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Personal slave (Paisshipping and advanceshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by ChloboShoka, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Personal slave
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Rating: M
    Disclaimer: Characters used in this fic are not mine,
    Shippings: Paisshipping - Giovanni/Max Advanceshipping - Ash/May
    Warnings: Homosexual content, bondage, and romantic nature involving a man and a child. If you don't like this stuff or if it offends you, it would be best to avoid the fic.
    Summary: Max has been kidnapped by Giovanni, and he is used for a lot of things. He prays that Ash and his sister, May will save him. But with May pregnant, will Max's wish come true?

    Chapter one: Bondage lust

    They kidnapped him, for his intelligence. The young Max Maple was locked, abandoned and dumped in a plain dark blue cell. The bluenette leaned against the cold wall, thinking of his friends, that felt so far away. He called them out as his chains banged loudly and hardly. He violently shook his legs hoping the chains would break, however his young developing body was not strong enough for the strong heavy chains. He felt the tears fall down his face, hot tears rolling down his face feeling inside his heart, he was hallow and was losing everything; or about to.

    'He will be my personal slave, from this moment forward!'

    These were the words of Giovanni, the cruel leader of the infamous gang team rocket, who schemed for world dominance. After hearing the words of Giovanni, it was obvious that he wouldn't be released for a long time. He was going to be apart of Team Rocket, although he didn't know what he was going to be. Personal slave, sounded rather kinky. He had never met Giovanni before until now, but know he knew that he had the ability, to be truly terrifying. The only thing Max could do us wait... wait ... wait ... wait for the unpredictable future.

    He quickly grew tried from the the screaming, shaking and crying and his body relaxed as his emotional pain continued to blossom with his physical pain, tangled and chained together, like the silver shining heavy chains that confiscated his freedom. His glasses, were slipping from the end of his nose, the top half of his eyesight had became blurry whilst the bottom crystal clear and a dark line in the middle. He tinted his head in the opposite direction and his raw tearful eyes continued to sparkle. Max pushed his head up, and his glasses pushed up to the end of his nose, making his vision clear again.

    'A personal slave such as Max would be useful in many different ways'

    Giovanni's words remained stuck into his head, he was a use for him. “If you thought I was so useful,” Max snapped to Giovanni's voice inside his head. “Why are you treating me like crap?” He screamed and the chains danced creating a loud high pitched music. Max just wanted all of this to stop. “Some one save me!” He implored begging in his tears.

    The door swung open. A man wearing an orange tuxedo and with short brown hair stepped in the door. “I see you're settling in well.” The man smirked as he watched the poor innocent boy struggle in the chains.
    “Can't you see I'm suffering?” Max sulked trying with all his power to get out of the chained web. “Help me will you!”

    “I would love to help you,” Giovanni smiled evilly as he continued watching Max's glistening eyes. “However, you're so beautiful in your pain.”

    “Yes, I am a sadist.”
    “If I'm going to be treated like this, I do not want to be your personal slave!” Max spat as he tried to kick the older man. “This is illegal, I am a minor, you should not be treating me like this!”

    “You are my property now,” Giovanni whispered in pride. “Your life's purpose is to live for me. Your knowledge will be used in my plans, your body will be used for my pleasure and you will look after me in my old days. Is that understood!”
    “I will never be your personal slave,” Max gritted his teeth in aggression.

    “Then I'm afraid, I will have to watch you die!” Giovanni smirked as he saw Max shake and jump as the chains made an even greater sound. Giovanni blocked his ears until Max paused his movements. The young bluenette was squealing and wailing away in pain and agony.

    Max didn't want to die at such a young age, there was so much he wanted to do and he wouldn't let a sadist, Giovanni stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do. As much as he would despise to be his slave, it was the only he could live for the time being, and he could always hope and dream that he will be rescued from his brave friends or another brave person.

    “Fine, I'll be your servant,” Max whispered in despair. “Just stop this pain.”

    Giovanni kneeled down and leaned over to the suffering child and gently kissed him as he played with his blue hair. This wasn't what Max had in mind when requested the pain to ease away, he was surprised that he actually liked the kiss but it felt so rough for him, and he felt so young for this.

    As the kiss broke, so did the chains that had trapped him. Max stood up noticing the scratches that the chains and handcuffs had done to him, he still felt the stinging pain all over and the emotional pain was still in bloom. His legs felt twice as heavy and his face felt twice as warm. He finally lost control of his body and fainted on the stone cold floor. Giovanni carried the boy in his arms and took him away from the cell.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2008
  2. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Personal slave

    Chapter two: Lost son

    “This isn't right!” Caroline said as she crossed her arms. “Max hasn't come home yet, and it's almost eleven O'clock!” Her son, was usually home by now and if he was going to someone else's house or going somewhere, he would have alerted her straight away. She had tried calling her husband Norman for the past two hours and he was not answering. The phone was placed firmly on her ear, hearing the phone beep endlessly.

    “Come on pick up Norman!” She hopelessly demanded in a hissing tone. Still no answer. She was so avidly worried for Max. He was usually home by now and she had no idea what to do. She was tempted to call the police, but she wanted to wait for Norman's advice first. She was crazy and she might end up doing something stupid. She wanted to search for him, but she didn't want to leave her house unattended to. “Max where are you?” She screamed. “You're much wiser than this, you need to get home right now!” She dropped the phone down harshly as she gritted her teeth in anger and worry.

    She had no choice, she dialed 911 as quickly as possible as she placed the phone back near her ear again. She tried to calm herself down as quickly as possible with great difficulty. “Hello this is the police, how may I help you?” She sighed in relief when she heard an answer.

    ”Oh Hello!” Caroline said in relief. “My son is missing! And he hasn't been back home since three this afternoon.”

    “OK Calm down miss,” The voice on the telephone said as she saw Caroline's distraught face. “Calm down, if you just give us your name and address, I'll get someone over as soon as we can to collect the details.”

    “Sure it's number 5 Gill street in Littleroot Town and I'm Caroline Maple.” Caroline relied in a very clear voice.

    “OK,” The operator replied. “The police will be there shortly. Bye”

    The phone call ended as Caroline dropped the phone and walked to her sofa and threw herself on the coach. Her head was buried into the pillows as she was constantly worrying about her son. He could be anywhere, he didn't call nor alert her. She was hoping with the bottom of her heart that Max was not dead. Max was a young intelligent kid who had a huge future ahead of him and his death would be nothing but an absolute waste of talent.

    “Hey Caroline!” Cried the voice of her husband Norman who was finally at home for once. “Sorry I couldn't call. I was training with Ash. He's gotten better!”

    “Max is missing!” Caroline announced as she interrupted her husband. “I've seen no trace of him since this morning. May is knocked up and no trace of Max! Where have I gone wrong?”

    “Don't blame yourself,” Norman told her as he patted her on the back. “At least the person who got her knocked up is a decent person. I'm sure Max will come home, if not, we'll call the police.”

    “I already have called the police!” Caroline replied in an angry tone. “How the hell is Ash a decent guy? He doesn't even know what a condom is!”

    “Well, I'm happy for them and Delia seems really pleased with being a grandparent!”

    “So you're playing happy families behind my back?” Caroline asked Norman with a bad tempter.

    “Of course not,” Norman replied as he tried to calm her down. “You're just stressed out about your children. I'm sure they will be fine.”

    “THEY COULD BE DEAD FOR ALL I KNOW!” Caroline shouted as tears rolled down her face. “May's pregnancy could ruin her life and Max could be dead. I am a bad mother! And I thought I was a good mother.”

    “You are a good mother,” Norman told her as he leaned on her shoulder. “Things have just, having gone to plan, that's all.”

    There was a knock on the door, Norman stood up and made his way to his door. As he opened the door he saw the flashing lights from the police car and the officers in their suits. The navy blue uniform suited the officers blue hair greatly.

    “We're here about your son.” The officer told him.

    “Oh yes, my wife was expecting you, please come in.” Norman was followed by officer Jenny as he made his way through the living room were his wife remained upset about her children.

    “OK, Mrs Maple,” Officer Jenny started as she got her pen and paper ready. “We need to ask you a couple of questions regarding the disappearance of your son.”

    “Go ahead and ask me.” Caroline requested as she tried to wipe her tears away.

    “When was the last time you saw son?” Officer Jenny asked in a very professional voice.

    “I last saw him today, at around three in the afternoon.” Caroline admitted as she leaned next to her husband.

    “Do you know anybody who would have been with him during this time?”

    “Well, There's Ash, my daughter's boyfriend, Brock Slate, and loads of other people.” Caroline quickly replied. She reached over to her table and grabbed her photo and placed her thumb next to Max's face in the picture. “That's him, he's a very curious person and very smart as well. I think someone's kidnapped him!”

    “Why would you think he's been kidnapped?” Jenny asked as she write down the information that Caroline was giving her exactly word to word.

    “He's usually home at five o clock and he has never been late for his curfew.” Norman announced as he felt Caroline's pain.

    “Mr Maple, have you seen your Son at all today?” Jenny asked.

    “No,” Norman replied truthfully. “I haven't seen him at all.”

    “How old is Max?”

    “He's eleven,” Caroline answered. “He was eleven last week.”

    “Do you have any idea who would kidnap your son?” Jenny asked in a rather serious way. Both of them had to think deep and hard about this, yet they had no idea who or why they would want to kidnap him at all. “Remember any kid of small detail will help us a lot. ”

    “No,” Caroline replied. “I have no idea who would do such a thing.”

    “Well thank you for your time.” Jenny announced as she stood up. “We'll contact you immediately if we find anything that might lead to helping you find your son.”

    “Thank you.” Caroline and Norman both said in unison as they watched the police leave their house.

    Max had opened his eyes as he quickly sat up. The chains were gone and the pain was fading like a growing flower blossoming. He had no idea weather he was happy or sad. He was pleased that those horrible and torturing chains were gone, but upset to have been so far away from the ones he loved the most. He knew that his mother would be panicking over his disappearance and worry about him constantly. Max had a gut feeling that Ash and May will save him from Giovanni, no matter how much it takes. The fact they were having a child together wouldn't stop them from saving a loved one.

    In the mean time, he rested on his large comfortable bed as he thought of the memories that he had shared and the journey and paths he took.

    The time where May told him and their parents that she was pregnant. She looked pretty shocked herself however, it was something Max was expecting. They had sex without a condom and they paid the price for it. "I gathered you all here for a reason," May said about four months ago as she gathered her parents over, Max simply joined in to see what was going on. "I'm not sure how to tell you, but I'll say it, I'm... pregnant!"

    their parents gave a look of absolute shock. Caroline covered her shocked mouth whilst she was slightly pleased about being a grandmother at the same time. Norman looked shocked and speechless. Their own daughter, was having a child at quite a young age, so they were not sure how to react about it. Max stood there with his arms folded as he smirked. The bluenette was obviously not surprised one bit.

    "I told you to use a condom, didn't I?" Max asked, although he admitted to himself that was pretty sarcastic of him. He was pretty shocked as well, being an uncle at the age of eleven was certainly not something he had in mind.

    Max could never forget Brock, throwing himself at every girl he considered beautiful as Max tried to pull him away from the poor ladies. He was surprised that he didn't try anything with May and thank God he didn't because he would have probably have been an uncle at the age of eight!

    He truly enjoyed his journey with Ash, Brock and his sister, May. He actually wished that May and him actually stayed and traveled to Sinnoh with them. He realized it would have been a very good thing if he did, that way it would have never have led him into this situation and even if they did try to kidnap him, they would rescue him every time they even dared to abduct him.

    Just by judging his behavior, Max knew that Giovanni was an evil sadist. He had never seen someone who acted in such low behavior as him and the way he kissed him, he didn't know weather to throw up or gaze in wonder and stick to a confused state.

    He saw all the scratches and all the bandages that wrapped his damaged skin. He still felt the pain in his legs and he was having a very strong difficulty moving them about. He felt like he was almost disabled and felt like his life has turned upside down. His opportunities have been stolen from him whilst in his mind, the very face and voice and movements of Giovanni had haunted him greatly. He gritted his teeth as the memories and afterthought of the kiss was taking over his mind.

    All he could do was lay there and suffer with his thoughts as he waited for Ash and May to rescue him from his hell and to save him from the monster who claimed him as his new personal slave.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2008
  3. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    Umm, ok, so Max is kidnapped by Giovanni?

    Does that mean Giovanni's gay? o_O

    Idk. Waiting for Chapter 3
  4. midnightmoon

    midnightmoon Banned

    lol ho oh. i think Giovanni isn't gay.

    anyway i knew there was a ship for Giovanni and Max but i never like the idea. anyway interesting plot. getting kidnapped by Giovanni and stuff. can't wait to see Ash and May mention in this fic.

    Anyway im waiting for chp 3. ^_^
  5. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    In this fic, Giovanni will be bisexual in this fic. So thanks for the reviews. Here's chapter three.
    Personal Slave Chapter three: Play the game

    The door had opened again, as Max still remained weak in his knees. He watched as Giovanni stepped into the room. The young bluenette glared at him as the stinging on his legs still remained as he gritted his teeth. They both remained silent as the large cream cat, Persian curiously stared at Max whilst her forehead was pampered by Giovanni's hand. Persian meowed away whilst she raised her paw onto the edge of the bed, stroking the quilts with her claws. She faced Max again, then looked down on his scars and scratches and silently smiled in glee.

    “When will I be able to leave?” Max asked with a tone that clearly showed he was out of breath. “When will I be able to go to the hospital?”

    “Patience, my friend.” Giovanni said permitting Persian to hop onto the bed next to Max. “You will be free to leave when I find that your assistance is no longer required. ”

    “How long will that be?” Max asked curiously. “I do hope I'm set free before my sister gives birth.”

    “Not to worry my child,” Giovanni smirked. “You should be flattered, you will be needed for a long time.”

    “Couldn't you just choice someone else?” Max snapped. “Instead of kidnapping me!”

    “You're intelligence is outstanding.” the man pointed out. “You would be very useful in all sorts of ways. I can't just leave a person like you to die right now.”

    Thinking about it, Giovanni was right, he couldn't leave him to die. Into some extent he would be flattered and relieved if his life was not placed into a bitter end. He did feel a tiny bit better, and for him to say that he had outstanding intelligence, was also flattering. Still, there was nothing about the man, that made him worthy of his trust. The way Giovanni smiled, was very creepy and there was something about him, that shown he had an obvious cruel intention. “Well of course you can't,” Max replied. “You don't want to let a young boy die. You could face some serious charges, on top of your criminal desires. You don't wanna go to jail do you?” He laughed and held out a smile, as he was going to try is best to play the game.

    “Why no!” Giovanni had answered in a very calm manner. “You'll need some time to recover from your injuries – I understand.”
    “I'm glad you do.” Max said trying to hide the fact that he was scared. “After I recover from my injuries, what kind of job will I be doing?”

    “You will serve your new master!” announced the boss of Team Rocket. “You will be my assistant as well as assisting other members of the team as well.”
    “Sounds cool,” Max nodded as he looked at his cuts and bandages. “So it's not just office work, practical too?”
    “Of course.”
    “Sounds decent.” No, Max didn't find any of it decent at all. It was completely immoral, but he knew if he was going to last, he was going to need his faithful intelligence and his strong backbone. For the time being, he was going to pretend to enjoy being his slave and working for Team Rocket.

    “That's excellent then,” Giovanni stated, he watched his precious Persian rub her head against Max's shirt. The young boy didn't seemed to be scared in the slightest. “It seems like Persian has already taken a liking for you Max,” he added.
    “Well, it seems like this cat has been used to a life of luxury.” Max replied as he patted Persian.

    “I will make some arrangements in order for your speedy recovery.” Giovanni smirked as he marched out of the bedroom. “I shall see you soon.” He left the room and left the door closed. Max heard the sounds of metal clinging against the door, he had a feeling that he was locked in. The persian looked up to Max with her eyes and smiled at him.

    “You like then huh?” he asked the cat. Persian nodded as she fell asleep on Max's lap. Despite feeling the sudden pain and discomfort due to his injuries, he allowed her to rest on him. He did thought for a second that she was about to attack him, so he was relieved that she was being kind and gentle to him. He looked down on her and wondered how a power hungry man, could have raised this Persian to be gentle and submissive? Maybe there was a soft side to Giovanni as well.

    Things were certainly going to get interesting over the passage of time. He hoped that Ash and May would rescue him, but he knew that maybe a slim chance as May goes further into her pregnancy. He then had thoughts of the pair of them, he felt sorry that the fact they had a huge responsibility. His older sister, was going to be a young mother and when she discovered that her brother had been kidnapped, he knew she was going to have massive amount of stress on her. This was unfair on May.

    Ash felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on her head. First of all, when he first asked May out, he was stuttering as anything and had no idea how to ask a girl out. He was so glad that May had said yes and that she was understanding. Yes, things did after all get a little bit spicy and there was unprotected sex. Now he had got his girlfriend pregnant, he was pretty confused and felt he was completely unprepared for this. He hadn't even told his mom yet. How on earth was he about to tell his mom? Things were hard enough for May telling her parents she was carrying his child.

    He most likely lost all respect from Norman and Caroline, even though they still communicate with him, they must have still been disappointed with him. He was suppose to be older and wiser, he was three years older then May. His brunette girlfriend, May had only just turned fourteen, and Ash was sixteen. May had to train for the contest and Ash had to train for the battles.

    They were both in Ash's home in Pallet town. His mother, Delia was continuing her routine of housework. He had no idea what to say to her. “May,” Ash whispered as the shyness in his voice was believable. “How am I suppose to tell Mom?”
    “Just tell her Ash.” May told him, whilst she patted his back. “I know it's hard, it was hard for me as well. Just spill it out.”
    “Something tells me that she will feel bad ,” he admitted. “If I told her, she might not be happy.”

    “Tell me what?” Delia asked as she sat next to her son in a happy manner. “You can't hide anything from me Ash, I am your mother.”
    “It's nothing.” Ash assured his mother, although is facial expression showed otherwise.
    “You're hiding something!” Delia snapped. “You will tell me now!”

    “OK,” he sighed. “Well, y-you m-might not l-li-like it. I got May p-pregnant.”

    Delia paused as she gasped in a state of shock. May noticed that she reacted a little bit similar to how her mother, Caroline had reacted. “My baby is having a baby!” She cried out, she seemed quite pleased about it, which was quite a pleasant surprise. “This is so unexpected!”

    “You're not angry at me are you?” Ash asked as he was still scared of how his mother would react.

    “I'm not angry at all!” Delia said in glee, hugging her son. “You are however far too young to be a father. I was fifteen when I was pregnant with you, so you guys aren't alone. Promise me one thing.” Delia's palms were pressed against Ash's shoulder.

    “Please don't make May have an abortion!” Delia begged. “If you have trouble raising this child, I'll help you take care of it.”

    “What's abortion?” Ash asked curiously in his typical dense manner.
    “That's killing a baby inside you.” May told him.
    “Geez, that's awful. OK Mom, we won't have an abortion!” Ash said as he felt scared about the abortion reference. Ash was relieved that his mother was not angry at him. However, the thought of raising of child, was not going to be an easy one. On top of his training schedule, he might have to go to parent classes and May would have to go to a young mother's unit. He knew that some of the symptoms were mood swings and morning sickness and apparently strange cravings as well. He was still scared at the very thought of childhood. The butterflies were in his stomach as fear was running through his veins. He was scared, but he felt he had to be strong for May's sake.

    Max was right, he should have used a condom.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2008
  6. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    Hmm, so it seems giovanni is gay! o_O

    Anyways, Deliah isn't so mad? Will Ash's dad show up at all?

    o_O This fic is creepy... *runs away* *comes back*
  7. midnightmoon

    midnightmoon Banned

    lol Ash dosen't know what abortion is. lolz

    I'm glad Delia isn't anger at Ash. i wish my mother was nice as her. lolz.

    Very nice C.Gholy.
  8. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    There's a large number of typos, unfortunately, and formatting errors. Why do your paragraphs come one after another sometimes with double spacing and sometimes without?

    The premise is interesting though.

    But honestly, HoOhRocks, what's with your preoccupation with Giovanni's sexuality when there's nothing in canon to indicate much of anything?

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