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PETA's New Campaine To Rename Fish "Sea Kittens".

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Granted, these guys are dumber than a wheel of cheese.

But I think the real question here is "why kittens?" In an effort to stave off hungry fish-eaters? I imagine most people would put off fish if they were called "sea kittens."

Hmm, this reminds me of an episode of South Park, called "Fun With Veal." In it, the boys were lobbying to legally change the term "veal" to "tortured baby cows." Only, their protest term makes sense.

But seriously, sea kittens? That's gonna put a kink in the food chain, believe you me. "The cat eats sea kittens." What?! Imagine learning sentence structure with that in grade 3.


I'd love to be eating "sea kittens and chips" on a Saturday evening my the beach. And what will P.E.T.A. do with the saying "Fish are friends, not food". You just can't get the same alliteration with sea kittens.


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All I have to say is this : A cat is fine too.


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See but this is what happens to a world gone mad. Fine, for now we'll grant sea kittens. But what happens to "Fishermen"? Do we change that to Kittermen? Or worse, Catmen! But oh no thats not enough is it, what about sexual equality? Soon there'll be a little wooden boat creaking offshore with catwoman in it. Thanks a lot PETA. See what you brought to the table? Catwoman.


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"sea kittens"?

So, this is to make them more likeable, eh? Well, one thing they seem to have missed is the HATRED of cats. Sure, there are some cat lovers, but according to any cartoon you look at, cats are reviled as conniving, anti-man's-best-friend, neighbor-waking, baby smothering monsters who cruelly devour all things cute, including, guess what, fish.

Ok, maybe that was stretching it a little...

Why don't they just ask Disney to use Nemo as their mascot, and Bruce's famous line as their motif? Okay, besides all the money issues...

Yeah, anyway, having a name which could also mean piercing you with a hook is one thing, but being named after something which would gladly devour you given half the chance is a whole other story. Oh wait, some people have the last name, Wolfe... Hmmmmm....

*is out of clever things to say* Ok, I see what they're trying to go for. I'd back them up for the reasons that I don't eat any other animal (and that includes things such as crickets), and that I wouldn't miss eating fish all that much (my sister tried to quit eating fish, and she's anything but pro-animal activism), but I'd also just as likely turn a blind eye to it only because if I stopped eating fish, my father'd have a hairy fit over the further narrowing of his culinary range. I once looked up a Peta site for school, and he at least seemed to be trying to guilt me out of vegitarianism (yeah, really). I guess he's strictly a supporter of human rights only, and doesn't care much for beings outside his own species.


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Ok, PETA, first you were tolerable. (I'll humor myself)
But now I'm pretty sure you're crossing the line from "belief system" to "indoctrination."
I'll bluntly lay out my opinion: PETA's ethics are ****ed.
Isn't PETA supposed to represent the "good ethical potential" of human beings? Just what the hell kind of image are they really trying to achieve? Hypocrisy? Probably. Sanity? I doubt it.
Naming fish as "Sea Kittens," is first and foremost inaccurate. Fish don't only exist in seas, but also in lakes, etc. So, their label is too broad.
Second, whatever ethos they're trying to instill is biased. I understand ethos is generally biased to start with, so that it swoons a person into a belief by emotional conduct, but by bias, I mean extremely tendentious.
I honestly think that if you like eating vegetables, that's fine. But the term "fish," is global (not linguistically, but conceptually) and its entitled to everyone's use. But claiming something so heavily integrated and proclaiming an alternative is simply only going to prove how silly you are.
A) How the hell do you intend to make more people support it?
B) Kittens? I'm sure everyone loves kittens. I'll just wait for your wonderful mental composure to sink in though, so I can get the full effect.
Basically I'm saying that PETA is horribly flawed. They enforce their ideas too...forcefully. And the ideas they're attempting to shove in the public's face are horribly unsupported and blasphemous. And in general relation to the topic, naming fish "Sea Kittens" is deranged simply because its an odd comparison that's better seen through the eyes of an extremist, a.k.a. anyone supporting PETA. And from that, I can pull out that it'll be hard to make other people who don't support their radical views won't "catch on" too easily. You would've thought that PETA realized they're working in a closed system by now, and to stay away from public. Oh well. I'll just sit back and add stereotypes.


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Peta, it has it's good points...and it bad points.

"Sea Kittens," Yes, while were at it: maybe we can rename Elephants, Land Whales.


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Oooh ooh, I have one. How about we call snakes, "land eels"? Then nobody will want to eat them. Yuck.
Also, what's going to happen to sea cows?


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peta's reached a new level of madness...


screenshot of the site:

sea kitten web site

check the site out, you can make gangster sea kittens, which is awesome, and they are cuter and smarter then george bush!

peta's reached a new level of madness...
new level of madness...

okay, seriously, this is really stupid, PETA doesn't seem to have any sense now


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Hahaha oh god.
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