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Petals on the Floor [Poke, Pearl]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Mayfan, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Mayfan

    Mayfan Wh-hoo!

    Rated PG just to be cautious.

    Misty's POV
    Location: Cerulean Lake

    A little harder. Come on. I tugged at the fishing line as hard as I could, but the fish was clearly stronger. What Pokemon could this be, a Wailord or something? Finally, I gave a super strong tug and the Seaking flew out of the water, scales sparkling in the sunlight. I pulled out a PokeBall, but it immediately let itself fall back in. It swam in circles near the surface, as if it was taunting me. I could almost see the smug expression on its face. I cast my line back out at it, but it jumped up, its mouth gaping, and swallowed my entire line whole. "That's it. Come out, Politoed!" I threw a red and white ball that spun before landing on the muddy ground gently. It burst open in a show of white light, taking the shape of a green and yellow frog-like creature. "Show 'em Politoed!" I yelled out, and Politoed readied its attack, Headbutt, lowering its head and preparing to charge, rushing at the Seaking. It hit the Seaking head on, causing it to fall back into the lake with a splash. "Great job, Politoed! Now, use Water Gun!" A blue orb glowed in Politoed's mouth, and it was about to spit the usual fine stream of water when the Seaking swam deeper and out of sight. "Great. We lost it." I pulled out my PokeBall and in a bright red flash, Politoed was gone. I flopped down on the shore and sighed. Recently, Ash Ketchum was all I could think about. At the Gym I was losing battle after battle due to loss of focus, and at the lake I always failed to catch a Pokemon. I pulled out the crumpled photo in my pocket of a smiling Ash. He was such a good trainer, and kind to Pokemon.... I could feel myself blushing. The sharp, steely chirp of my cell phone jolted me out of my daydream. I checked the caller ID. It was Daisy; I must be getting psychic. I flipped open my cell phone and sighed. "Hello, Daisy. What is it that you want?" My tone was a bit annoyed, but hey. I was suffering from another battle loss.

    "Hey, Misty, could you go to the Sinnoh region for us? We, like, already bought you tickets to depart for Sunyshore, and we, like, really need some new water-types. The Gym's getting no attention, no one has come with a challenge since yesterday morning. There are a lot in the Sinnoh region, so could you like, catch some for us and bring them back here so that you can use them in Gym Battles? We have to leave in, like, six days for our cruise around the world, so we'd really appreciate it if you could be back by then. The boat ticket will be on your bed when you get back. Bye, Misty, and thanks a ton!" As usual, Daisy hung up before I could even fit in a word. Splendid. I guess I was heading out for the Sinnoh region to catch my Gym some new water types. Bibarel. Lumineon. Empoleon. Gastrodon. Mantyke. Floatzel. This is going to be so much fun! Of course back in the good old days we could have any Pokemon we wanted imported to us, until that Carvanha bit the captain's arm off. Not our fault!

    I went to my room and true to her word, Daisy had placed the tickets to the S.S. Raindrop on my bed. I threw some clothes in a leather bag, along with all other necessities. Hmm, what else? Pokemon. I'll take Azurill of course, Politoed, Gyarados, Starmie, Corsola, and Dewgong. Done. The S.S. Raindrop departs in two hours. Not knowing what else to do, I looked at my picture of Ash again. I had heard from him that he was going for his last Gym Badge in Sunyshore. Maybe we'd meet up together and he could help me catch some Pokemon. I crumpled up the picture and stuffed it in my pocket. Would seeing Ash again be asking for too much?

    Dawn's POV

    "All right, Ash. If you want to win this battle against Volkner, you gotta train hard!" I told him. I couldn't help it; I cared about his wins more than about my own sometimes. But, hey, that's friendship for ya.

    Ash waved me off. "Come on, Dawn, I've been training all day. We all need a break. Let's head over there, it's the Sunyshore light house.

    "It sure is beautiful," said Brock, looking over the elegant red and white tower stretching its way far into the sky.

    "Hey, we should check it out from the inside!" I suggested.

    "Yeah!" said Ash enthusiastically. "Let's go!"

    "Hey!" a woman stopped us. "Are you Ash Ketchum?"

    Ash turned around. "Yeah, I am! Why?"

    "We have one Misty Waterflower waiting for you. She'll be arriving shortly on the S.S. Raindrop," the woman said. "She says to meet her at the harbor."

    "Misty!" Ash said enthusiastically. "Dawn, Misty is the first girl I ever traveled with through Kanto and Johto. She's almost a Water-type Pokemon master by now."

    I felt a wave of jealousy wash over me. Ash spoke about this Misty girl like she was really something special.

    "We better get to the harbor," said Brock.

    Whoever she is, I think Ash has feelings for her... That really hurt me. I'd had a crush on Ash since the moment I saw him... Clutching Piplup tightly, I raced after the group. "Wait up for me, guys!"

    Misty, watch out. Ash is my guy...
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2010
  2. Crimsonlink

    Crimsonlink Crimson Champion

    Wow nicely done Mayfan. I'm waiting for Misty's and Dawn's reaction to one another. Misty will probably gush over Piplup since its a water type lol. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next chapter.
  3. Mayfan

    Mayfan Wh-hoo!

    Chapter Two
    Dawn's POV
    Location: Sunyshore

    Despite my feelings, I was sure excited to meet a new person. Misty, huh? "Piplup," my Pokemon said, understanding my feelings perfectly as always. The ship pulled into Sunyshore's harbor, a horn blasting. I covered my ears - talk about a yowch! The ship stopped slowly, and a gray platform began to stretch from the boat to the dock so that the passengers could get off the ship safely. Men, women and Pokemon all streamed around us as we searched the crowd for Misty. Suddenly behind us a girl's voice said, "Looking for someone?" Ash whirled around to face a girl with carrot orange hair sticking up on the side of her head and jade green eyes. "Misty!"
    Misty laughed and punched Ash on his shoulder. "That's for not recognizing me!" She said playfully. "Ash. Brock. How are you doing?" She smiled at them. "Pikachu-Pi!" Pikachu cried, smiling and jumping into Misty's arms. Misty laughed and grinned. "Oh, I could never forget about you, Pikachu!" I cleared my throat loudly. Misty looked at me, frowning. "Who're you?" she asked. "Excuse me! The name's Dawn! I travel with them too, you know!"
    "Oh, so you're the one who keeps Ash company now! Is he as rude to you as he was to me?" Misty grinned. I could tell she used to have a fun time picking at Ash. Her eyes fell to Piplup in my arms. "Oh, my gosh!" Misty gasped. "That is such a cute Pokemon! Is it yours?" She picked up Piplup and hugged it tightly. "I can tell it's water type. Piplup, right? You're so cute, Piplup! Yes, you are!"
    I frowned. Misty insulted Ash (although lightheartedly), completely ignored me, and then she pays more attention to my Pokemon than she does to me! Am I even real to her? I could tell Piplup was enjoying the attention, rubbing his head against Misty, and decided to let it slide - for now. Misty handed me back Piplup. "So, where are you guys staying tonight?" Misty asked, turning towards Ash and Brock (again, it's like I don't even exist!)
    "We're staying at the Pokemon Center," Ash said, and Misty quickly replied that she was staying there as well. Just what we needed. To share a room with HER. Ash, Brock, and Misty walked away, talking and laughing together. I heard Ash say, "Just like old times!"
    I slumped down, looking at the waves in the water graft so seamlessly together. I wish my love life could be so seamless, but unfortunately, ever since the boat docked there's been a redhead tearing through that seam. Ash and I are better friends. We high five instead of fight. Unfortunately, I don't think Ash thought so. Piplup wandered up to me with a worried expression on his face. "Pip pip lup," he said, and I stroked his head. "I don't know what I should do now, Piplup," I said. I looked back out at the moonlight highlighting the water in a silvery tone. "This is like a Contest, isn't it Piplup? First is the Appeals Round... and we're about to go get me a dress!"

    Misty's POV
    Location: Pokemon Center

    It was just like old times, I thought happily. That Dawn girl had stormed off after I didn't recognize her as Ash's friend. I mean, was I supposed to? I didn't know her, she could be just some random person for all I know. Gosh. Ash, Brock, and I were at the Pokemon Center drinking hot chocolate. On the floor our two baby Pokemon, Azurill and Happiny, were playing together - Azurill dangled its tail in Happiny's face, who tried to catch it. Pikachu was sleeping softly on Ash's shoulder. I fingered the rose in my bag, now unsure on whether I should really give it to him. He might say he's always liked me too, or he might reject me and it would totally ruin our awesome friendship. Still unsure, I put the rose away again and turn my focus back to my friends. Ash was going on and on about his journey with Dawn. It struck me as odd that he wasn't talking about his journeys with Brock and Dawn. And the way he talked about her was almost affectionate. I felt a wave of jealousy wash over me. When I left Ash to be the Gym Leader, I didn't expect this... suddenly the door burst wide open. Dawn was standing there, twirling in a bright purple dress that almost reached her feet. Her hair was done up very nicely in a large ponytail, and she had purple glass slippers on her feet. "Hey, Ash, waddya think?" she asked. Then I got it. She was doing this to make me jealous. I was definitely giving Ash the rose later.
    "Oh, that's a pretty dress Dawn. Are you going to use it in Contests?" Ash asked, looking over Dawn's new look. Dawn twirled again, setting Piplup down with Happiny and Azurill. "No, Ash, I'm not using this dress in contests. I just thought it was a special occasion, with your friend Misty coming and all." How rude was she! It couldn't be more obvious she was trying to steal Ash away from me and have him pay me no attention! "I like the dress Dawn--" Oh, come on! It's totally cheap. You can see the poor stitchwork. "--But how special of an occasion is this? It's just old friends getting together." Ha, exactly, you tell her Ash. I stood up. Time to change the subject. "This is really fun in all, but I came here on a mission from my sisters. Lately the Gym has been getting no business. No one comes to challenge us. So I'm here to catch some new water Pokemon to help us get more challengers." I was on a roll, so there was no better time than this to present my gift to Ash. I took the rose carefully out of my backpack and threw it to Ash and winked. "A little present from me to you. Old friends, ya know?" I hoisted my backpack onto my shoulder. "So, can you help me find some water Pokemon?"
    "You bet we can!" Ash said. "We'd do anything for an old friend, Misty. I bet there are some really good water types in the river down there. Let's go!" He dashed out of the room, Pikachu right behind him. "I guess we should go, then," said Brock, taking out a PokeBall and recalling his Happiny. Dawn clutched Piplup tightly in her arms and followed suit. I went out of the room last, holding my Azurill. Ash got to the elevator first and pushed the "Down a floor" button. There were some clicking noises, and then the elevator opened. "Okay, everybody in!" said Brock. He pressed the button for the first floor, and the elevator doors swished shut. The elevator began to rapidly go down floors. Suddenly, there was a scraping noise, and then a bang. The elevator stopped. "The elevator stopped!" Ash said. "The electricity must be out. Lucky for us, we can generate our own electricity! Pikachu, Thunderbolt! Let's go!" Pikachu's cheeks became surrounded in sparks and it fired a bolt electricity at the top of the elevator, however, when Pikachu was finished it collapsed from tiredness and nothing happened to the elevator. "I forgot!" Brock said. "Everything in Sunyshore is controlled by solar power, not electricity." I laughed. "Then I guess we'd need a SolarBeam instead of a Thunderbolt!" I joked. Dawn glared at me. What's her problem?
    "I guess we're trapped in an elevator for a while," Ash said sadly. "Your water Pokemon hunt will have to wait, Misty. The sun is down by now, so we'll be in here for quite a while." Somehow, I didn't think it was so bad now. Brock sat down and thought for a minute. "There must be some way out of here," he said, and Dawn snapped her fingers. "I know! Maybe we can go down if we have less weight! I know who I volunteer to throw out of the elevator!" Everyone looked at her confusedly but me. I, of course, knew exactly who she was talking about: moi.
    I pulled out a PokeBall and threw it into the center of the elevator. It burst open, revealing in white light a Dewgong. "Dewgong, use Ice Beam on the elevator door!" I said, and Dewgong complied. A white light glowed in his mouth, growing bigger and bigger. He then fired it and ice went in a straight path from his mouth, hitting the side of the elevator door and freezing it. "Okay, Dewgong! Good job, now return!" I pulled out another Pokemon and threw it. Gyarados appeared in bright light, squishing us all against the walls. There was no room for Gyarados to stand straight up and it looked pained its head bumping the top. Better do this quick. "Gyarados, use Dragon Rage on the ice!" A purple ball glowed in Gyarados's mouth and he fired it. It hit the ice hard, shattering it and making a hole in the door. I recalled Gyarados. "All right, everyone who wants out follow me!"
    Ash, Brock and Dawn followed me out of the hole in the elevator. I used Gyarados as a rope to walk up onto the roof of the elevator. My friends followed me, and I recalled Gyarados. "All right, guys, we just need to climb up here and..."
    "Wait," said Dawn, "I have something to say..."
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2010
  4. PsychicChampion

    PsychicChampion Well-Known Member

    Somewhat short, but it intrigued me, all you need really is to expand the second chapter and put spaces bewteen the diffrent paragrpags. Also always remeber to double check your grammar and what not even after you post a chapter.
  5. Crimsonlink

    Crimsonlink Crimson Champion

    10/10 Awesome story so far.

    Hey Mayfan awesome job with the second chapter. A quick question, are you going to have a vote on the pairing or is it already set? Misty was a bit ooc since she didn't act like that to May but I like this version better lol. The last bit of the chapter was confusing since Misty recalled Gyarados and then it appeared again to be recalled or I misinterpreted it. Anyways I wonder what Dawn has to say next chapter. I think you are handling the jealousy part well and it hasn't gone into bashing either girls yet lol. Keep up the good work and watch out for grammar issues and you will do fine.
  6. Mayfan

    Mayfan Wh-hoo!

    Thank you guys so much. I'll have chapter three up hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning. And, I was going to have a vote right before the last chapter came out. ;)

    Misty was a little ooc but I needed that way for the jealousy to play out right. It's always harder using established characters. And I really should fix the Gyarados part o_O
  7. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    Nice fanfic, but it really hasn't been updated in a long time...

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