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[PG-13] Broken Shadows [SU]


dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed
вroĸeɴ ѕнαdowѕ
A RPG by wιɴтerвreezeѕrυle​

Many years ago, Gijinkas and Pokemorphs were not free. They were slaves. Even though they had been created by Arceus, like humans, the humans viewed them as abominations of nature and detested them The regions of Kanto and Johto viewed this as inhumane and cruel. The island regions of Hoenn and Sinnoh, however, saw it as a way of life and actually encouraged it. Unova was not in existance at the time. So a war was waged between the two groups, later known as the Island Powers (H and S) and the Mainland Alliance (K and J.) Being outnumbered greatly, the Island Powers had to give in after five long years of war. Finally, Gijnkas and Pokemorphs were free.

However, things did not get better for those inhabiting the countries of the Pokemon World at first. Especially in the countries of the IP. Over time, the MA did become more open and things did get much better, but the IP were determined to make the "freaks," as they called them, as separated and unfairly treated as possible. Laws were passed preventing Gijinkas and Pokemorphs from going to the same restraunts as humans, seeing the same movies as humans, going to the same parks as humans...you get the idea. The people of the MA had no idea of the racial hatred between the groups.

Finally, about one hundred years after the war, the Gijinkas and Pokemorphs had had enough. They rioted throughout the IP for equal rights. Thousands joined them, from humans of the IP who dissagreed with their current lifestyle to the leaders of the MA. It was a long, horrible time-- many people were killed. However, the bloody struggle succeeded-- and the "freaks" received their full rights.

A couple years after the movement ended, a Rotom Pokemorph accidentally combined the DNA of a Beautifly and Dustox into his son's DNA in a freak lab accident. The young Wingull Pokemorph's appearance changed dramatically, and he obtained the powers of the other two Pokemon. His father called him a "Chimera" because that's what a chimera was-- a Pokemon with the DNA of other Pokemon.

A few people were interested in actually becoming Chimeras, and the man started turning Pokemorphs into the new species. A few years later, there were about one hundred Chimeras in existance. However, the Rotom Pokemorph who started it all was killed, and there were no more new Chimeras. Well, there were no more new Chimeras until two of the experiments married and had children. Chimera children.

It is now the year 2012. Even now, racial hatred runs through the IP, even though it is on a much smaller scale. Even though it would be harder for a Chimera to get a job than a human, the pure hatred that was widespread has vanished. Things were going well in the Pokemon world.

That is, until Warden Glover, first ever Gijinka president of Hoenn, was found dead. A simple note was left behind, saying that he wasn't the first, and wouldn't be the last. It was simply signed, "TS."

It took many months before the MA could figure out what TS stood for. Many months of spies and more Gijinka, Pokemorph, and Chimera deaths. Finally, they were able to piece together that TS was Team Shadow-- a racist orginazation against Gijinkas, 'Morphs, and Chimeras. The MA didn't take the threat seriously, though. They thought that Team Shadow was going to die out soon enough.

That was until Castelia City was bombed, killing thousands of innocent people. Panic spread like wildfire throughout the regions. The MA and the IP joined together and became the MAIP-- the Mainland And Island Powers-- and recruited hundreds of people to fight against the threat of Team Shadow. At the same time, hundreds of angry people joined Team Shadow. Some joined out of fear, and some out of hate.

Soon afterwards, Hoenn fell to Team Shadow. There had been so many haters in the region that they were able to overpower their government. Gijinkas, Pokemorphs, and the few Chimeras living in the region were enslaved and had to do dangerous things such as design weapons for Team Shadow. This caused a panic throughout the world. Kanto and Johto tightened their security. However, Sinnoh did nothing. And soon enough, that region fell as well, for it was easy for the operatives of Team Shadow to sneak into the Elite Four and assassinate the champion. The president of Sinnoh showed no resistance to Team Shadow when they invaded the capitol. What was happening in Hoenn started happening in Sinnoh. Gijinkas, Pokemorphs, and Chimeras were enslaved.

People tried to escape the two regions, but airports and ports were closed, and no one could own a Pokemon that knew any HMs. If they tried to escape, the operatives of Team Shadow could do whatever they wanted to do with the failed escapees. Johto and Kanto called out to Unova for help, but the faraway region was still under heavy fire. The cities were being bombed daily and the Unova government was trying in vain to keep everyone calm while keeping TS away. Hope is fleeing, and war has begun. Where do you stand?

Appearance: They just look like the regular run of the mill Homo Sapiens.
Quick Overlook: Humans make up the biggest group of species on the entire planet. They don't have any powers and are considered completely normal by most.

Appearance: Gijinkas still look primarily human. However, they will always have either parts of the Pokemon that they are a Gijinka of (such as ears, wings, and tails) and /or the coloration of one (such as having the eye color, hair/fur color, or skin color.) They, however, are never completely covered in fur or scales.
Quick Overlook: Gijinkas have an easier time than Pokemorphs and Chimeras, because they look so much like humans. Sometimes, they'll actually hide their Poke-parts and pretend that they are humans. They have very minor powers, such as levitation or the ability to use low powered Pokemon moves.

Appearance: Pokemorphs and Chimeras are very different from their Gijinka counterparts. Pokemorphs are like Gijinkas but amplified by ten, basically. They are usually covered from head to toe-- or, in most cases, paw-- in fur or scales. Their facial and bodily structures will change as well. (For example, a Delcatty Pokemorph will probably have a cat-like face and be smaller than most, while a Delcatty Gijinka will not.) Chimeras are basically Pokemorphs with other Pokemon added into the mix. In a Chimera, there is one main primary Pokemon and can be up to three secondary Pokemon. The primary Pokemon is what the Chinera will look like, mainly, and the secondary Pokemon will show as Poke-parts or as coloruation.
Quick Overlook: These guys have always had it the hardest. However, considering the fact that they have only been around for so long, Chimeras have it a bit easier. Chimeras are also the least populated race of the four. Only Pokemorphs can become Chimeras. Both species have much greater powers than Gijinkas, and are fully capible of using Pokemon Moves. They also have more control over their powers than Gijinkas.

-One note: any one of the species can have children together, but the majority of the time, the child will be the same race as the mother. However, if it is a Gijinka/Pokemorph/Chimera mother, the child does not have to be the same Pokemon species as the parent.

-Follow all standard SPPF rules and all standard SPPF RPG rules.
-No Mary/Gary-Sues, no Godmodding, and no Power Playing (unless, of course, it's in your characters abilities.)
-Do not bunny other peoples characters without permission. This can cause confusion and stress for other players.
-You can have as many characters as you can manage, but if you have a character that you're not really doing anything with, I will ask to remove the character.
-I am the GM of this RPG, so I have the right to deny Sign Ups that come through.
-You can sign up as a legendary Gijinka, Pokemorph, or Chimera, but you must ask me if you want to own a Legendary. However, legendaries a few legendaries do play a major part in the RPG.​

Name: Simple. What your character is called.
Age: How old is your character? Please be reasonable.
Gender: Male or female. Simple.
Race: Human, Gijinka, Pokemorph, or Chimera. If you're a Gijinka, Pokemorph, or Chimera, please put what type.
Faction: Team Shadow or the MIAP. Mind you, only humans will be involved in Team Shadow.

Appearance: What does your character look like?

Personality: Are they cool and collected, or zany and weird? Or something else?

History: What happened in your character's life until now?

Powers: Only applies to Gijinkas, Pokemorphs, and Chimeras. Remember, Gijinkas have weaker powers than Pokemorphs and Chimeras.

Other: Whatever else you can pull together about your character.

For Pokemon:

Nickname: Pokemon have nicknames sometimes. Does yours?
Species: What type of Pokemon is it?
Gender: Male, female, or genderless.

Appearance: Is your Pokemon taller or smaller than most? Is it bigger? Tell all.

Personality and History: How does your Pokemon act? Why does it act this way? How'd you find it?

[B]Name:[/B] Simple. What your character is called.
[B]Age:[/B] How old is your character? Please be reasonable.
[B]Gender:[/B] Male or female. Simple.
[B]Race:[/B] Human, Gijinka, Pokemorph, or Chimera. If you're a Gijinka, Pokemorph, or Chimera, please put what type.
[B]Faction:[/B] Team Shadow or the MIAP. Mind you, only humans will be involved in Team Shadow.

[B]Appearance:[/B] What does your character look like? 

[B]Personality:[/B] Are they cool and collected, or zany and weird? Or something else? 

[B]History:[/B] What happened in your character's life until now? 

[B]Powers:[/B] Only applies to Gijinkas, Pokemorphs, and Chimeras. Remember, Gijinkas have weaker powers than Pokemorphs and Chimeras.

[B]Other:[/B] Whatever else you can pull together about your character.

[B]Nickname:[/B] Pokemon have nicknames sometimes. Does yours?
[B]Species: [/B] What type of Pokemon is it?
[B]Gender:[/B] Male, female, or genderless. 

[B]Appearance:[/B] Is your Pokemon taller or smaller than most? Is it bigger? Tell all.

[B]Personality and History:[/B] How does your Pokemon act? Why does it act this way? How'd you find it?

Reserved for Winterbreezesrule- Pokemorph
Reserved for Mon1010- Gijinka
Reserved for NO.XIII- Human
Reserved for Alliance- Chimera

Tyler 'Xenon' Phoenix- Krazy95- Latios Pokemorph

Team Shadow:
Reserved for Winterbreezesrule
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Why are so many interesting RPG's popping out now?!

Reserving a Gijinka


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Excadrill Master
hey could i reserve a spot as a human MIAP person?


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Excadrill Master
Cody Origin

Name: Cody Origin
Age: 17
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.

Appearance: Cody is 6 feet tall with spiky dark brown hair and dark green eyes like a pine tree in the middle of the winter, he has slighty tanned skin and a long jagged scar along his right forearm like a fissure sometimes caused by an earthquake he has a prominent jaw with a pointed nose, he has small ears that are pointed like daggers he usually wears a plain black t-shirt, blue jeans, black and white tennis shoes and a dark green baseball cap with a dark brown crack embrodered down the center. he is muscular and dosen't tend to smile alot.

Personality: Cody can stay calm under pressure and has a strong sense of justice and is always willing to help those in need whether it be by fighting off hordes wild pokemon, or simply helping someone carry the groceries, his demeanor will usually seem angry but at heart he likes to hang out with his friends and just being around people and pokemon in general, when the attacks started there was a definate change to his personality he was consumed by a need to fight back against those that attacked his friends and his home and so has dedicated everything too the fight against team shadow.

History:Cody does not know where he was born or even what his real last name is, he woke up in eterna city when he was 13 he didn't remember anything except that his name was Cody he decided to make eterna his home and began building a life there he said that his mission in life was to find his origin which led to people in the city to call him Cody Origin, he didnt mind he took it in stride and began using it as his own name. a year after he arrived in eterna he was exploring a cave on the outskirts of town and he found a drillbur which are extremely rare in sinnoh, the two became fast friends so he and drillbur which which he nicknamed driller began helping out around town, helping build houses, defend the town from wild pokemon, the duo soon became strong together Cody gaining his amense strength and driller evolving, when sinnoh fell Cody and Driller had been takeing a vacation to celadon city, when he heard he didn't hesitate to volunteer to help fight team shadow, he and driller have dedicated themselves to takeing down team shadow.

Nickname: Driller
Species: Excadrill
Gender: Male.

Appearance: Driller is about half a foot taller then most excadrill he has a scar over his left eye.

Personality and History: Driller's orginal trainer abandoned him after he lost a battle to a gallede which is where he got the scar over his left eye, when Cody found him in the cave he didn't trust humans but Cody helped teach him how to trust people again and soon Driller gained his trainers helpful attitude.

hope you like my charecter.


dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed
Name: Cody Origin

Okay, I'm going to say rejected. Here's why. If you fix these things, though, you will most likely be accepted.

1.) Cody's entire appearance is a run on sentance. As is his Personality. And his History is two run on sentances. You need to break up that one large sentence into multiple, descriptive sentances that are definately more descriptive. For example, you say that his demenor is an angry one. Explain that in greater detail.

2.) How exactly did Cody lose his memory? Even though he doesn't remember, it would be very useful for us as a group to know, as it might have to do with a legendary which might trigger a plot event. If you can't think of anything, just remove that part entirely and just say he was born Cody Origin.

3.) Be sure to use proper grammar. You hardly ever capitolized anything in your Sign Up.

Mainly, you need to be more descriptive. Fix these things, and I will definately consider you


I'm glad to be back!
Name: Tyler 'Xenon' Phoenix
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Latios Pokemorph
Faction: MIAP

Appearance: Tyler is a Latios Pokemorph, who is more Latios in description than human. He is 5'7", with a face with a snout, wings on his back, and claws rather than fingers.he also has blue 'shorts' over the lower body, covering down to his knees. With two-pointed white ears, with a longer point further-up, and white skin, covered in white and blue fur,, Tyler stands out in a crowd. He has a blue 'mask' on his face, covering from the rear of his head through to the end of his snout. His face is emblazoned with a red triangle, and he has red eyes to match. His arms up to his elbows are blue, and armour-plated, are are his feet up to his knees. It looks like Tyler is wearing blue fur shorts, but that is just the pattern of his fur. Tyler has wings the same colour as his body, which spread out and tuck in with ease. Although he can hide them, it would be no use to hide from Team Shadow thanks to his other descriptive features. Not very muscular, Tyler is 'lanky' and fast.

Personality: Tyler is an adventurous Latios, with a large adrenalin rush to match his quick wit and agility. Rather sarcastic, he makes himself a formidable opponent with speech, often throwing off his opponent with a sarcastic comment or dark humour. When that isn't enough, he resorts to sheer force combined with his lightning speed. Tyler is rather dark in his view of life, but is a caring person. he will form trusting relationships with friends and protect them, but anyone who falls on the wrong side of him will stay a foe forever, unless they can somehow make it up to him. Tyler is quite loud and hyperactive, but this just makes him faster than he already is, and gives him a buzz, gaining confidence and often making a fool of himself. After he has calmed, he often apologizes to everyone he has angered or embarrassed, and shies away for a day or two as a way of 'cooling down'.

History: Tyler was born to a very human-like Gijinka and a Pokemorph in Hoenn who were surviving easily, disguised as everyday humans in the comfort of their own home. The shock of seeing Tyler scared them, and when he was still n infant, they rejected him. Tyler grew up with another Pokemorph, a Pidgey Pokemorph by the name of Gust Beakstrom. Gust, however, was captured at the age of six, once again leaving Tyler on his own, and now terrified of being captured himself, he fled to Johto, hiding in the mountainous terrain of Blackthorn City. While there, he befriended a group of Dragon Pokemon and helped their families care for them. Due to this, Tyler established himself amongst the people of Blackthorn City as 'The Dragon-Leader'. Granted access to the Dragon's Den by the Gym Leader and her family, Tyler helped look after the Den and it's inhabitants. While there, he battled Trainer's Pokemon and the wild Pokemon, and even rewarded Trainer's with Pokemon. He then was granted permission to meet the Elder. The Elder, frail and ill, asked Tyler to look after The Dragon's Den if he passed away. Accepting, Tyler took pride of his position, and learned much from the Elder and his apprentice's. After a period of three years, when Tyler was 15, the Elder passed away, and Tyler became the Guardian of The Den. Tyler took on his duties as to what had been accepted and is still based at Blackthorn City now. His concerns about Team Shadow have grown, but as long as The Dragon's Den is kept safe, and Johto is protected, he will remain calm and content.

Powers: Hypersonic Speed, Advanced Senses. Moves: Luster Purge, Agility, Psychic, Dragon Pulse

Other: Upon taking on the role of Guardian of The Den, Tyler learnt of an ancient bond between his species and Latias. It dawned on him that the interest in Latias was a genetic bond, and he chose to seek a Latias Pokemon and, eventually, a Latias Pokemorph.


Nickname: Scarlet
Species: Latias
Gender: Female

Appearance: An average sized Latias, Scarlet is distinguishable from most for her species by her wings and ears, which have a slight curve to them. The red fur of her body is also slightly brighter, and almost shimmers in the sun.

Personality and History: Scarlet is a shy and gentle Latias, capable, like most of them, of telepathic communication with Pokemon and humans. However, due to Scarlet's shyness, she rarely communicates with anyone but Tyler. Tyler has learnt from Scarlet that she has always been naturally shy, and has always been rather gentle and caring. her approach towards Tyler is loving and caring, and she has already vowed to protect Tyler's life, putting her own at risk to save her best friend. Tyler found Scarlet with his genetic attachment. The Soul Bond shared between the species means that a Latios and a Latias are capable of communicating from a long range, and find each other. Although Scarlet knows if Tyler finds a Latias Pokemorph, her bond with Tyler will weaken, she knows they will still remain close friends until death.
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I'm going to snag myself a spot as a Staraptor/Zoroark/Ninetales Chimera.

I might also create a TS person later, if I feel I need to balance this crazy Chimy with a badass bad guy.
But that's a maybe.


dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed
Name: Tyler 'Xenon' Phoenix

You're all good. Welcome to the RPG!

I'm going to snag myself a spot as a Staraptor/Zoroark/Ninetales Chimera.

I might also create a TS person later, if I feel I need to balance this crazy Chimy with a badass bad guy.
But that's a maybe.

Got it.