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[PG-13] Cyber Guardians [Sign-Ups]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Billy Mays, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    The Plot:

    The year is 201X. In the bustling city of Santa Carina, California, something is stirring...

    In a faraway realm, all things envisioned through technology are brought to life. A realm first create when man first harnessed electricity to power machines and create, it exists so that the things that we create through our technology can truly exist. This realm, is known as Cyberspace.

    But something has gone wrong. A evil force is sweeping over Cyberspace, and threatens to entirely consume it. And with Cyberspace conquered, our own world would be the next to fall...

    But, there is still hope. Within the city of Santa Carina is an enigmatic professor who knows the key to saving the world. Now, he only needs to find people worthy of becoming the Cyber Guardians...

    You are just a normal person living in Santa Carina, California. Santa Carina is a large coastal city, being about as large as Sacramento. As it is a city, you are likely a person used to a more urban lifestyle. You are going about your daily business when you receive a letter from someone named Professor Harold Williams. Apparently, he's a teaches science classes at Santa Carina University, and requests to see you, saying that it is extremely urgent. You're probably reluctant at first, but for one reason or another you decide to play along with it and go see him at the designated time.

    Powers and Weaponry:

    As a Cyber Guardian, you have many powers to help you. First, is special technology based powers. There is one power for each character. These powers are...

    Plasma Manipulation: The ability to control plasma. This power allows you to use plasma, whether it be to shoot lightning bolts or to heat things to extreme temperatures.

    Cryokinesis: The ability to freeze objects or living things. Cryokinesis can be used to slow down things that are moving, solidify liquids (and in some cases gases), or anything else involving freezing.

    ESP: The ability to use psychic powers. This ranges from easy things like Telepathy and Telekinesis to more advanced things like Mind Control.

    Magnetism: The ability to manipulate magnetic objects. This power is more limited than ESP's Telekinesis, but much more potent, allowing you to manipulate essentially anything even remotely magnetic. And since people have iron in their blood, you can manipulate them too, though only limitedly.

    Time/Space Control: The ability to shift space and time. This includes things like Teleportation, slowing down or speeding up time, and (limited) time control.

    Biochemical Warfare: The ability to use things such as toxins, acids, or other hazardous material for combat.

    Next, is weapons. These are the weapons available...

    Energy Sword: A sword with a blade made of pure energy. Very close ranged, but very powerful.

    Pulse Rifle: A rifle that shoots rapid fire energy shots. An overall well rounded weapon.

    Laser Pistol: A small pistol, not too strong but accurate and very light. A character using a laser pistol can wield two at once.

    Stun Whip: A whip that automatically extends when in use that can be electrified to stun anyone being grappled by it.

    Flamethrower: An extremely dangerous weapon that's good at crowd control. Be careful where you aim it.

    Medigun: A gun attached to a backpack that fires a healing beam that heals anything it touches. Unfortunately though, it cannot harm enemies, so the user of this should probably have a more offensive power to make up for that.

    Custom Weapon: If you have an idea for a custom weapon, give it a go! Make sure its descriptive though, and it has to be approved by me.

    And lastly, there's Summons. Now, what is a Summon? A Summon is a specific fictional character you can summon to fight with you. Within Cyberspace, they can be out freely, but in the real world they must be summoned first before they can be used.

    A Summon can be any character from any modern source. What I mean by that is, any character from a TV Show, Movie, Video Game, etc. There are rules for said summon:

    • The character must be fictional. So no, you can't use Tom Cruise as your summon.
    • Please, keep in mind that there will be fighting in this RP. Make sure your character can actually fight (so I'd suggest not having Sherlock Holmes as your summon).
    • Your character cannot be a villain. It'd be best if they are an important hero type character, though lesser characters are allowed, and your character can be something like an Anti-Hero also (Shadow the Hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and Travis Touchdown from the No More Heroes series are good examples of usable Anti-Heroes).
    • In the case of sources with multiple different creatures/monsters such as Pokémon or Digimon, your summon should be a single creature (so having Charizard or Renamon as your summon, instead of Ash Ketchem or...uh, any human character from Digimon, don't know any of their names).
    • Your summon, personality wise, will be exactly the same as how they are usually portrayed. A cocky character will still be cocky, an optimistic character will still be optimistic, and a silent protagonist will still be silent. Your summon should also reflect your own personality, though it doesn't need to be exact.
    • Only two summons per source. If two people already have Infernape and Lucario as their summons, you can't have a Pokémon as your summon.

    1. All Serebii RPG rules apply. Obviously.
    2. No Godmodding or Power Playing, your character is not unstoppable.
    3. No bunnying. An exception is if someone is inactive, bunnying may be nessesary to keep the plot going.
    4. Do not sign up unless you know you can be active. If you are inactive, your character will be bunnied, and potentially thrown out of the game. If you are going to be gone for a decent amount of time, notify me first.
    5. Keep the PG-13 rating in mind. Curse words and violence are ok, but don't get too graphic.
    6. I'd like it if you can try to have posts of decent lengths. I know we all have those days where we can't think of anything, but what makes a good RP great is when players make long and well thought out posts.
    7. There will NOT be reservations. The slots are first come, first serve. If your character is considered Pending however, a slot will be taken by that character until they are either accepted or denied.
    8. Enjoy the RP!

    Sign Up:

    Name: (Your name, herp de derp)
    Gender: (Male, Female, or Robot (just kidding, you can't be a robot, sorry))
    Age: (How old are you? Your character is probably a young adult, but you can be younger or older than that if you wish)
    Power: (Your power, remember only one character can have each power)
    Weapon: (Your weapon, whether it be one of the six main weapons or one you made yourself)
    Weapon Description: (A short description of what your weapon looks like, be descriptive if you want, but it only needs to be about 1-3 sentences long, a picture will also suffice)
    Summon: (Who, or what, is your summon? Try to make sure the summon matches your own character in some way)

    Appearance: (What your character looks like, 2 medium sized paragraph minimum)

    Personality: (How your character acts, 3 medium sized paragraphs minimum)

    History: (The backstory of your character, 3 medium sized paragraphs minimum)

    Accepted/Pending Characters:

    Cyber Guardians:
    1. Billy Mays - Katherine "Kat" White, Power: Cryokinesis, Weapon: Laser Pistols, Summon: Rainbow Dash
    2. Monster Guy - Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone, Power: ESP, Weapon: Medigun, Summon: Pinkie Pie
    3. Absoluna - Calamity "Cala" Noctin, Power: Plasma Manipulation, Weapon: Energy Daggers, Summon: Absol
    4. innerDesign - David "Dave" Alexander Edwards, Power: Space/Time Control, Weapon: Electrified Throwing Knives, Summon: Dave Strider
    5. deltakirumiru4 - Halt Tezze, Power: Kinetic Manipulation, Weapon: Vextech Gauntlets, Summon: Black Rock Shooter
    6. Janice Quatlane - Opal Williams, Power: Magnetism, Weapon: Stun Whip, Summon: Samus Aran
    Last edited: May 17, 2013
  2. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Name: Katherine "Kat" White
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Power: Cryokinesis
    Weapon: Laser Pistol
    Weapon Description: Dual laser pistols that looks like this. The pistols fire a bright red laser that fire in a straight line.
    Summon: Rainbow Dash

    Appearance: Katherine stands at 5'7", with a very light but strong frame. Although she may look too strong just by looking at her, you'd soon realize you're dead wrong when she knocks you flat on your ***. Her breasts aren't that big, which she is somewhat self-conscious about (so bringing it up is probably a good way to get yourself hurt). Years of spending most of summer and school weekends outdoors, Katherine's skin has a dark tan. Katherine's face is very smooth and rounded, almost like a model. Her hair is really long and auburn colored, and is usually tied back in a ponytail (though she'll occasionally wear her hair down when she feels like it). Her eyes are a light brown that matches the color of her hair.

    Katherine's choice of clothing is usually things that are light and short, stuff that's easy to get around in. Usually, she wears jean shorts and a tank top that's the color of whatever she feels like wearing today. She normally wears sandals but when playing sports she'll switch to wearing tennis shoes. Katherine hates dresses and will seldom wear them, unless she absolutely has to (which since she usually avoids occasions where she would have to, it isn't often). She has a pair of black shades that she will wear when the sun is blindingly bright, which in Santa Carina is fairly often. Katherine also has a pink purse with long straps to carry stuff in that she carries over her shoulder.

    Personality: Katherine is a strong-willed person, who is very unsuperficial and doesn't take crap from anybody. She's never afraid to express her own opinion and absolutely hates the idea of people trying to control what she does. Extremely independent to a fault, Katherine usually isn't one to respect authorities all too much. She has no problem with using her strength to back up her words, but she tries not to abuse it for selfish reasons. She's also the kind of person who hates inactivity and is always willing to move and get things done. Because of this, she is also very impatient, and quick to act upon her decisions.

    Katherine is not quick to trust people, but once she gets to know and trust someone, she becomes an extremely loyal friend. If you're on her good side, Katherine will do almost anything to back you up. She judges people solely based on their personality, which means she can get along with pretty much anyone as long as they don't bother her. In particular, she tends to get along with cheerful, optimistic people who are honest and easy to trust.

    Katherine really enjoys sports and always tries out for anything she can. She's especially fond of volleyball and basketball. Sometimes, Katherine can be a poor sport when she loses, but is quick to correct herself. Although she takes sports very seriously, when she's out spending her free time Katherine is energetic and carefree. She's even actually somewhat mischievous, and likes to pulls pranks on her friends. Due to her tough demeanor and love of sports, Katherine often comes off as being a tomboy. This is for the most part true, but she still has a few "girly" things that she likes as guilty pleasures (one of the most prominent being My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). Not that she'd care if anyone judged her for it, but she does like keeping a reputation of being tough.

    History: Katherine was born in Santa Carina and has spent her entire life living there. Other than the occasional vacation and trip to visit her grandparents in San Diego, Katherine hasn't ever really left the city. Being an only child, her parents have always been protective of her, which has always bothered her. Her mother in particular was always trying to get her to be "ladylike" as she called it, which she hated even more. Her father however always told her that she can do anything she puts her mind to. Needless to say, she preferred to listen to her father.

    Katherine's dad served in the U.S. Navy, so he'd usually be out at sea for months at a time, without Katherine seeing him. That left Katherine to be taken care of by her mother, who disliked Katherine's tomboyish demeanor. She was always the odd one of her group of friends, joining the girl's basketball team instead of the cheerleader squad, or taking a karate class instead of a ballet class. Some girls who used to be her friends even shunned her for it, while others accepted it.

    When she got to high school, she quickly grew tired of hearing gossip about how this person did this or this guy banged that one chick. And the other kids in the school quickly learned this when she responded to a rumor about her being a lesbian by beating the crap out of the girl who started the rumor. After that point, people tended to just steer clear of her. Most of the few friends she did have were on the sports teams she was on. Guys tended to avoid her too, preferring to get with girls on the cheerleader squad instead. Her last boyfriend was a guy she dated back in Sophomore year, which ended when he attempted to rape her and she responded by kicking him in the balls.

    The only male friend (instead of boyfriend) she had later in high school was a guy named Leo, who had apparently moved to Santa Carina a few years back. He seemed like a nice guy and liked some of the things she did too, but to be fair he seemed to be friends with pretty much everyone so Katherine wasn't that surprised that Leo wanted to be her friend.

    A senior in high school, Katherine is currently hoping to get a sports scholarship and play on a collage basketball team. So, she was kind of confused when she got a letter from a professor from Santa Carina University (she really didn't question why specifically a professor was sending her a letter), which was known for its affinity with science and math classes, not for its sport teams. Still, she figured it couldn't hurt to give the place a chance, so she decided to go anyway.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2013
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Name: Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Power: ESP
    Weapon: Medigun
    Weapon Description: Leo's Medigun is a large pink gun, with a nozzle similar to a fire hose. A red hose extendeds from the bottom of the handle that connects the gun to the backpack. There is also a diagonal red stripe drawn going across the gun for decoration. The gun fires pink waves of energy that can heal injured teammates.
    Summon: Pinkie Pie

    Appearance: Leo stands at exactly 6'0". While he does not have bodybuilder proportions, he does have a toned athletic physique that he is quite proud of. Due to living in a tropical place most of his life, and because he often goes outdoors, his skin is lightly tanned. Not pale, but not bronzed either. His face is round, and rather boyish. Marked by large, expressive, blue eyes. These features give him a rather youthful appearance. He has short, close cropped black hair, with messy bangs that cover his forehead, and go to his eyebrows. A strand of hair on top of his head always stands up, no matter how much he tries to comb it down. Except for the top of his head, and eyebrows, the rest of his upper body is void of any hair. (As in, no chest hair, no armpit hair, and he can't grow any facial hair.)

    For clothing, Leo generally wears what is comfortable. Usually, whatever he pulls out of his closet that day. It usually includes a pair of jeans or cargo shorts, and sneakers or sandals on his feet. He can often be found without a shirt. This is because he was rather scrawny when he was younger, so now that he's put on a little muscle, he likes to show off the results. When he must wear a shirt, it will usually be a skintight tank top, or something low cut/not buttoned/zipped up all the way, and without a shirt underneath. He's not comfortable wearing cloaks or heavy clothing that covers him up too much. He will dress up for formal occasions and colder days when he needs to, but he usually takes it right off when he's able. He wears a pair of aviator goggles on top of his head. He doesn't use them, he just thinks they look cool. His favorite outfit is a red, form fitting tank top, with black stripes on the sides, and a zipper down the front on the top, and a pair of jeans held up by a belt on the bottom. His sneakers are red and black, and have wheels in the soles. The wheels can pop in and out when Leo puts weight on his heels, allowing them to function like roller skates. He carries his things in a simple pink backpack.

    Personality: Leo is a bright, cheerful person, with an optimistic view on life. He can often be found with a smile on his face, even when things look bleak. As such, he often makes jokes, and does silly things when the situation is tense to lighten things up, but his attempts at making people laugh sometimes backfire. He believes there is some good in everyone, and for that, he is very trusting of others. A genuine nice guy, he is always willing to help someone in need. Often putting the needs of others ahead of his own. Sometimes though, he can be too nice, to the point of gullibility, and people often take advantage of him for it. Leo is very outgoing and social. He likes meeting new people, and making new friends. He is not afraid to strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Being used to having to watch over his little sisters, he's become accustomed to taking care of people. He is loyal, empathetic, and very protective of those he cares about, making him a good friend to have.

    Leo is very energetic. So much so, that it is very difficult for him to sit still and concentrate on one thing for long periods of time. Because of this, he likes to actually do stuff, instead of sitting there reading about it. While he is able to think quick on his feet during intense situations. he often acts impulsively, and jumps to conclusions without thinking first. Unlike a lot of guys he's known, Leo is the type of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, (which is funny, because he doesn't usually wear sleeves.) His feelings are there for everyone to see, and he's pretty easy to read. For example he cries openly during the endings of sad movies, and he is affectionate towards close friends. Due to his cheerful nature, it is usually difficult to anger him. Leo's the type that wears a happy mask to hide his pain, not wanting to burden others with his problems. When something annoys him, he tends to keep it to himself, so when things become too much, he has really bad angry outbursts where he just lashes out at the most appropriate target. That said, Leo isn't one to hold grudges for very long, and is very quick to forgive people.

    Leo has an affinity for cute things, and is not ashamed about it at all. One of his favorite things at the moment, is the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which he watches regularly with his youngest sister. He is an unabashed Brony, he has a collection of merchandise from the show, and often makes references to it in everyday conversation. He relates to Pinkie Pie the most, which is why she's his favorite pony. He's aware how silly it might look for an eighteen year old to be liking a show aimed at little girls, and generally he has a good sense of humor about the whole thing. (However, he does get defensive if someone makes fun of him for it.) He's had bad experiences with bullies as a kid, and he fears having to experience that again. He also likes fantasy and fairy tales, and is a believer in the idea that love conquers all. Obviously, he's also a fan of other anime such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Digimon.

    He can also cook well, due to having to make dinner for the family when his mom was working. He particularly enjoys making (and eating) desserts, though he keeps it in moderation.

    History: Leo was born and raised in Miami Florida. He was the oldest of three siblings, and the only male among the three. His parents' relationship became strained after his father, Lorenzo, lost his job shortly after the youngest daughter was born, and the family started experiencing financial troubles. It was not helped by Lorenzo turning to Wine to drown his sorrows, which worried the rest of the family. Lorenzo and his wife, Layla, often argued loudly during the night. While things never escalated to physical violence, but the yelling still made the three kids uncomfortable. Despite the drama, Leo tried to put on a brave face, and hoped things would work out in the end. They almost did too... Eventually, Layla got a promotion at her job that made up for the loss of income, but by then, the damage was done, and Lorenzo filed for divorce.

    Leo currently lives with his mom, and his younger sisters Lilly and Lucy. He is much closer to his mother than with his father. They were not wealthy, but they weren't poor either. Being a single parent, Layla often had to work long hours, leaving Leo responsible for looking after his sisters, and taking care of household things while she worked. Unlike a lot of other boys though, Leo didn't really mind this, and actually enjoyed doing it. As a result of this, he became accustomed to taking care of people. He also learned a lot of domestic skills, and became very good at cooking.

    He was a rather scrawny child, and he was often picked on by bullies who thought he was weaker than them. It did not help that he was a sensitive kid, and he had a taste for things that are usually considered girly by others. He would come home with bruises on a regular basis. His father did not help matters by suggesting that living in a house full of girls was turning him into one. While all the bullying upset him, he kept up a cherful demeanor in front of others, not wanting to burden others with his problems, and if he thinks positively, things will get better.

    Around the time Leo entered puberty, things started to change. His mother announced that her office was starting a branch in Santa Carina California, and that the family would be moving there. His situation began to improve when he started High School. Deciding that he no longer wanted to be a wimp, and a constant bullying victim, he started working out and getting into Sports, which resulted in him putting on a little muscle, and making new friends. Due to his social personality, he quickly became quite popular on campus, particularly with other girls. He also maintained good grades. Things were actually starting to look up. Despite how well things were going, he didn't let it get to his head. He still remained the same sensitive kid he always was on the inside.

    Now a senior in high school, Leo is currently thinking about his future, and is uncertain what he should do next. He recently received a letter from someone named Professor Harold Williams, requesting to see him, saying that it is extremely urgent. He doesn't know who this guy is, or what he wants, but he figured he may along with it. Someone went through the trouble to write and send this letter, he may as well go see what it's about.
    Last edited: May 21, 2013
  4. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    @Monster Guy - Funny choice of a summon there, considering I was actually going to have Rainbow Dash as my summon. The sign up looks great, Leo is Accepted.

    Right, new rule. Only TWO characters per source. This is to prevent everyone having similar summon to each other. Hopefully we don't get three pairs of characters using only three sources though, lol.
  5. Absoluna

    Absoluna Black Version FTW!

    Let's try this...

    Name/Gender: Calamity (Cala) Noctin, female

    Age: 14

    Power: Plasma Manipulation

    Weapon: a pair of energy daggers. Red energy, black handles. They can be thrown or used as a melee weapon. If thrown, they appear back in hand a short time later.

    Summon: Absol (unoriginality for the win).

    Appearance: Calamity is 5'6". She isn't very muscular, and not very developed, either. She has a very faint tan. She has a couple of freckles on her arms.
    Cala's eyes are a light brown, with a tiny bit of green in them. Her hair is black, straight, shoulder-length, and choppy(because she "cuts" it herself), with no bangs. She doesn't wear makeup, but she carries a tube of chapstick with her.
    Cala has an oval-shaped face, long and thin. One of those people that is stronger than they look.
    Cala usually wears dark-wash jeans, a fitted black t-shirt, and a red and black fitted cloth jacket - the short collar is black, as are the ends of the sleeves, which partially cover Cala's hands. The waist band is red and black stripes, and the rest of it is red and black checks. Cala wears a pair of plain black combat boots with the jeans tucked in. She also likes to wear necklaces (only ever one at a time), her favorite being a claw attached to a black cord with silver wire.

    Personality: Cala is generally very introverted, preferring her own company over other people's. However, she is an extremely good friend once she warms up to you. She's willing to stand up for strangers and even people she's normally antagonistic towards if she thinks they're being treated wrongly. Cala almost never gives up if she thinks she can still get what she wanted, though she usually knows when to cut her losses. She reads a lot and is very intelligent, but sometimes she'll go off on a tangent due to some obscure fact or reference that she knows.
    Cala can be very grey in terms of morality, and she views the world with a "full spectrum morality" system. (Which means that nobody is completely good or evil. "He's got a point, but he's going about it the wrong way.") Cala hates being treated wrongly , unfairly, or as a kid, and will do things to "protest". She gets mad/annoyed very easily, though she tries not to show it. When she gets really mad, she can fly into a rage, doing things without really realizing what she's doing. Cala isn't very optimistic and gets annoyed by people who are.
    When annoyed or mad, if unable to hide it, she'll usually ignore you or start being sarcastic/snarky. And if you got yourself into a mess by your own stupidity or on purpose, don't expect her to help you. Cala is very blunt and honest, sometimes brutally so. She usually knows when to keep her mouth shut, but she does say things she really shouldn't on occasion. If anybody asks if something's wrong, she'll always deny it. Personally, she's a little scared of the person she has become, another thing she would never admit.

    History: Cala recently moved to Santa Carina from rural PA. Due to her dislike of big changes, it was one of worst nightmares. Because of this recent relocation, she's not all that used to the city and still trying to find her way around. She lives with her dad, who she is very close to, but doesn't know her mom. The heat doesn't bother her very much though, strangely. Cala is an only child, and likes it that way. Her dad works from home, so he's able to take care of most of the housekeeping, but Cala is more than capable of doing it herself.

    Due to her hot temper, she was often picked on at school. After receiving advice from her teacher that they wouldn't pick on her if she didn't show them it was affecting her, she put it into action... Though she may have used it a little too much. In her mind, it somehow got twisted into the belief that emotion of any kind could be used against her, and so she endeavored to hide all her emotions.
    This almost complete lack of outward emotion stopped the bullying, but it also alienated Cala from everyone. It made her into a bitter and cynical person... Cala is by no means, however, emotionless. She just hides it behind the façade she created.
    The friends she did have were almost all boys, with a few tomboyish girls in the mix. Despite the fact that they treated her well, she never felt as comfortable around them as she did alone, and she was even a little jealous of the other friendships they had, which she hated. Cala is quite aware it was her own fault.

    Over the past month or so, Cala has been exploring Santa Carina and trying to get used to city life. When not walking the streets or at home, she would sit in one of the parks and read or play video games on her DS. Lately though, she's been bored - she can only walk so far in a day, and there's not much else to do. Then the letter came in the mail, a rarity for her, inviting her to come talk to a professor. She needed something to do, so she decided to go ahead and go.
    Otherwise, she decided to talk to the Prof. beacuse of her interest in science. She hopes to learn something new, and possibly get a new experience out of it. Maybe she'll even find someone, or a few someones even, that she can truly talk to and trust.

    Other: Can become oblivious to everything going on around her if she's reading or listening to music.
    Last edited: May 1, 2013
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    You might want to change the power, I already have ESP. :p

    I'll let Billy decide the rest...
  7. Absoluna

    Absoluna Black Version FTW!

    Yeah, I've got a second choice in case there's an issue with that.
  8. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    From the main post. Obviously, I have a problem with you having ESP. So I'd fire up that second option. As for the rest of the sign up...

    Calamity seems like an odd name for a girl. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of people with names like that, but just keep in mind that the "real world" in the RP is the same as the actual real world. Kind of nitpicking I guess; you can keep the name if you want obviously.

    These definitely seem alright, but since they're custom weapons I'd like a little more description as to how they work. If you throw them, do they come back, or do more appear in your hand after throwing one (which is a possibility by the way)?

    Appearance is a little short. Not too much, just add a few more sentence and you should be good.

    A little short, but only just. 1-3 more sentences is definitely good enough.

    This one needs a bit more work done than the other two. I think you'd neeed to add about another full paragraph for this to be acceptable. If you need help with that, just tell me.

    I like the sign up so far, but it could use a bit more work. Calamity is Pending for now. Which means you had a slot reserved until you are either Accepted or Denied.
  9. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Heya Billy Mays, nice to see you GMing again. I'll throw down a reserve for now, for a Plamsa Manipulator.
  10. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Glad to see you're interested. While you're at it, you may want to read Rule 7 in the Rules section (I'll put it in bold so people don't keep missing it).
  11. innerDesign

    innerDesign Active Member

    Hey there. I'd like to make a reservation for a character. He has the time/space control.
  12. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Apparently, I wasn't clear enough on this.

    People really need to read the damn rules...
  13. Absoluna

    Absoluna Black Version FTW!

    Ok, I'll work on it.

    As for the name, she would generally introduce herself as Cala and not Calamity.

    And sorry about the power thing, I must've seen everything but.

    Are there any particular glaring holes that need fixed? Backstories are kinda hard for me.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2013
  14. innerDesign

    innerDesign Active Member

    Sorry about that I was half asleep when I was reading the rules.
  15. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    @Absoluna - It's not that anything is wrong with your Appearance, Personality and History, you just need more of it. No fixing, just adding. If you still need help, just tell me.
  16. innerDesign

    innerDesign Active Member

    Name: David Alexander Edwards (Nickname Dave)
    Gender: Male obviously
    Age: 17
    Power: Time/Space Control
    Weapon: ½ Dozen Electrified throwing knives
    Weapon description: Simple throwing knives. Simple black handle, simple steel blade (with a purple hue), and of course they are electrified. Simply by pressing a button on the handle would turn the electricity on, same to turn it off. (When his powers get developed he could make portals so they could hit anything)
    Summon: Dave Strider from Homestuck
    Appearance: David has dark brown hair combed across the forehead and needs a few hairs trimmed in the back. He is near sighted and has rectangular glasses, round slightly tanned face from paddling the last two summers before moving and riding his new bike. He has a moustache forming and a little hair on his chin; He has hazel eyes with a blue tint at the edge of the irises. Stands about 5’4” feet which was short for his age on the east coast but not as noticeable after the move, approximately 160lb and he’s a little out of shape from staying inside, most of the time at the computer or playing video games before moving out west but is trying to get back into shape.

    David’s choices of clothes are usually golf shirts or tees, jeans or zip off pants, and a zip up sweater with a hood or a zip up vest. Prefers light clothes and if it gets too hot he’ll take off the sweater and tie it around his waist or neck. David only dresses up for an interview for a job though that hasn’t happened yet and only has one good set of clothes. He wears skate shoes most of the time but has sandals for the beach and boots for the winter (if that even happens there). He always carry’s a green laptop bag with his notebook, a pencil case, whatever book he’s reading at the time, his sandals and his new phone, surprisingly it can also hold his foldable bike if he shuffles the stuff around.

    Personality: David is a curious young adult, he has an eye for art and design, cautious about meeting new people, and sometimes he can be aggressive. When he moved out to Santa Carina he was nervous about another new school because last time he moved he couldn’t make any new friends right away because everyone didn’t know him and he wouldn’t open up to his true self right away. He was bullied through out his life and couldn’t trust anyone when he first arrived. He slowly opened up and almost everyone started liking the new kid, even if he’s from out of the country.

    David likes to sketch things around him in his notebooks and loves reading. He likes landscapes, story characters, and designing room schemes in one of his many notebooks. If someone asks he will sketch them for a buck or two. David prefers reading mystery, adventure, and fantasy books and collects sets as well. If unsure of anything seemingly important he will ask questions to try and understand, and he means a lot of questions. A nerd in a sense that he’d rather read then got to a party (for the first few months) and wasn’t paying attention to the girls on the beach or walking in there cute tight dresses (sorry moving on).

    David has become very active since he moved to Santa Carina. He enjoys riding his bike around the city looking at the architecture and for art shops for some of his on going art projects. He loves swimming in the ocean and playing badminton and volleyball on the beach, learning tricks at one of the near by skate parks, and has been practicing for a cycling marathon. David likes watching some of the school teams practice, and stays clear of the glamour girl’s (cheerleaders).

    History: Before David moved to Santa Carina from Nova Scotia Canada his parents got divorced. When David first moved to Santa Carina the past summer he and his father moved into an apartment as close to the ocean as they could get and moved in. His father started working in the US Navy and spends most of the time in an office for almost the whole day or goes out on the some of the ships for training, leaving David to fend for himself most of the time. David spent most of the summer exploring the city on his new bike, reading in the library or on the beach and trying some of the local food that to him was a bit spicier then what he was use to.

    When he started high school there he was made fun of and had taken his bike from him on more then one occasion, both times it was in school and he made the person flip over the handlebars both times (one time by kicking the front wheel when he road by, the other time David through a lock on a string through the back tire making it jam and the bike stop short.) In the beginning some of the kids took his notebooks as well and only a few people stepped up to help him. So far the only person who seems to what to be his friend is a kid he meet on the street by the name of Leo, but he seems to be chummy to about everyone he meets.

    David tries staying contact with his older brother who is in university in Halifax Nova Scotia but with about a four hour time difference it can be hard to keep connected. When they do connect they chat about what’s going on right then in their lives and share a joke or two. They chat about the old days and what they plan to do next with there lives. After signing off one day you notice that there’s a letter in the mail for you. It’s from a professor at Santa Carina and is labeled “at earliest convenience”. You guess it’s something to do with a tour of the campus or to persuade you to go there in a few years.
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  17. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    @innerDesign - The sign up looks great. Only three small details I'd like to mention:

    1. Can Dave Strider fight? I never read Homestuck so I wouldn't know. I assume he can, but I'm just making sure.

    2. Unfortunately, your weapon premise is too similar to Absoluna's, considering they're both blades that you can throw. I'd like it if you changed your weapon (or Absoluna, if he's ok with that, point is one of you needs to change weapons).

    3. Not sure if you asked Monster Guy if your character could know Leo. It's most likely ok, but you should ask other people first about these things.

    David "Dave" Alexander Edwards is Pending.
  18. innerDesign

    innerDesign Active Member

    @Billy Mays-Responce

    1. yes Dave strider can fight, he's really fast and in homestuck he's a time player (If unsure just read on).

    2. The throwing knives are pretty small but still hurt and can't really be used as a melee weapon, maybe just stabing but that's about it.

    3.yeah sorry jumped the gun a bit on that part I'm new to serebii.
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  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Leo knows everyponybody in Ponyville Santa Carina. And I mean everyponybody. xD

    But seriously, I'm fine with Dave knowing Leo.
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  20. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    @innerDesign - Eh, I'm still not sure. The premise of the two weapons is still very similar regardless. But, I guess that's fine. Though I'd prefer if the two weapons were a little more different, if you REALLY want to keep it that way then I guess that's fine. David is Accepted.

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