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Personal Vendettas against Characters or Pokemon


X&Y Supporter
I intentionally go out of my way to beat up Spiritomb. In Diamond, I got the keystone, did a lot of Underground, and then but in the keystone. I saved beforehand, so I could just beat it up again...again...and again...
Thinks he's so great with "I haz no weakness!. That, and Cynthia's Spiritomb stopped me, even after 3 runs of the rest of the Elite Four. Just...so...annoying!


La Melancolie Noir
Dunsparce. In Black 2/White 2 especially. They appear out of shaking patches of grass, destroying my hopes of encountering an Audino for a hefty experience boost. And when I try to battle it anyway, one of three things happens. One, it #^*&!@ paralyzes my Pokemon with Glare for the fifteenth time. And of course it never misses. Two, it uses Roost every single #^*&!@ turn, wasting all the PP of my Pokemon's attack. Three, it puts my Pokemon to sleep with Yawn and then owns me with #^*&!@ Rollout. I swear it's trying to emulate Whitney's Miltank.

Fennekin. I don't really hate it or anything. It's just that Ninetales is one of my favourite Pokemon, and I feel that Fennekin's introduction might leave it in the shadows as the fire fox Pokemon. I probably would have felt the same about Pidove if I actually cared for Pidgey that much, but I don't, so I didn't.


Thou enraged?
If there's anything I hate, it'd be a back stabbing no good cheat. I thought Gen III's Battle Factory Rental Gengar is all for mainstream offence. That... thing has Attract, Confuse Ray, and Hypnosis!


Fighting Type Prof.
No offense to anyone who likes it, but I do not like Wobbuffet. I nearly had a 100-win streak on Platinum a few years ago, but the Wob ruined it. :(

Not very fond of Gyarados, either, but I don't know why.


Thou enraged?
I'm starting to hold a grudge against Colress, as his darn magnet anomalies kept paralyzing my Pokémon whilst having Sturdy!


Mister Fisher!
I despise Iris. I despise her attire. She looks like she has a Gliscor on her head. And her hair is too big she probably keeps secrets in it.


Well-Known Member
Shedinja once buzzkilled me off a 100 win streak in the Battle Hall, because I had no moves to hit it with.

From then on, when I saw a Shedinja, I made sure I caused it as much pain and grief as I possibly could. I would burn, confuse, and poison it until I finally showed it some mercy and ended its pitiful existence.