love it there
LGBT club: As the most proudly LGBT person in this RP, this seems like a given
French Club: He’s French. Also they probably drink wine there, lets be honest.
Fencing: His weapon is going to be a Rapier. He has to learn to use it somewhere

Now add sewing to the list...

Also, The André Bellamy fan club is a thing. It’s not an official school club, but it is a thing.

I haven’t played a proper Persona game. I have been in RPGs based on it though. André just fits The Lovers I guess. :p


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@InnerFlame: Yeah, that too. (As Mon soon points out)

Personally, I like turnibg tradition on its head and also follow it but in a way that's more modern (like Mitsuru, Yukiko and Haru can still be elegant ladies but not bend to others' wills). I mean, I kind of purposefully made Celes with her still having traits of the Chariot but not making her, well, book dumb like say, Ryuji, Chie (and maybe Kaz? It's kind of hard to tell if he's below or just average at school) but not be socially "dumb" (for lack of a better word) like Aigis or Rio. I just find it funny, that's all.

That social link broke and touched my heart. Then it did it again when Kanji mentioned the pink alligator story in his link. Gosh dang it...

I personally agree...because when I joined that Persona RP of yours, I knew next to nothing about the series but enjoyed it all the same.

@Monster Guy: That's a lot of clubs. The fencing made me remember that we hadn't thought of "weapons" yet. I'd say Celes would be "Fist" (like Akihiko and Makoto for those familiar with Persona) and, well, might as well make Raven's bows.

So want André and Raven to form/join the club?

I know. Celes and Raven will be very confused then amused then annoyed (if they bother them).

Yes. Yes he does. Lovers is about relationships and the choice between easy and right.

Also...I blame Sofiya, but I want to come up with codenames for everyone. So far I thought of...

Rose for André, both the flower and the French word for pink.

Maybe Two-Face or Facade for Morgan. The former because of her Persona while the latter because of her artistry and the front she puts up.

Maybe Bishop or Rook for Cassandra (not Queen as tempting as that is because, you know, Queen from P5).

Amazon for Jamie for somewhat obvious reasons.

Private for Sofiya, both the rank and the actual word, considering her past and how much she's hiding.

I can't think of anything for Eirik (besides, well, Devil). Maybe Inferno? Or Dante because, you know, Dante's Inferno.

Rome uh...I don't know. My first thought was Sloth but the cast won't know about his liking for being relaxed and lazy. Caesar maybe? Cause Rome and he's also known to be popular?

Celes might be Counselor or Valkyrie unless you guys bave better ideas (or I come up with another). Raven might be Robin because Celes will probably do that in reference to his archery, his name, his nature and Robin Hood.

Teach for Kat. Because I can't help myself.
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Ha, I like the nicknames idea. Might bring the idea up in-game. Also, basketball is a sports option, you think Celes would be on the team?

No alcohol on school grounds, lol I'm pretty sure it's in the dorm rules. (the braver ones might get together off campus and drink wine though)


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@Skillfulness: I am now imagining Sofiya joining up with everyone else on the team, in a complete costume, and Kat and Celes get the idea for it.

And Celes will have Raven make the costumes.

As for basketball, yeah, as I mentioned she would. If it's mandatory. If it isn't? Hmm...thinking on it more now.m. Yeah. She probably still would. She loves basketball like a good amount of Filipinos do.


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You joined the Persona RPG I made? Oooff... sorry about that died before anything happened and it mostly was my fault... Maybe I'll try redoing it again one day, I had so many plans.

Well, I've decided that Jamie would be fist-fighter a long time ago, she is a close-range brawler. Though she going kickboxing style with punches and kicks. Rome going to have a spear since Kartikeya actually does use a spear in the myth but decided to split it between the two.

Jamie currently has a very basic and not very friendly nickname for the people she met based on their based on appearance and first impressions.

André is currently Pinky which will change. I have one in mind but I'm going to save it for the actual RPG
Cassandra the Smartipants because she seems intelligent.
Morgan is Shy Girl because she was acting all timid in the group.
Sofiya or Sonya is just the Airhead due to her seemingly not understanding things well. Jamie will absolutely refuse to call her her nickname Sonya even if she insists.
Katherine or Kat is Curly Bob 'cause her hair but she will formally call her Ms. Dyson for now.
Eirik never actually met him so she doesn't call him anything.
Rome, Celes, and Raven don't have a nickname currently since she never officially met them either but I'll give it some thought or I'll just decide on one when she meets them.

Other than André she's not actually going to call me by these names, she'll just mentally refer to them like that.


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Yeah I did. I don't mind too much though. It was one of the (many) reasons I finally got into Persona. Oh, hopefully not too soon 'cause I doubt I'd join it. (Probably)

Hmm. Anothet fist fighter, huh? Well, depending on everyone else's weapon choices, I might change Celes's or Raven's weapons. Most likely Celes at this point. Half tempted for a "shield" like Kanji does...so that her first weapon(s) are just folding chairs or something as funny.

Internal nicknames. Those are always fun, because it usually shows what the character actually thinks about another. Raven probably wouldn't have such and only call others by nickname if they insist. Meanwhile Celes is most likely to have that, as well as actual nicknames for the "team".

I just realized, it'll probably be decided in the RP itself but we should have a team name! Well, or at least Sofiya and/or Celes will come up with one. And I guess we're not really far enough into the RP to think of a thematically approptiate team name. Maybe. But let's see... the names for the Persona teams 3 onwards are...SEES, Investigation Team and Phantom Thieves of Heart... Maybe the Cantillion Crew?


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Alrighty, new post is up! Feel free to sprinkle in lots of fun slice of life interactions and whatnot. Lots of you guys have classes together and it's school so lots is going on for you guys to use in a post. Let me know if y'all got any questions.

TheCharredDragon and InnerFlamme: Feel free to stick your new characters anywhere at the end of the day, I have ideas on how to get them involved in the whole Persona thing, but it won't depend on where you guys are.


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Yes! Finally! Now to write up a post.

@Monster Guy: Oh, me! Me! Mostly with Raven because, well, in my mind André would be curious about the boy who constantly carries a plush with him. But Celes can work too. Or another idea on why Raven and André are interacting.


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Jamie is going to ignore André in every class they're in together unless he talks to her first and going to ignore Sofiya too. Though she'll give Cassandra a chance. Rome should talk to André seeing they have almost all the same classes. The popular boys need to chat.

Edit: Darn, Jamie isn't in fifth period lunch. She does not allow bullying. Maybe she'll intervene in 10th period physic
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-sees this thread after posting-

Oh... Well, um...if you do that, it'd be kind of weird for Celes not to notice since she tried and failed to do the same.

But anyways, feel free to interact with the twins. I think I might have Celes go try to interact with Jamie, if she doesn't do it first.