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Perspective: A Pokémon POV One-Shot Contest!

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Psychic, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Perspective: A Pokémon POV One-Shot Contest!

    A Pokémon POV One-Shot Contest

    Wild Fan Fiction Contest Appeared!

    Welcome, one and all, to SPPf’s newest one-shot contest, Perspective! After having seen a long line of successful contests on this forum with themes ranging from writing genres to celebrations of upcoming games, we decided to try something a little different. And so, as the title suggests, the theme of this contest will be the Pokémon’s Point of View! This contest is a celebration of the creatures we have come to know and love, giving writers the opportunity to tell the stories of these fantastic beasts from their own eyes. Neither human nor animal, Pokémon all have their own fascinating stories to tell, tales of friendship and battles, of new opportunities and change, of adventures and the struggles they face along the way. Now is the time to bring those stories to life.

    The rules of the contest are few and simple. All rules of the fan fiction forum apply.

    1. Entries must be written from the perspective of a Pokémon of your choice in first person, second person or third person limited point of view. Without this, your story is not qualified to enter the contest.

    2. All non-legendary Pokémon, including those from the Isshu region, may be used. Legendary Pokémon can appear or be referenced, but this contest is not about them.

    3. Entries must be original pieces written specifically for the contest. They should not be posted on this forum or any other until judging results have been posted.

    4. Entries are to be submitted to Dragonfree via Private Messaging or her e-mail (antialiasis@gmail.com) before the deadline of midnight on November 15th, 2010, EST. One entry per person.

    5. This is a one-shot contest, meant for short stories only. There is no exact minimum or maximum length for entries, however stories will be judged on whether or not they are the appropriate length by each individual judge. This means that if a judge feels that an entry was too short or unnecessarily long, the entry’s score will be marked accordingly.

    Addendum: The actual subject of the story doesn't matter, as long as the perspective is a Pokémon's and reflects the differing perceptions of Pokémon and humans.

    The judges for this contest are:

    Dragonfree: long-time fic-writer and fan fiction moderator
    Psychic: less active veteran fic writer/reviewer and moderator
    purple_drake: thorough reviewer and fanficcer experienced in a wide range of genres
    Negrek: occasional but thorough reviewer and recurring contest judge

    Each judge will rate entries based on their own preferences. Some common criteria judges will be looking at are:
    Grammar – it goes without saying that all entries should be thoroughly proofread to avoid having as many errors as possible. Entrants may have proof readers to help them go over their fics as well. Points will not be docked if entrants choose not to capitalize “Pokémon” or the names of species, as long as they are consistent.

    Character – keeping in mind that Pokémon are not mindless machines, we hope to see strong characters who develop according to their situation.

    Originality – something done in multiple entries has a lower chance of impressing the judges. However, keep in mind that you can definitely earn points for something old done in an original way.

    Portrayal – this will be judged according to the judges’ personal opinions, but we hope to see the Pokémon chosen portrayed in a way that makes sense. Pokémon are not humans, nor are they exactly animals, and we like to see this in the narration.

    So that’s it! Questions, comments, concerns and the like are welcome, so please don’t hesitate so speak up. We wish the best to all prospective contestants, and look forward to a vast array of entries.
    Good luck to everyone, and have fun!

    ~the judging team
    Last edited by a moderator: May 23, 2013
  2. Bay


    Finally, another contest! I have done Pokemon POV stories before, so this shouldn't be too hard for me. Already have an idea in mind, though I'm busy at the moment. >.> Hopefully I'll enter this one.
  3. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    This should be fun--I think I might tell a day in the life of a Pokemon from the POV of a Pichu
  4. Aladar

    Aladar Dark lord of Sith

    Well, I've never written a Pokémon POV story before but since I've two months to preapre, I'll probably give it a shot.

    A question tho- I understand we're not to post the specially-made oneshots here but what about other sites?
  5. elyvorg

    elyvorg somewhat backwards.

    Ooh, I do like a good Pokémon POV. Hopefully I'll be entering this contest, then; seeing this thread spurred me to start trying to think of ideas, and fairly quickly I managed to get hit by a plotbunny. Or rather, a characterbunny (do those exist?) - one which I shall hopefully have quite a bit of fun with.

    Maybe writing something different will help me regain some momentum with my main fic, too.
  6. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    I prefer pokemon POV over any other, any day, so I might try to think of something for this too.
  7. Azurne

    Azurne ~ ♥ ~

    I will make this deadline.... I will make this deadline...

    I will make this deadline...

    *Tapes sticky note to forehead*

    Oh, and:
    I'm not a judge, but I would assume it applies to websites too. I think the goal is to put us all on equal footing. Hope that answers your question. :)
  8. Mallymkun

    Mallymkun A lady who's sure

    I've never submitted anything for a fanfic contest before, but hey, I'll give it a shot! I really like Pokemon POV fics, and I have an idea in mind as well.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2010
  9. Matori


    Entering! Got my fic ready to go, just need some proofing done and I'll be set!
  10. Azurne

    Azurne ~ ♥ ~

    Holy crap, that was fast. I haven't even finished fleshing out my full idea yet.
  11. Misheard Whisper

    Misheard Whisper The Fire of Dragons

    Hehe, never underestimate a fervent writer. Mine would have been done by now too if I hadn't gone to bed early.

    Not that I'm planning to actually enter it for a couple of weeks, though. I plan to let it sit before coming back and rereading it.

    No, this is real interesting. I don't write much Pokemon POV, so it's a good chance to try it. Pokemon see the world in a different way, I'd imagine. For example, I'm focusing a lot on smell in my entry, which isn't a sense you normally give great attention to, but for a canine Pokemon, it's just so important.
  12. Aladar

    Aladar Dark lord of Sith

    Ooops, my mistake. It was late at ngith when I read that. Sorry!

    Anyway, I've already got the basic idea fleshed out. Hope I make the deadline, with trying to work on my main fic and all that other jazz.
  13. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Hmm... I've never entered a One-Shot Contest before, so I'm definitely thinking about doing this one. I have what I think is an interesting idea, so it all depends upon if I can plan it all out and make it fit into a One-Shot ^^
  14. Diddy

    Diddy Renegade

    *Trawls through unfinished ideas bin/folder*

    I knew you'd come in handy one day!

    I'm really glad I have that idea, one that I like, with five lines of text to build upon. Hop along dearest Plot Bunny, I intend to follow you to completion!
  15. I'd love to try this out. :D

    Now here's hoping an idea pops in within the next few days...
  16. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Can it be based off a fic we're already doing? Like, I had an idea based on Obsession, from the POV of Veronica's Ralts.
  17. In a Quandary

    In a Quandary As the Title Says...

    This looks terribly exciting.

    I have a question, though: does the story have to be told entirely from the (one) Pokemon's POV? Are we not allowed to switch perspectives to say, another Pokemon or even a human?
  18. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    I'd say sure, though of course you'd have to make sure it makes sense without having read the established fic.

    Switching to another Pokémon's perspective is fine. A human perspective is a lot more questionable; I'd personally say it's okay to have human-POV portions, but they would need to be there to enhance the Pokémon-POV portions. We'll be judging your portrayal of the Pokémon POV, after all, and the human POV obviously won't do much for that.
  19. SapphireRose

    SapphireRose Morning☼Sun

    I'd like to try my hand at this if I'm not too busy in the upcoming months. I might be able to pull it off. Never entered a contest here before; should be a new and fun experience!

    Now to find a worthy idea... ><

  20. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Since we get points off for too short or too long entries, how long would you say is enough?

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