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Persona- UtGoG

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Zincspider, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Persona- Upon the Grave of Guilt

    (Over the next few posts, I shall not only be putting up the sign-ups of the characters, but also some information that I had wished to put up earlier. But the 50000 character limit makes it so I have to split up the sign ups in 4 parts (over 150000 characters between the lot of you... dang).
    Alright, I had a map drawn out of the school but my scanner is broken, and won't likely get repaired anytime soon, so it'll just be a description at this point.
    A list of clubs will also be included, and you can join any one of the them on the second Monday of the RP. We started on a monday, so that's just over six days away.

    Here's a hint, the action of the game starts on Friday (in game of course), so the faster we get there, the faster things can start getting real fun.

    Alright, time to start putting these things up)

    - Human -


    - Human -

    Name: Minami Umehara (梅原 南 Umehara Minami)

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: Priestess

    Appearance: Minami’s height is just above the average for her age, but this is barely noticeable. Her build is also fairly average, not being slim-toned like the other popular girls. She has rather long legs for a freshman, but despite this, she doesn’t have a very good running ability; these in fact cause her to trip and fall most of the time. She is also oddly pale-skinned for anyone her age. still trying to retain some sort of style instead of putting on random clothes, her school outfit is plaid-themed. This certain outfit consists of a dark green sweater, a green plaid kilt which extends to her knees, mossy green boots filled with green stockings (ribbons attached for pizzazz), and for a final touch, a single plaid ribbon on her head. She's currently interested in the fencing club, but despite reading all about it on the Internet, she's not doing too well. Signing up, I mean, since she can't really find the confidence to. She views the imitation rapier as an antique, and she would love to take it with her; but since school rules forbid you from carrying a weapon, and because of her reserved, timid personality, she prevents from speaking of her desire and it stays in the club room. She ends up stealing it from the clubroom on the day she awakened her persona. No matter what, she is always seen with a a container full of pomegranate arils (sometimes a whole pomegranate), her favorite fruit.

    Minami wields an imitation rapier in battle; however, since she's just a (soon to be) newcomer to the fencing club, she only knows how to thrust it. She can't really parry attacks, and just goes crazy with it, but still taking care not to accidentally poke one of her team-mates. Don't worry; she's learning....I hope.

    Personality: Minami surely has changed over the years; when she started middle school, she had faked her name to strive to be different. Now, in her freshman year, she had just decided to stay down low and blend in with everyone else, but still join certain clubs like her mother did. She intends to break the stereotypes, being a nobody but yet a somebody. She is an ace in every subject (save History) and excels in her tests; but seeing as she doesn't really cooperate with others, instead shying away, she never gets picked on a lot during her classes. She views herself as completely average, with no special talents other than her brains. Slinking around school, acing tests (save History), trying to get herself to join different clubs (getting her to join is quite a struggle, as she can't even be in a 1 and a half meter radius of the sign-up sheet). That's her price for over-thinking everything; she can never come to a decision and gets all timid. She does talk sometimes, but it's in a bit of a whispery tone.

    Minami is asexual, meaning love is but a trivial matter for her; love wasn't going to come to her, so she shouldn't have been looking for love in the first place. It's not that men detested her, but simply because "she had more interesting things to do". Although, she still envies couples from afar, having their destinies already set. When asked, if ever, she states something like, "Oh, they'll probably break up in a day or three." Really, she detests love not in an entirety, but won't get all lovey-dovey either. Considering no one has ever asked her out, she probably wouldn't want to date anyone either way.

    Minami actually has severe ornithophobia, which is a fear of birds. This started when she met a bird on the sidewalk while she was eating a doughnut. Feeling pity for the poor bird, she ripped off a piece of her doughnut and threw it in front of the bird. This soon attracted more and more birds, creating a parade of pigeons at Minami's feet. When she threw the next piece, however, it flew a little too far, and onto the road. To makes things even worse, a car had zoomed by the doughnut bread. Only 8 of the 30 or so bird survived. Being a little girl like her, heck, ANYONE would've been freaked out by that. Since she was around 6 at the time, it was quite a traumatic experience and is still an endearing character trait.

    History: Minami is a born resident of Quarterman, making her part Japanese and part (Quarternese? Idk). When she was in elementary school, she was constantly bullied for her ornithophobia, in which she would curl up on the floor every time a flock of birds flew by. This became a crude gag joke in the school and incurred a lot of crude nicknames. This caused her to be homeschooled for a time by a woman named “Rina Ishida”. Eventually, she gained the confidence to go to middle school. On her first day, she had tried faking her name as “Ulala” in order to strive to be different. Her teachers still call her Minami, but she was still known as Ulala by the school body. She was fairly popular, until she was shot down by another female clique. Lurking at the bottom, Minami decided to just live her life and go through school like a normal girl. Fortunately, no one questioned her hair color, but Ulala slowly died out. She learned, she aced, she graduated, then she learned about her mother’s miscarriage, which left a scar on her for about her entire vacation; she then resorted to the Internet once again, attempting to isolate herself from the public buzz.

    However, Minami’s parents soon divorced, leaving Minami to think that the miscarriage and their divorce were all her fault. She grew more depressed, and resorted to less stylish clothing to shrug off the past. Her addiction to the internet still remained. Eventually, her father had remarried to Rina Ishida, leaving Minami to have a distant relationship with her and strive to be like her old mother. Rina herself was popular back in high school, further lengthening the understanding between her and Minami, who is striving to blend in. Minami even learned how to cook for her father's sake. Eventually, the break had finally ended, and she was to start her new freshman year at Bellow High.

    - Persona -

    Name: Hariti. (Buddhist goddess of parenting)

    Appearance: Like in Persona 3 (or 4, my memory fails me), Hariti appears as a pale-skinned, cloaked woman with a bundle resting in her arms. Hariti has never shown anyone what was inside of the bundle, but she is supposed to represent parenting, and that was the personification of a baby. Hariti appears to have horns under her cloak, but as she never removes it, they are never seen. (The horns are supposedly linked to how she used to have the demonic personality of killing other children and feeding them to her 100 or so children. Eventually, the Buddha changed her ways, and she resorted to pomegranates) Hariti's eyes are blank and distant, but as she is Minami's persona, she fills in the blanks and sees her mother's eyes.

    Personality: Hariti acts as a motherly figure to Minami to fill in the blank of her mother’s divorce. She is always available to give motherly advice to Minami, and will always use stat buffing spells to protect what she considers her “daughter”. When Minami is in critical condition, Hariti immediately goes all-offense against those who threaten her “daughter” using various bufu-based spells.

    Ironically, Hariti knows a lot about the history of the world, and sometimes pops up for a brief moment and assists Minami with her history homework. X) Of course, being the motherly figure, she can tend to be overprotective when Hariti encounters a stranger. Eventually, she loosens up to most of Minami's friends.

    Hariti is always there when Minami needs a mental support, and will lash her fury at those who would dare try to harm her. She represents Minami’s loneliness and need for her real mother, since she has since divorced with her father, who has married Rina as a second wife.

    For the split-moment that Hariti is released in battle, she immediately covers Minami from the enemy's attack range, then depending on her status (if Minami is in intense pain, the bundle in Hariti's arms will wail violently).

    Abilities: Hariti uses soothing lullabies as various healing spells, and throws speckles of red energy shaped like pomegranate arils on the target as a stat buffing spell. As for using bufu-based spells, Hariti unsheathes her hidden claws, charged with freezing energy, slash either across the opponent or in front of the opponent, creating and ice pillar where her foe stands.

    Evoker: Her evoker is an ovular agate piece inside of what appears to be a spherical pendant in the shape of a gold cage (whether or not this is authentic gold is unknown). She simply grasps the pendant (with her left hand) and raises her other hand. This was her mother’s 1st anniversary gift; her father gave it to her on her 14th birthday. She is aware of the sentimental value it has to her father, and is willing to protect it at all costs.

    *note: The agate is of course, smaller than the cage, so it can jingle around while inside. The cage piece itself can open up, but Minami never does so*

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Minami Umehara

    Name: Theresa Del Monico

    Age: 19 (She's a senior. She was held back during her sophomore year and had to repeat.)

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: Empress

    Appearance: Theresa is of Italian ethnicity with Jewish ancestry on her mother's side. She is rather tall for a young woman, standing at 5'10". She has long, honey-blond hair hanging in soft waves down to her waist and steely bluish-gray eyes framed with long lashes. Her nose is high-bridged and pointed and her jawline is rather prominent , reflecting her half-Jewish heritage. She is fair-skinned and has a slender frame, though not excessively thin (Somewhere around a US size 4). Her fingernails are often covered in metallic black nail polish and she has piercings in both her ears and her navel.

    Theresa is not a conventional dresser, her fashion sense is often criticized negatively by others, especially her previous teachers and most boys. Off-class hours, her favorite outfit consists of a black, belted corset top, a short, pleated magenta plaid kilt with a studded black belt, black fingerless gloves, black over-the-knee socks that go up until two inches below the hem of her skirt and black, knee-high lace-up boots with heels. Corset tops and short kilts are wardrobe staples of hers, with the occasional vests, tank tops and cut-off belly shirts mixed in. During class hours however, she wears a black, blazer-style jacket with silver chains and studs on its right shoulder over her usual attire. For colder weather, she often wears a black newsboy hat, swaps her usual thigh-high socks for pantyhose stockings and opts to wear either a black leather biker jacket or a long, black trenchcoat over her usual attire.

    Theresa is not exactly an athletic or active person. As a result, she isn't very good in hand-to-hand combat. She's more likely to play mind games with people or pressure people than to actually fight. She has pretty good aim though when it comes to throwing or shooting, which she usually resorts to when she has no other option and when she really has to do it, because even she doubts her own aim at times.

    Personality: Theresa, despite her looks, is a warm person who is extremely protective and caring of those she knows and loves, as evidenced by the way she takes care of her younger brother by five years, Fabian, whom she loves very much. She is a caring and individual, though she could sometimes be overprotective of those she takes care of, even to the point of being rather paranoid and anxious. She is not a shy girl, and is one who easily warms up towards others and genuinely cares for her friends.Though she is generally gentle, she is a victim to her own mood swings. Her feelings are so strong at times that they, along with her tendency to speak her mind, often gets her in trouble with school authorities. She is a strong-willed, stubborn, outspoken individual who speaks up and stands up for her opinions and what she thinks is right fiercely, though this often earned the disapproval of her past teachers and peers.

    Theresa has another side to her though and often uses her blunt personality to cover this other side. Deep inside, she is a person unsure of nearly everything, from her own thoughts to what she should do in certain situations to her own capabilities. She is an intelligent girl fond of books, but because of how unsure she is of herself, usually gets pretty low grades compared to most. Because of this uncertainty, she doubts even those she knows she could trust at times. She also fears the unknown and what is yet to come. Her fear of all things uncertain turned her into an unsure person, though she hides it with her two other sides: the protective, caring "big sister" and the fiery, outspoken young woman.

    Theresa has an interest in books, particularly novels, as well as fashion. She enjoys reading during her free time and even during class when she's not doodling clothing designs on her notebook, to the annoyance of most of her teachers. She also enjoys writing her own stories, though she is unsure about what others think about them and because of that, she rarely shows anybody her written works, fearing that the pride she has in her works would be ruined. She does trust her friends, but sometimes, her doubts get the better of her and she doesn't trust as strongly as she would do at times because of this. She likes to take control at times too, yet sometimes being in control too much and could get quite bossy and domineering in certain situations.

    History: Theresa was born in Milan and lived there for most of her life with her father, mother and her younger brother, Fabian. The Del Monico family was wealthy, yet Theresa grew up without seeing her father or mother very much due to their jobs. Both her and Fabian were placed under the care of a suspicious-looking governess known to both of them as "Vittoria". Vittoria seemed nice and reasonable in front of their parents, but in reality was increasingly hostile towards Theresa and Fabian for no apparent reason, usually taking her anger out on them and snapping at them for even the smallest mistakes. She even hit them at times. After experiencing Vittoria's problem for a few years, Theresa took it upon herself to take care of Fabian and help him avoid the strange governess's wrath, she was only eleven years old at that time. Both of them were ordered by Vittoria to keep their mouths shut or risk the "consequence". At first, both of them kept quiet, especially Theresa, who was afraid that the "consequence" involved Fabian's life.

    However, not even Theresa could keep her mouth shut for much longer. Vittoria's cruel remarks had made her lose interest and confidence in her studies and as a result, her once-fairly good grades began to dwindle as Vittoria's comments got to her and she became less sure of herself. At the end of her sophomore year in high school, she was informed that she had to repeat said year level again because of her failing grades. She wanted to keep it hidden from Vittoria, but the cruel governess discovered it anyway, locking her in her room as a punishment after she spoke up, saying that it was Vittoria herself who had made her like that in the first place. Fearing for her safety as well as Fabian's, Theresa called up her parents, who were fortunately were just in town. She explained to them what had really happened behind their backs all that time, as well as the threat she had given them. Shortly after, Mr. and Mrs. Del Monico arrived home and laid off Vittoria without giving their reason, remembering the threat. However, unknown to allof them, Vittoria had eavesdropped on their phone conversation.

    The next morning, Theresa and Fabian found their mother crying in her room and their father beside her, shot dead. Theresa now understood that the "consequence" did not involve Fabian as she had initially suspected, but her father. Their mother explained to them what had happened during the night, and how she was awakened by a gunshot, when she woke up, she only saw the face of the murderer, the broken window and her husband's dead body. The killer turned out to be none other than Vittoria. She also explained that Vittoria was a very close friend of their father's during their high school years but was only seen as a close friend, contrary to what she felt. Knowing what possibly could have been the reason why her husband was killed, a long and hidden grudge, their mother told them that they should all leave before anything else happens. they fled Italy with their mother and settled in the bustling metropolis in a distant country where their mother worked. For two years, both siblings were homeschooled, as their mother feared that Vittoria could have followed, Theresa completing her sophomore year as well as her junior year homeschooled. Theresa however, longed to return to regular high school. After days of looking around, their mother had found a suitable high school for Theresa in the nearby town of Quarterman, where Theresa enrolled in shortly after as a senior.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Theresa Del Monico

    - Persona -

    Name: Demeter

    Appearance: Demeter is a tall, slender woman who looks to be around 30. She has long, curly strawberry-blond hair, a fair complexion and green eyes as vivid as emeralds. She wears a strapless, pale green dress made of semi-sheer material with an asymmetrical hem which goes above the knees in front and down to the ankles at the back and is belted with golden rope-like cords around the waist. She wears gold arm bands on her biceps, gold sandals on her feet and a gold circlet-style tiara decorated with emeralds on her head. In her right hand, she carries a long, slender golden rod which she uses as her primary weapon for casting.

    Personality: Demeter is motherly, nurturing and caring not only towards Theresa, but also towards whom Theresa considers her friends and allies. She acts as a second mom to Theresa, reassuring her whenever she is in doubt, as well as teaching her self-control. Demeter is also calm and collected, traits which Theresa thinks were lost to her after her years suffering under Vittoria, but in reality are still deep within her, manifesting as her Persona. Demeter has motherly instincts too, being able to know what exactly one needs and trying her best to attend to it. She knows how to take control in certain situations and always thinks before she acts. Out of battle, she is peaceful and often tries to avoid having to fight, but is protective of Theresa and those she cares for, making her tough when needed.

    Abilities: Demeter's attacks mostly revolve around the element of Earth. She is mostly a caster rather than a melee fighter, and her spells, whether offensive or defensive, often involve the summoning of different plant species for different effects and purposes in battle, such as briars and thorns for walls of protection as well as minor damage to foes, or ivy, which has a poison side effect. She also has a unique spell set, her Season Spells, which change the season on the battlefield, thus, changing weaknesses of the foes present, depending on the season present on the battlefield, allowing teammates to exploit the uniform weaknesses and kill faster.

    Evoker: None is required for Theresa to call on Demeter.

    - Human -

    Name: Shohei Yamatoya

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: Hierophant

    Appearance: While not quite a stud, Shohei’s physique is mature and strong. He has well-toned muscles and hardly any stomach fat at all. His shoulders are broad and he stands at almost five foot ten. His hair is white as snow and very flat all around, clinging to his head like a wet rag. It is well trimmed so his bangs cover only part of his forehead and the rest of it doesn’t grow past his ears. His eyes are bright blue and covered by thick square glasses.

    Shoehei is most commonly seen wearing his favorite jean-jacket, given to him by his father when he was seven. It didn’t fit him at first but he has grown into it over the years and now it fits him perfectly. The jacket is light blue and has a high collar. Usually he wears a white collared button-up shirt underneath. He often reaches for a more “clean” look and opts out of baggy clothing. For pants, he usually wears something lighter in color, but hardly ever jean material. Often times it’s a simple pair of tan slacks with penny loafers for shoes.

    His fighting style is somewhat haphazard. He doesn’t have a lot of combat training, but is very athletic and can outrun most enemies with ease. Since he would rather break fights than start them, Shohei doesn’t have much battle experience.

    Personality: Shoehei is a very straightforward, devout kind of guy. He respects rules and authority, but is always looking for better ways to run a system. In general, Shohei is a very serious-minded person. He doesn’t have much of a sense of humor because he’s more concerned with “more important things.” He does tend to be overly sanctimonious sometimes, but really he does care about people and wants only the best for everyone. He just shows it in a different way. While he often can seem judgmental, he is usually just trying to get to the bottom of a situation to help solve the problem. He can be blunt, but that’s because honesty is his best policy.

    Shohei is the president of his class and spends most of his time organizing fundraising events and trying to plan for future events. He also has a lot of discipline when it comes to studying, and spends a few hours every night doing homework and extra credit pieces before bed. When he is done studying he likes to take the time to do a few push-ups and sit-ups for good measure. The other thing he spends a lot of time doing is working two jobs to provide for him and sister, who live alone. Shohei can be very stressed and tense at times, often overworked because he can’t handle all of the responsibilities that have been put on him. He tends to be very distant in conversation and doesn’t spend much time with his friends because he is so busy all the time, though he does have a handful of good ones who manages to talk to every day at school. He has a very mature outlook on life, and plans out his future carefully.

    History: Shohei had a rough childhood. His mother died when he was nine, leaving him, his dad, and his baby sister behind. After his little sister was born, his mother had some post-birth problems, which led to her untimely death. His father became an alcoholic because of the depression he went into, and stopped taking care of his son and daughter. This left Shohei in charge of everything. At a tender age, he was tasked with cooking, cleaning, making sure his dad paid the bills and raising his own sister. His father would come home from work drunk, or sometimes not at all. If he didn’t come home, Shohei would have to go to the bar down the street and drag him home off the street. There was rarely a time when he would be sober, and whenever he was, he would ignore Nisa, Shohei’s sister and the man’s own daughter. Shohei has guessed that this is probably because he blames Nisa for the death of his wife, their mother.

    This went on for seven long years and his father was eventually fired from his job for skipping work days or showing up with a hangover. This only increased his alcoholism, and he didn’t bother finding another job to take the place of his old one. When he stopped paying the bills, the Yamatoya family was evicted from their house. The day they were evicted was Shohei’s 16th birthday. Unlike his father, Shohei was able to hold down a decent job. His excellent organization skills and his ability to show up to work on time and work hard left him with enough of an income to rent a very small apartment where he and his sister could live. It was a very rough time in his life, but Shohei remained strong. When one job wasn't enough to pay rent, Shohei got a second one; this left him with hardly any free time.

    He hasn’t spoken with his father since the day they left home, and he resents him for being weak in all of the moments he needed him most. Even though he has learned a lot about life and how to take care of himself through adversity, he feels it was unfair of his father to put so much responsibility on one child’s shoulders. Nisa, his little sister, grew up without a mom or a dad, and Shohei regrets the fact that he couldn’t do more for her. Since Nisa is only nine years old now, Shohei has chosen to forego the option of college so that he can stay home and take care of her. He feels it would be selfish of him to abandon her at a time like this (she is the same age he was when their mother died) and doesn’t want to send her away to some distant relatives in another state far away.

    Many of his friends who see how strong and successful he is in school wonder why he is not “applying to Harvard or something” but Shohei keeps the subject on the down low. He hardly ever brings up his family life while at school, and people usually avoid the subject since it is a sensitive one.

    Note: Shohei does care about his father, otherwise he would not continue to wear that jean jacket that he gave him. He holds on to the firm belief that someday that man will turn his life around, but feels it is best to stay uninvolved for the time being.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Shohei Yamatoya

    - Persona -

    Name: Kohryu

    Appearance: Kohyru is an enormous, long, white Chinese dragon. His great horns extend far down his back, branching out almost like anstler. His facial whiskers flow gracefully from his face, like tendrils. In each of his front claws he holds an orb; in his left, a blue, and in his right, a red. He holds an identical pair of orbs in his hind feet. His eyes are a stark crimson color, casting judgment on all who dare to look at him. A long line of short but sharp spines extend all the way down his back.

    Personality: Kohyru is everything that Shohei could ever hope to be as a person. He is wise beyond belief, resolute in every decision he makes, and has the strength of heart to face any problem. He will protect Shohei with his life.

    Salvation- Kohyru uses this ability to heal any sick or wounded person to full health. This is particularly draining, however, and is only used in emergencies
    Maragi - Kohyru lets loose a ferocious fire attack from his jaws that engulfs any enemy within range. Because it has such a wide range, the fire is less concentrated and does widespread damage of lower intensity.
    Zionga - Kohyry lets loose a feirce lightening attack by channeling the elelctricty through his whiskers and shocking an enemy (this is his standard attack)

    Evoker: No Evoker required
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2011
  2. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    - Human -

    Name: Joaquim Pereira (JP)

    Age: 18, a senior

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: The Lovers

    Appearance: This tough boy relies on his physical appearance a lot, and as such, he’s toned his body through sports. JP is very muscular and stands at 1.83 meters (roughly 6 feet, I believe) and so he radiates an aura of intimidation. His face is rather square, with a wide, strong jaw kept tightened most of the time, and permanently covered by a light brown stubble, purposely so one should add. His brown eyes, however, betray his body language most of the time, showing tenderness and a calming beauty that melts away the girls’ hearts, much to JP’s satisfaction. His hair is light brown and kept rather short, never gelled or combed; it manages to shape itself rather well without manual interference.
    JP likes to wear clothes that show off his self-acknowledged good looks, and so tends to wear a simple white tank-top, a biker jacket made from some mysterious material mimicking leather, clear blue jeans worn out from the occasional brawl and various sneakers. When it’s hot enough, he just goes with another white tank-top and a pair of Bermuda shorts with some flip flops. When fighting shadows, a sword is kept sheathed horizontally on his lower back if its small or medium sized, or on his back if it is a longsword.
    As his personality and strong frame suggest, JP can handle himself quite well in a fight. He’s travelled the world due to his father’s job, and in each new home the first thing he did was to enrol in a local martial art gym. He proved to be a quick learner, and mastered fist fights and learned his way around a number of weapons, most notably swords. Though, even with his expertise with all manner of arms, he still prefers a good old fistfight.

    Personality: JP is a complex guy, and you shall know why. Let’s see if I can write this in rhyme, and still deliver it on time. Let’s keep it simple, shall we? So here’s how he is, basically: Socially, he’s the man, the stud you look up to. He’s handsome, cool, and he knows kung fu. Ok, I’ll stop rhyming cause its hard. He gathers the attention and admiration of his friends with his ability to “score a hot stud”… ess. Score a hot mare? Score hot chicks. And he maintains this cool guy façade with a distant attitude that just yells “You’ll never be as good as me, but you might as well admire me.” He is not the best of friends; while he doesn’t call for any favours, he rarely if ever helps his buds out either. This makes him come off as somewhat of a jerk, which combined with the jealousy other guys have for his popularity with girls, and the girls’ hatred for his “jump and dump” attitude gives him a very strict group of acquaintances.
    His social mask is a direct opposite of his inner self. Years ago, the girl he loved and dated for two years, a lifetime for teenagers, cheated on him with his best friend. Over the course of time, this made him secretly develop an inferiority complex, since, in his head, he was not good enough a man and boyfriend to keep the love of his life, and also not good enough a friend to garnish the respect of his best friend. Now, he is insecure of how good he truly is, and the admiration he gets from his friends along with the ego boost from successfully getting on with many a different girl are all he has to give him some emotional sustenance, even if he considers such admiration a fake.
    The truth behind his actions, however, resides in one single detail: the need for someone to take care of him. His mom abandoned him, and so did the love of his young life, while his father was always absent. Now JP goes from girl to girl in search of the one, sucking the destined-not-to-last relationships of all the nurture he can before moving on to the next. He doesn’t show anxiety between break-ups, but the fear of being alone forever terrifies him.
    Fighting both shadows and regular people alike, is the only other thing capable of boosting his self-confidence. He is quite good at it, and the thrill of victory is something he lives for. As such, he is quick to get into a fight, but not always with the best of intentions in mind.

    History: JP grew up travelling from one country to the next. His mother abandoned him, and his father, a diplomat, was forced to take his son with him whenever the job demanded a new home. As such, friends became a luxury for the young boy, and girlfriends were something he could only ever have in dreams. The family is originally Portuguese, so they returned to their home country every few years. During a particularly long stay, when JP started to think all the travelling was over, he finally manages to meet the girl of his life, Maria. His first love was incredibly intense, and formed a bond between the two that both swore would last forever.

    Not surprisingly, it didn’t. At 16, after dating Maria for two years, his father sat down to have a chat with him: they were moving, again. This time to France, if it made any difference. The news broke the lovers’ hearts, and a week before departing, they exchanged silver rings with each other.
    The day of the departure, there was a huge storm and the Pereira’s flight was delayed by two days. Excited, JP rushed to see Maria as soon as he got from the airport. When he got there, however, he saw Maria in bed with Daniel, his best friend.
    Shock, outrage, sadness, bloodlust; all of that washed over him. He broke the window, yanked his naked best friend out of bed and pummelled him senseless, sending the boy to the hospital. The only reason he wasn’t arrested was because he fled the country before either one confessed who was the culprit. Their guilty silence, however, fell on deaf ears, for the scars had been etched. Forever would he remain untrusting and absent, hidden behind a mask of cockiness.

    JP still keeps the ring hanging from his neck on a silver chain, as a reminder of the frailty of all things, like his love, and that deceit can be anywhere. By hitting or tapping it, the ring also works as an evoker.
    Signature: I hereby accept this fate of my own free will. No? Oh crap, wrong contract…

    I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: (Joaquim Pereira)

    - Persona -

    Name: Pedro

    Appearance: Modelled after the heartbroken cruel king who lost his wife to politics and jealously, Pedro wears richly adorned shiny silver armour on his right arm that extends to the upper part of his torso, jumping the stomach area and reappearing on his legs. His abdominal region is clothed by the chainmail suit which covers his entire body beneath the heavier armour, with the exception of his left arm, which shows only skin dirtied with blood trails. He wears a pendant with the picture of his late wife, Ines, inside, but shows it to no one. The only other image of her is the face on his belt buckle, permanently bloodied and impossible to make out during the short time this persona is summoned. He wears an ebony crown etched with rubies, emeralds and other gems, and from his right and left eyes drop a tear and blood, respectively.

    His weapon is a BFS: a large claymore brimming with Christian symbolism, coloured black and embellished with gold, particularly in the guard and handle, with, yet again, an eternally blood soaked blade.

    Personality: The story goes Pedro was to be married to someone of royal lineage, yet he fell in love with a peasant. The love of his life was killed during a romantic escapade, her blood still marking the spot she died till today (this part is true, there’s a red stain in a rock on the creek where they supposedly were, though it’s usually hand-waved as algid) so she couldn’t claim the throne. When Pedro took the throne, he refused to marry, and elected the dead Ines as queen (making her the only queen in history to be crowned post-humously) and ruled with an iron fist. While Henry VIII was known as The Gluttonous, Pedro was known as The Cruel. He sentenced many criminals to death for crimes which would barely be worth a slap on the wrist. Oh, and he tortured the ones responsible for the killing of his wife IN PUBLIC before executing them. This guy was piiiiissed.

    The Persona mirrors the legend. Pedro is cruel to criminals and wrongdoers, and quick to fight to defend love, even if at the cost of his own life (or rather, JP’s life). While both persona and human have strong egos, the overpowering hatred Pedro spawns, along with his overbearing personality make this Persona sometimes take over the actual human. The overconfidence and accomplishment JP feels when this happens makes it very hard for him to resist it. But though he is cruel and mostly unforgiving, Pedro is also wise (when love is not involved, for that feeling drives any man insane) and cunning. As such, he is not as hot-headed in the battlefield as JP, making him be somewhat of a stabilizing part of the boy’s personality in battle.

    Abilities: This persona is a physical fighter. He is a swordsman of unparalleled power (/embellishing) and as so has many physical techniques at his disposal. He is also wise and has learned skills that increase physical might, making him an even more formidable foe. Finally, his dark mind and cruel heart has granted him access to the powerful, but rarely used darkness spell “Mudo.”
    Physical skills include:
    Aniquilação: Focuses attention on one enemy and unleashes a rush of attacks.
    Raiva Descontrolada: Helped by the reach of his giant sword, Pedro swings around in a circle, dealing damage to all enemies around him.
    Impalar-vos-ei!: Pedro throws the giant sword with inhuman power, impaling a single enemy.

    Evoker: As stated before, JP’s evoker is the ring he keeps chained around his neck.

    - Human -

    Name: Kent Lockewood

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: The Chariot


    Kent’s appeal isn’t as much handsome-even if he is-but it is his charisma that he exerts deftly from his body. Like the protagonist from an Oscar Wilde novel-he is unconventional and sticks out as a center of attention whether he likes it or not. But unlike fellow peers who bow to this notice and do unwise acts to keep the social popularity and such to fit into the narrowed mindset of social conformity and peer pressure (as well as being proud enough to be tangled among school gossip), Kent ignores it all. Not that he doesn’t notice the flirtatious and little flips of the make-up compact that come his way when he is walking down the school halls. He just prefers to be apathetic, keeping a bored-almost distant face to whoever’s fancy he strikes. It isn’t haughty enough to be considered conceited or is it pretentious enough that it is rude. It is just neutral almost, as if he were trying to be an observer to the events around him-even if he is the main attraction.

    Which is quite considerate as Kent is neither a football playing jock nor the lead singer in the school choir. Mr. Apathetic isn’t exactly the name choice brand in popularity, and even if it were, it is quite a ruse-a very good one at that-that Kent keeps for the onlookers. As a mixed child-half Korean, half Anglo-Saxon, Kent embodies many of the positive outlooks of both ethnicities in appearance that most people find appealing. With raven locks, high cheekbones, and a tall figure, Kent appears to be the epitome of Western perfection combined with the delicate, frail tendencies apparent in many Asians. Unlike many of his counterparts at school with dull, almost witless, appearances filled with unaligned teeth, pinching eyes, and dreary hair, Kent ensembles many parts uniquely whole to him. Possessing an aura that makes the nearest girl or boy cringe a bit at the immodest perfection that is he, Kent reflects some of the feminine looks of many Asian pop stars yet with masculine grace filled with a more than toned figure and long legs. His English heritage is even apparent on his face with a more prominent jawline as well with a delicately curved British nose-courtesy of his grandfather. He stands around 5’11, making him a little more than average in height-although far more foremost in personality. Indeed, Kent is uniquely…the opposite that one would see of a normal high school student. There is none of the shyness, the acne, or the adept growing pains-but neither is there the ditzy glam or rude jokes made to random passerbys. It is just external energy-or cool-or simply, just charisma. For one can sense the burning confidence he exerts with his deft looks and the way his body positions itself with graceful long strides with his head tilted high, gazing among others like a lion on wanton rodents. This sort of charisma, transcendent and atypical, draws a following of both males and females alike to his feet. More often than not at the hallways, he is usually surrounded by a casual scattering of a half-dozen school girls who flock to his desk like pigeons waiting on the final breadcrumbs of a wholesome feast.

    And feast they may at the tantalizing figure hidden among the white dress shirt that reveals the slightest bit of skin underneath and underlines the slovenly abs and even more toned stomach that Kent skillfully masters to have. Even so, his dressing style is casual and rather conservative. He is not one to show too much skin, but likes clothes that do fit his body and proportions enough to be shown without actually showing. His skin is a luscious terra-cotta, golden but not exactly what one would consider wholly tan. It gives life to the Michelangelo sculpted body, and his brazen, endearing, amber eyes are the last pieces to the fragmented whole. They give the final values of being in Kent, with calculating, cunning edge confidence as well as the brashness that gives off sparks. His eyes do not simply light as if to be friendly, they glow with the temperamental guise of a firestorm trapped amid a winter within the ice. Chilly, cool, inapproachable but burning brightly along with the ice-like exterior.

    His hair is tangible mix of dark black locks fixated in a stylish, appealing manner. He isn’t a masculine sex god on legs sort of guy, although close to it. The silken, elongated waves undulate to his neckline where they curl. His layered bangs give him a near fresh-out of bed look, in a disheveled, but quite appealing way. There are ripples on the onyx strands, making no doubt that it is well taken care of. As far as faces go, Kent’s does not resemble a block of ice. His lips are a pert, liquid red whose features cascade a mostly grim-sort of smirk. Unlike the typical little protagonist, Kent is a mere antithesis to it. With his shameless gaze that has that typical ‘challenge-me’, Kent rather looks for bored amusement, as far as it goes. His eyebrows are raised in a sort of ‘are-you-kidding me?’ fashion, and on his desk he likes to lean his head on his left-hand while he is scribbling notes-sometimes tediously, other times half-heartedly with doodles on the side. Some local girls say it resembles a play-boy look, but with most other students, the way his smirk creases a bit downward with his pink lip dangling outside while concentrating; making him awkwardly sexy but equally bored at the same time. With the first buttons of his dress shirt unbuttoned, his black jacket hanging loose revealing his front-save the occasional after-school times where it is simply slung over his shoulders, and dark brown trousers, this boy is definitely ready for school.


    Despite his outer rebel-like exterior, Kent isn’t exactly one to make hasty decisions or even an imprudent invidivudual who lacks in judgement or keen eyesight. While Kent is confident in himself, brimming with assurance, it is not bigheaded or made simply without meaning. There is an underlying theme of self-reliance, that he is his own character who believes in himself and feels he can accomplish things that might be a bit of a far stretch. And yes, he realizes that there is failure-that there are improbabilities, but he chooses to strive for his own goals. Life is about the decisions you make, so why not make the best of it? He isn’t cautious enough to overthink everything to the point of mind-numbing indecision-but neither is he totally reckless, making things in the haste of time and then doing a lacksidaical job of following through. The most that could be said, is that he has assertion over himself-knowing his limits but also knowing that his capabilities are also very well extended in the distance.

    Even so, Kent is opinionated and overall a believer in his conviction. He has the rationality to analyze his decisions and think about why he believes in what he believes in-as well as support these said views with multiple facts from facets of his personal history to the outlying beliefs apparent in society as well as his own mind view. This sort of resolute behavior not only makes him a well-liked member on the debate team where his self-confidence and calm poise also comes in handy. Yet this willfulness and determined frame of mind also is a negative sometimes as well. Despite his often collected exterior and calmness, he can be brash sometimes without realizing it and is stubborn about his beliefs. In this is arrogance, maybe just a little bit of it, but it is arrogance nevertheless. He doesn’t treat others with the grudging respect that they deserve, but neither is he extremely rude to them. Just bitterly sarcastic, biting words. Indeed, he stands up for his own personal beliefs not just within himself but outside as well. He defends individuals when the situation is spitefully beyond any semblance of equality or extremely bigheaded. Most of the time, Kent is a firm believer of equal opportunity and fairness. While he doesn’t treat people with sickening-sweet words, neither does he really say anything bad to their faces unless there is good reason for it. He just ignores it all, focusing on his friends, not those who are simply interested in dating him without realizing who he is on the inside. This sort of impartiality stands up for his personal belief in justice as well as his quirky comments.

    While he is rational to almost a fault-being extremely decisive as well as buoying his beliefs with facts and statistical charts, he also has an emotional side to him as well. Not many people see it, nor does Kent show it, but he is still a regular teenager on the inside, pretty much dealing with his own problem and figuring ways to solve them. He is looking to find himself, to escape the boring surburban life so apparent in where he lives. Indeed, he finds school life, while interesting at times, a bit tedious and boring. Kent looks for excitement, he looks for something out there in the future where he can truly be free of society’s expectations for himself-from his mother to his classmates who have an unreal, superficial image of who he is-or even what he is supposed to be. The reason he dislikes school in general is because of the insincere, plastic realm that feels like confinement. To his general peers, Kent might give helpful little comments, little snippets, but nothing really is known about him. His words are taken as honey and nothing is questioned, if more profound questions are asked about his life, Kent has realized a strict eyebrow can be raised or merely divert the topic. Thus, his relationship with school and staff is wholly materialistic. Fake, charming, and only for the basis of societal values. Nothing gained and nothing lost, there’s nothing Kent would really change from this. Like capitalism, this is pure hard cash. Fake, somewhat dirty, and just a sham. Outwardly appearing like a good relationship, but inwardly…who knows if people really knew.

    The only people Kent cares for, are the people he cares for. From his selfish attitude at school where he makes it clear and present that he doesn’t care for people that he doesn’t care about-well unless they were standing in front of a moving car-then he would try to do something. From his whole childhood and beyond, Kent sees what the real meaning of friendship is. Taking Homer’s words to heart, “The hardest is not finding a friend, but a friend worth dying for,” Kent’s close relationships are people who he truly feels happy with, who understand how much of a jerk he is-yet can accept him for who he is. In this circle, he doesn’t have much, but enough to make him feel that maybe the suburbs aren’t that bad-as well as give him that semblance of home that he is always trying to find. Other than his sister, these are the people Kent risks life and limb for-and they would do the same. He has loyalty to these few and overlooks their faults just as they do him. Even if there are crude and sarcastic comments made, there is a deeper connection, one where they really understand him and who he is as a person.

    As an individual, Kent likes open options, more freedom, and values friendship over relationships-unless he was obviously sure of the person he was in love with, but since it hasn’t happened and isn’t likely to happen, he’s not exactly going to change his beliefs. Anyways, to his sardonic amusement, the girls lack the proper…bits to attract him. Not exactly homosexual, but Kent definitely leans toward the male spectrum of bisexuality. Not a flamboyant gay proudly showing off his sexuality like a prized peacock. Kent keeps things to himself. Why does he have to tell people he doesn’t care for exactly the most intimate parts of himself? Indeed, he views high school relationships as superfluous little things, fake enough to even melt plastic-and simply just a means to have something to do and create drama or help cure the lonliness people feel. It isn’t really about love as much as that someone is willing and there.

    To be honest, in the inside, he’s just quite carefree, freedom-loving. Cautious yet willing to step boundaries when the time calls for it. He would love nothing but to just drive around all day on his motorbike, being a wanderer of sorts. Not exactly one of those people with their head stuck in the clouds or their feet on the ground, Kent falls somewhere in-between. He has enough realism to see how society works and how it entraps people, but with enough freedom to escape its bounds or twist them to what works for him and his idealism. He has energy and the spirituality of a bleached bucket. A bit of an ego is apparent in him as well, and he has pride, although willing to diminish it for the right reasons-he’s not dumb enough to be a fully self-gloating bastard. He longs for the adrenaline rush, of being near people who won’t kiss his feet, of going to bigger places where he’s not a student, not a name, not anything but a person. Where he is only just a person to the world. Although he also, in his impulsive and prideful heart, wished he was the world to one person.

    Not really one for long walks of the beach or sappy, romantic comedies. Kent knows the deepest human desires though-love, greed, pride. He’s not a sociopath exactly, and he believes in his own morals. Kent isn’t one to have a hero-complex or with the sense that he is right all the time. He is human, he can be wrong, and he accepts it as he is human. He is not perfect like many of his mother’s associates feels he is, but he is merely a teenage boy who is willing to make the mistakes, willing to call these mistakes lessons, and maybe gain experience from them. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wants to be Renaissance Man of sorts, while the other half just says ‘screw it’-that it is a tedious task filled with hard work but little outcomes-but Kent wants it for himself. He lives for accomplishments where nothing is really given to him, but where he has to give his time, his energy for a triumph worthy to call his own . He likes Depeche Mode, the guzzling smell of gasoline-even though he feels rather guilty about his secret pleasure as it is bad for the environment-, and doing whatever he endeavors. Whether that’s trying to get into Columbia or trying his hand at going to an art museum, whatever whim floats his boat, he’s willing to give a shot. Life would be boring without them. And the last thing he wants is boredom, although sleeping is the only exception to that rule. It’s sometimes boring, but a needed rest is indeed a needed rest.


    Kent is pretty much what you expect of a normal middle-upper class boy living in a normal suburban neighborhood close to Quarterman. Well, if normal could truly be defined. Unlike many who are surprised at his heritage, Kent has little Eastern influence despite his looks and what people perceive of him. He was born in Claremont, California, home to Harvey Mudd as well as one of the highest percentage of residents with doctorates in the entire country. With a dentist father and a housewife mother, Kent lived pretty much in white suburbia for the entirety of his childhood. His father, a 1st generation Korean American, was not really in tune-or even enthusiastic about his culture. The reality was that he tried to distance himself from it as much as possible, because he felt that it was a sense of shame, a sense of having parents that spoke jargon English-a sense that he did not fit into the pickett-fence lifestyle he desperately wanted. Even so, Kent remembered the Mooncake Festivals-as well as the even rarer trips to the Buddhist Temple that his father took their family to. All of that stopped sadly when his parents divorced when he was 5, where he took on his mother’s surname and began living with her.

    In general, he felt no sense of attachment to either parents realizing from an early age the hypocrisy inside the perfection of the model family. All the shouting and screaming could be easily be covered in happy, well-done smiles that his father could procure from scratch. Indeed, Kent felt detachment from his parents. It was only his sister that he felt some sort of resemblance to. A product of his father’s first marriage, Rae-in was a good 10 years older than Kent and the communication barrier was there. He was the half-child with a Korean father and white mother while she was fully engrossed in Asian endeavors, listening to Chinese pop bands and eating kimbap in Los Angeles. And even so, she didn’t want to deal with a petty younger brother, preferring the protection of her friends who she cried with and spilled her inner turmoil.

    Being alone wasn’t a bad process to Kent really, it was just a very sad process. He had toys to take up the memories of parental affection-but it was just an artificial replacement. When his mother decided to remarry later in that year after a brief 2 month fling (even Kent had to agree that she was wholly materialistic), Kent was left there by himself for most of the time. Their big house was beautiful, spacious, but not any semblance of home. Among the glitter and dazzle, Kent pretty much searched for something else out there. Often he would contact his sister, making her put up with his vindictive words and childish bawling. Most of the time, she would pick him up and take him to the flat she was sharing with two other friends-most of them fawning over how cute he was and how he was going to grow up to be an oppa-making lots of money as a Korean actor.

    Even if his mother really didn’t care, often viewing him distantly because she still saw parts of his father in him-and they really did not get along well-she still had to keep up appearances. Thus, he was enrolled in multiple activities, ranging from piano to tennis to even acting at one time. From this, he picked up a love for nothing but escaping from piano lessons, often wondering if there was an escape, if there was somewhere else over the rainbow like in the Wizard of Oz-that he could call home.

    Even if it was a childhood dream-a misleading folly-that is what Kent strives for out of all his goals. He longs to escape suburbia, the little towns he always lived in, and find a place to call his own. Even though his mother had been married for a good decade, her marriage went to the gutter as the businessman she was with moved on to a younger woman after she kept complaining about his affairs. Of course her single status did not remain untouched for long as she married another man and moved into a suburb near the city of Quarterman. Kent, luckily, due to his own decisions on his life wasn’t exactly the silent, shy kid he would have been if he kept himself strayed inside the house while his mother-and/or his stepfather were busy enough with work and social events to keep him engrossed. His sister, as she got older with time-as well as more mature with living as an adult, kept him company for parts of the time-as well as keeping touch over Skype. Even if there is the physical distance between the two now that he doesn’t live near her in Los Angeles, the metamorphical distance between them-from child to adult, has shrunk a great deal since the beginning.

    Along with that, he has made friends-real friends that don’t judge him on the outside but truly accept his snarky attitude within. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was just plain chance that he has made close friends when he moved near Quaterman. While his family situation leans on the more chaotic side, Kent is freely able to drive his car-a Civic Hybrid-or even more, his motorcycle that he got and paid for with money he earned himself. Still, he is looking for home, for sunny Los Angeles in the heart of Garden Grove. Visits to his sister has finally made him realize that despite ambiguous circumstances-it is one place he finds solace in. Despite his friends in his new home or the homely feeling felt, Kent still longs for an escape. There is no ideal, no perfect one-but even still he is still searching. Kent has decided to attend the newly rebuilt school of Bellow High for numerous reasons. He feels no love for his new family-or even his new sister who he feels no attachment to who has the loving family members that he and Rae always lacked. Maybe his mother’s maternal instinct was a decade too late for him, but he is the outsider in the house, especially with his stepfather John, Kent refers to him by his first name, who generally treats the boy as if he were merely a stranger. Most of the holidays, he goes to visit his sister-John even wanting to pay his expenses for him to be out of the house. With the last trip going to Seoul to visit her as she was abroad working as an English teacher over the summer. Along with that, Bellow High seemed far more closer than any other high school, leading most of his friends to attend as well. But Kent doesn’t just judge it on whether people will leave him or not if he chose to attend, but also on its academic factor and that he basically gets a hotel from home…for free.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Kent Lockewood

    - Persona -

    Name: Nike


    Glory, fame, and the affluence of wealth is what the Goddess of Victory describes. Indeed, Nike embodies all these virtues, a bold head tilted high, ebony skin, and flawless features make her look as if she had just been cut from the pristine marble found in the ancient mines around Athens. In the epitome of feminine power, Nike resembles the carved statue found in the Louvre, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, a statue sculpted in the second century B.C., but currently missing many portions of its body that ebbed away with the rushing current and inner erosion. Even so, the Nike here is immaculate, wearing the flowing golden robes made out of fluttery material resembling the inner workings of a butterfly’s graceful wings, the silken material waves and flaps in the imaginary wind. Two gold crested medallions are hung from the garment on the shoulders with delicate, emblazoned intricacies carved unto the sheering yellow of the metal. Nike embodies the lineared form with graceful arms and long legs that simply float in the air, swimming in the transparent and unscented fluid. Even so, beyond the thing outer coverings, there are metal armor made of a translucent silver and bronze material that make light greaves as well as metal paddings near her shoulders and elbows. Even so, her skin seems like marble, but with the hardened edges of steel-as if the fine alabaster was able to withstand any sort of physical attack despite its beautiful appearance.

    The goddess’s head is a fine, almond like shape with gentle features, but with a stern feeling as if one was staring into the face of the law. A noble aura of silken gold surrounds her head, making a glowing halo that engulfs the rest of her body in bright light-but not as intense as the top. Her eyes are blinded with a blindfold, but the small of her nose can be seen as well as her unmoving lips that are painted in a deep, blood red that contrasts with the ethereal, pale skin of hers. Her hair is woven from a lovely tresses of chestnut curls that read her stomach that sway as well with the invisible wind that ripples through it. A crown of laurels is placed on her head-of olive branches with one side made of gold leaves while the other is of the usual green variety. With that, she wears a loose-fitting belt with the seal of the Olympians stamped in gold on its bronze surface. On it holds two rapiers, intricately detailed, but sharp as can be. A horn is placed on the left, what it symbolizes is left unknown. Two large, centerfold wings extend from her back of the same white, absinthe color as her skin, and they glow eerily with the flowing ripples of her clothing and hair.


    As the goddess of Victory-as well as the lesser powers of strength, speed, and judgment, Nike personifies the proud, confident, yet loyal facets of Kent. She embodies much of the age of classical Greece-proud of the beauty of Athens to the Peloponnesian League, yet also living in an age of rationality and logic filled with the beliefs of Socrates and Plato that shaped whole civilizations. She is bold and forthright in her actions and self-assurance, a strong figure with a defining personality. As such, she is like Kent in ways, but also acts as a foil to his actions. Nike serves as a mirror to Kent’s bias, often seeing the hypocrisy in his actions as well as serving as a mentor for his selfishness and headstrong views of the world around him. In a sense, she is a motherly figure, but not by much as she makes rude, sarcastic-but witty comments whenever she can to goad him into admitting things that he never wanted to accept such as the flaws with his own life philosophy.


    Nike’s combat appeal doesn’t lie within her fluid grace or rapid exchange of blows. There is more to that as she is as close to a goddess of war if there was one. For the most part, Nike is able to summon weapons of the classical Greek variety-intricately designed and shaped with beautiful handles-but also as deadly as a bladed weapon should be. In the beginning however she can only summon a few, mainly consisting of a golden tinted shield with a dark ruby in the middle filled with elaborate Corinthian designs as well as a light rapier and spear. Most of the weapons float in the air, and Nike controls them mentally and sometimes mimicks their movement with hand gestures. Most of the time, she uses them to protect Kent or to simply throw at opponents. Nike is alright in close combat, using the two rapiers that are kept on her body. She uses them ambidextrous with refined poise and sharp-edged attacks. But of course, she isn’t the fastest Persona out there, but even so, she has enough elegance in quick strikes and deft movement to dodge oncoming attacks. Sometimes she just prefers fighting with one of the swords, but other times, both at once.

    Evoker: None, although if Kent is on his motorcycle and turns on his motocycle, something might be able to appear out of thin air…

    Name: Miyuki Tachibana

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: VIII - Justice

    Appearance: Miyuki is a rather frail looking girl for her age, probably due to the fact that she's an albino. Her condition leaves her with pale skin, white hair, and eyes that border on red. Despite her outward appearance though, she is actually quite healthy and rarely gets sick. Her hair is a snowy white color, and is cut a little short, around neck length, with long bangs. She usually has what would best be described as a "neutral" expression on her face, though she is an observant individual and is prone to staring. Her facial features are soft, and somewhat childlike, given her age.

    Her clothing choice is slightly abnormal. She is always wearing something with a hood, usually of a black or white color. Not only that, but she also has the hood up at almost all times, unless told to take it off indoors. What she wears under the hoodie/jacket depends on the weather and temperature. A pair of sweatpants usually completes what most people see of her outfit, those too usually in a black or white color that may or may not match the top. She usually wears regular tennis shoes, and has a pair of reading glasses that she may wear if needed. She doesn't wear any accessories, as most people (herself included) wouldn't see them much anyway.

    Personality: Miyuki is a quiet individual normally. She will open up if a conversation starts, and actually enjoys talking to people, but she isn't one to actually start a conversation unless required too. She is however very observant of those around her and is prone to staring at people (even after they catch her), which may unnerve those on the receiving end. She will often try to imitate the actions of those around her if she is nervous or around unfamiliar people, and seeing her copy you is a good sign that she sees you as the person who fits in the room the best, or to put it bluntly, the most normal.

    Though quiet, Miyuki is far from withdrawn. Given the opportunity, she will not hesitate to throw in her two cents, even if it means mumbling to herself. She doesn't like those who think too highly of themselves, and doesn't mind knocking them down a notch if they start bragging or showing off around her. This is less because of her feelings about them personally and more about just wanting them to act normally and stop trying to elevate themselves. She can dish out criticism, but isn't one to take it well. Rather than fly off the handle or anything, she will simply withdraw and sit in a lonely chair for a while till she calms down.

    Arguing is a major negative for her. She can't stand the sound or sight of two people arguing, especially if its over something petty. Its one of the only things that can set her off. Her temper is slow though, and it takes a lot of repeated pressure to get her to raise her voice, much less get violent. Miyuki has remarkable self control though, and always tries to play the middle ground rather than take sides, preferring a compromise and a peaceful solution.

    She also doesn't like the daytime much, and as a result tends to sleep during the day and stay up all night. This of course wreaks havoc with her school schedule, and she will often fall asleep in class or be late getting to class. If it wasn't for her good grades, she'd probably be seen as a slacker, but she realizes how important her studies are, so even if she falls asleep in class, she will always ask another student what she missed or if there was any homework.

    History: Miyuki was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. At the time, her father was a hopeful business man while her mother was something of an artist though she painted mostly for enjoyment rather than profit. Their home was a quaint little place out in the suburbs, close enough to the city to make commuting easy, but far enough to escape the hustle and bustle. Their life was perfectly normal by most standards, even giving Miyuki's rather unique condition.

    Time passed however, and her father's business met with some hard times. For the first time, money became an issue. They couldn't spend as much, couldn't afford as many nice things as before. Eventually, the company was forced to downsize, meaning that her father was out of a job. Things got a bit hard there for a while, but as luck would have it a contact of her father got in touch with him and offered him a fairly well-paying job. The catch, it was in America. Not seeing much else in the way of opportunity, her father accepted the offer, much to chagrin of the female members of his family. Moving to a new city was one thing, but moving to a new country was something else entirely.

    So, upon Miyuki's advancement from the sixth grade, they packed up and moved halfway around the world. Adjusting to the change was difficult at first, but they got used to it in time. Her father was already fluent in English due to his business requirements, so he did his best to teach Miyuki and her mother both the language and the customs of their new home. Miyuki took to it in time, perhaps due to her young age, and though she is still not quite as good at English as the average native speaker she speaks it fairly well. Her mother not so much, and its common for them to use Japanese at home.

    Her father's new job paid well, but not well enough for them to keep their old lifestyle, so her mother took on a job as well doing concept and background artwork for various clients. When the time came for Miyuki to enter High School, she ended up getting into Bellow High. She's looking forward to the start of her new school year, although the change in social workings will probably be a bit of a culture shock. Still she's going to give it her best shot. She feels that her parents have done a lot for her, so she desperately doesn't want to fail them or let them down. However, that's not the only shock her future has in store for her...

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Miyuki Tachibana.

    ~ Persona Sign-Up Form ~

    Name: Astraea

    Origin: Greek Mythology - The holder of the scales of Libra and spirit of justice and innocence.

    Appearance: Astrea takes the form of a hooded priestess. Her garb is pure and white, trimmed in gold, and shines like fine silk. Her eyes are blindfolded by a torn piece of white silk, and her long black hair is mostly hidden in her hood. A torn black sash is tied around her waist, and her skin is like porcelain. In her right hand she holds the golden scales of Libra, representing fair and balanced justice. In her left hand, she holds a silver sword, with which to enforce justice. However, the sword is pristine and unmarked by blood or battle, giving the impression that it is more symbolic than functional.

    Personality: Astraea is a defender of truth and justice, and as such has no mercy for those who are truly guilty. To the innocent and the trustworthy, she is a dealer of kindness and mercy. To the guilty, she is a dealer of justice and punishment. She can see right through the lies of the guilty, and any attempt to deceive or mislead her through falsehoods will bring out nothing but her righteous fury. She is regal and composed, always holding herself high but never with arrogance. She is silent unless she is required not to be and, when she does speak, every word that leaves her lips is truthful.

    Powers: Astraea can create a radiant light that blinds her opponents, but not her allies or herself. In addition, she can launch balls of light energy with the sword, or cast restraining rings of light with the Libra. She is also able to detect lies as well as the presence of those who have ill intentions.

    Evoker: Miyuki does not need an Evoker to call out Astraea. However she does clasp her hands and closes her eyes, almost as if in prayer.
  3. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Name: Hikaru Hino

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: Strength

    Appearance: Hikaru stands at an average height with a build that is slender and slightly athletic. Most would equate his build to that of most J-rock or J-pop stars. He has pale skin with a clear complexion. The athleticism of his build is derived from several years of gymnastics and capoiera. Hurley’s hair is jet-black and usually pulled back into a topknot; otherwise it falls to his upper back. His face is a little rounded with high cheekbones and smooth cheeks. The expression that is usually adorning his face is one of both wit and cunning. His features seem to by fairly sharp and pointed. All aside from his nose, that is. His nose is actually quite petite and comes to a rounded, slightly upturned point. His eyes are a brilliant amber hue with a look of innocent mischief. His wardrobe varies from day-to day with the only consistency being his colors of choice: black and white.

    Personality: At first glance Hikaru seems like your stereotypical gay. He’s flashy and snobby to those I don’t know. Deep down, however, he is really a sweet guy who always gives his friends a shoulder to cry on. He’s not shy, but he certainly is quiet. Though he is outgoing and cynical, he generally has a more serious mood. He also happens to be an absolute genius when it comes to programming and hacking, there’s not a program out there that he can’t effectively hack or create! If anyone is fortunate enough to be counted among his friends is threatened in any way things rarely get pretty; he is fiercely protective of my friends and will even forego my own safety to protect those he actually cares about. He tends to be calm with a very level head. Hikaru has always had quite an adventurous heart, even when he was young he was known to get into all sorts of trouble. Now he is much smarter about exploring and winds up in far less trouble. Aside from his adventurousness one of Hikaru’s other dominant personality traits is his selflessness; he is always putting the needs of others before his own. Hikaru typically carries himself with an energetic, yet gentle, air; however when things become serious, so does he.

    One of Hikaru's pet peeves is when people go off to explore without the proper equipment. Another pet peeve that he has is his friends behaving recklessly; this is because he had been in plenty of tight situations that his mother would need to bail him out of due to recklessness. His greatest pet peeve, however, is somebody saying, to him, the words thank you. To him they are hollow words that have been stripped of their meaning by misuse and overuse. Hikaru will always notify someone who does not know of what the problem is, but will likely snap if he has told them before. Another thing that is noteworty about him is the fact that he is bisexual; however he comes across as fully gay because he tends to get nervous when trying to ask girls out.

    History: Hikaru was born and raised in a small town near Quarterman. From an early age he was in accelerated classes. It was in these classes that his intellect began to flourished. In turn it was also the time where he progressed through school at a slightly faster-than-usual pace. When he was thirteen, however, his local school district cut the funding which resulted in him being bored and starting to act up and be more inattentive in class. Slowly his grades began slipping from straight A's to A's and B's. Then the A's slowly began to disappear. Once C's began to appear on his report card his parents began to look for a school with an accelerated program. Eventually his parents heard about Bellow High School and filled out the necessary paperwork for a transfer soon after. Sumner is soon to end and Hikaru will leave for Quarterman; he hopes he’ll still have a place that he can fit in.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Hikaru Hino


    Name: Cinderella

    Appearance: At a glance Cinderella looks like an ordinary, human girl. Her skin is incredibly pale, almost pale enough to compare to a Yuki-onna, which serves as the perfect contrast to her sandy-blond, which is usually pulled up in a long ponytail. Her eyes are a brilliant, aqua-blue. Her outfit is a crystal blue corset with matching armbands on her upper arm, a mesh skirt over crystal blue tights and a pair of three-inch, glass stilettos. On her hip is a pair of swords, a foil and a rapier, with the crystal-blue, mesh ribbon tied in a bow which serves as a holder for the sheaths as well as a belt.

    Personality: Cinderella is a spirited young woman with a gentle kindness. She tends to have a very fiery, yet sweet, temper and is not someone most sane people would push too far a second time. On one hand she is sweet and gentle to most people. If she does happen to be angered the only sound advice that can be given is to get out of her way or, in the case of those whom have inspired the fury, run. She has an unbridled kindness for her allies and will often protect them with everything she has. She is also quite forgiving of others who have not pushed her too far.

    Abilities: Cinderella is a physical fighter, plain and simple. What she lacks in magic she compensates for with her speed and skill with swords such as foils and rapiers. In addition she is also skilled in savate, almost enough so to be considered a master.

    Evoker: None

    - Human -

    Name: Snow Fields
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Arcana: Hanged Man

    Appearance: Snow is a physically frail and feminine looking boy. He’s only five feet tall and is slender in frame. And his face doesn’t help much, being oval-shaped with no blemishes and large blue eyes. His hair is a pale blond, almost white. He keeps it long, a couple inches past his shoulders, and takes good care to keep it soft and nice as that’s how his mother liked him to look. Also, he has what some would call pianist hands, slim with long fingers.

    He is always well-dressed, avoiding bright colors and ‘obnoxious’ large-print t-shirts. Usually, he’s in a basic polo shirt, sturdy pants, and black shoes. He does have a pair of jeans, but only wears them when he knows he would be doing something messy (like going on a hike in the woods). On cold days, he’ll wear turtlenecks or sweaters with a long overcoat. Snow usually doesn’t wear hats, unless it’s really cold.

    He also has a great singing voice, in the tenor range. He can play the piano and keyboard well.

    Personality: If there is a rebel without a cause, then Snow is a wannabe rebel without a clue. He would like to be seen as self-confident, defiant, and independent, but he doesn’t want to be a bad boy either because his mother wouldn’t want him to be that way. He claims to be counter-culture, but he’s countering what he sees as an excessive over-sexualized teen pop culture, which means that he’s quite often a model student in the eyes of adults. So while he would like to be a rebel of some kind, he fails at it completely.

    Snow is polite, even-tempered, studious, and honest. He is also sheltered, uncertain how to fit in, indecisive, and aloof. Sometimes he tries to hide his affluent background so that people don’t treat him special, but he doesn’t do this all too well. For one thing, he is used to an organic and high quality diet. Things like hamburgers, hotdogs, lunch meat, French fries, and even soda are like a foreign cuisine. They’re also something of a guilty pleasure to Snow because of that foreignness and their status as ‘bad’ foods.

    As much as he wants to be independent, Snow is at a loss of what to do now that he’s practically on his own. He can bluff at being confident but he’s out of his element at this school. As for being defiant, that’s probably not going to happen as he is more likely to do something nice than talk back to anyone. At times, he wishes he were just an average teen.

    He knows that people will try to take advantage of him and is wary of people who seem all too eager to help him. He’s heard from many sources that he has the potential to be a big star in music, but all of them seem to want control over his future, telling him exactly what he should do. While he likes having a plan to follow, he’s heard of how greed can ruin a career and is suspicious of all of them. Yet he wants to be polite as his parents taught him to be, which leaves him feeling incapable of fully rejecting people who want to ‘help’ him. He could just tell them no, but what if their motives are genuinely kind? He loves music and song-writing, but finding someone to trust in helping him is looking scarily difficult.

    He has a somewhat embarrassing punny name, but that’s the least of his troubles.

    History: To understand Snow, one needs to know his parents. His mother was a teenaged pop star who rose fast and crashed faster. His father was a single child of very wealthy parents; he got into the music by working on the business side of production. Together, they were rich and paranoid, not wanting to be noticed by the rumor mills of Hollywood tabloids. So they moved up to Washington state and raised their single child protectively, even home-schooling him.

    Snow had a few friends in his childhood, but they were mostly like him, home schooled and sheltered. His mother would tell stories about her sinful days as a pop star, usually with heavy-handed morals (“don’t get vain or you’ll turn out to be a horrible heartless man who ruins the lives of innocent girls” and such, although not worded that bluntly). But she still liked music and reformed herself into a reclusive musician making songs under the band name Mutalyze (she refused to ever explain the name or to stick to any one genre). She made music a major part of his schooling and Snow was exceptionally good at it, even contributing to the Mutalyze songs.

    It was a little over a year ago when things were turned completely upside-down for Snow. He and his mother had just published a new Mutalyze album, including a song he wrote mostly on his own. After going out to dinner to celebrate one evening, he and his parents were involved in a messy car crash. Snow survived with bad injuries, but his parents both died. To make matters worse, while he was in recovery, his aunt (maternal side) tried to poison him, thinking she would get the large inheritance from his parents.

    In their paranoia, his parents seemed to have foreseen that problem. They stated explicitly in their wills that the aunt was to get nothing, even if Snow died. Instead, Snow was the main benefactor, with a few charities getting donations and the family’s lawyer being given a portion to work on Snow’s behalf until he turned twenty-one. Also as a part of their will, Snow was to attend and graduate Bellow High before he had full access to his inheritance. Apparently it was part of the plan all along.

    And once he had recovered from his injuries and gotten through much of his grief, things got even more complicated. His father had been the agent for Mutalyze, but a coworker stepped in to take care of matters after the deaths. That coworker helped one of Mutalyze’s songs to break out onto the pop charts and bring in a bigger fanbase. He has presented Snow with a plan to turn him into a teen heartthrob and pop star, one that Snow’s uncertain about even though it would make him famous (and more wealthy). On the other hand, his family’s lawyer is pushing him to go on to college to study music and eventually become a Christian musician, as the man is heavily religious himself. And there’s also that aunt who is still trying to worm her way into her sister’s fortunes.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Mutalyze song that has recently topped the pop charts is called ‘Happiness’ and is one that he and his mother sang together. People keep mistaking it for a romantic love song, something that greatly embarrasses Snow as in order to keep the mysterious ‘band’ image, he can’t really explain that it isn’t.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Snow Fields

    - Persona -

    Name: Melpomene (Greek Muse of Tragedy)

    Appearance: Melpomene is a tall slender woman who wears a simple white dress with a black cord tied around the waist as a belt. She looks much like what would be depicted in Greek paintings, so she doesn’t seem to be wearing a bra. Her hair is long and golden blond, though, going down to her waist. Over her face, she wears a plain white mask in the symbolic ‘tragedy’ style. In fact, she looks and sounds a lot like Snow’s mother.

    Personality: This Persona is somber, solemn, and quiet, save for when she sings. Then she is expressive and passionate, although most who hear her feel touched by sadness. She doesn’t get angry and behaves very polite and formal. She comes off as pessimistic and odd as she sees beauty in human tragedy. After all, sorrow, despair, and guilt are not possible without the power of the heart’s emotions. She isn’t sadistic about it and tries to comfort through expressing those emotions through music. Melpomene especially loves songs of grief.

    Abilities: Whether she’s manifested or not, Melpomene gives Snow a strong defense against the attacks of the Shadows, although not to other foes. She can also use single-target healing spells. Together, the two can sing a wordless song that, by letting others know that they are not alone in their struggle, encourages humans who hear it so that their skills and attacks are better than usual. Snow has to be singing through it, though, and can’t attack while it’s in use. He can’t remember the song afterwards.

    Evoker: No physical evoker, but Snow does have to invoke her presence formally, as is the Greek tradition.

    Name: Mana Shizuko (静子 愛, Shizuko Mana)

    Age: 16, Junior Year

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: Death

    Appearance: Mana is of Asian descent, Japanese to be precise. He has gently slanted black eyes, which are covered by a spray of dyed-bright red hair. His hair is fairly long, but shorter in the back than in the front (Like Haru’s, from Devil Survivor). He has a wide brow and thin, dark eyebrows. He has no facial hair, as he shaves any, admittedly light, hair off. He has this stylized pattern of a winged skull tattooed onto his back (because minors can get tattoos in Hawaii).

    He has a light build, being fairly short at 5’8”. He is thin, but rather soft, not getting much exercise other than shooting and a little swimming. He doesn’t fight at all, and therefore has no real skill or knowledge of how to manage in a fistfight. He was on the Archery team, and can shoot with a bow very well, but that is about the extent of his combat ability.

    Mana wears artfully ripped blue jeans, and neutral colored t-shirts, such as white, black, or grey. He often wears hoodies, with graffiti designs splayed across them. There is always a pair of eye-catching headphones, custom made, either around his neck or over his head. A small pendant, about the size of a US Half Dollar. The pendant is a five pointed star enclosed inside an ‘Ouroboros’, a snake eating its own tail.

    Personality: Mana is brash, tough, and ‘street smart’. A big talker, he is easy with his opinions, giving them bluntly. His carefree ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude is plain to see. Through the rough exterior, sometimes traces of his true personality emerge. Incessantly curious, when he wonders about something, he will pester and chip away until he finds out what he wants to know. He is also very dreamy, and falls asleep in class often. A great lover of interesting stories and fairy tales, Mana is very easily bored by ‘dull’ things subjects, including Math and History.

    Mana is actually very sensitive and reserved, much preferring to read a light romance novel or watch a few episodes of his favorite animes than go out to do stupid high-schooler things with his friends (like messing with Old Man Elkins’ truck. Terrible idea). He loves fantasy and sci-fi, and reads himself away into worlds of swords and sorcery. But of course, status quo is god, and face must be maintained at all times. Mana does like having friends, who he makes easily for his good nature and sharp wit, but he often finds solo pursuits just as, if not more interesting.

    Mana has spent a lot of his life pretending to be someone he’s not. He hates to lose, and doesn’t like being embarrassed, so he makes friends, and hides a lot of who he really is. He does so to escape the ‘boring’ world he lives in, the dull, average world, which lacks the magic and wonder that appears in his stories. He’s a tough talker, and has a sharp tongue. A bit childish, he hates losing, and being made fun of, and keeps grudges for a long time.

    Despite his genuinely calm interior, he has a lot of jealousy towards his two little sisters, who died. They had what he wanted… his mother’s attention, and something magical, secrets and mysteries. When they died, as shocked as he was, there was that tiny, black, horrible speck of smugness. Serves them right… serves them…

    Mana is very good with younger kids and children. His inner child is strong, and he can happily spend hours amusing and entertaining the little ones. Even with peers of his age, he finds himself a good leader and teacher, being well able to keep everyone doing their “goddamn jobs, people! We’ve got work to do!” A patron of the lost and confused, he picks up stray animals and people, as long as they don’t annoy him overmuch.

    Mana loves music, of many genres. A fan of everything from modern hip hop raps to classical concertos, he has a wide knowledge of music. Although he loves listening to music, he has absolutely no talent for making it. A miserable singing voice, and absolutely no coordination in using instruments means that he’ll never be a musician, and he knows it. He doesn’t even try anymore, because trying would just mean failure and embarrassment, something that Mana avoids at all costs.

    History: Mana was born to two very different people, on the island of Hawaii. His mother was a member of a small neo-pagan religion, similar to Wicca, but not quite. His father was a Christian priest. Although the family seemed highly dysfunctional, it wasn’t. His parents loved each other, and kept their theological differences away from their family, although joking debates over the breakfast table weren’t uncommon.

    He preferred his mother’s religion. It was more interesting to him, with healing herbs, potions, rituals and spells. So unique. But… her religion was passed only through the female line, and he was forever pushed away from it. Mana was just a child when his little sister was born. He loved her, and hated her. She was always with his mom, listening to her stories, wandering the woods… He didn’t understand why he was excluded.

    His father tried to get him to read the Holy Bible, as an alternative, but Mana couldn’t help but despise the Bible. It wasn’t what he wanted, to him, it was nothing but a dusty stack of rules and regulations, with a vain, selfish God that pretended to be perfect. It galled him, and he refused it.

    Another sister was born, and quickly joined her sister. Mana loved them, and took care of them when his parents were gone, but deep inside, he envied them. He didn’t get along well with his father, so he was always the odd man out in the family. They both drowned in an accident at sea. He had opted out of the family cruise, claiming he had far too much schoolwork. His parents survived, but his two little sisters were dead.

    His first reaction… satisfaction. Followed by enormous horror and self-loathing. Mana was thirteen years old, in eighth grade. He became someone else. A sarcastic, devil-may-care joker. The façade was imperfect, and he couldn’t truly bury who he really was. His friends from middle school, he pushed away, finding new ones in High School.

    When he was about to enter Junior Year, his parents moved, and he had to follow them, and attend Bellow High.

    I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such, 静子 愛


    The Hermit Arcana has a lot of spells for muting, raging and casting other ailments and mental attacks. Alice is from a famous tale of nonsense, illusions, and dreams.

    Arcana Change! I’m bringing ‘Alice’ from the Death Arcana to the Hermit Arcana. Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, was lost, escaping from her boring world to wonderland, and then awakening, (and then in the sequel, ‘Through the Looking Glass’, begins to wonder if existence itself is a dream of the Red King) gaining some ‘enlightenment’ for lack of a better word.

    The other story of ‘Alice’ is that of a young girl who died (make the journey), and gained magical powers that drove her insane. (Go mad from the revelations, the wise man did.)

    Either way, I rest my case.

    Name: Alice

    Appearance: Alice is a young English girl, with pale, smooth ghostly skin, and blond hair. Her hair reaches to just under her shoulders near the back, and short, straight bangs above her eyes. She has a white ribbon wrapped around her head, keeping most of the back of her hair back. She has clear, piercing blue eyes.
    Her clothing is a child’s Victorian-style dress, made of silk satin, which reaches down to her knees. The dress is a deep satin blue, and is decorated at the hem with white ruffles. Her collar is tight, and adorned with a short black tie. Her dress has puffy shoulders, and a wide ribbon, also white, is wrapped around her torso, tied into a decorative ribbon behind her. She wears simple black ballet shoes on her feet.

    Personality: Alice is a dreamy, serene girl. Delightfully curious, she runs about, exploring and looking about for the few moments when called to existence. Uncanny valley indeed, Alice looks normal, but her laughs and smiles have a disturbing quality to them, a quality that doesn’t quite seem sane. She has an odd, innocent sadism, killing her foes while ‘playing’ with them, not meaning any harm, but finding that they die anyway.

    Abilities: Alice is powerfully magical, although more in mental trickery and illusion than destruction. She fights by calling on mysterious delusions and myriad colors, lights, and illusions that distort the world. She has the ability to drop weak-willed foes into sleep. She only has weak destructive magic. Of course, thoughts can kill. “Die for me!” initiated by asking a simple question, “Could you please die for me?” Causes the afflicted to believe they are dying, and die, unless they can pull themselves free of the deception.

    Evoker: (Ah, I wanted to go with the contoversial gun evoker… but to fit Alice, I got something more controversial!) A hypodermic syringe. The injection summons a mindset of dreams and sleep, ridden with delusions, creating the mindset to bring Alice into existence.

    - Human -

    Name: Sigmund Okonkwo

    Age: 15 (beginning Sophomore)

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: Temperance

    Appearance: Sigmund has a well-exercised body and very dark skin that identifies him easily as having African origins. He is somewhat tall for his age at 178cm (5'11") and has a bit of an oblong shape to his face with pale blue eyes, thick eyebrows and an apparent inability to grow facial hair as of yet. His black hair is kept in short dreadlocks along the top of his scalp and is cut very short along she sides and back. He seems to have developed fingers that are surprisingly coarse for their agility. As noted, he seems to be physically fit, though this may help little in fighting on his own, as he has no fighting ability to speak of besides the possible intuition to use anything that he is carrying as an improvised weapon and a firm grasp on the handling of gardening tools.

    Being a relatively normal person, Sigmund does not consistently wear the same outfit, though he tends to gravitate toward tan shorts or pants with a brown belt and either high-top sneakers, hiking boots or athletic shoes. He tends to wear neutral-colored t-shirts and sweatshirts and consistently wears a silver watch with a leather wristband. Though his vision requires that he wear a pair or rectangular glasses to read, Sigmund can see well enough without them and frequently will wear contacts, or will simply forget and wear nothing at all over his eyes. On formal occasions, he wears a red dress shirt accompanied by black slacks, shoes and an optional black tie. Sigmund carries a simple cell phone, blue handkerchief and a red lanyard with a keyring in his pockets, with the lanyard typically dangling out of one pocket and occasionally getting caught on nearby objects. His school supplies, as well as various other items such as a portable music player and collapsible umbrella, are contained in a pale blue single-strap backpack.

    Personality: Planning in reference to long-term goals doesn't seem to be Sigmund's strong suit. His single-semester involvement in previous clubs and student organizations, lack of any direction about a future career, and even small instances like forgetting his wallet before shopping, stand as a testament to this. He seems to be fully aware of this issue and is trying to learn to balance his decisiveness with rationality and the patience to think things through, but even with the discipline enforced upon him his mother and other obligations, he still has a personal desire to come up with definite solutions in a timely manner, whether or not they are well thought-out. What decisions he does make, however, he definitely commits himself to, with a sincere apology prepared in case his decision was incorrect, though he seems to be smart enough to avoid making consistent mistakes and adapt when situations turn for the worse, and his quick thinking has very occasionally shown to help in time-critical situations. His decisive nature also helps him somewhat socially, giving him a bit of a hit-and-miss record wherein he tends to jump right in to attempts at camaraderie, which can give him the appearance of a strong personality when he is successful and that of a thick-headed idiot when it doesn't. Repeated failures of this nature can put Sigmund into a slump, but he always tends to get over himself and rush back in the next day.

    Sigmund is of the Islam religion and, therefore, is subject to compulsory prayer several times during the day, though he tries to do this in such a way that it isn't disruptive to others, and has been allowed to use an empty classroom to do so during the lunch period. On a related note, he is under obligation to fast during certain times, particularly over one month out of the year and a regular three days each month, which has given him an acute appreciation of the plight of hunger and a fierce irritation toward those who waste food. In turn, he has gained a greater appreciation for food when it is available, particularly home cooking. Oddly, though he is familiar with music from earlier decades and was raised with exposure to various traditional African music, Sigmund seems to be relatively out of touch with modern music, having a mild distaste for more modern forms of rap, hip-hop and electronic dance music, though he can see a bit of the appeal in modern alternative rock. He is actually much more fond of older R&B, jazz and swing music, particularly the likes of Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra, something that may not stereotypically be guessed of someone of his age. Despite this, he has no real dancing ability, nor any particular inclination to learn. He does, however, have a certain knack for another supposedly feminine ability: gardening.

    Due to being raised by a no-nonsense mother, Sigmund was taught to speak with respect toward his seniors, referring to them by "sir" or "ma'am," though who counts as a 'senior' in this respect tends to vary. Likewise, he is very mindful of others, taking care not to be in any way offensive when he can remember it and harboring genuine concern for his friends and family. A steadfast ally, he is always prepared to back up a downtrodden friend or give him the kick it takes to get back to normal Sigmund is known to keep a few odd interests, such as exercise techniques, the occasional scale model of a fictional robot and a penchant for gardening, though his specific interests within these fields will vary from week to week. Sigmund seems to dislike carbonated beverages, preferring hot and cold teas or even plain water, and has a generally lower tolerance for sweet foods than other people of his age. He has been known to house certain common superstitions, such as the common superstitions about broken mirrors and spilling salt, among less ordinary ones such as a hidden belief in the possibility of the existence of supernatural abilities.

    History: Though he was born in a small city in Nigeria, Sigmund remembers nothing of the country. Before he had reached his first birthday, his family moved across the sea to the city of Denver in the United States, where his father worked as an engineering adviser to transportation networks, particularly railroad systems. The Okonkwo family lived in Denver for several years, until Sigmund was eight, though due to the nature of living in a big city, Sigmund was never allowed to wander from the house without supervision, leading to his focus on indoor activities. Though he harbored a bit of frustration with staying indoors, he managed to remain entertained nonetheless, and was a captive audience to his mother's ideals about raising him into a respectful person. When his family moved to Quarterman, Sigmund was excited about the freedom that came with living in a smaller city, now being trusted to go to the park with his three-years-older sister, Sarah, and no adult supervision, an opportunity that he grew to appreciate very much over the next several years.

    Growing older held a few trade-offs for Sigmund. He was expected to be of more diligent help around the house and comply to his mother's strict ethical standards, as well as take part in more rigorous religious obligations. He was, in turn, treated with a similar amount of respect, teaching him the rewards of hard work. In particular, his father seemed to take his children's growth as a sign that he might devote more time away from home, and became more absorbed in his work as a result. Though Sarah and Sigmund could appreciate his devotion to his career and the financial support that he was allowing his family, they would come over time to wish that he had been less busy during their entire childhood. As far as his mother went, living in the suburbs rather than an apartment meant that she had more freedom to indulge her interest in gardening, which inevitably rubbed off on her son in varying degrees. Luckily, he managed to fall in with a group of children at his school who lived nearby by the time he had left elementary school, and wasn't particularly poor off for friends at the time despite moving in recently. Over time, he lived as any other kid on the block, developing a one-sided childhood crush, becoming temporarily involved in the school soccer team before losing interest, and accidentally running over his neighbor's rose bush. Very recently, though, Bellow High has been re-opened, prompting Sigmund's parents to send him there for education. Though the school is still somewhat nearby, he will be thrown into a situation on his own socially, though he doesn't seem to mind about this so much. It would be much more workable, at least, if not for the fact that his sister Sarah, who had been a source of advice for years, has just left for a technical institute, leaving him to a strict mother and a largely absent father for advice.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Sigmund Okwonko

    - Persona -

    Name: Hua Po

    Appearance: Hua Po takes the appearance of a slender young girl, hardly older than Sigmund himself, it seems. Her odd reddish-pink skin tone and the insect-like wings protruding from her back give her more of the appearance of a fairy, reinforced by her meager stature at hardly twenty-six centimeters, twenty-eight with her wings fully outstretched (10/11in). She has beady eyes that are a gray-green throughout, with only a black outline denoting her pupils, making her appearance a bit uncanny to some. She has thin, black hair (apparently the only hair that grows on her body) that is constantly tied back into a single braid with a yellow ribbon. This braid reaches just past her shoulders, leaving it barely too short to hang in the way of her wings. Consistent with folklore, Hua Po wears a white long-sleeved cheongsam with black trim that extends halfway down her thigh with a yellow sash tied about her waist, as well as white ballet flats.

    Personality: Though she lacks the ability to speak, she seems to have no issue expressing herself through action. She is first and foremost concerned about her master to the point of nagging, a welcome bother to Sigmund. She is quick to grow fond of or despise anyone else, typically reflecting a more exaggerated version of Sigmund's feelings and sometimes resulting in higher priorities between teammates when using defensive magic. On more normal terms, she may express her interests by floating longingly near someone or playing small pranks, though she never seems to apologize either way. Her grisly origin, being a spirit formed from the souls of those who hung themselves from a tree, makes her seem to be a bad omen by nature, though she seems to be more of one who is concerned about preventing a similar fate, given her worry over others and strong penchant for plant life. On that note, she seems to have a bit of an obsession with trees, feeling the need to touch them when she comes near, or even disappear into their branches to sleep. Because of her hostility toward those who abuse trees and the fact that Hua Po is not as familiar with modern human society, Sigmund has made it a point not to mention the many less obvious items (paper, bandages, toothpaste, etc) that produced in some way from tree products, or the current trend of deforestation, lest she throw a fit. Being a spirit aligned with trees, Hua Po will shrivel and lose her power if not regularly provided with water, though this does not seem to be an issue within the city.

    Abilities: Hua Po is versed in the use of basic fire magics, usually manifesting as the ability to project small fireballs or to heat or ignite susceptible materials. She also has the ability to momentarily shield her user from magic-based attacks, with this shield tending to last for a few seconds at most, or increase an ally's resistance to heat and cold for a short time, typically in the range of forty seconds. On a more personal level, her wings allow her to fly, and her small stature may allow her to enter small, otherwise inaccessible areas, if she were to be summoned at length.

    Evoker: Sigmund carries with him a visually ordinary cell phone, though it seems to have added a new menu entry on its own: Persona. Normally attempting to access this menu item would just display an "out of service" message, but using it with the intention of summoning Hua Po...
  4. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody


    Name:*Joshua Sands



    Arcana: The Tower

    Appearance:*Joshua is of slight build and reasonably average height, at approximately 5”10. Despite this apparently slender frame, he has a slight belly, which he is constantly attempting to pull in. He has next to no muscle, though he does not mind this as much as his stomach. His face has not been shaved in roughly a week, and fine hairs are sprouting all over his face and neck, though they do not obscure his face in any way. He is a naturally pale-skinned person, though you can tell he doesn't really get out very much. His bright blue eyes, however, seem to form a contrast to this, and almost makes him seem moon-like – pale, but bright. His rich, dark brown hair is shaped almost like a bell that comes in again after its mouth, and goes all the way down to the base of his neck. As you can probably tell from his physique, he's not much of a fighter at all, but if push comes to shove, will likely rely on some basic (though certainly ineffective) punching combos.

    As for clothing, Joshua is rarely seen without his trademark black “I <3 D.C.” t-shirt. He has owned this for several years now, and though the heart is beginning to wear away, it is extremely comfortable. As he would probably freeze without something over this, he wears an open, light blue, denim shirt with black buttons. He has a habit of fingering these. It is slightly faded, but still an essential piece of his ensemble. On his bottom half, Joshua sports a no-name brand pair of blue jeans that are slightly too long for him, and black converse shoes, that are also slightly too big. To compensate for this, he wears two pairs of socks. Yes, he has sweaty feet.

    Personality:*In public, Joshua is confident, smiling, and full of mirth, especially when with his good friends. This is a complete façade, albeit, a rather convincing one. He is merely putting on a brave face so that nobody worries about him. After all, he's not worth their time, right? They have problems of their own to deal with. His own self-image is extremely negative, as you might expect. However, all of this lends very well to his talent – acting. Joshua is an excellent actor, having appeared in several school musicals and amateur productions. What he loves about it, is that he gets, for several hours, to completely become a different person – not Joshua Sands. He gets to be Glad Hand, the wide-eyed, nerdy idealist from West Side Story, or Doolittle, the happy-go-lucky, working-class slob from My Fair Lady.

    In private, though, he is extremely prone to crises of confidence, panic attacks, and seems to constantly have a little negative voice, nagging away inside his head, belittling him forever. He's quite neurotic. But he's also a very restless person, who always seems to need to be doing something with his hands, or indeed, mouth. Twiddling with his buttons, snapping his fingers, chewing a pen, you name it. He naturally makes a lot of gestures when he speaks, therefore, and it lends itself to making him a good orator. In terms of how he interacts with others, well, with new people, he is initially shy, and unwilling to open up, unless absolutely necessary. With those he is used to though, he is willing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth... Except about his neuroses and what's really bothering him, naturally.

    One of Joshua's most defining traits though, is his immeasurable kindness. He is an extremely empathetic person, always willing to listen to the problems of just about anyone, and offer what advice he can, and if he's unable to help, he feels positively worthless, and worries endlessly about what to do for them. He does not trouble them with his own problems, he considers them unimportant compared to others'. He desperately wants to be a “tower of strength” for his friends in this manner, and his considerable intelligence lends itself well to this. He is a highly loyal person, willing to go to any lengths for, even die for those he is close to.

    History:*The main reason for Joshua's self-image issues is his father. Having abandoned his family when Joshua was roughly 9, he routinely attempts to swan back in to the Anderson household, to borrow money or the car, argue with and belittle Joshua, and generally be a pain in the neck. It hit Joshua pretty hard, naturally, as it seemed like his own father didn't want him. So obviously, there must be something wrong... Apart from this, his life has been fairly average. He went to school, studied hard, and achieved solid grades, notably in history and French. However, there are two experiences that have indisputably shaped him.

    First, his history and politics trip to Washington D.C. with his school. This trip secured his love of the city and its wonderful surroundings. Naturally, it's where he acquired his t-shirt. Joshua loved how clean it was, how historic it was, and above all, how incredibly... tall everything seemed to be! Secondly was a visit to the theatre, to support a friend of his, appearing in Oklahoma. The atmosphere was positively electric, and sparked his love of musical theatre. After the show, he rushed backstage to congratulate his friend, and find out when auditions for the company's next show were.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Joshua Sands (JS)



    Appearance:*Shiva retains his appearance from the series, with his four arms (each with a gold bracelet) wielding a sword and trident. His skin is an icy blue, only somewhat lighter then his long hair, tied back in a ponytail by a golden bangle. Shiva does not wear much to cover his blue skin, icy even to the touch, just a simple shoulder covering gold tunic, and a tiger-print skirt held up by a green sash. In addition to this are several necklaces of holy beads, draped around him. His most distinguishing facial feature is his third eye, which remains closed, unless he needs to unleash a terrible power.

    Personality:*Shiva is a benevolent force in the world of Persona, through the cold destruction he brings, new life springs forth in... Spring. Yeah. He, like Joshua, is willing to endure great suffering for the sake of others, acting against premature destruction to do so. But Shiva himself sees his abilities only as destructive, particularly his third eye, which he has used to vaporise civilisations, and bring an end to the year with a harsh winter. Shiva feels inferior to other Personae, who are potentially more useful to the party. Yet Joshua is completely unaware of this, as Shiva projects a facade of bravado and power. Joshua greatly respects the Persona, who seems to him to be everything he cannot be.

    Abilities:*Shiva's abilities are heavily based on icy winds, and are mostly based on supporting the party, with low offensive capabilities. Several examples include:
    Diamond Dust – An exceptionally bitter, cold wind blows across the area, inflicting weak Ice element damage to all enemies. However, it also has the effect of slowing them as their joints become much stiffer because of the cold, and it is difficult for them to move.
    Aria – A tender, sweet song soothes Shiva!Joshua's allies, and bolsters their spirits, refreshing their stamina and health.
    Ice Blade – A basic close combat attack that Shiva!Joshua will use as a last resort when enemies are getting too close. Shiva!Joshua's arm freezes temporarily, and becomes sharp as a diamond, allowing him to cut down a nearby enemy.
    Bracing Breeze – A strong, cold wind blows behind the party, forcing them to strengthen and fortifying their defenses as their muscles tense because of the wind.

    Evoker: Joshua uses a playing card with a red back, specifically the Queen of Spades, in order to focus his willpower and energy on summoning Shiva.

    - Human -

    Name: Lee Heaven Urben

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: The Star

    Appearance: Lee is only slightly taller than those her age, about five foot seven. She’s around one hundred and twenty pounds and she’s built slightly more muscular than other women. Her skin is just slightly darker than the average Caucasian and her hair is chestnut colored with natural red highlights. She usually wears it long, a few inches past her shoulders, and it has a bit of natural wave to it. She has bangs that sweep straight across her forehead, covering a small scar she earned falling from a tree. At times she’ll put her hair up in a ponytail. Lee enjoys riding her bike and playing ultimate Frisbee with her friends keeping her in decent shape.

    Lee’s fashion varies as much as the weather. Some days she goes for a frilly skirt with bright V-neck and at times she’ll wear jeans and a teeshirt. She wears shorts and tanks in the summer and jeans and sweatshirts in the winter. Lee tends to favor colorful shirts with a simple pair of jeans and she’ll also wear shirts with iconic figures or phrases. She has her ears pierced and usually wears diamond studs. More often than not, she wears a golden cross necklace. She carries with her a neutral grey messenger bag stated “I am a Friend of God” across it in gold letters.

    Personality: Lee is a young woman matured by neglect from her parents. She learned to learn on her own and take up responsibility, even when she didn’t want to. She’s incredibly well at judging others and situations, almost always accurate in her analysis. She can gauge how a person is feeling, will act, or what they want, which gives her great opportunities. This allows her to make many friends and help them in the best way possible. Lee care a lot for those she’s close to, and even more for unfortunate strangers. She really has a passion to help those in need and hates to see other suffer.

    In fact, Lee is a highly optimistic person. She finds a bright side to any situation, whether she’s the one down on her luck or if it’s for a close friend. On the other hand, she can’t stand bad things. She blocks out negative things, but doesn’t quite deny them. She avoids dealing with the bad and glazes over it with happy thoughts. While it helps her cope quicker, it’s not a very permanent solution. For example, after her father’s death, she grieved for a short time, and then found an outlet of joy to forget her sorrows. Now, she gets terribly moody whenever she thinks about him.

    Lee’s a creative girl who enjoys reflecting on life. Her religion, Christianity, plays an important role in her life. It’s the cornerstone of her beliefs, a social branch, and all she cares to live for. From it, she’s adopted prime behaviors such as trustworthiness, honesty, kindness and the list goes on. She’s got self-confidence, wisdom, and a handy bit of humility. Lee is open and helpful, but she can’t stand disappointing people. Her mantra is, “I’m here to live for others, so they can find true life.” She’s a generous girl with a big heart and perseverance to go around.

    History: Lee grew up with her parents in an average way. Her father was a bit of a workaholic and her mother was a stay-at-home mom, a bit flighty and nervous too. They both supported Lee in everything she did, but they didn’t nourish her passions. She slowly became a sort of popular snob who got everything she wanted. The only time she felt any peace was at church. She knew this was where she wanted to be, but growing out of her old habits was hard. Her parents were blind to her needs and so she took her change into her own hands. She started a bible study at church, got baptized, and began to serve at the care center regularly. Slowly, Lee became less selfish and critical, she had genuine friends, and most importantly, she had a passion.

    Just four years ago, Lee’s father was on a business trip in the Dominican Republic during Hurricane Dean. He was among the unfortunate few who lost their lives. While Lee grieved with her friends, her mother couldn’t cope with loss and had a nervous breakdown. Lee was left without her parents to care for her, but she would have been fine. They hadn’t offered any real care since her birth anyway. Her only other relation was her Uncle Antonio who lived in Quarterman. Lee left to live with him. He worked for the local newspaper and led an interesting lifestyle. He was exciting, fun, and always doing something incredibly bizarre and creative. Lee fit in well with him and the rest of the town, after finding a local youth group. Her mother is still coping, but as soon as she is well she’ll join Antonio and Lee. For the time being, Lee’s life is going very smoothly.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Lee Heaven Urben

    - Persona -

    Name: Suparna / Sparna

    Appearance: Sparna is, simply put, a large, beautiful bird. She stands in at just over eight feet tall with a wing span one and a half times that length. Her name means “one with beautiful wings” and her appearance confirms it. She has long slender legs, magenta in color, with three perfectly shaped toes each with their own deadly claw. Her abdomen is composed of thousands of short soft feathers in an iridescent emerald green. She has a mane of longer royal purple feathers about a foot in diameter around her head. Her beak is sleek and silver with two striking pink eyes perched atop it. Her tail feathers fan out a good two feet in both directions. They come in every shade between yellow and orange, shimmering when she moves, while the undersides are white as snow. Her wings are her true beauty. Each feather is either blue or red and they all line up in perfect harmony all along her wings. They create a beautiful mirage of color and grace. As with her tail feathers, these are soft and white underneath. As a final note, Sparna wears a silver diadem that conceals all of her head besides her eyes. A blue and red gem rests on the decorated crest where two long feathers protrude, one green and the other purple.

    Personality: Sparna is a tad bit conceited. She’s full of herself and her beautiful plumage at times, though her heart is in the right place. She’s generous and always looking to help others. She is very knowledgeable, always spouting out advice in strange parables. While Lee helps others for the good feeling it gives her, Sparna does it because she knows they need help. She enjoys to talk, but is shy around strangers. She is protective of those she’s close to and has a glare that could turn the Pope to stone. She’s somewhat of a motherly figure to Lee because she’s very concerned with Lee and her life. In fact, sometimes, actually often, she can be really annoying.

    Abilities: Sparna is a large bird. She can fly, has claws and a beak, and is generally strong. Aside from natural skills, Sparna wields power of the wind. Here are a few of the things she can do:

    -Sparna unfurls her wings in a sudden burst, creating a blast of wind that sends enemies and allies flying outwards in all directions.

    -Sparna slashes her wings in intricate ways creating slicing gusts of wind that can pierce almost anything.

    Evoker: None

    - Human -

    Name: Madison Jacobs

    Age: 16, Junior

    Gender: Female


    Appearance: Madison has wavy medium length brown hair. She cut straight bangs across her forehead, which she thinks give her a cute look. Sometimes, she will tie her hair into small pigtails or a ponytail for a bit of variety. Around five feet and four inches tall and 120 pounds, she stands at an about average female height. Madison’s face is rather long and thin, with rounded features, with her most evident trait being her light blue-green eyes.

    Madison wears for extremely feminine clothing. She often sports floral skirts and lacy blouses, with nice sandals or flats for shoes. However, her wardrobe changes frequently because she goes shopping for new clothing often. Madison absolutely abhors hats and can’t stand the feeling of having something on her head. She prefers wearing light pastel colors over strong ones, as it gives her a more “refined” feeling.

    History:When Madison was in elementary school, her best friend’s name was Lauren. They were completely inseparable, and would do everything from studying to bathing together. Their friendship was inevitable, as they were neighbors who went to the same school in a relatively small town. Madison adored Lauren, and she returned the feelings. They both had the same classes, the same lunches, and the same friends, but they always stayed true to each other. They trusted each other with their deepest secrets, and it was pretty obvious that they were best friends.

    However, during the later part of their middle school years, Madison started feeling different when she was around Lauren. All of the activities that they used to do together weren’t fun anymore. She started feeling differently around Lauren; instead of being comfortable around her, she began becoming conscious of everything she was doing. Of course, Madison was confused about this, and decided to look all of her “symptoms” up on the internet, believing she was sick. When her search led her to a lesbian website, Madison was understandably shocked. She had always thought of herself as straight, and couldn’t imagine herself any other way.

    Not believing it, Madison did more and more research in order to try and disprove her “conclusion.” Her research led her to believe she was lesbian for her best friend, and she slowly grew more comfortable with the idea after weeks of researching. After mulling over whether to tell Lauren that she was lesbian, she decided to during the fall of ninth grade. Lauren was shocked, and went home after Madison told her. The next day, she decided to try and accept Madison for who she was, but it wasn’t that simple. The two of them slowly grew more distant, and although when asked, Lauren would pretend to be cool with it, it was obvious that she wasn’t.

    Rumors started to fly about why the formally inseparable duo had drifted apart. Incidentally, one rumor was that Madison was a lesbian. This rumor managed to overpower the others, and soon enough, Madison heard shouts of “Dyke!” and “Lesbo!” directed towards her in the hallway. She would go to class with her head down, avoiding pencils and various small objects being thrown at her. Needless to say, her small town was not very inviting towards homosexuals. Although her parents did not know about her sexuality, they did hear of bullying happening towards Madison and decided to transfer her to another school the following year. As Bellow High school was finished being rebuilded by the time summer came along, they decided to enroll her there.

    Personality: Madison needs attention. She thrives on attention. She just wants people to love her and care for her, and she needs that feeling of relying on somebody. She was raised in a small town, where all of the people that lived there were relatively plain and looked down on anybody that stood out. Unfortunately, Madison stood out. The bullying she went through made her think that being lesbian was a horrible thing, and that she should strive to be like her classmates. She associated her lesbianism with her imperfection, and tries to cover it up by wearing more feminine clothes, loudly talking about boys to others, and generally acting like a stereotypical “girly” teenager.

    Madison’s biggest fear is that someone will find out her secret, and that she will have to face the same humiliation that she did at her previous school. Needless to say, Madison became ultra paranoid. She became paranoid that she wasn’t perfect, she became paranoid that something was wrong with her, and she became paranoid that she wouldn’t have anybody to depend on anymore. She became obsessed with changing her appearance and her personality in order to meet the “perfect” standard, or else she would be shunned and have nobody to love.

    In order to meet the high expectations she has of herself, Madison became almost annoyingly optimistic, always smiling, looking on the bright side of life, and cracking jokes. She doesn’t let anybody see her cry, and keeps all of her emotions bottled up inside. Nobody can see her emotions, and Madison will try until the end to keep up her bright, cheerful mask.

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Madison Jacobs

    - Persona -

    Name: Artemis

    Appearance: Artemis appears as a tall 20-year old girl. A long thin veil covers her slightly masculine face, and she wears her hair tied up in a tight bun. She wears draped robes that come down right above her knees and a tiara shaped like a crescent moon, all of which shine silver. Artemis has never wears any shoes, and carries a large silver bow in her right hand. Her eyes are an icy blue, and scrutinize anything that comes into their line of vision.

    Personality: Artemis is a rather aloof woman, preferring to spend her time only with people she trusts and knows won’t leave her. She has a regal air around her, and is quite judgmental to the people around her. However, she does have a soft spot towards animals and young girls, and prefers them over men. Artemis does have violent tendencies, especially when others betray her. She is fond of the hunt, and the thrills that come with it.

    Abilities:Artemis is a mix of a physical attacker and is affiliated with the Ice element. She resists Ice and Light, and is weak to Fire and Dark. Her default attack is in the Pierce category, and she carries Pierce stills such as Arrow Rain or Torrent Shot. She also learns Ice skills such as Bufu or Mabufu. She is a moderate healer, and does not learn any healing spells beyond Diarama.

    - Human -

    Name: Sofiya Mikhailovna Ignatova (to good friends, she goes by Sonya)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: The Sun

    Appearance: (Put in the bit about fighting without Persona too, since it fit so snuggly in there.)

    She doesn't quite reach the average height for a female of her age and ethnicity, standing only at 5'2''. She weighs accordingly with no huge curves, muscles or chubbiness to add pounds to her numbers. She isn't athletic per se, and her form can seem fragile and weak, though she seeks to change that fact. She wants to become strong, so she trains every day now, but the results have yet to show.

    She also tries to actively take part in sports and other similar activities, and holds an interest to learn some form of self-defense, should she get the chance. Since, as it stands, without the help of her Persona her only current means of fighting are kicking, biting and scratching with the ferocity of a cornered animal. That, and she can, at least in theory, use a knife and shoot a gun. She has never done either in a real, threatening situation however, and though she actually owns a small knife, she doesn't have a gun to use. As such, she can't fight with the best of them, that's for sure, but she shouldn't be underestimated just because of the illusion of fragility. Biting doesn't require muscle, after all.

    Her hair is jet black and long, bushy, though the exact length is often obscured; she prefers to keep her hair tied. The ways she does this are various, but the most common way is a bun on the back of her head, with many loose strands sticking out of it for a more relaxed look. Only the hairs on the back of her head are gathered in the bun, however, since she likes her bangs and wants them framing her face. She loves the way they wind catches them, as stupid as it sounds. Another common way for her hair to be kept from tickling her lower back is by having it in two pigtails, one on each side of her head. But, generally, as long as her hair isn't loose, any hairstyle is fine.

    Her face is pretty round and her skin soft, but there are bags under her eyes, ones that she does her best to cover with makeup. That is also the only time she uses makeup, apart from some light eyeliner every now and then. Her eyes are also red at times, the source being same as with the bags; lack of sleep. Still, her eyes don't appear tired, quite on the contrary; they're big and curious, and seem to be bursting with life, just like she, herself. Their color is light green mixed with blue so, in essence, they're turquoise. It's rare to find her mouth in anything but a smile, though there are different kinds to be found should you pay close enough attention. There's the smile when she's genuinely happy, and the one when she is troubled, for example.

    As for clothing, she often has a warm jacket, though she doesn't wear it normally. Instead, she throws it on her back and ties (or buttons) it from below the collar, leaving it open and looking more of a cape than a jacket. Only if extreme cold attacks her will she tug her hands in the sleeves and close the jacket for warmth. She does this with multiple jackets, but her favorite is her brother's gorod patterned, Delta winter jacket, colored black and different shades of blue. Under it, as a huge contrast to the dark, heavy, warm overcoat, she wears a forest green tubetop and thin, separate sleeves reaching from her elbow to her wrist, the sleeves dark green in color. Around her neck, she wears her brother's dog tags.

    Again, as a contrast to the thick jacket, she wears a jean skirt with snake patterns slithering up and down the sides. She also wears a small, brown belt, in order to keep the skirt from falling. On her feet, she has black, heeled boots up to her knees, adding a few inches to her otherwise short height. There are straps wrapping around the boots in a rather messy way, simply as decorations.

    Personality: Sofiya is, generally a very positive and friendly person but also, deep in her mind, an extreme worrywart. She tries to talk at least once to even all the meanest and most stoic people, since her belief is that everyone should be happy and friendly like she is. That is, because the thought of seeing someone's sorrow or troubles horrifies her. Seeing negative things brings her own troubles to mind, the ones she does her best to run away from. They bring back the thought that what if her brother doesn't wake, what if the positive attitude she adapted was a waste after all? Thus, she tries, without always even realizing it make a happy, positive environment for herself, immediately seeking to get rid of any and all negative personality traits of others that would disturb her fragile peace of mind by being friendly and trying to help them get over whatever it is that saddens them.

    In turn, she is extremely careful not to show anyone that her life and especially her mind aren't all rainbows and sunshine either. For this reason as well as in order to maintain the aforementioned positive attitude, she tries to find positivity in absolutely everything. You broke your leg? That means you can stay home and eat lots of potato chips and ice cream, while watching TV all day! Your cat died? Maybe now you'll parents will buy you that dog you've always wanted. She has an answer for everything, and understandably, some may find that extremely annoying.

    Another reason why she doesn't want to show that she has troubles is the fear of abandonment. Her friends left her before when she was sad, what if the same thing happened again? She has embraced the poem "Solitude" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox to heart, and it's become sort of life advice for her. People are shallow enough to abandon you if your company doesn't please them, and nobody wants to sit and listen to someone pour out their heart the whole day. She thinks that's the way life goes and that it's a simple fact, so she isn't saddened by it or anything, and actually admits that she would do the exact same, if she couldn't get someone to cheer up no matter how hard she tried. She wouldn't want to be like that, and does feel sorry, but she believes she just couldn't handle it. Maybe if the person was close enough to her, but she doesn't think such a thing as deep friendship exists. Friends are just people who like to hang out together, right?

    Because of her abandonment fear, she also very often gets second thoughts about the things she has said. She doesn't really think before she opens her mouth, but afterwards? There's chaos inside her head. Did she choose the wrong word, might she have accidentally insulted the other? These thoughts are very short lived however, as she is capable of pushing them away, in the same pit at the back of her mind where she stores everything she doesn't like.

    During crisis, in situations she simply can't escape from and the like, her coping mechanism is to laugh. This can give others a very wrong impression of her. Who in their right mind would laugh during a car crash or a train wreck? But she doesn't do it because she'd find the situation funny, she does it in order to make it seem funny and thus, less scary.

    She feels sort of uncomfortable around girls as most of her friends, the very same ones who left her all those years ago, were girls while all the people she has liked so far (her brother and his friends) have been guys. So she prefers the company of men.

    She is curious and ready to try new things, and unfortunately peer pressure affects her a lot. She couldn't even think of refusing and seeming like the negative one, if everyone else is ready to do something. That, and what if her decision makes her lose her friends? On the other hand, she is very trustworthy; she will help you out if you just ask, though she doesn't really like people telling their deepest, darkest secrets to her. She appreciates the sentiment and the fact that someone trusts her enough, but such things are a burden. Naturally, she never says anything of the sort, just nods and smiles and listens.

    She is very studious, and has already started to read some medical books her mother recommended to her, as practice for the medical school she plans to enter. She does study other things, too, though often in secrecy. Some think studying is "boring" and "uncool", after all, and she doesn't want to be thought of as either. In addition to liking studying and having a goal of becoming a doctor, she also dreams of getting stronger and enlisting in the military. She practices for that as well, and when you take into account the time she uses for studying and exploring the new city she just settled in, her free hours are very limited. That stresses her, but again, such thoughts are not welcomed in her mind.

    Despite all the worries and insecurities however, like mentioned earlier, Sofiya is basically a positive girl, she just needs to remind herself of the fact every now and then. But, during the nighttime, she lets it all out. She lets all the fears and sorrows and mistakes out in the form of tears and apologies, under her own blanket where nobody can see. The problem is that it often takes her the whole night to calm herself down and manage to get sleep, so she is often very sleep deprived, and sometimes falls asleep during classes or breaks. She tries hard not to, of course, but seeing how her schedule is often booked full, sometimes she just can't help getting some hut eye at the wrong time.

    History: (A BRIEF history? Yikes, I like to ramble. I'll try to make it short…)

    Sofiya was born in Vladivostok, Russia, to an ambassador father and a doctor mother. She had an older brother, Pyotr, thirteen years older than her. Her parents lead hectic lives, but with Pyotr growing more and more independent and attending afternoon club activities in addition to school, Sofiya's parents falsely thought they would have time for another child. Sofiya was born from this thought, and her parents soon realized their mistake, especially with her mother's sudden promotion. Though it saddened them both, neither had the time for her. They struggled through the very first years of her life, and once she was three, they deemed it safe to leave Pyotr in charge of his younger sister.

    Pyotr and Sofiya spent a lot of time together, the sibling bond between them far stronger than either one's bond with their parents. They loved them, of course, they just didn't… really know them. Years passed and Sofiya finally attended school as well. Her brother was well known, always the popular guy especially among girls, and so Sofiya was instantly befriended by many. There were true friends among them, but included were also those who just wanted to use her to get closer to her brother. Always the trusting one, Sofiya didn't seem to notice the ulterior motives of some of the students, however.

    When the time came, since it was mandatory, Pyotr went to military service. Despite the extremely harsh environment and the downright cruel forms of Dedovshchina, her brother really liked it there. He had always had a compassion for his country, and regardless of the scars he received from the bullying, he endured the first years in the service until he could climb into the upperclassmen's favour, telling glorified tales of the military to his sister. As a result Sofiya, too, grew an interest in the military, and while other girls were busy playing with dolls, she played with guns. Military knives. Over the years, she learnt the names of the most important history figures of her country, she knew the dates they died at, and she loved nothing more than her brother's military coat, under which she always snuggled when it was cold.

    Pyotr was 24 when he was seriously injured in a gang fight and went into coma. And that destroyed Sofiya.

    She refused to eat, talk, do anything but hug her brother's belongings and cry, thinking her brother would never wake from his condition. Her friends at school were understanding at first; she had almost lost an important brother, they were ready to give her time to mourn, and they tried to cheer her up the best they could. But it just didn't work. She wouldn't cheer up, no matter what they said, and whenever they mentioned that they were sure her brother would recover, she snapped at them for belittling the problem. And so, eventually, one by one, her friends contacted her less and less, spoke to her in fewer words and eventually, grew extremely distant and left. They weren't mean, they weren't exceptionally bad people who only cared for themselves, Sofiya's sorrow and frustration had just worn them out so much they couldn't stand it anymore. They had their own troubles in life too.

    Sofiya's parents grieved as well, but life continued, and they had to resume their work. They couldn't risk getting fired on top of such a great loss. And, with her parents busy and no friends to depend on, Sofiya was left alone. It went on like that for a year or so until one day, she heard a knock on the door. She was alone, miserable and didn't want to open the door, but the knocking became so intense that Sofiya was afraid the door would break. So she forced herself up and went to the door.

    And behind it stood men. Many of them, all serious and carrying various little gifts. They told they were Pyotr's friends, and that they were sorry for what happened to him, as well as how late they came to give their condolences. They left their gifts and as they were about to close the door, one of them spoke. And those words would come to be Sofiya's salvation. Time has blurred Sofiya's memory, but they went something like: "Oh, and you'd better stop looking like that. Your bro ain't dead yet. It's kind of really annoying how you act like he is. Show the guy some support. Positive thoughts and such."

    It was funny to her. Such a simple concept, and she hadn't realized it before. This wasn't even the first time something like that had been said to her. But something in the way it was let out, like a statement or a demand, rather than an attempt to comfort her really struck to her. And so, she took herself by the neck and stood up. She started to help herself get over her sorrow, started to hope, believe that her brother would get up again. It took time to force those thoughts into her head and push out all the negative "what ifs", but she managed.

    And eventually, a few years later, she even did something she had never managed to bring herself to do before; she visited his bedside. He looked so peaceful there, and right then, right there, Sofiya made a promise to not mourn a brother still alive. During the time she had spent alone she had started to make origami, and so, she made a single crane origami and left it for her brother. She told how she had heard that making thousand of those things would grant a wish. Foreign nonsense, and yet, from that day on, she made sure to make at least one origami a day.

    The shadow of worry, of sadness still had a hold of the back of her mind, however, and so she decided that a change of environment was in order. With her parents' permission, she traveled to study abroad, feeling that a completely new school with new people would help her clear her mind. She'd study hard, make friends, become a great doctor and once her brother woke, make sure he could be proud of his little sister and her achievements.

    That is, if he woke…

    Signature: I solemnly swear that I will make my own choices and choose my own fate, and accept the consequences of such: Sofiya Mikhailovna Ignatova


    - Persona -

    Name: Horus

    Appearance: (Basing him on the way he looked like in Persona 3, but with slight chances)

    Horus takes the appearance of a majestic bird, resembling a bigger than average hawk. Its whole body shines like a small sun, the radiating light hiding its middle body from sight. Its wings are long and slender but strong, and its talons are fairly big and head small compared to the rest of its body. It's golden in color with sharp, golden brown eyes that have the symbols of the Eye of Horus under them.

    Personality: Horus is a proud creature, one that highly dislikes being told what to do. His help can be gained if one can handle him, in other words, if one can beg and plead. Orders will go to deaf ears. He can be condescending and even hostile should someone try and drop him off his high horse, but in general he is calm. It's not easy to anger him, and he does have a will to protect the weak, just as long as he gets some sort of praise from it. He is cunning, and isn't afraid to cheat and resort to dirtier tricks to get what he wants, if power alone isn't enough. He isn't trusting, and it is difficult to fool him; oftentimes he is the one fooling you.

    He is very wise and sincere, however, and you will know what he thinks of you from the very start. Generally, he is friendly the way a king would be to his people, it's only when one tries to cross him that they should be afraid.

    Abilities: He can use wind and light spells, and the light radiating from him can repel weaker and lessen the impact of stronger dark spells, as well as possibly blind the foe. This is something he uses to get more time to deal with the enemy, whether for attacking, fleeing or healing his allies. His healing is fairly strong, but he is only able to use it on one ally at a time, and there must be enough time between the uses, or the spell weakens greatly. He can fight physically too, that's what his large talons and sharp beak is for. Speed is a major asset of his, as is sheer attack power. He can't take too much damage on the other hand, otherwise there's trouble for him.

    Evoker: She folds paper into an origami bird and throws it in the air, focusing on its flight until it gets enveloped in light and Horus appears in its place. This might sound time-consuming, but she is actually very quick at making origami. Naturally, if she's too afraid or tired, her hands will shake and this will be more difficult.

  5. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Name: Garret Wulfgard

    Age: 30
    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Pharmacist/Kendo coach

    Arcana: ?

    Appearance: Despite the dark bags under his eyes, long unkempt pony-tail, pale completion, and perma-stubble Garret is actually a hard working member of the Bellow High staff as a the hospital’s personal pharmacist. While his previously described aspects may be… unpleasant, Garret’s toned slim body and angular features can still be found quite handsome by many (as well as his charming smile). His raven hair (as stated before) is quite long and reaches midway down his back, as well as being quite bushy. A single shock of bangs makes a large arch over the right side of his face. His eyes always look a bit tired, but cheerful, and have a glint of amusement in them. Almost evry new dawn, Garret has a new bandage on his face to cover up a scrape or scratch. Because of this, Garret never shaves his chin with anything but the 'stuble' setting, scared of cutting his own throat on accident.

    Garret wears the black pants, and standard lab coat of his profession, but fails to wear anything under the opened coat, showing of his trim, slightly muscular figure. His abdominals are constantly wrapped in bandages however, as are his fore arms which are visible due to his habit of rolling his sleeves up. He also often keeps a wooden katana slipped through the back belt-loops of his coat, so that he doesn’t forget it for practice after school with the Kendo team.

    Garret forgoes any kind of jewelry, using a peice of black rope to hold his hair back, and a second coil through the loops of his pants to hold them up. Previously pristine leather shoes have been replaced with wooden sandals, as the nice ones had been shredded by 'somthing' that Garret refuses to talk to people about.

    Personality: Garret is an easy-going man who does his job correctly, but doesn’t go out of his way to be ‘employee-of-the-month’ or any silly thing like that (heck, he even gets a few winks in at work every once in a blue moon). He simply fills bottles and baggies with the pills that other doctors prescribe. Nothing there to guzzie up. He does, however, do his best to act social with anyone who stops by the pharmacy, and tries his best to joke around (when not asleep), esspecially with the young men of the school. Not because he swings that way, but because he seems himself as a mentor to the young people of the world and loves to give valuable life lessons. He gladly does this for both genders, but he dosen't reach out to the fairer sex as much for fear of incuring the wrath of his superior, Janie Halls (the Science teacher), who seems to accuse him of sexual harrasement on a daily basis.

    Garret is often seen as ‘bi-lucky’ by the rest of the staff at Bellow, as he has survived severe accidents since joining up in the summer including (but not limited too):

    -Getting hit by a car.

    -Having a shelf in the library fall on him.

    -Falling asleep during a staff meeting and not getting noticed.

    -And getting hit by another car.

    Garret is all too happy to talk with anyone who can spare time for him during or after school, as prescriptions are almost never filled out at the school.
    On Mondays and Tuesdays, Garret keeps a watch on the Kendo team and occasionally spars with them. Anyone wishing to join the club must speak to him at practice.

    Garret was a student at Bellow High 15 years ago (when it still catered to all grade levels), and often ignores any mention of the explosion of the previous Bellow, and will go on in a conversation where it was mentioned as if nothing happened. If asked directly about it, he'll suddenly find 'somthing to do', and leave.

    Name: Janie Halls
    Age: 28

    Gender: Female


    Occupation: Science Teacher/Inventor

    Appearance: At 140 pounds and average height for a woman, Miss Halls is just a bit plump (mostly in the hips and chest), but not overly so, only to the point it exsentuates her curves and keeps her skin and flesh nice and firm. Her face lacks the sharpness of a lady her age, and is instead smooth and devoid of wrinkles. Her skin is lightly tanned from relaxing on the beach all summer, and is devoid of blemishes completely. Her blonde hair reaches down to the small of her back, with not a split end in sight.

    At school, she often wears a white turtle neck, and a leg-hugger skirt which reaches midway down her thighs. This is mostly to keep the male students attention during classes… Science isn’t the most interesting of subjects. It also gets her points for wearing something ‘formal’ to work while still being comfy.

    On the weekends, Miss Halls wears various colors of cargo pants (usually black), a black baseball cap, and one of a set of white t-shirts that have been in use for a long time.

    Personality: Miss Halls (for no one is allowed to call her just Halls or, heaven forbid, Janie), seems to be a serious woman with a no-nonsense attitude. Excuses mean nothing to her, and anyone tardy is given a parental contact as soon as they walk into her room. She is prone to pop-quizzes, large tests, and lots of notes… but this is all to make sure that her students actually learn what she teaches. Not one student who goes through her class (and did their work) will think the year was wasted in Miss Halls’ period. But that’s all a façade. In fact, if you get to know her, you’ll find that she is a much looser person than she lets on to her class… she just wants to get her job done, and that's teaching to make sure they have a good future ahead of them. Out of classes, she has a tendency to party and go out to bars and such. She never drinks though... she only goes to give guys a hard time.

    Miss Halls is bit of a tease, using her feminine wiles to get what she wants from others. She usually doesn’t condone this sort of behavior from herself or others, but she can’t deny it works when she needs a discount from the pharmacy, or to make sure students pay attention to her lectures. This is somthing that she dislikes about herself, as it is manipulation but it gets good results... right?

    During the weekends (Saturday and Sunday), Miss Halls enjoys tinkering with all sorts of gadgets, and tends to dress more… casual. She tends to use the workshop at the school in her free time, and will gladly help any student repair or improve any gadget and other miscellaneous objects… for a nominal fee of course.

    Name: Liza Monroe

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Arcana: ?

    Occupation: Student/President of the Publications Club

    Appearance: Liza isn’t a very tall girl, reaching only 5’6 in her senior year of high school. Her white feathered hair is quite short, almost boyish, the longest park being right in front of her ears and reaching to her neck. Recently she has accidentally dyed it purple. In contrast to the platinum blonde (purple) of her locks, her skin is deeply tanned, despite almost never going outside in the day time. Her expression is almost always uncaring, her eyes verging on ‘sedated’, and her mouth thin and closed. A single white stick can be seen protruding from her mouth much of the time, the remnants of a loli-pop, and rest assured that when it isn’t in her mouth she’s holding it to speak for a moment.

    Liza wears nothing but hoodies (mostly white ones with black sleeves), as they cover up her lack of a figure, as well as allow comfortable functionality. A pair of black fingerless gloves are common fare as well, and while she wears them, one can catch glimpse of ink stains across her right hand’s slender fingers. In the front pocket of the hoodie, she stores several small notepads and a collection of pens for impromptu writing.

    Liza’s bottom wear consist of the Bellow High standard black skirt, that ends right above her knees. Underneath, she wears a pair of shorts, and long striped stockings. On her left wrist, completely out of synergy with the rest of her outfit, she wears a fluffy green sweatband. It looks old, and there’s a small blood stain on it that give people the wrong idea when they see it (It’s her blood, but not from what you would think)

    Personality: Liza is a quiet girl, content with watching the world and silently commenting on it rather than getting in the middle of it herself. Almost always present when something important is going down with a notebook in hand, this Editor in Chief of ‘The Bellow Bellow’ school newspaper is on top of the game, always having the first scoop. She believes records of the present are extremely important, as that they will be all that’s left of certain events when time moves on.

    Liza doesn’t try to talk to many people, and will avoid most in the hallways. Her shyness makes it hard to find her, but she is a habitual visitor of the Cafeteria’s Late Night Concerts on Friday, in which the local band ‘Free Candy’ performs. This is also one of the one times she doesn’t have a pen on hand, and is instead staring wistfully at the stage the entire time. On Mondays and Thursdays, she'll also be availiable in the English Room as she and the rest of the Publications Club work on the newspaper.

    Liza isn’t looking for a relationship, and she is wary of friendships as they are usually temporary, but someone to talk to is always welcome… as long as they do most of the talking, and don't expect too much out of her.

    Name: Randy Clopin

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: ?

    Occupation: Student/ Lead Singer for ‘Free Candy’

    Appearance: Randy is a tall youth, reaching a bit over six feet, and is Caucasian in his completion. A healthy diet of whatever he finds mixed with a speedy metabolism has landed his frame right in the grounds of ‘slim’. His face is long, and angular and he has a small patch of scruff growing on the cleft of his chin. His vision isn’t the best, and he has to wear a pair of small rectangular glasses to see anything far away.

    Randy’s hair would be seen as ‘silly’ at almost any other school in the country, but odd styles seemed to be ‘in’ at Bellow high, and his pony tail (Or as he calls it a ‘Bronco Tail’) mixed with a long bangs which he has molded into a single brown strand in the shape of a thunderbolt. Recently, his ponytail has been incinerated by a demon of some sorts.

    When not in regulation school uniform (which consists of black pants and a navy blue jacket), Randy can often be found sporting his ‘official’ outfit… which keeps the pants because honestly, they don’t look bad. A black t-shirt with the pattern of a sun setting emblazoned on the chest is visible through an open red duster he had dyed himself. His glasses are replaced with a pair of orange prescription sunglasses he has modified into goggles and, he slips a pair of fingerless gloves on for good measure. On his right wrist, he wears a single old green sweatband. Of course, such a ludicrous outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of brown leather cowboy boots with the legs of his pants over the top of them.

    Randy is an impetuous young man who is still trying to find out what he’ll do with his life after High School. He has good grades (not the best, but they’re decent), takes part in extra-curricular activities (He joined the Track Team a while back, and is still trying to buld up his stamina), but has no idea what to do with the future. He's got a sense of humor which leads to him being ab it of a class cut-up on occasions, and likely to get him in trouble.

    So far the only thing that has really gotten a reaction out of him was starting a band with two old mates, Phil and Ned Loganson. The cover band, named ‘Free Candy’, was a local band not in it for fans (not even a select group of hipster fans) but was more to cover Falconer songs and play old 70s metal. It was only recently they could get the band back together however, as Phil and Ned had gotten into trouble for writing the band name on their fathers van for a gig (Long story short: The cop wasn’t amused when Mr.Loganson drove past the elementary school on the way to work).

    Randy has a strong sense of justice, and worships old superhero cartoons just a bit. As such, he helps people in distress as often as he can. It’s never anything to big (Like giving one of his armbands to a girl who accidentally cut herself so that she could get to a doctor without losing too much blood), but it makes him feel good. But like a shonen hero, Randy's justice binge also comes with a case of hot-headedness, and a likelyhood to rush into things that don't concern him for the greater good.

    Randy can be found hanging around the campus on Thursday and Wendsday afternoons (Look for the big Oak Tree in front of the school), at Track Practice Mondays and Tuesdays, or in the Cafeteria Fridays performing with the band (Fund raisers of course). Randy’s not looking for a relationship, but he’s always willing to hang out with anyone, and likely to listen to anything you have to say.

    He might not give too much insight into your problems, but he’ll do his best to console anyone who’s down.

    Name: Testa McDougal (Original Last Name) Jones

    Age: 31

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: ?

    Occupation: World History Teacher/Temporary Archery Coach/

    Appearance: Testa is in good shape for his profession, with wide shoulders and an athletic build. Back when he attended Bellow High long ago, he was the reigning champ for the Track Team, the Archery Club, and the Boxing Team, and his love for getting a good sweat is still apparent in his tough sun-tanned skin. His strong chin and high cheek bones are the envy of his students, and his pearly whites even have a few of the girls (and the odd boy) falling for him (Not that he notices).

    His eyes are squinted to the point they look closed, as he keeps forgetting to get his prescription for his glasses strengthened. When he does have them open though, they’re revealed to be a shocking green. His raven hair is dappled with very few strands of grey, and is a bit short and messy as he often rubs his head when writing.

    Testa’s uniform for school is a blue sweater vest, with a black undershirt that’s sleeves stick out, and a white tie. His pants, unlike the usual black, are white and are often dusty.

    Personality: Testa is very excited about the subject he teaches, as he used to work as an archeologist before being drafted by Bellow High. As such, his lessons are seen as some of the more interesting ones, as he brings in artifacts from his personal digs and such for the class to inspect on certain days. His knowledge on the history and cultures of the world is extremely vast, and he can be quite educational… but he often enjoys telling tales of his adventures to primal countries and his battles with secret organizations. He keeps the students rapt attentions while telling the tales of intrigue and is quite the storyteller. Of course, no one knows if these are just stories, or fact.

    Testa is unable to ‘get hints’ or understand love without it being shoved in his face. It not that he doesn’t feel, it’s just that he doesn’t look into it too much. It took him so long to understand that his wife (well, friend at the time), Haruka Jones (A Half Japanese and Half American archeologist who worked with Testa), was in love with him, that he agreed to take her last name when they finally got married (He felt bad). Needless to say, ‘oblivious to love’ doesn’t begin to describe him. Testa, however, is a caring guy and tries to make people feel comfortable around him. But don’t ask him advice in the matters of love, because all he knows is what he’s learned from sappy movies.

    Testa is not the greatest driver, often crashing his reinforced van when trying to simply park. He’s had his license revoked many times, and is currently not legally allowed to drive anything… period. As such, he jogs to work making him a couple minutes late for his first class every day.

    Testa is bound to ramble when talking, if no one else speaks up, and is quite disorganized. Sometimes, these two traits affect one another. Rambling may cause him to forget something he was supposed to do, and not having what he needs may cause him to ramble an explanation.

    The real Archery coach, Mrs. Gover, broke her leg just a week before the begging of school, and Testa’s previous success as a champion archer have landed him the temporary position of coach for the team. Practices are Wednesday and Thursday, so if you wish to join the team, speak to him then. Other than that, Mr. Testa can be found in his room every other day of the week, using the schools resources to identify artifacts and translating ancient books.

    Name: Ezekiel ‘Izzy’ Simone (Pronounced ‘Sea-moan’)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Arcana: ?

    Appearance: Izzy looks up to his ‘big bro’ Randy, and as such has long ago adapted a bit of his style into his own. While Izzy doesn’t don a full red jacket like the rest of the Crimson Beasts, he does wear a blue blazer with red trim over his school clothes. Izzy’s goggles are also a bit more useful than Randy’s as they aren’t simply a fashion statement, but a source of light. Designed himself, Izzy’s flashlight goggles look to be normal red rimmed and black strapped eye protection. But between the lenses and the frames lie dozens of small bulb that light a direct path in the direction he is currently looking, allowing him to have both hands to work in dark environments (such as back stage).

    Izzy’s hair is an abyssal black, seeming almost blue when light shines on it just right. He doesn’t have much of a tan or a physique for that matter, seeing as he’s spent most of his life indoors or working on electronics. That said, he’s not very tall… in fact he’s a bit short for his age. But when you can program and build your own sound system on short notice, it’s worth the stunted growth.
    Izzy’s eyes are blue, but you often can’t see them behind his goggles. His features aren’t too angular, and he still can’t grow facial hair, but all of this labels him as ‘cute’ to older women… and not in the good way. Apparently cute for a teddy-bear and cute for a young man is pretty much the same thing.

    Personality: Izzy is a bit wishy-washy, not likely to believe in himself… or that used to be the case. Ever since he met Randy some years ago, the older boy has been doing his best to improve Izzy’s self-esteem by teaching him the ways to ‘be a man’. Now a days he’s much more confident, proud of intellect and a bit outgoing. If Randy is around, Izzy advances from ‘normal’ levels of courage to much larger ones however as he doesn’t want to let his bro down or make him think any less of him.

    Izzy still spends his days inside or cooped up, but he doesn’t clam up when meeting new people. Izzy used the pronoun ‘bro’ more often than anything else, as it’s what Randy insisted he call him by al long time ago. It’s stuck and now he refers to most everyone in the fashion (even women). Of course, talking to women does cause him to get embarrassed quickly as he is still self-conscious about one thing. His looks. He’s short, pale, and has almost no muscle structure. He’s seen as nothing more than a toy to most girls for his appearance, and he’s never taken seriously by them.

    Izzy’s location is hard to pin-point day by day as he isn’t in any clubs, but if he is to be found anywhere it’s the library after school.
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    Zincspider My Bloody

    Bellow High:
    Located on 22nd Street in the bustling town of Quarterman (That's Quarterman... not Quartermain), Bellow high is what some would call 'Luxury Public'. Due to the eccentric billionaire, Fredrick Klause, and his many generous donations, it has become not only a largely well designed school, but also completely free to the public of Quarterman. But that wasn't good enough for Mr.Klause, he wanted students from near and far to experiance this acomplishment, and constructed several Dormitory buildings just downt he street to allow students to stay in Quarterman and attend his school.
    The only thing students have to pay for is lunch.

    The school's architecture is odd, being a complete circle, save for the face of the school which is flatened. The frame is completely constructed with the finest mahogany, and it's walls are crafted from pure black marble.

    In the center of the school, lies the 'Auditorium'. A large semi circle consisting of over a thousand plus red seats at several levels, allowing perfect veiw of the stage on the other side. While this mostly used for school adresses, the Drama Club are allowed to put on plays and skits here as often as they like (as long as they get permission from Mr.Klause first).

    Conected to the Auditorium are twelve long hallways, each consisting of nearly ten classrooms (this is not including the set of bathrooms in each hallway, or the multitude of janitor's closets, or the circular hallway that goes through every other hall in the school connecting them). Each room is labeled by the hallway number, and how far their classroom is from the auditorium. The halls are numbered as though they were hours on a clock, making the Main Hallway that is attached to the face of the building 'Hall Number 6'.

    Looking at the school from the face, you can also find to your left, another large marble building that is the school's own Medical Wing. A pharmacy, nurses office, and even emergency hospital are there just in case of an accident. The hospital is open to all, not just students, but students are given huge discounts when staying.

    To your right, you would see a large rectangular building that takes the part of the Gymnasium. Inside is a swimming pool, several training rooms for select athletic groups, and and indoor court. Behind it, you can see a large open stadium used for everything from practice outdoors, to track meets, to football (American and otherwise), ect.

    Behind the school, is the cafeteria, where world famous chef 'Valdimir Von Trovsky' takes an iron fist to the near army of cooks preparing lunch each day. The cost of wages and food is enourmous for the cafeteria, making lunch one of the only things children have to pay for (although, it is a non-profit business, charging the students just a few cents more over the flat cost for ingridients).
    Like most schools, Bellow High has a selection of clubs for the young to experiance after school hours. Unlike most schools, however, is the selection of the clubs. It goes as far as to include the Japanese Art of Kendo, the graceful Art of Fencing, and even a small club dedicated to bagpipes (that one... is a bit odd). Schedules of the practices will be provived to those who join.

    Archery (Real coach is out with several broken appendages. Mr. Jones is taking her place temporarily)
    Football (both kinds)
    Dance (Yeah... it goes here)
    Mixed Martial Arts (Taking this means you have to sign a release form)

    Art (the basic painting, drawing, and sculpting variety)
    Dance (It goes here too)
    Free Candy (exclusive)
    Bagpipes (... these guys are really wierd... seriously. I wouldn't suggest trying for this)
    Book Club (reading and discussing of such)
    Poetry (All kinds... so you can expect bongos and berets as well as scarves and roses)

    Student Council-
    ummm... Student Council

    Club Captains and Coaches

    Free Candy-
    An exclusive group, Free Candy only takes up to five members, four of which are currently filled.

    Randy Clopin- A jack-of-all-trades when it comes to music, Randy can play most instruments if need be... but his real skill comes in his position as Lead Vocals. He has an uncanny ability to copy almost any voice, whether he's singing or just talking, and as such can sound identical to the artist that he's covering at the time. Because of this, he sometimes even forgets his own voice. When not having to play anything else, Randy usually takes up the postition of Bass player as well.

    Ned Loganson- First Guitar and backup vocals, Ned is a different person when on stage then off. At school, he's seen as a dim guy with surfer's voice and long hair. But after years of practice, he's a respectable musician and can handle back up. Nearly innseperable from his brother Phil.

    Phil Loganson- Drummer for Free Candy, Phil does what he does best... hits things really fast with sticks. It's taken years to make him play well, but he's finally polished and ready to play on Friday nights. Like his brother, he's a bit dim and his voice makes you wonder if his closet is full of jams. Always found with his brother, Ned.

    Ezekiel Simon- Ezekiel (goes by Izzy) is an old friend of Randy's and the techy for Free Candy. As a lover of elecronics and tinkering, he has created his own sound system that only he knows how to work using a small fingerprint analyzing key (Randy sees this as overkill, but that's Izzy). As a freshman, Izzy is new to high-school life, and Randy is doing his best to teach him the ways of being a 'man' in this world.

    Open- Second/Rhythm Guitar and Keyboards
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  7. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Hey, hey, hey! It's the discussion thread! And I'm the first civvie to post!

    ... Bellow High is nice, very nice. Wish my school was funded by an eccentric billionaire.

    [important]So... are we going to time-skip Tuesday-Thursday of this week as soon as everyone's gone to sleep this fine Monday, or are we going to go through each plain ol' civilian day?[/important]

    So... dorms. What rooms are you guys all in? 207 here!
  8. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Well, I would like to RP at least Thursday, so there's that.
    Liza has 301.
    Randy has 202.
  9. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Nice exposition. Since campus housing is provided, I made the jump and assumed that the cafeteria also had some sort of dinner option, and that there could be breakfast available. Since the enigmatic city of Quarterman is big enough to have an organized bus system and make it inconvenient for some students to commute, I'm guessing that its populace is in the range of 100K-150K? Also, is there anything notable within walking distance of campus, such as restaurants, movie theaters, department stores, parks, etc? Just nosing around future options. ;)

    *checks thread* Hey, I settled in 206. That makes Mana and Sig neighborly and such. Allow me to add a second topic of discussion: What weapon do you intend on using? Most of us don't have any weapon experience, leaving us plenty of creative room, unless some third party intends on arming us.

    As for Sigmund, I thought about his major hobbies at the moment, which are fitness, model robots and gardening. Fitness is fairly general besides perhaps weaponless combat, and I briefly considered a sort of bulky arm casing or gauntlet, which would be interesting but a bit hard to justify. Eventually, though, I decided on a shovel. Sharpening the blade of a shovel could make it into an interesting weapon, kind of similar to a heavy spear or halberd. Plus, I can imagine Sigmund right now trying to come up with an explanation for Ms. Halls about why he wants to use the school workshop to sharpen a shovel, of all things. Perhaps a trowel would work as a secondary, dagger-like implement?
  10. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Blivsey... ****... I was going to use a shovel with Randy. For all the reason you posted. Well, I guess I'll go to plan B then. (A shovel has always been a favorite weapon of mine when playing any sort of table top game. Hell, I use one for exercises in real life.) But if you're going the shovel route, might as well use a real dagger for a secondary weapon. A shovel is a decent weapon. A trowel... is a worse choice that somthing you can find on hand in kitchen. Although, a shovel is best used two-handed. It would only be a last resort anyway.

    (I'll get back to you on the city layout of Quarterman)
  11. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Weapon? For Mana... probably a bow. Archery Club 'n' all, he can justify that pretty well. Hunting arrows can be bought as well. Have you ever been to someplace like REI? They sell machetes, hatchets, etc.

    A kitchen knife might do well... a snowboard (chopped up and carved a bit) would do as some sort of poleaxe. Then there's wrenches, golf clubs, and homemade explosives.

    If you're 18 years old, you can buy a rifle. 21 for pistols, because they're easily concealed. Our seniors could buy rifles.

    Well, I'm assuming Quarterman is American/European, since it's English speaking and all. Mana needs to go renew his license. Thursday afternoon may be a good time to do that. And I'm repossessing his parents' car. Somehow or other... It's bigger than I expected... So, yeah on the department stores, movie theaters, etc.

    Well hello there neighbor! Don't expect a housewarming gift...

    Aw, Zinc made our Social Links meaningless but fun. Well... how should we go about Social Linking with the GMNPCs? As soon as Thursday rolls along... I'll get started on that. Since Mana's already sleeping and such.
  12. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Snow is in Room 204. And I had been using Quartermain since it stuck in my head as a town name over Quarterman. The latter makes me think of a Mega Man boss with a coin-throwing gimmick. But that's just my opinion.

    As for Snow's weapon... I really really want to give him an attack harp, but only because I've been playing Final Fantasy IV lately and I like Edward (mostly). I have no clue where I'm going to get Snow an attack harp, though, plus he hasn't learned that instrument. Can I make his guitar harm the Shadows through playing it? Music being the language of the heart, and the power of rock, and all that jazz.

    Bards are cool (but battle dancers are cooler).
  13. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Not sure what Diego will have... I keep thinking maybe a kitchen tool or tonfa. I mean he has a roommate with an obsession and skill with martial arts. He's been with her since the start of the summer so he may know a thing or two...

    It's like Diego's Scott Pilgrim and Rosanne is a combination of Wallace Wells and Roxie Richter. I did base the name of Roxie...
  14. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    I had figured as much. Big fan of the series.

    Oh snap... you're right. I've been misspelling Quatermain. AGH! Now I have to go back and change it all. It was a homage to Allen Quatermain stories, and after I mispell it once, it get's stuck. As for the music, no that wouldn't work. If your Persona could do things like that (Orpehus for example), then I could see it. You yourself... not so much. But not everyone has to have the ability to fight. I know for sure that I didn't keep Yukari in my party because she was good at attacking in Persona 3 (it was mostly because of her Magical Ability and Healing... and also the sexy).

    Also, the Clubs List is going up now. If you have a special request for one that doens't get mention, I'll see what I can do.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2011
  15. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    @Zinc: Randy was to have a shovel? Sadface. I, too, have a history of favoring Halberds/Kwan Dao/Naginata/polearms.... I respectfully relinquish rights to the art of the war-shovel, and will promptly begin meditating upon how to make the gauntlet idea work, unless a better alternative is presented or you really don't mind going to whatever "plan B" would entail. After all, a shovel seems like it should remain a unique weapon.

    I was only going for a sharpened trowel as a sort of themed-weapon thing, BTW, and probably wouldn't have implemented it either way, so we're good there.

    I was wondering about the "Quatermain/Quarterman" thing. Which reminds me, there's only one "R" in "Quatermain." You may have to edit again. A bit.

    Hmm... out of all of the clubs listed, I'd think that Sigmund would go for Kendo, seeing as he's in the market for the self-discipline involved in martial arts study. Then again, given the demographics of most of our characters, it seems like Kendo would be popular already, and I kind of want to support more varied club entry with our characters. He may default to Basketball or Track, unless someone can get all cutesy and convince him to try out for dance or something... or he accidentally ends up in the wrong room and gets drawn in... or... *ideas* Yeah. He's going either Kendo or Dance depending on which one I can justify.
  16. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    @Blivsey, if you want to use a shovel, that's fine. I'll move onto plan B (Grandpa's old revolvers and winchester rifle are fixing to have the dust blown off of them), and you can stick with the gardening tool (which is badass).
    But, a gauntlet would seem actually... easier to use. A leather one (as with most RPs, we don't start with great weapons, eh?) can be made from a simple leather splint, and can be modified from there. It would also be easier to incorperate them into moves learned from teams that aren't Kendo (such as boxing or wrestling). Maybe a kickboxing club is in order? Dambe even?

    Also, Randy is now taking Track instead of Kendo.

    (As for the extra 'r'... I'll fix that now. Or just go back to Quarterman and pretend that's what I wanted to begin with. I don't need a referance to a man who's name I can't remember to spell right anyway)
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2011
  17. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    Well... it's Thursday... anyone wanna be friends so I can teleport Mana to ya?

    Geh, Quartermain, Quatermain, Quarterman, bleeeeh.

    Kickboxing club? I would join merely for the musical training montages.
  18. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    I've been a personal fan of the Traveling Shovel of Doom for quite some time now, but have never had a chance to have an RP character wield the deadly implement before.

    Anyways, should we all apply for a dorm or does that matter yet? Can it wait till later or are there plot reasons for us all to have a dorm room?
  19. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    We don't have to share the same dorm right now. Maybe when we get further into it, and people in the dorm start getting a little somthing in common, then I might have to make people move in. Until then, you can stay at home (but being at a dorm makes it easier to talk to people).
  20. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    True, true, its just not in Miyuki's character to sign-up for a dorm just yet. That was sorta bugging me, which is why I haven't posted in a bit. I was trying to figure out if I should go for it or not. I think I'll hold off for the time being and join up with one later.

    I also think I'm going to throw Miyuki into Drama Club.

    Now to think of a weapon.

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