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PETA parody of BW2


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I was actually waiting for this lol I used to support PETA because I agree with a lot of their views, but after the whole Mario thing I stopped (not only that, but they are pro-BSL wtf??). They obviously have never watched Pokemon..I seriously care about my Pokemon and I would probably cry if I lost my Mew >.<


Apparently they can't be sued, because parodies come under protected speech, or something...
But anyway. This is just horrendous. I think they need to do some more research on Pokémon, and find that most things they said in the parody are pretty much false. Especially the dialogue between Pikachu and Ash.


Ugh... well, I tried that for about three seconds. How gross. :/ I was hoping it would at least be a clever parody. In my humble opinion, that was pretty darn lame. Fairly well-made, yes, but crummy. That wasn't really a reflection on anything that might be wrong with Pokemon, it seemed more of an insight into PETA's bias.

*shrugs* But, that is of course my opinion and I might be entirely misreading that little game. I really don't care much about PETA, so I don't keep myself informed about their views or anything. All I really know is that many people, whether rightly or wrongly, see them as a bunch of nutjobs. Unfortunately, that parody only strengthened that impression of mine. :/

Ilan said:
Yes because they should defend animals and not cartoons.

I have to agree. I do support certain organizations that protect animals, but I support ones that appear to be more reasonable in their approach. I.e., they actually do things to solve problems or at least make their goals more well-known and popular, not silly things like this.


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I hate PETA more now than I did before lol.


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First you think Mario is evil AND NOW POKÉMON!?
You suck Peta your real name stands for "Peta Eats their animals" Just like how LJN stands Laughing & Joking Numbnuts

Obviously Peta is our world's Team Plasma except they don't have a N!


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This is something that I would expect from Dorkly Bits, not PETA.

Ghetisis "THAT WAS THE TWIST ENDING!" and the Slowpoke meme at the end was just wonderful. Big props to PETA for clearly putting a fan on the job. Granted, their portrayal of Ash was technically butchered- hard to say he's never shown Pikachu an ounce of concern when he nearly got himself killed defending him in the first episode- but that ringmaster getup was great.


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Peta have taken it too far this time, they just think everything about Pokemon is evil. Firstly, People in the anime like Ash care for their Pokemon, so if the pokemon refuse to fight they don't fight. The villainous teams however treat their pokemon like tools.

In all honesty Pokemon were superior to humans to begin with as a pokemon created the universe( Arceus), so why liberate them, it wasn't like they were inferior

Now Team Plasma got me thinking, half of them were speaking honestly about helping pokemon as they sided with N, while the other half worked with Ghetsis and lied. Have they included N in the situation, maybe I wouldn't of hated it.

Peta confused me as they have seemed to have taken multiple references from the games which could've been only found if they were gamers/fans

Firstly the presence of Cheren and Professeur Juniper; I thought maybe they just know two significant characters who you know from the start.

Secondly the Global Union was used; a coincidence I thought as the Global Union was a well known features

Now the next two baffled me the most

The battle simulator was extremely accurate, they had applied type effectiveness and even stat changes in the game

Ghetsis said
wait you didn't play the end of the game there was a twist
(Peta actually played the entire Pokemon Black and White game!)

Does Peta really hate pokemon, or they just want to promote themselves through a perspective of a group of fictional villains who are just like them


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Dammit, Ghestis got Tepig with the cleaver.

Wow, I'm so glad Snivy has Mega Drain because the Shame attack wasn't doing much damage


I am assuming they did this because so many people made comparisons between Team Plasma and PETA. In fact, I could definitely see N being the leader of PETA in real life. I am not watching/playing/whatever the parody because someone mentioned spoilers- I have yet to beat BW2. It actually sounds pretty funny though. I guess PETA caught on to their similarities to Team Plasma after all :p

Candy Coated Gengar

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I believe they almost got in trouble for "Mario Kills Tanooki" but supposedly these are safe due to being parodies.

Parody is only a defense against a law suit when it's already been brought to court, not a preventer of C&D or other legal actions. And even then, the court may find in favor of the copyright holder.

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Peta is DUMB pokemon like battling so they arent being abused.
Theg ame was bad because you battled cheren instead of another pokemon.

I think peta is good but not now. Animal abuse is bad but pokemon isnt abuse.

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This is LITERALLY the shallowest Pokemon parody ever. Whoever does their research should go feed himself to a grizzly bear as penance for shaming his family, career and species so badly.

So now PETA is promoting animals attacking humans? Double standards much.

PETA doesn't care about humans. cf. their funding of groups and individuals that fire-bomb medical laboratories that conduct animal testing and their numerous dehumanizing campaigns. Also the overall shakiness behind comparing some animals' treatment to that of Holocaust victims.


The avatars suck.
Does Peta really hate pokemon, or they just want to promote themselves through a perspective of a group of fictional villains who are just like them
Well obviously they would support Team Plasma (or at least the part of Team Plasma for releasing Pokemon) they're just as evil as they are.

PETA is composed of fanatics who make games full of blood and gore for shock value, hate domesticated animals (yet they complain about domesticated animals being eaten, I don't get that), torment people and they support terrorist groups that attack research facilities.
Hell, my Geology teacher knows very well that they're people craving for attention in the media through any means possible. And he's right. PETA is better off making something out of those deer hunting games than Pokemon and Mario, which are more mainstream.

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I actually had more fun playing that game than I thought I would. The ingame references really tied it together well.

While it doesn't really phase me, I can see that they put a lot of thought into it. All in all it's a pretty great parody and it spreads their message.
What if the game had you beat up Team Rocket members instead? They abused Pokemon right? Like cut off slowpoke tails etc?

Or play as a Team Plasma member and beat Team Rocket in that matter? Say the grunt sends out a slowpoke with it's tail cut off to go up against Proton? (lol)