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My brother has a fat little gecko, but it doesn't do much. :p


I have two dogs -

Rosie - 8 1/2 year old black & white Jack Russell Terrier (maybe crossed with something else).
Bran - 1 year old tan & white Parson Russell Terrier.

And a blue veil-tailed betta named Severus (HP reference).


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I just have a crested Gecko. He is pretty fun but I haven't really got a name for him, I thought of one but I just call him Gecko or Gecky, someone suggested I call him Kecleon haha. He likes to walk upside down on the top of his viv sometimes which is pretty weird, and sometimes if he has one hand on the glass and the other on a vine or something it looks like he's flying, a bit like that sloth in the "I believe I can fly" video. Except not quite so graceful.

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I have two dogs, two betta fish and a cat.

Naw, I don't really like the dogs though. Not fond of them. I love the fish and of course I love my kitty. Recently got her as a gift on my birthday.
Her name is Domino. The name comes from Coheed and Cambrias' song Domino the Destitute. Love that song. She's still young, she's cute and awesome.

Here is a picture of her: http://i.imgur.com/A5XRwOj.jpg


I have an adorable rabbit named Chewy (Looks like Chewbacca). He's currently 4 years old. He's a Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit. I'll have to take a picture for here.
I have a dog, four cats, and a rat.

The dog's very friendly and full of energy, but can get a bit grumpy at times. He needs a lot of exercise, but he's great. I don't mind at all.
The cats are kinda nasty when they just jump into my lap just to fart in my face, but other than that, they're kinda lazy for the most part.
The rat's really hyper and loves to dig in it's cage at night, but not a bad pet at all.


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I have a west highland white terrier named Story and a border collie named Kate. They are completely opposite personalities, equally great and completely different.

Story's description in the words of her inept breeder when I inquired about her: "Well, she's white...".
She's also quite tiny. We like to tease her and call her a miniature Westie.
Kate is a gorgeous slate merle with blue-grey eyes.

If something you're doing to Story displeases her, it will not be long before she sneezes in your face.
Kate is extremely talkative, especially when she wants something. She doesn't bark very often, but can produce a ridiculous variety of noises.

They weren't named after anyone, per se, but Story's name was influenced by the movie Lady in the Water. Kate's was inspired by one of my favorite shows, Lost.

We've had them both since they were puppies. Story is 6 and Kate is 1.


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I have 2 cats Named Daisy who is 7 and a hal years old and Savannah who is almost 2 years. I also have a dog named Molly who is almost 12 years old. I've had Daisy since she was a kitten and adopted Savannah last october from the animal shelter I used to volunteer at, it closed down in april DX. They get along some times but Savannah loves to annoy Daisy by running past her and chasing her up the stairs.


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i have two cats currently. i had a dog tbat died recently too (a Chiwahwah). i can't tell what breed my cats are. the first one has a white stripe on her nose and a white belly and is a indoor cat. my second cat is an outdoor cat. she's brown i guess. she's got more black then brown right now as far as i can tell. i've had many pets along the way too. Fish, a few birds, another dog, ( Germen Shepard), a hamster, and a snow white bunny
I've got a bunny named polo. It is very energetic and likes to run through holes. It's white and has random black figures on it.
I have a dachshund named Ivy at the moment.


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I've got a black and grey tabby cat named Tigger. I've had him for 6+ years! He was a present for my 12th birthday and I can't imagine life without him!
He loves sleeping with me and chasing straps from newspaper bundles. :3


MH4U <3

I have a cat named Mellow! We've had him almost two years now. His really gotten lazy but when he feels like it he will do anything to play. His a Maine coon mixed with a shorthair. He does have a bright gold coat and his hair really likes to get everywhere. His favorite thing to absolutely do is to play tag! He runs around and hops on you then runs and hides until you find him or touch him.

Here is a image of him!


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I have one dog, a sweet little cocker spaniel named Andy~ He's golden with brown eyes, we rescued him and for some reason he is pretty much mute. He rarely barks. We've had him for around two years now, though he stays with my mom. (Divorced parents, bleh.)

My little brother is his best friend and he's always following the kid around. xD I love him so much and he gives the best snuggles <3


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I have a chihuahua named "Chiquita" who we call "Chika" for short. She's tan all over with big brown eyes and is usually a very lazy dog who sleeps all day. But she gives lots of hugs and kisses, and gets really playful if you throw around her toys.

There's also my rabbit "Mocha" she was wild, but we took her home because my cousin found her with a broken leg. And we nursed her back to health and took care of her, she's not entirely friendly but she's super curious and likes to try and jump on people. If you try to touch her though, she runs for the hills. Mocha got her name because her coat is a mocha brown.

And finally there's Clover, my little hamster. She's a chubby little thing who loves to eat, but she's extremely sweet and hasn't bitten me so far. She's got a tan and white coat.
I have a dog and he's called Charlie. Hes a brown labrador and is 10 years old. My family has owned him since he was less than a month old so I suppose you could say he is a member of the family now.
I have also had lots of goldfish (20+) but as you would expect, they all died fairly quickly :(. It must be due to the water supply in my area as we never over fed them or anything like that.