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Pets! They smell, but you still love 'em.


I appear to have an immortal goldfish called Herby/Kirby (there has been some disagreement) which we've had for about three years. Somehow he doesn't need to eat much...

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Just got one little zebra tailed finch. His name is James.

Fun fact: I would name my birds jesse and james since i was little. yup. As in Team rocket. I have no clue why. Lol.

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We have quite a few fish in two separate tanks. I think they're neons mostly. They were exciting for about a month, then we lost interest in them, but of course we still care for them. In April mum bought my little sister a pair of dwarf rabbits for her birthday, a dude and a dudette. Last night, the girl gave birth to baby rabbits! That was pretty exciting, but a little scary at the same time since they weren't moving much at first. They're slightly more active now, which is great, but I heard that only 50% of dwarf rabbits survive. I'm hoping for 100% for our bunch (I think there's about 5 or 6, can't tell yet). They're in our conservatory which is pretty ideal for them since it's not too cold at night and since it's winter it doesn't get overly hot in the day. My sister and I spotted a mouse in there just now. We're really hopeful it won't do much to the little ones, it's just a small field mouse so it could squeeze through the cage. Fingers crossed that it'll leave them alone.


I used to have a mouse, but then he died.


I have;
3 dogs: 6yrs old shih tzu, 1yr 7mths great pyranese/lab mix and 1yr 3mths lab/great dane mix (she's a mini dane. size of a lab, body structure of a dane)
2 cats: 9yrs old tabby and 13-14weeks old calico/tabby mix (she's only 2.1lbs :3)
2 rabbits: dwarf rabbits
2 rats
1 bird: dove
I have one cat who I recently almost had to pay 3 grand for to save her live. Thankful for pet insurance but still :x

I moved her scratching post into my room and now she won't leave it alone. Ever. She's also puked on my bed twice so I've been doing hella laundry recently as well. u_u it's a hard knock life.


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I have many, many kitties.


Tweek: Nine year old male, solid white, green eyes. He is an idiot. He sleeps in the litter box (despite the fact that there are plenty of other places for him to sleep), burns himself repeatedly because, though the other cats have learned this ages ago, he can't seem to noodle through that the stove is hot. He also runs full speed and dives head-first into my locked bedroom door. I'm afraid that he's going to break his neck one of these days.

Paul: Eight year old male, piebald black and white (not tuxedo, he's too mottled to be tuxedo), blue eyes. I named him after Paul McCartney (he also had brothers named John and George and a sister named Ringo, but they passed away). He is the daddy to three of my kittens. He is also the neediest cat I've ever seen. He must sit on you. It doesn't help that he is very large--not fat, just big.

Frank: Four year old male, sable coat, gold eyes. His mother passed away when he was a small kitten (sad story to his mother that I may post in a spoiler) and I raised him myself. He is the mellowest cat I've ever seen. He is huge--bigger than Paul--but makes no move for dominance. He loves food, and can practically sense when I have a lasagna.

Charlotte: My only indoor female cat. Two years old. Grey tabby. Gold eyes. She is the mother to Paul's kittens and, thus far, the best female cat I've ever had. She loves people and is very sweet. She is also very playful and always attacks my legs when I'm in the kitchen.

Claudius: He is Charlotte's brother. Champagne and cream tabby with gold eyes. Two years old. He is sweet natured, if a bit of a ham. He loves attention and will act cute just to get it. He will also eat anything. I've seen him eat mushrooms, olives, Vanilla Wafers, chips, popcorn, peanut butter, and many other things that one would think a cat wouldn't enjoy.

Walden: Kitten. Black and white tuxedo male. One green eye, other eye is indeterminate. He is blind in one eye and likes to poop in the bath tub. I wish he wouldn't.

Willow: Kitten. Black and white tuxedo male. One green eye, the other is indeterminate. He and Walden are "twins", as they look the same (though Willow is a little bigger). Interestingly enough, they are blind in the opposite eyes. Walden is blind in his right eye, Willow is blind in his left eye. He is named after the George Lucas film Willow (or, moreover, its titular character).

Chandler: Kitten. Long haired Maine coon male. Yellow-green eyes. He is Paul all over again, loves attention, is a little bit of a bully, and is an enormous ham.

Outside Kitties:

Cinder: Grey and cream marble smoke female (meaning that she is grey with a cream colour in her coat as a marbling effect. The grey carries a smokey look). Three years old. Amber eyes. She is an okay cat. As she lives outside, I really only see her when I go out to smoke. She's nice enough, though, and likes to be petted.

Boomhauer: Black and white piebald male with green eyes. Almost identical to Paul. Two years old. He is Cinder's eldest surviving kitten. He is a talky cat, meowing quite a bit. He's the sweetest of the outside cats, and enjoys sitting on people.

Staavi: Solid black male with gold eyes. Kitten. He won't let anyone pet him. :(

Nick: White, orange, grey, and brown calico female. Kitten. Green eyes. We thought she was a boy because we couldn't get anywhere near her to confirm otherwise. She's the only living kitten that will let me pet her (Klaus died this weekend. My asshat neighbors ran him over and didn't bother to tell us. They just left him there. I found him when I went out to have a smoke. They just stood there like a bunch of droolies watching out their windows when I found him). I think perhaps she has feline dwarfism. She is half the size of her siblings.

Monroe: Very interesting cat. She is a grey tabby with a pronounced brown undercoat, white feet, and an orange face. They really make her green eyes pop. I wish she'd let me pet her.

Non-kitty pet:

I also have a male Bala Silver Shark named Gallywix (love you forever if you know where I got the name). I'm soon to buy him a new tank as he has outgrown his current tank. Apparently, he has pets, too. He has allowed three of his feeder-fish to survive. One is pregnant. I guess I won't have to buy feeder fish for a while.

Frank's mother was a Turkish angora cat that wandered up to our house one day. It was storming rather hard and my dad was outside having a smoke. When he first saw her, he thought that a bunch of oily rags had blown up onto the porch and went to throw them away. Turns out, it was a cat. A badly injured cat. Someone had kicked her in the face so hard that her lips had turned up (I don't mean to sound rude or mean, but her mouth looked like Nemesis from Resident Evil's mouth) and all her front teeth had been knocked out. They had also scalded most of her fur off with grease. We took her in and took care of her. Sadly, she passed away not long after giving birth to Frank. You were a good cat, and didn't deserve the harsh treatment you received, Rags.


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I have 3 cats (1 of them is only 4 months old), a dog (white labrador) and two chicken.


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The dog I had since I was small passed away in April. You can imagine how that'd be pretty rough. I plan on buying another dog in a few years, however. I'm alone at my parents' house a lot and it is pretty lonely without my girl.

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I moved out of the house last February, off to my first apartment. I spent the next 10 months living completely alone, and my big sister decided that I needed some company. So, last Christmas, she bought me my own personal roommate.

He's a Beta Fish, bright blue around his head and slowly darkening to a navy blue as you get closer to his tail. His name is Lieutenant Blueberry, as named by my sister. I didn't want to change the name she gave him, since it's what he's been used to. I didn't want to shock or confuse him. I call him "Lieu" (pronounced like "Lou") for short.

My whole family's shocked that he's still alive 8 months later.

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I have a golden retreiver/pointer mix named Heidi. ^w^ She escaped yesterday, so I had to chase her down and carry her back into the house... which must have been quite a sight. She's like half my size. xDDD

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I used to have a goldfish named Goldy. One of my favorite childhood memories because I considered him not only a pet but my best friend when I had no friends and I always talked to him. Was so sad when he died, I loved that fish. ;~;
Now just 2 dogs. I honestly do not like dogs, my family does though O_O *is more of a cat person*


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I used to have a dog named Titan but he died(put down really) two days ago (Sept. 11) due to his cancer coming back again. I miss him soooooo much :(
I had him for 13 years