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PETA parody of BW2


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Ready the guillotine!

Next,they're probably going for DUCK HUNT!
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I have to say I'm impressed. I think this was just a response to them being compared to Team Plasma. This could pass as a parody if it didn't have all the anti-pokemon cruelty 'message' there. This was fun to play.


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The Cooking Mama parody was even better. PETA obviously hasn't eaten anything other than lettuce and acorns if they think that's what a Thanksgiving dinner looks like.


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I didn't play the game, but you know...I actually laugh so hard at this. XD

PETA really doesnt' need to attack Pokemon, but I can see why they are worried about it. Some little kid could try to make their little mouse fight a rat, and that wouldn't end well. :c


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Anyone who has actually played Black and White can clearly say that PETA is completely missing the point.


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I think PETA has become a parody themselves. Nobody can really take them seriously any more. I love how they didn't do their research either. Team Plasma may want free Pokemon, but not for liberation. They want it to be easier to eliminate humans when they don't have Pokemon to defend them.


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They don't what the story is(obviously) and I say they took it way to far by making a game about it(It made me sick)

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I still don't see why people are overreacting, they've done this before.
Super Mario 3D Land anyone?


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I have to admit one thing funny about the game. Everyone was made to look sadistic, except Ghetsis, who looks like he's about to drop dead of old age.


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This is something that I would expect from Dorkly Bits, not PETA.

Exactly what I thought!

I don't get what Peta's issue is. They seem to have a pretty good understanding of the games, what with the Pokemon, attacks, characters, Global Terminal, Team Plasma, etc. So why can't they realize that the biggest emphasis within the games is compassion and friendship with Pokemon? Pokemon battles aren't like cockfights, it's something natural, like how dogs play or lion cubs wrestle.

That aside, the game was actually really fun to play! It was well-crafted, the characters and dialogue were well written, and its gameplay was fast and efficient.


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Oh PETA...why can't you guys just accept that you are an epic fail already? Are you that down in the gutter that you guys must you pander to the populace by attempting to affiliate yourself with something more well-known? Oh wait...For me, PETA has always been a facepalm in the making and this really hit home...next thing you know they'll start criticize Barney by stating that it's misplacing a dinosaur out of its natural habitat or something...come on, you know they would if they could...Gearing away form the the misconstrued pokemon embarrassment, their argument has always been flawed...what does it mean for an animal to "exist in its natural state"? Well technically, it's to act as part of a food chain where it eats and in turn is eaten and humans are and will always be part of that. Killing is a very natural thing and eating meat is inevitable...why can't PETA understand that lions will never become vegetarian?


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I just thought of something, in the original Black and White, wasn't the leader, not Ghetsis, but N, the one that truly wanted to free Pokemon, tricked into seeing only the horrible acts done to Pokemon?

Isn't sort of ironic that PETA is doing the same thing to children? I guess that's what you get for one sided research, if you call it research.

And yet Red Dead Redemption, a game where you can actually skin animals, is left untouched.


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Lol this is amazing. I actually kind of like PETA now.

Actually. Just got to the bonus video. How bizarre.

But yeah you guys need to take a chill pill.
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Pokemon is about bonding with the creatures (Pokemon). PETA are a bunch of idiots and the fact anyone takes them seriously makes me sad. Pokemon is NOT about cockfights, you're a few years late with that argument. No-one took you New Super Mario KFC parody seriously, no one took your Tanooki Mario seriously, and no-one will take this crap seriously. Plus Team Plasma's goals were NOT good.
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