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PETA's New Campaine To Rename Fish "Sea Kittens".

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by pkmnhippy, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Kataki

    Kataki complete.

    Sperm kittens. PETA, you are pure genius.
  2. encas

    encas Come to me...

    ...This is propaganda at its best. All comedic value aside, calling a fish a "sea kitten" is just stupid. People eat house cats too in some parts of the world, and although PETA's intentions of making people think twice about eating "normal" meats is one thing, their Western-centricness is really stupid. And not to mention their tactics, but that goes without saying.
  3. Saberu

    Saberu Well-Known Member

    I offer a legit arceus to everyone the day PETA makes sense.

    Their stories are hilarious.
  4. Ipwnyou

    Ipwnyou Well-Known Member

    Why eat sea kittens when you can be eating land fish.
  5. pkmnhippy

    pkmnhippy Banned

  6. Gah! Why couldn't you just let this thread die!?

    But yeah, that game is awesome.
  7. bluesonic1

    bluesonic1 Bird, Wolf, Dragon~

    It's true that fish have feelings and like to be petted (I've petted fish before and hand-fed them pellets (they were big pond fish btw) ). But naming them sea kittens? That's just stupid and I don't think it'll help. It'll just be annoying for people to have to instead say fish they have to say sea kittens. I like calling fish fish, its a cool name!
  8. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    indeed, it proves once more how bored they are.
    i wonder when they will start a campain about that it is allright to have sexual intercourse with animals, that's what they do it for right?
  9. Saberu

    Saberu Well-Known Member

    I bet they'll try to prove Pokémon encourages animal abuse/violence. >.<
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