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Pervert; What constitutes?


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The line that determines a pervert is blurry and inconsistant at best. Many think that someone who likes the look of the opposite/same sex as a pervert, merely because they are expressing their natural sexual desire. Others say a pervert is someone who is a rapist/child molester/ect.

Society at large can make someone feel like a pervert for merely being a human (we are sexual beings, yes). Some say someone who watches a little pornography and goes to strip clubs on occasion is a pervert, as well.

Personally, a Pervert is someone who is a child molester or a rapist. What are your thoughts and or veiws? What is a pervert to you?


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A pervert is merely one who is obsessed with viewing the private parts of a child or adult.


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I would say a pervert is someone who goes to far about getting sex and all that stuff.

So doing stuff like stalking someone or taking pictures of them when they are not looking or just the classic looking thought someone's window while there changing with binoculars are stuff that people I think are perverts would do. Also I think people who will only judge the opposite sex only by there looks are a pervert.

For stuff like porn I would say if someone views it a little it does not make you a pervert but if that person is jacking off to it 24/7 then I would say that is a pervert.

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a pervert is someone who slaps someome om the but for example
heheheh im a perv myself

Mankanshoku Mako

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If you engage in sexual acts prior to the sun setting you are a pervert. Seriously, If you can't wait a few hours, your unhealthly obsessed.


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What constitutes as a pervert is actually in the eye of the beholder..... It's just completely obvious... after about two conversations with the person you should be able to know.....


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Honestly a lot of what people consider Perveted is really not. Like you said humans are sexual beings and there isnt anything wrong with that, and the term Pervert implies that it is wrong. I thing real " Perverts" are child molesters and stuff. A person that looks at a little porn isnt a pervert.


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The line that determines a pervert is blurry and inconsistant at best.

Male and Female views on what is classed as perverse are normally very different too from what I've seen. My opinion of what makes somebody a pervert would be somebody who constantly makes sexual gestures or hints toward somebody else, making them feel uncomfortable.


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Yes, I've read a few books on the subject. One book, written by a clearly prudish woman, stated that only men watch porn. That made me laugh. Her "research" was clearly skewed. That's the problem with some experiments--people don't always conduct them properly. They do this to try to warp the results to fit their cause. She also said that if one veiws normal pornography (ie: Not kiddie porn), then they are no different than someone who veiws child porn. That is a giant fallacy. I like to look at naked men. That does not mean that I want to watch a kid get raped. She just makes inflamitory statements to try to win people over to her side.
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a pervert can be just more than what we are born with though.... you can be overly obsessed with the fact of sexuallity or other related themes........


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If someone's sexual preferences are not "normal", and are seen negatively by the judger, they are labelled a "pervert".

The second point makes it clear that it is a pejorative term, and a judgemental one. Frankly, nowadays it's used as an insult.

It is also used to lump together rather varied behaviours. Sex with a minor is disapproved of by society, as is voyeurism. To describe both as "perverted" is to put them on the same level, when I hope most would agree that the latter is nothing like as serious.

Thus, I'd advise avoiding the term, unless you want to either throw insults or liken (insert uncommon sexual behaviour) to rape and child molestation.


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lol @ Cipher and kochoupink.

I would say a pervert is someone who engages in lewd or sexual acts in a public vicinity. I mean it's one thing to yerk it behind closed doors, but if you're doing it in a crowded area, that's a little messed up. Certain fetishes might be considered perverted too, but they'd have to be some REALLY messed up fetishes.