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[PG-13] Knights of Unova [SU]

~~~Knights of Unova~~~

RP - SU​

Long ago, in the land called Unova, there was a mighty empire. The ruler of this empire, King Harmonia, was a wise and benevolent ruler. By the king's side, there was a great Beast of Legend, which, in alliance with the Knights of Unova, provided the empire with protection. Under King Harmonia's rule, the empire grew prosperous and powerful.

However, tragedy struck, and King Harmonia became gravely ill. When the king passed away, his twin sons began to argue over the crown, for their father had not named an heir.

One brother, whose name was Ernst, and whom valued truth above all things, claimed the crown for himself, as he was the eldest, and by tradition the eldest always inherited the throne.

The other brother, whose name was Aleksandr, and whom sought fairness and ideals, argued that they had been born at the same time, and so they should determine through some sort of contest who would become king.

Ernst agreed to this, and the two had a contest of skill with the blade. And while both fenced with all their might and prowess, no clear victor could be determined. And so the brothers had a contest of skill with the bow. But both brothers pierced their targets through the center. Frustrated, the brothers then had a contest to see who was the better duelist, and commanded their Pokemon partners to engage in a duel to determine who was stronger. But the battle ended in a draw, with both Pokemon unable to continue fighting.

Now the Seven Sages, who had been King Harmonia's closest advisors and friends, suggested that the brothers present themselves before the Beast of Legend, for surely it would be able to determine the rightful heir, having been the partner of King Harmonia himself.

The brothers agreed to this, and so they made a pilgrimage to the Dragonspiral Tower, home of the great Beast. Presenting themselves before it, the brothers asked the Beast for guidance, and for its help in determining the next King.

The Beast of Legend, knowing that both were worthy rulers, then sundered itself into two seperate beings. Reshiram, the Dragon of Truth, would serve by Ernst's side to guide and protect him, whilst Zekrom, the Dragon of Ideals, would act as Aleksandr's loyal partner. An ideal partnership for an ideal future.

Truth and ideals, however, are rarely one and the same.

For the truth of the matter is that the brothers had come to resent each other, with each one believing that he was better than his sibling. When the Beast of Legend seperated its being, the brothers thought that they were meant to engage in one final Pokemon battle to settle the matter. But when Zekrom and Reshiram refused to fight, having only moments ago been one and the same entity, the brothers grew furious. They turned their backs on each other, and Aleksandr claimed the throne for himself.

This drove Ernst wild with fury. He began to gather followers, and soon their numbers began to swell. The empire was quickly spiraling into the beginnings of a dreadful and bloody civil war, with both sides supporting a different misguided hero.

You are one of the Knights of Unova. You are called upon now to make a choice – fight under the banner of King Aleksandr in pursuit of an ideal world? Or join Ernst in his war for truth and justice, and the hopes of a brighter future?



Welcome to Knights of Unova. Here are a few things you should know.

  1. Treat all other players with respect. I will have no in-fighting amongst the RPers. If you have an issue with somebody or something they do, take it up in private.
  2. No god-modding/bunnying, without the other player’s permission.
  3. Please follow all normal SPPf rules.
  4. This RP is about a WAR. As such, things could get a little bit GRAPHIC. In the case of such an event, kindly keep your posts at a PG-13 rating level. On the same note, feel free to romance with each other, but maintain the PG-13 rating.
  5. To ensure that you read these rules in their entirety, kindly put the phrase “And the Vikings set fire to the settlement!” in the Other section of your SU.
  6. Have fun!



The Unova of KoU is a little different from the Unova you and I are used to. Here are a few terms and locations you’ll want to remember differ from their modern counterparts.

  • Nacrene City does not yet exist – in its place lies the eastern portion of Pinwheel Forest, as well as storage houses to contain the grains and vegetables produced by the rest of the Eastern Province, which is largely heavy forests with farmland and small hamlets gratuitously scattered about.
  • The Skyarrow Bridge does not exist. Instead, ferrymen regularly go back and forth across the Eastern Canal to shuttle people from the Eastern Province to the Imperial Province.
  • Castle Harmonia, now the Relic Castle, is the hub of the Empire. It is here that the king lives, issuing royal edicts and decrees and overseeing the populace. Castle City, the metropolitan heart of Unova, covers the entire area that will one day be Castelia (Wharf District), Nimbasa (Upper District), and Route 4 (Castle District). It is gargantuan, even in comparison to modern cities. An underground highway connects it to Driftveil City, the Empire’s largest shipyard, while Castle City’s Wharf District serves as the major port of the region.
  • The Tower of the Sun is a tall stone tower contained within Castle Harmonia. At its tip is the great Sun God Volcarona, whose light shines out over the land during the day.
  • The Driftveil Drawbridge does not exist. The Western Canal, like its eastern brother, is regularly crossed with ferries.
  • Virbank, Aspertia, and Floccesy do not exist. However, where Floccesy Town will be one day lives a witch. A soothsayer. A wise woman. Rumors call her all of these things, but few dare to visit her. She lives alone.
  • Mistralton exists as a small village - however, the Celestial Tower has yet to be constructed. Furthermore, due to the imposing obstacle that is Twist Mountain, and the superstitions surrounding Chargestone Cave (which is said to be haunted), it is a remote place.
  • The Dragonspiral Tower stands tall and proud, and was erected by King Harmonia as a place for his own partner to live. The great Beast of Legend, as it was known, now resides amongst us as Zekrom, the Black Dragon, and Reshiram, the White Dragon.
  • Icirrus City exists, and serves a dual purpose – to maintain the sanctity of the Dragonspiral Tower, and to protect the Moor, which is the king’s personal hunting ground.
  • Anville Town does not exist. There is a small, nameless village there, but the people who live there are considered savage and strange, disconnected from the rest of the Empire.
  • The Challenger’s Cave is a place where many Knights train to hone their skills. It is filled with powerful Pokemon and rough terrain, against which they can hone their own strength.
  • Village Bridge is the oldest community still standing in Unova. Its people are hard-working and simple, and they like it that way.
  • The Abundant Shrine is a place dedicated to the Gods of the Storm, Thundurus and Tornadus, as well as the God of the Harvest, Landorus. These three are revered especially by farmers, who make extra offerings in hopes of a bountiful year.
  • Reversal Mountain is just entering dormancy. Occasional rumbles give the people of the Eastern Province a good scare now and then, but the volcano’s glory days are behind it.
  • Lentimas Town is a tiny village which exists on the slopes of Reversal Mountain. The volcanic clay is perfectly well-suited to making pottery, and many fine craftsmen have come from the town.
  • White Forest is a large, dense tract of forest filled with many species of wild Pokemon. A small village, called Black Town, exists at the very center.
  • Lacunosa Town does exist, albeit as a nameless farming community. The famous wall has yet to be built…
  • Humilau City and Undella Town do not exist. In their place is a large fishing community collectively known as Undella. The Seaside Ruins are here, built upon a small spit of land that is rapidly eroding.
  • The Seaside Ruins, now sunken and known as the Abyssal Ruins, are the remnants of an even more ancient civilization. Cryptic hieroglyphs line the walls, and few still live who can read the dead language. The Harmonia line claims descent from the prehistoric peoples who built it.
  • The Giant Chasm has only just been formed. One night, soon after the brothers declared war on each other, a great star fell to the earth and tore open a hole in the ground. Soothsayers across the Empire have declared this event an omen of ill import.
  • Victor’s Passage, aka Victory Road, is the final trial of all who hope to become Knights. The trainee and their Pokemon must scale the mountain alone, fending off wild Pokemon and other trainees in an attempt to reach the top. Those who succeed gain full Knighthood, and either a Weapon or Armor (more on that later).
  • The Entralink is holy ground, and only a select few may step foot upon it. It is a place of great and mysterious power, and none live who could say exactly what it can do.
  • The Seven Sages are a group of court mages, priests, and elders who act as the king’s advisors. All are wise, and seek to aid the king however they can. If that means they help themselves in the process, few of them would complain.
  • An ancient establishment, the Knights of Unova are the Empire’s most valiant warriors. They accept only the best, and Knights train hard night and day to stay on top. They are ready for any eventuality, and never back away from a fight. Presently, they are torn between following the ruling king, Aleksandr, and the rightful king, Ernst.
  • The Triad are the best of the best. These three Knights have risen above all others, and are the king’s own trusted personal guard. None can outmatch them, be it a match of skill, strength, or wit. So great are they that their partners are none other than the rare and powerful Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion.
  • The Beast of Legend was King Harmonia’s beloved partner. However, when the king died, it deemed both Aleksandr and Ernst fit to rule. It sundered itself into two beings, the White Dragon Reshiram and the Black Dragon Zekrom, and each half joined a different prince. It was this incident which led to the war.



Weapons and Armor are a Knight’s most powerful tools. Forged in the image of the Knight’s Pokemon partner, and imbued with mysterious power, these objects are used by a Knight in battle. Weapons and Armor channel the offensive and defensive capabilities of a Knight’s Pokemon. A Knight wielding a war axe in the image of a Haxorus, for example, would be able to utilize Haxorus’ Mold Breaker ability, and be able to cleave through any object, regardless of physical properties. A Knight wearing Armor modeled on a Ferrothorn would be kept safe by a powerful Protect shield. One could also utilize this system in creative ways, such as a Mienshao-based bo staff with Wide Guard that protects the user (and nearby allies) from attacks, or a pair of Zebstrika-themed, Motor Drive enhanced seven-league boots.



Interested in signing up? Fill out the handy-dandy sheet below!


Name: Your character’s name.

Gender: Your character’s gender.

Age: How old is your character? Note that most new Knights are in their late teens or early twenties, while veterans tend to be in their forties or fifties. 60 is considered retirement age for your average Knight.

Weapon/Armor: Describe your character’s unique Weapon/Armor here. Appearance and powers go here.

Affiliation: Alexsandr or Ernst? Truth or ideals?

Appearance: A brief description or drawing of your character. At least a paragraph, please.

Personality: Describe the way your character interacts with others and the world around them. At least two paragraphs, please.

History: A summary of your character’s past. Why did they join the Knights? Why did they join Aleksandr/Ernst? At least three paragraphs, please.

Other: Anything else you can think of that doesn’t any of the above sections.


Species: What species is your Knight’s partner?

Nickname: If your Knight’s partner has a unique name, this is the place for it.

Gender: If applicable, what gender is your Knight’s partner?

Appearance: Does your Knight’s partner have any physical characteristics that set it apart from your average bear? If so, list them here.

Personality: How does your Knight’s partner get along with others? What sort of quirks do they have?

History: A short history of your Knight’s partner. When did the two meet? Were there any bumps on the road to their friendship?

Powers: Moves and Abilities go here. At least four moves, but no more than six, and be sure to list one Ability!

Other: If you can think of anything that didn’t fit elsewhere, put it here!

NOTE: Any Pokemon that appears wild in BW/B2W2 (and their evolutionary trees!) is fair game for a partner. Exceptions include Klink, Porygon, Magnemite, Ditto, and all fossil Pokemon. And if you want a legendary partner, your sign up needs to REALLY impress me.


Name: Ernst

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Armor: A cloak, designed to resemble the folded wings of Reshiram. It is infused with the power of Imprison, and no move that Reshiram is capable of using can touch Ernst while he wears it. Due to the dragons’ intrinsically linked nature, its power also extends to Zekrom’s moves.

Affiliation: Truth

Appearance: Tall and slim, with deep blue eyes and long blond hair. Ernst has the same angular features as Aleksandr, save for his cheekbones, which are slightly more rounded. His eyes are calm and full of easy laughter. He wears the garb of a peasant to disguise his true identity – a ratty tunic and worn-out trousers. The only article of clothing he owns that would suggest he is royalty is his cloak. He also keeps a small golden locket hidden in his purse.

Personality: Friendly and charismatic, Ernst is an open personality. He loves people, and when he isn’t busy with his war, he can be found speaking with the peasantry, learning about how they think and feel about things. He prides himself on hearing the voice of the people, and he hopes that by acting on it, he can improve the Empire. He listens to everyone with equal respect, and never treats any opinion as if it is invalid. Truth is his passion, and he desires to know all there is and use this knowledge for the benefit of everyone.

He craves learning, and devours books and scrolls greedily. His greatest desire is to make Unova a land of progress and learning, where philosophers and scholars from across the world may come to seek enlightenment. In spite of this, he has a tendency to deceive others. He is reluctant to give up information for any reason, believing that important matters are strictly need-to-know.

History: Ernst is the eldest of the Twin Princes, the children of the late King Harmonia. He and Aleksandr were the best of friends growing up, and got into all sorts of mischief. Typically, it was Ernst who would concoct a scheme, and Aleksandr who would take the fall whenever things went awry (as they often did). The brothers frequently got into arguments, but always reconciled quickly afterwards.

It was Ernst’s idea to follow in the footsteps of their father and join the Knights of Unova. Aleksandr agreed readily, and the two climbed the Victor’s Passage with their partner Pokemon. On the way up, Ernst’s Accelgor (who had never much liked the prince) was nearly devoured by a hungry Heatmor. Ernst rescued Accelgor, solidifying the pair’s friendship for good, and the two quickly finished their ascent. Ernst was given a helm that bore the image of Accelgor as his Armor. Ernst and Aleksandr celebrated their victory with a duel, which Aleksandr barely won. Ernst joked that “the student has surpassed the master,” a reference to Ernst’s usual superiority in combat training.

As we know though, this joviality did not last long. Soon after, King Harmonia took ill and perished before naming an heir. The brothers began to grow suspicious and jealous of each other, and things escalated quickly. Their legendary Pokemon duel became tragic when Accelgor and Escavalier pushed themselves past the breaking point, and perished from sheer exhaustion. The princes were heartbroken, but by now their hatred of each other had grown so intense that nothing could stop it.

Recognizing this, the Seven Sages suggested the brothers confer with the Beast of Legend. The two agreed, and we all know what happened next.

Other: Nothing. And the Vikings set fire to the settlement!


Species: Reshiram

Nickname: N/A

Gender: N/A

Appearance: Looks like your “average” Reshiram, save a single, pitch-black scar on its right eye.

Personality: Gentle and calm, Reshiram is the exact opposite of Ernst. It is always ready to soothe the injured, be it body or soul. It is also quite stern, leading some to be reminded of a serious mother, ready to aid in all situations but more than capable of doling out punishment to the wicked.

History: Reshiram’s history with Ernst is well known. However, as half of the Beast of Legend, Reshiram was once the guardian of Unova. Its power knew no equal. The partner of King Harmonia, the Beast’s power and wisdom is what allowed Unova to grow into the great Empire it now is. Reshiram loathes being separated from its other half, Zekrom, but is utterly devoted to Ernst.

Powers: Turboblaze, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Extrasensory, Fusion Flare, Blue Flare.

Other: Nada. These Vikings sure like to set fire to settlements, huh?​



Gender: male

Age: 25

Armor: A black cloak which has a pattern on its lower half to imitate Zekrom's tail. It is enchanted with the power of Imprison, so that any move Zekrom is capable of won't affect Aleksandr. Due to the dragons' linked heritage, this also cancels out Reshiram's moves.

Affiliation: Ideals

Appearance: He has a tall and slender build, but is still as capable as a Knight in battle. His eyes are deep blue and his hair is midnight black; he generally keeps his hair just a few inches long, short but enough to blow in the wind. He likes keeping a clean and well-kept look to himself. Not to an obsessive point, but he does keep his clothing in good shape and wash up after practice. Aleksandr regularly dresses in the fashions of the court, outfits to impress and attract others with, although he's wary of overdoing things and ending up gaudy. If he's on the battle field, though, expect him to be wearing something more suitable for protection and ease of movement.

Personality: Aleksandr is thoughtful, charming, and just a bit mysterious. He likes to listen to people and help them. However, he is a little slow to speak up, as he chooses his words carefully. He loves to solve problems and riddles, laughing easily at jokes based on wordplay or wit. He is quite intuitive, understanding the world through connections and systems. Oftentimes, he can surprise those who aren't used to him, as he'll start off quiet and soft-spoken. But once he makes a decision, wants to give an order, or needs to control a meeting, his words take on force and authority without being overtly aggressive (in most cases). He doesn't get angry often, letting insults slid off him and considering intently why the person is angry. If someone does truly insult or anger him, his own anger can smolder deep within for a long time.

When it comes to the Empire, the whole of it is important to him, making sure that all of its systems, laws, and functions are functioning smoothly. If it means ignoring an immediate complaint for addressing a overall concern, or sacrificing an individual's problem for solving the group's, then so be it. He believes in fairness, compassion, self-sacrifice (in the sense of putting others before one's self) and morals. He often advises others to follow a moral life and work for the good of the community and the Empire. Living out one's ideals, he believes, is the way to a better life, and a better world.

He's good at hiding his emotions, most often appearing calm and collected. In private, he is quite upset, sad, and angry about what's gone on since his father's death. While he has determination to not let it interfere with his new role as King Harmonia, his brother is still quite a sore spot and one of the few ways one might see him lose his cool. He dreams of perfecting the government so that people can live good peaceful lives, unafraid of trouble and able to live as they wish based on their own merit.

History: Aleksandr is the younger of the twin princes born to King Harmonia. He had a happy childhood, listening to his father, tagging along for Ernst's great ideas and games (even if it ended up with him in trouble suspiciously often), and observing various people in the court at their duties. While he mostly followed others as a child, he quickly grew an interest in government and how the empire worked. He even tried to help out some of the court officials, although he was agreeable enough to do simple chores as long as they taught him something of what they did.

When they were teenagers, Ernst suggested that they train with and join the Knights of Unova. Aleksandr saw no reason why not to. After all, he was technically the younger son and while their father hadn't said anything yet about who the official heir, it was traditional for the eldest son to take over the Harmonia throne. He might as well serve his country. However, he did continue getting lessons from court officials and his father on governmental matters, leading him to a slower growth in being a knight. He got a Karrablast for a partner and was quite happy with him, talking to him about what he'd been learning and making sure that his exoskeleton armor kept good-looking. Eventually, they became a knight and Escavalier, close friends and partners. This was topped off by the first time Aleksandr ever beat Ernst in a duel, giving him quite a bit of confidence in that he could be just as great as the brother he admired.

Then King Harmonia grew ill. While he was greatly worried for his father, he also worried about how the empire would keep running. Aleksandr offered to take over a few duties, to relieve his father of the responsibility so he could rest. Also, there had been an important ambassador coming at that time to discuss sea trade issues, which couldn't be put off or the other nation might be offended. Aleksandr stepped up to discussing with the ambassador as well as the Sages to make sure things went well. At the last of those meetings, he got word that his father had died. With some support from one of the Sages as well as his Escavalier, Aleksandr managed to keep himself together long enough to see the ambassador off before he ran back to his father's quarters. It had been quite difficult, but that was a part of his beliefs: others and the Empire before himself.

The delay didn't seem to sit well with Ernst, though. It ended up starting an argument, during which Aleksandr's self-control slipped up and he lost his temper. Normally he would have apologized when he calmed down. But the loss of his father had shaken him up badly, even if he could keep an appearance of being calm and collected most of the time. It sharpened his anger against his brother, building up resentment as he thought back on formerly fond memories. It didn't help that no one else seemed certain what to do about the inheritance, so going to see the Beast of Legend seemed like the perfect solution at the time.

Other: More Vikings! More flamings settlements!


Species: Zekrom


Gender: neutral, although Aleksandr tends to use feminine pronouns for her.

Appearance: Only 'unusual' thing is that Zekrom has a white scar over her left eye.

Personality: While Aleksandr is a bit mysterious, Zekrom is very mysterious. She has a way of unnerving others into behaving properly around her while being a well-mannered Pokemon herself (usually with an intelligent but cold gaze that makes others believe that she can read thoughts and know what they're doing wrong). On the other hand, she has moments of great affection and caring (reassuring others with those same eyes). Zekrom seems reluctant to battle in general, slow to anger. She also quite creative, occasionally seen at the garden rearranging rocks. If one is lucky, one might even catch her singing.

History: Zekrom's been with Aleksandr for two months now, ever since the events at Dragonspiral Tower which led to her existence. While she is mournful at times at being separated from her other half, she immediately had a strong connection to Aleksandr and seems to understand him fully. Zekrom even takes on a small form so that she can follow him around while he's in the castle.

Powers: Teravolt, Dragon Claw, Thunder, Extrasensory, Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike.

Other: Nothing. The Vikings set fire to the settlement! Again!​



shiningsloth13 (GM): Ernst/Reshiram - David Carpenter/Goliath the Golurk
Ysavvryl (GM): Aleksandr/Zekrom - Bernard Wake/Crush the Conkeldurr
Guywhoiam (reserved)
Elysian (reserved)
wayjun: Andrea Blacker/Oscura the Cofagrigus
Samantha Sparks (reserved)
SoulMuse: Ian/Abigale the Volcarona
Accelgor X: Tyrus Azione/Vincent the Houndoom
iStorm: Darcy Sparrow/Zoroark
Azran Flame: Valentina Kaminov/Aphrodi the Garchomp
Double-oh-Platypus (reserved)
Starkrai (reserved)
kilowatt: Constanto Mill/Trave the Beheeyem (incomplete)
folksy: Lori Ann/Whimsi the Whimsicott
RefreezePR: Sandra Veruen/Shadowfire the Lampent
Narvi: Rom Balthazar/Orcus the Bisharp
Cometstarlight (reserved)
Da_bomb.com (reserved)
Pokefan0234 (reserved)​
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Wohoo! I'll try working on something later.
Btw, can you please remove the spave between the lines? at least some of it. It's confusing to read
Could you be a little more specific? Would you like me to un-center it, or remove the paragraph spaces?


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The paragraphs are a bit confusing, at least to me. But I have no absolute answer on how it should be
I changed a few things, not sure if that helps any.


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Reserve me a spot please! I'll work on my sign up after class tonight.

Quick question though: So for weapons and armor, we can use moves as a power, correct? Or is it only abilities? This looks really fun by the way!
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Reserve me a spot please! I'll work n my sign up after class tonight.

Quick question though: So for weapons and armor, we can use moves as a power, correct? Or is it only abilities? This looks really fun by the way!

Weapons and Armor can use moves OR Abilities, and they can be implemented in any combination. The only limit is your own creativity! RESERVED!


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I'll reserve a spot, but I'm trying to decide between Jellicent, Scolipede, and Confagrgious. Would a shield that nullifies physical attacks or disables them be too overpowered?
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I'm not going to make a reserve, but it seems very interesting, I may but I'm not sure if I would want to be in two RPGs at once, so I'll think about it.
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Acting as co-GM here! So I'll discuss ideas and such too.

@wayjun: I would think that it would be overpowered to have physical attacks nullified. Reason being that it would encompass most fighting that humans are capable of. After all, two princes have an Imprison effect because they have legendary partners. Maybe something weaker than null or something more like Ghost nulling Normal. Or an effect that's like the move Disable, which has to be willfully done and is temporary. shiningsloth has the last word on accepting things.
I'll reserve a spot, but I'm trying to decide between Jellicent, Scolipede, and Confagrgious. Would a shield that nullifies physical attacks or disables them be too overpowered?

RESERVED! As for the shield, that depends. I assume you're referring to Mummy and Cursed Body. In Mummy's case, I would say that it temporarily nullifies the powers of the Weapon that strikes the object in question. Same for Cursed Body - nullifies the Weapon for a short period of time.

I'm not going to make a reserve, but it seems very interesting, I may but I'm not sure if I would want to be in two RPGs at once, so I'll think about it.

Think as much as you like! We likely won't be starting for a while yet, so take your time.


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Alright, I am really freaking tired, so I haven't read all the extra information, but this looks really interesting, and I will reserve a spot. Questions will come tomorrow.

NEXT DAY EDIT: What exactly are you defining as legendary pokemon? I know there are the obvious ones, but are you including any others on the list?
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Name: Ethan Hemlocke

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Weapon: Ethan wields a giant dark green shuriken with golden vines that spread across each blade. The shuriken takes a great amount of skill to use properly. He prefers to wield it as a long-range weapon by throwing it like a boomerang, but he is able to use it as a close-range weapon by make quick sweeps with his weapon. He can use the ability Leaf Tornado.

Affiliation: Aleksandr; Ideals


Ethan is a tall young man. His body type is rather thin, which allows him to be nimble and swift. He has a light brown skin tone that radiates with a soft glow when in sunlight. His narrow and calculating gray eyes are framed by a pair of thick black eyebrows that are neatly kept. He has long eyelashes that line his eyelids. His nose is sharp but small, and his wide mouth and pouty lips typically form a sly grin. Ethan’s ears are slightly pointed and twitch when he is stressed. He has a very high cheekbones and a sharp jaw line that he inherited from his father. Ethan has a curly mass of black hair that he keeps well-groomed.

Ethan’s thin frame is draped in a regal forest green tunic that has golden trim and a golden vine pattern that winds up the sides. The tunic is belted around his waist with a brown sash. He wears a pair of black leather pants, and brown boots with golden clasps. Ethan also wears a pair of brown leather gloves that stop beneath his elbows; he tucks his tunic sleeves into them. His silhouette is streamlined, because he does not like any excess fabric hanging from him.


Ethan is an aloof and reserved person. He doesn’t dislike people or having social interactions; he just gets overwhelmed by those things fairly easily. Ethan actually does enjoy small group interactions in which he can develop strong bonds. He’s an emphatic person and isn’t afraid to speak his mind when he feels inclined to do so. He spends a majority of his time alone, but he will occasionally interact with others. Ethan is often in a state of calmness, and it takes a lot to get him flustered.

At times, Ethan can be very critical of others as well as himself. He tends to hold grudges against those that have wronged him, and it takes much effort to regain his trust. Ethan can easily go into a state of paralysis when his senses are over-stimulated, or his ability to think is bogged down by too many thoughts. He prefers to focus on one to two things at a time. Ethan is primarily controlled by his head rather than his heart, but he is often moved by the passion of others. He prefers to act as a mediator and advisor to others, but some people may view him as being untrustworthy or two-faced. Ethan will often have his own agenda and methods to further his goals and those of his allies.


Ethan was born into a family of merchants. His father was a skilled blacksmith, and his mother an excellent weaver. They sold many of their makings to generate profit to enable them to live a comfortable life. Ethan was bought very extravagant items and clothing as a child. At a young age, Ethan noticed that not everyone was able to live as comfortably as he did. He went on to receive a quality education, but he wanted something more out of life.

Ethan was a devout scholar and looked for ways to improve the quality of life for those around him. He decided to put his sharp mind to use as a member of the Knights of Unova. This would give him a platform from which to promote his ideals and share the opinions of the commoners. Ethan decided to not only dedicate his focus to becoming a powerful Knight of Unova, but also, a cunning tactician.

Ethan was shocked by the schism that occurred between the two brothers, Ernst and Aleksandr, after their father’s death. It seemed very sudden to him since he did not have much information that he didn’t gather from rumors. He assumes that there was a misunderstanding between the two brothers and hopes that they will be able to reconcile their differences. Ethan wants to quell the sparks of war that are on the horizon and achieve a peaceful solution, but for now he has joined Aleksandr. Ethan relates more Aleksandr’s idealistic mindset and thinks that he is better fit to rule; Ethan hopes to help him stay in power.

Other: And the Vikings set fire to the settlement!


Species: Servine


Gender: Male

Appearance: Servine looks like a typical Servine.

Personality: Servine is very similar in personality to Ethan. He is just as cunning and distant. He will often leave for hours at a time and return to Ethan later. Ethan isn’t sure what Servine does during this time. Servine doesn’t often challenge Ethan’s authority, but he doesn’t cooperate with anyone else very often.

History: Ethan received Servine as a Snivy. Ethan and Snivy worked extensively on their combat abilities. They proved to work incredibly well together, and got along well. After much training, Snivy evolved into a fierce Servine. Servine and Ethan continue their training as they assist Aleksandr.

Powers: Overgrow, Vine Whip, Leaf Tornado, Leech Seed, Growth, Wrap

Other: Ethan is a talented painter and lyrist. And the Vikings set fire to the settlement!
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Can armour abilities be taken from Pokemon Pokedex entries? Or a pokemon's appearance? For example, if I had a Zebstrika partner could my armour enable me to run very fast? Or if I had a gliscor partner could my armour give me limited gliding?

EDIT: Characters will have already completed the victor's passage trial, correct?
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@SoulMuse: Volcarona is being treated as a god, so it and Larvesta would count as legendaries for this game. I think that's the only unusual 'legendary' we have.

@thesilverwolf: check the rules :)

@Accelgor X: the Victor's Passage Trial is the final test to becoming a knight, so yes. Well, I think we'd be open to squires too that will need to take their trial soon. And if you want to take a weapon/armor ability from a Pokedex entry, you might want to reference it, but it should be okay if it's not over powered.

@Elysian: Actually, blacksmiths are quite important to medieval communities, so it's likely that Isaac wasn't poor as he grew up. Not rich either, but likely in-between. A better example of a poor profession might be a serf farmer or a shoemaker (they made shoes to last back then). That might be nitpicky, but the more major concern is that the Giant Chasm was formed very recently. It occurred close to the brothers' split, which means about two months ago. So he couldn't have visited it four years ago. Also, please avoid using Kyurem yet, partly due to the timing.

Read through the initial post again. It's a lot of info, but it's helpful.

@Guywhoiam: That should be okay.