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Persona- UtGoG

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Zincspider, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou going, going, goon

    Agagh, too much happening. So, to summarize:

    Got Devil adn Emperor on the second test, nothing new.

    Good job on all that troping, JG. I'll go ahead and try to trope Terri when I have the time, if nobody else does it.

    Gemini sound pretty good, though I recall hearing Sagittarius would be the kind of person to have to be constantly on the move, and that they'd motivate others to join in, too? That could fly as well.

    Also, to niedude talking about astrological signs and how he sometimes found them fitting to his personality... yeeeeah, I'm a Capricorn. And I'm lazy as all hell, don't take many things seriously, yada yada... so whenever a test asks my sign, I know it's a step in the wrong direction entirely as far as results go. Thus, I don't like them asking.

    And last, but not certainly the least, beep you, Zinc. You have to do this NOW, when I'm going to be gone for the entire weekend? You, me, outside, no items, Final Destination.

    I hope the reservation lasts for a while, I don't wanna miss theeees. Oh, and, and, will we get second characters nao? I'm fairly certain we won't. But I have to ask. I have this idea for a bully...
  2. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Don't worry, your reserve will last until the sign-ups end. Previous plaare welcomed with open arms... except you (Insert Person Here). You're a d-bag.
    Second characters... no. Sorry. Single worked perfectly fine. It gave you guys focus. I don't want to risk that. We did get over 300 posts in that thinkg after all.
  3. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou going, going, goon

    Alright, good. Even I should be able to get mine up by then. Too bad on the second characters, but I understand where you're coming from.

    To tell the truth, part of me is kind of sad that we're going to get a whole bunch of new players. Because you know, got used to this bunch, it was fun when there were so few of us and you got the feel for everyone's character, knew every player, etc. etc... And the new people, well, they won't really get our characters and all their relations unless they at least skim through the previous thread. But hey, maybe new blood'll be fun, and I'm not complaining, just, yeah. Had to throw this out here 8Y
  4. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    This was a prologue? Cool! XD I'm in for the next installment of course! Why shouldn't I be in anyway, I love this RP!

    So, in terms of signs, were have these confirmed.

    Gemini - Sigmund
    Leo - JP, Randy
    Sagittarius - Sofiya

    The rest of my hunches...remember, these are just hunches:

    Joshua - Leo or Libra, though the beast in him might point a bit towards Virgo.
    Minami/Ulala - Aquarius or maybe Gemini
    Kent - Aquarius or Scorpio...but then again, I also have the feeling that Kent's sign is contradictory, so my third guess would be Sagittarius
    Miyuki - Pisces or Cancer
    Mana - Aries or Pisces
    Snow - Virgo, Libra or Pisces
    Theresa - Umm...hard for me to tell personally, though she's not Virgo, Cancer or Capricorn that's for sure. XD
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2011
  5. .:Lemon Tea:.

    .:Lemon Tea:. Crystallized decay

    Considering how my campus is one of the driest in California (or the California system)..I don't see any of that often-or even prepare to see it. ;3

    And I came out as Death..which was kind of surprising because I always thought of myself as a bit of a Tower type (does this even make sense?). Devil came next and then Emperor. :D

    And JG...I have no clue what Kent would be since I'm not really familiar with Astrological symbols? I would have to look it up a bit. I know that I'm a Gemini myself...Kent....hm...He is contradictory, but I'll guess some Wiki is coming in handy for this. o_o;

    I love the acronyms that are popping up. First it was UGG now POP. xD
    And congrats Zinc for the prologue, and everyone else for the 300 posts.

    And sorry that I'm behind and haven't posted. I was writing mine when the power went out yesterday (actually all the power from the borders of Mexico to Orange County and inner LA was out because something went wrong in the plant). So yeah, I'll be working on it today when I have time. D:

    Oh edit: Lol. I loved how Kent was going to be the knight in shining armor to Ulala (or clown in shining armor...or whatever) and then Joshua totally stole his thunder. Spit out of some my hot cocoa when I saw that xD;
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2011
  6. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    New sign-ups aaaaaaare UP!
    Please look over it for some of the changes made from this time.
    I hope to see you guys there.
  7. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    As do I, Zinc, as do I.

    LT, I suppose both cases balance themselves out. It's okay, there are other girls...or, not. I dunno. :p

    ADDING ON: Since I don't quite enjoy the term "Minami/Ulala", I will abbreviate to simply "Minalala". Happy, anyone? Just me? Okay then.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2011
  8. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Confirmed with Raiden that Minami is indeed Aquarius. XD

    Still haven't decided on Terri's though...I figured that she's no Aries, Pisces or Leo either in addition to the 3 I first mentioned. That leaves six I guess. XD
  9. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    Yes, that would be the case. And, her birthday is on the day she hates most; Feb 14.
  10. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Got bored, and strangely, I decided to "morph" the characters into...creatures.


    Who do you think is who here? There was very little selection, so I made the strangest choices. Mind you, they don't necessarily correspond to the chosen animals and are based on looks and impressions. XD Mind you, the butterfly is too obvious.

    Guess away! GMPC edition in the works.
  11. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    That's very nice JG, but remember to get your sign-up up in the new thread! That goes for everybody! You need to re-post your sign-ups!
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2011
  12. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Everyone~ 8D
    Come now... don't be shy. Re-post thou sign-ups!
  13. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    Come to think of it, will we keep this discussion thread?
  14. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    Nope! 8D
    We'll get a fresh one!
  15. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    What, is Ulala the macaw? XD

    And, I have a writing assignment on the works,so I'll have to hold on the SU for a bit. :p
  16. .:Lemon Tea:.

    .:Lemon Tea:. Crystallized decay

    Awww....How did you know, we were shy and nervous! :>

    But yeah, I should post. I'm settled at school now so it should be a swell time to work on Kent. Although there isn't exactly a lot to say, as he hasn't totally matured, changed, or anything-although he now realizes there's something else out there?

    @Raiden193, Nah....that's not her...That's just a typical macaw. Ulala's macaw would be a bit more tropical with a green bow on the top of her head with reddish blonde hair, erh, feathers. :p

    Sorry, I kid too much xD;
  17. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Yeah she is...there was only one style of macaw though. XD She's the only one though who matches her symbol, everyone else has a different morph...like I said, I was a wee bit tipsy doing this and chose based on looks and probably personality, but more on looks. XD Can you find out the rest?

    LT, which do you think is which? Who do you think is Kent? XD
  18. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou going, going, goon

    I'm thinking Macaw = Ulala, that panther thing = Theresa, lion = JP... Um, Miyuki is probably the fox. It's cute. Sofiya... I'm thinking she's the peacock. That slug/worm/whatever it is = Joshua? It's rainbowy. Or then Joshua could be the butterfly. Sig... what the heck is Sig? That dark bird in the first row? Kent's probably the wolf, either that or I'm having his and Sig's animals backwards. So that leaves Snow and Mana... So uh, is Snow the butterfly and Mana the dragon? Or is Miyuki the butterfly and Snow the fox? Or is the fox Mana and the dragon Snow... Or is Mana the first bird and...?

    Oh God I'm confused. @@

    So we only got four new players. That's good, I think, I mean I thought there'd be 10+ new players or something (looking back, with all the GMPCs, that wouldn't have been possible anyway...) I'm excited! And I think a new Discussion Thread sounds good, easier for the newcomers.

    I'm really trying to get Sofiya's Sign Up up today, I won't allow you to leave me out of the fun, but in the off chance my homework takes a lot longer than I expected, it'll at latest be up tomorrow. That I can promise for sure.
  19. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Sigmund=Butterfly (Fairy Persona) Joshua=Snail (Rainbow=Camp-ish) Kent=Lion (His presence kinda makes me think it somehow.) I told you I wasn't myself. XD The rest will fall into place....some may be what you may not expect, it's based on looks after all...not really the symbolism. ;) Sofiya is correct though (She's very....colorful I must say.) Won't reveal the rest yet...:>

    So what's left: Panther, Wolf, Dragon, Fox, Raven/JP, Theresa, Snow, Miyuki, Mana :p
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2011
  20. .:Lemon Tea:.

    .:Lemon Tea:. Crystallized decay

    Haha. I was going with either the wolf or the lion because I could see him as both xD

    I liked how you chose that sort of lion that isn't with paws outstretched and roaring its head off. I think Kent might be more of a loner lion that's just sort of chilling with that flame on his tail and with these bright, glowing, hazel eyes >.<;;

    I would say JP is the wolf then. ;3 And then going off of what GoldenHouou said, I think Sigmund is the butterfly and the dark bird....Mana? o_O;

    And yeah, I'm working on mine...Its probably done tomorrow as I received my first essay back. Class average was a C-....AND I GOT A C+. WOHOO. Leading the pack! But yeah, the teacher just let her TAs butcher us with this tiny felt tip red pens as if they were butter knives.

    Great way to start out the new school year with huge revisions.


    EDIT: Oh JP's the raven....Then I kind of have no clue what Mana or Snow would be... D; Random guessing would have Snow as the dragon and Mana as the....wolf...? Theresa would be panther to me.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2011

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