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"Pet" Pokemon

Howie Cheeto

Active Member
Probably an Arcanine. But it'd be kind of hard to walk that thing, especially if used extreme speed.

Something low maintenance would be okay too, like a Magnemite. A simple static-towel rub to give it energy and some polish is about it, but it would seem boring as it would just float there and stare at me all the time.


Write on
Cat Pokemon, duh. I'm a cat person, so I'd love to own a Meowth, Persian, Skitty, Delcatty, Glameow, Purugly, Purrloin, or Liepard. I'd like the cat Pokemon to remain small, though, so it's easier to take care of. Based on design, Purrloin's my favorite, but due to its trickster tendencies, I'd prefer an elegant Glameow.


Charmander or Quagsire. Although Deino or Bagon would be cool too. Or any of the grass starters.

And I think they would still evolve because the EXP system is simply a mechanical measurement used to quantify growth. It wouldn't be applicable in real life. I'd say that as long as you cared for and bonded with your Pokemon, then they would still evolve. But I could be wrong. Whatever they say in the anime is probably the closest "real-world equivalent" to Pokemon evolution that you'll find. (I wouldn't know what that is, though, because I don't watch it.)


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
My 2 favourites, Minun and Turtwig.
I imagine Minun sleeping on my bed with me, curled up in a ball like what a car does, and also what ,my dog does. It would be mega cute, and if I'm having a bad day, seeing Minun's cute face running towards me as I walk through the door to comfort me would be heart-warming.
And I've always wanted a pet Turtle, so Turtwig is an awesome choice for me. Relaxing besides Turtwig would be great, and I could teach it sleep powder to help me sleep at night so that I'll always get a good nights sleep. And chopping up food whilst preparing it would be so easy with a swish of Turtwig's razor leaf. AHHH Pokemon as pets would be great :)
ive currently fell in love with dark tye pokemon an dark mixes so im gonna have to say sneasel, weavile, umbreon, houndour, and ofcourse a cloyster/shellder


Lover of underrated characters
I'd keep Zorua and Eevee as pets

Chewiana Jones

I think Gligar (provided it's friendly like in the anime and not a face-hugging predator like in the Pokedex description), Axew, and Eevee would maqke pretty good pets.


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
Eevee, sentret, magnemite, zangooze, serviper, pidove, cincino... those are the cute ones i would love to have.

But i cant get my mind to stop tinking that riding a steelix whenever there is a traffic jam would be awesome. Driving to work is suffering.


Well-Known Member
Not sure if anyone else listed wanting these Pokemon as pets but I would want a Charizard, a Gengar, a Duskull, and a Bulbasaur.


Skitty, I'm a cat person. Purrloin is too difficult, Meowth I have learned to hate thanks to the anime, Glameow is too posh totty, and the top evos are too big