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[PG-13] Knights of Unova [SU]


Shadow of nothing
Alrighty....this six page, 2,500 word monster is done....and with that much size I really hope I didn't miss something. Anyways, here goes.


Name: Ian

Gender: Male.

Age: 35

Weapon/Armor: Ian’s weapons is a sword styled after Volcarona’s wings. While the blade is not completely leaf shaped, as the moths wings are, it retains many similarities to the moth’s wing shape, while being the same length as a traditional longblade. The Blade allows Ian to perform a Fiery Dance, enhancing his average skill with a blade greatly. While within the Dance, the blade catches fire as well, enhancing the cutting power greatly.

While not the Armor of a Knight, Ian does wear some armor, which is made of a combination of chainmail and plates, designed to allow for maximum flexibility, while still protecting his entire body. This armor is only worn when Ian will be in a fight, otherwise, he wears the clothing listed below.

Affiliation: Alexsandr (Very shaky. Not hard to convince him to go to the other side.)

Appearance: Ian is tall and thin, being built much like a dancer or a runner. His hair is a dark brown, and cut relatively short, although he occasionally lets the back grown a bit longer. Ian’s skin is fairly pale despite being in the presence of a Pokémon that radiates light. His eyes are a light green, and he has the odd tendency to not blink for very long periods of time, occasionally admitting that he stares at things so long that he visions becomes Tricolor.

In terms of clothing, Ian is fairly simplistic. He wears a black shirt, and pants, and covers that with a black cloak. The back of the cloak has the image of Volcarona on it, stitched in silver thread. A similar motif in on the left chest of Ian’s shirts, and signifies that he guards the Tower of the Sun, as if his partner being a legend is not enough of an indication. His sword hangs at his left hip. A pair of sturdy black boots round out Ian’s attire.

Personality: Cold and distant, Ian appears to be exact sort of person who would guard the Tower of the Sun. That, however, is exactly what Ian wants you to think. The majority of the time, Ian hides behind a well constructed persona, the result of years of repressed feelings, insecurities, and more.

Outwardly, Ian is clipped, but still polite, and seems to be unshakable. He professes great confidence, always seeming to know what to do in a crisis, or bad situation. Considered by many to be someone to aspire to follow within the Priesthood of the Sun, Ian’s outward actions tend to have a certain calculated certainty to them, almost as though he massively over analyzes every situation.

As a sort of middleman between the Knights of Unova and the Priesthood, Ian also must profess to be able to deal with the politics of his rather precarious position, something that even his carefully constructed persona has difficulty doing.

When in private however, Ian is very different from the calm and confident self he projects normally. In reality, Ian spends much of his time on the verge of a mental breakdown due to the stress of his position, and the expectations of everyone else. This couples with his own personal misgivings about himself, and his situation to force Ian’s sanity to live quite precariously.

Ian’s only saving grace in terms of stress come strangely enough from dancing and simple debates. Ian’s interest in dancing has as much to do with his position as a Knight as anything, because his personal sword style is based heavily on dancing.

History: Ian was born in the Castle to a lesser member of the Priesthood of the Sun. From a young age, it was expected the Ian would simply join the Priesthood, and that would be that. However, from a similarly young age, Ian preferred to shun the duties of an acolyte in favor of training to become a Knight of Unova.

For years, Ian trained both as a member of the Priesthood, and to become a Knight. Many of his peers scorned these ideas, believing that he should be content to serve Volcarona, and leave it at that. As younger children are won’t to do, Ian’s peers did a number on his(Ian) self-confidence, leaving him with a nearly debilitating case of second guessing everything he did.

Among the various duties Ian performed as an acolyte, he was one of numerous people responsible for the well being of the Brood, housed in the catacombs of Castle Harmonia. Often, suffering the verbal abuses of his peers, Ian would retreat into those Catacombs, spending time amongst the various Larvesta. While hiding thusly, he often had plenty of time to think, both about his personal goals and many other things. Much of his time in the catacombs not devoted to the Priesthood was devoted to training to become a Knight, an ambition that he clung to desperately despite the ridicule of his peers. Ian’s parents remained indifferent to his dream, allowing him to do as he wished in that regard.

Due to his frequent wanderings below the castle, Ian learned all of the various routes through the catacombs, the places to hide, and more.

Thusly, the first twelve or so years of Ian’s life fell into a pattern. Ian would complete his chores for the Priesthood as quickly as possible, so as to avoid dealing with his peers, before vanishing to care for the Brood for awhile. After than he would train his body and mind as best he could. Not long after Ian’s tenth birthday, rumors started to filler down that there was some kind of heretic Priest running about. Ian didn’t really care, as he felt such things would not trouble him. At first this was true.

Not long after Ian turned fourteen, he was down in the Catacombs, caring for a group of Larvesta when a group of men burst into the room. Startled Ian hid, and he was stunned to see that a small group, four to be exact, Knights accompanying a corpulent Priest. What shocked Ian even more, however was what came next.

The Priest ordered the Knights to gather every Larvesta they could, saying they didn’t have much time before the other “heretics” caught him. Ian remained hidden in an alcove, until the Knight had left. When they finally fled, the Priest screaming at the Knights to hurry up, as someone would be meeting them at an exit. Ian, confused, and aghast at the kidnapping/theft of members of the Brood, sprinted to the surface to alert other members of the Priesthood. While he could not find a Priest, Ian did find a group of Knights who had been tasked with finding the rogue Priest. When he told them what he had seen, the leader of the group swore angrily, as neither he, nor most other Knights, knew their way around the catacombs below the castle.

Normally, Ian would have shrunk away from the idea of leading the Knights through the Catacombs, not believing he could do such a thing or some such, however, for some reason, he spoke up, volunteering to lead the Knight along the fastest course to the exit the Priest had spoke of.

Ian was never more terrified than that day, running down the dimly lit tunnels, leading a group of Knights towards a rouge Priest, someone he was supposed to look up to. Despite the lead the rogue group had, Ian’s superior knowledge of the passageways meant that he and the Knights bet the rogues to the exit by a few minutes. During the short fight the followed, Ian stayed hidden behind a pillar, watching in awe as the Knights and their partners battled. During the commotion, the Priest tried to flee, and Ian, while attempting to get away from the fleeing man, who weight at least twice, if not three times as much as he did, tripped the Priest, who feel and was knocked unconscious.

After returning the Larvesta to their home, the Knights praised Ian and his “capture” of the rogue priest highly. Someone higher in the hierarchy of the Priesthood decided that as a reward for doing the Priesthood a great service, Ian would be allowed to raise one of the Brood, on the condition that he underwent training to become a Knight, and once that training was complete, he would return to the service of the Priesthood. Finally seeing the chance to fulfill his dreams, Ian jumped on the chance.

For the next almost ten years, Ian trained under several Knights, and took the first steps to building his façade of confident aloofness. During his training, Ian knew that his constant self doubt was holding him back. With that in mind, he began to push those feelings down, hiding them behind his slowly emerging façade.

However, even after Ian’s teachers claimed he was ready for the final trails as a Knight, he took another two years to privately train, and learn to fight beside his partner, who he not truly learned to battle beside. After twelve years exactly of blood sweat and tears, Ian outwardly professed to be ready to become a Knight.

His final trail, or so Ian thought, completed, Ian returned to Castle Harmonia, his freshly evolved partner at his side, and was brought before the High Priest of the Sun. The High Priest presented Ian with his weapon, forged in the image of Volcarona’s wings, before explaining what Ian’s position within the Priesthood would actually means.

Ian’s duties where fairly straightforward, while he had all of the usual duties assigned to a Knight of Unova, he was one of a select few Knights who served the Priesthood of the Sun. As such, he could be called upon to escort Priests around, and other things.

Ian’s life was largely uneventful for the next few years, doing a number of odd jobs for the Priesthood, and slowly building up his image as the paragon of a Knight. During this time, Ian found himself slowly being drawn into more to inner politics of the Priesthood, and the higher echeleons of the Kingdom, as he was often called upon to escort the High Priest places, as his partner was the closest thing to the Light most people would see in their lives.

With the recent split between the brothers, Ian decided that his loyalty was with the Priesthood, as opposed to any given King. For now, he will, should the need arise, fight with the King, but his loyalty to the Priesthood will supersede that.

Other: More information on Ian and Larvesta/Volcarona’s relationship will be below.

Anything else you can think of that doesn’t any of the above sections. See below for notice on Viking Activities….and call the fire departement.


Species: Volcarona

Nickname: Abigale

Gender: Female

Appearance: Abigale has two large scars, one down the middle of her back, and one across her left top wing, as a result of fights she should not have picked.

Personality: Abigale is foremost rather egotistical. Being revered by the entire Priesthood especially after her evolution has given her a more than slightly overinflated image of herself. As a result, she often comes across as very standoffish, and tends to refuse to fight as her peak because she feels facing her full strength to much a complement to her foe.

Outside of her egotism, Abigale contrasts sharply with Ian in that she has no issues with confidence at all. In fact, she often can see right through Ian’s outward platitudes and actions, perceiving his inner conflicts more acutely than most. She does her best to help Ian with his issues, and while she cannot speak, Abigale still finds ways to convince Ian that his inner second guessing isn’t helping him at all. Once she gets to know someone, Abigale usually will tone down her egotistic attitude slightly, and is a bit more personable.

She absolutely loves apples, of any variety, and they provide the surest way to get into her good graces.

History: Early into their partnership, when Ian was just starting his training, he and Abigale did not get along well, mostly because Ian was not very sure of himself, and Abigale felt that helping him was beneath her. The two managed to reach an uneasy peace after almost two years of training, to where Abigale would listen to Ian’s orders, but not a thing otherwise. This was the state the pair existed in for quite some time.

Much of the reason the two didn’t get along involved Ian’s lack of confidence in himself, and how that didn’t help him overcome Abigale’s egotism. This didn’t change until the two years Ian spent privately training. Much of this training simply involved traveling the region and such. During some of these travels, Abigale, who was then still a Larvesta, would pick fights with Pokémon she shouldn’t, such as a Lucario, an Excadrill, a pair of Bravairy, and the like. Whenever this happened, Ian often ended up having to run the Pokémon off so they didn’t severely wound, or even kill Abigale. This only made the egotistical bug dislike him more, since she felt she always had the situation under control. This lead to Ian in turn resenting his partner for forcing him to bail her out of fights she could not win.

Finally, however, things came to a serious head during the final trials of becoming a Knight. During the climb, Abigale decided to pick a fight with the partner of a Knight-aspirant that Ian was trying to sneak past. This would normally have not been a problem, except that the partner was a Zweilous (spelling?). It was fairly obvious from the start that both Ian and Abigale were out of there league in the battle. Ian was outclassed in close combat by his opponent, who excelled at hand to hand fighting, and was not letting Ian draw his weapon, while Abigale simply could not get close enough to harm the more powerful dragon type. Despite having built up his outwards confidence, Ian was still somewhat unsure of himself inside and it showed as the battle wore on.

Abigale, thanks to nearly ten years of relentless training, was already near evolution, and the stress of the battle, and watching her partner, who while she resented, and thought weak, was still her partner, get beat within an inch of his life, kicked her over the edge. To the shock, and subsequent horror of the other squire/Knight-aspirant, whatever, Abigale evolved into the manifestation of the sun, Volcarona, and proceed to even the fight a bit more. The distraction also gave Ian the chance to draw his sword, making him a little more capable of defending himself. The battle dragged out for awhile longer, and to Abigale’s surprise, Ian actually beat his opponent before her, before helping Abigale knock out the dragon.

As a result, that moth began to respect him more, especially as he began to build his persona as a Knight. Slowly the two of them have developed a sort of mutual respect, which has lead to their present state.

Abigale will follow Ian’s orders, and not only respects him, but does her level best to get his inwards personality to be a little more confident.

Powers: Flame Body Fiery Dance, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Giga Drain, Fly,

Other: If you can think of anything that didn’t fit elsewhere, put it here! “And the Vikings set fire to the settlement!!!!


Pokedex Researcher
@Elysian: I thought I'd give you an in-depth SU review, because some issues seem like they weren't even looked at. We want to help your character fit in, but right now he really sticks out.

Firstly, you shouldn't have two enchanted items. Even if the sword and shield are used as a combo, they count as two items. Plus, they're using two different powers. Isaac has got a near-unstoppable attack and an impenetrable defense, which already makes him overpowered (even if it's an either/or situation). Keep one enchantment and drop the other, otherwise we can't accept him.

I mostly like his personality, but I'm not comfortable with his being gay being the only reason he keeps his feelings bottled up. He seems like someone with an optimistic yet stoic mask, but a lot more troubles under the surface which blow up in spurts. Maybe something could be expanded on with that idea? Plus the whole 'being fascinated by war but pushed by his father to marry into wealth', expanding on that could help fill out Isaac's overall personality

The history is where a lot of problems are. I know I already suggested changing his father's profession if you wanted him to have a poor upbringing, but his father being a blacksmith did make more sense for him acquiring a sword and shield than it does now. Generous passerbys is pushing suspension of disbelief, especially twice. And if he is poor... what chance does he have for getting a girl of a wealthy family to marry him?

On Isaac meeting the Beldum... you do realize that Beldums weigh over 200 pounds, right? Having one collide with a human's head would either kill the human or give him/her a severe concussion. Also, why is the Beldum so suddenly friendly with Isaac? Even being a Psychic type and possibly being able to read him, it would be more in your favor to have a better reason that Isaac earns the Beldum's friendship and loyalty.

Also, you may want to read through the whole thread here. shiningsloth has stated that squires usually come in as young teenagers for years of training, to become knights around the age Isaac is upon taking the Victor's Path challenge. Given how Isaac's history is set up now, he would not be a knight, and thus would not have an enchanted weapon or armor. He'd be more of an ordinary fighter that joined Ernst. And since he doesn't live in Castle City, he wouldn't know many details about why the twins have started a civil war over the succession. It can be reworked, I think, but make sure to think things through carefully about how to make your character fair.

Lastly, there's some typos that should be corrected. It's best to have a tidy SU for any game.

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Riiiiiiiiiiight, have this 3,385-words-long monster of a SU!


Name: Valentina Kaminov

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Weapon/Armor: Valentina’s weapon is a pair of two scythes and claws, which are attached upon each arm, covering the entire lower arm and the back of the hand. An extremely rigid and fairly sharp blade extends from the arm, which can double as both a weapon and a mini-shield of sorts, and a set of long, ultra-sharp silver claws, capable of damaging armour, extend from the wrist, covering the hand, which are the main attacking weapons, and are generally used for tearing enemies apart or piercing holes in them. Her scythes (not her claws) are imbued with the power Sandstorm, meaning that they leave a long trail of sand in its tracks, clouding the visions of opponents (though not her own, as she also wears clear goggles in battle to protect her eyes).

Affiliation: Alexsandr; Ideals

Appearance: Valentina looks much younger than she actually is, standing at 160cm and having childish facial features, such as large, innocent, baby blue eyes which can make themselves even larger if she wills them to, a small button nose, and cherry-like lips. She has a very skinny figure, coupled with a tragically flat chest, though this also allows her to move more freely and nimbly. Her hair is also very childish for her age – she has wavy, platinum-blonde hair, which is tied back into two high pigtails that reach just past her shoulders when tied up like this, giving her the appearance of a prepubescent girl. Indeed, more than one person has been shocked when hearing about her real age.

In normal circumstances, Valentina is not one for dark, heavy, clothing – she prefers wearing skirts and dresses and blouses, usually white or any other pale colour, with the more frills, the better. Her favourite outfit is a cream-coloured dress with short, puffy sleeves and a frilly skirt that comes down to just above her knees, the shade of yellow getting darker the lower down the frills are. She wears white knee-length socks underneath them, and black strapless shoes with a ribbon at the front. She also wears a crystal necklace in the shape of a teardrop as a good luck charm, and her hair is tied back with carnation-pink ribbons. Of course, she ditches her girly clothes in battle, and wears a black protective outfit, which, though it isn’t a standard Knight’s armour, is still good at deflecting the majority of attacks, and is thin enough to let her move around freely. Also, in battle, she wears clear goggles to protect her eyes from sand to accompany her partner’s powers, as mentioned previously.

Valentina has a very faint trace of a long scar down her upper arm, which she got when she was eight years old, and is therefore almost invisible now.

Personality: Valentina is an extremely bubbly, sweet-natured girl (or more precisely, young woman), who loves meeting and chatting to new people, being easily excited, and being around people in general. She aims to live life to its fullest, and to value happiness above everything else. Though she does have a tendency to annoy people, she has a knack for breaking through people’s shells with her bouncy and determined nature. She loves making new friends, and is generally nice to almost everyone. She relishes in helping people complete tasks, and acts as the cheerleader of the group in many situations, due to her optimistic views about life and everything else, as well as her perpetually cheerful self naturally cheering up others by her mere presence in their company. As a result, she is well-liked and doted on by many people. However, some people still do think of her to be unnecessarily immature for her age, usually the most cold-hearted ones.

…Or so she seems. Valentina is well aware of her happy-go-lucky image, and how she looks so innocent and childlike, and uses this to her advantage. She is very selfish and cunning, and is used to getting things her way. Because of this, she uses various tricks and tactics to persuade, or rather bribe, people to do her bidding. She can create teary, puppy-dog eyes, or make tears roll down her cheeks while giving the impression that she is trying to hold them back, and even act cutesy and sweeter than usual, to get anything she wants, from extra sweets to a secret book of records out of bounds to everyone except the owner of the book. She uses most of her so-called ‘friends’ to her advantage, knowing that one would naturally want to be useful to their friends, and uses her high-born status as well to attract more ‘friends’. At heart, she is more cunning than a Zoroark, though of course, she will hardly ever let people know of her secret. She also has a specialty for hitting people where it hurts on purpose (both physically and metaphorically), while keeping up the guise that she is completely innocent and that she only ‘accidentally’ said that without meaning to hurt their feelings.

Valentina also has a very violent side to her. Whenever battles are involved, her personality takes a sudden 180 degrees turn, and she becomes violent and aggressive, maybe almost a psychopath, and is eager for blood and death. She revels in killing or harming others, hearing the screams of the people at death’s doors, and gives no mercy to anyone at all, no matter what tragic and tear-jerking excuse they may have. She loves being sadistic while torturing people, retaining her sweet, charming nature as she brings them excruciatingly slowly to their fates, and giggling madly as she does so. She also acts this way to anybody who ever turns against her, in the hopes that they will continue to obey her for all eternity afterwards. She hates losing, and believes that she must win at all times no matter what; as a result, she has often pushed herself too hard, leading to self-sustained injuries, and becomes even more enraged when losing, though it also does mean that she never gives up, being too proud to do so. When she is finished with her business, she immediately reverts back to her old self as if nothing had happened, making quite a few people afraid of her.

Along with being violent and aggressive, Valentina is also a tough cookie. Even in the most hopeless of situations, she never gives up, as mentioned before; no circumstance would ever drive her to surrender. She tackles any challenge she is faced with directly, showing no signs of fear, even when the challenge is trekking through an active volcano or facing off an extremely powerful Pokémon who is known to have killed many Knights. She is not easily shaken, showing no emotion even when she is presented with decapitated limbs and heads covered in blood, or is attacked directly by rogue Pokémon. She also never cries, not even in the most tear-jerking situations. It’s not necessarily that she feels no sympathy; it’s mostly just that she’s incapable of expressing her emotions. Then again, most of the time, she doesn’t feel anything.

However, just because she tricks and uses people, it does not necessarily mean that she is like this to everyone. She is actually still very cheerful, lively, and talkative when you actually get to know her, though maybe not as optimistic – she actually has a negative view on life, due to experiences in her life, though she doesn’t show this to anyone. She does genuinely care about the people she loves, and will do anything in her power to help and protect them, though she generally isn’t very good at expressing her own emotions due to having almost no prior experience in making friends whatsoever. She is also often too proud of herself to admit that she feels affection towards someone, which is another factor that stops her from making real friends.

History: Valentina was born to an upper-class family living in the centre of the Upper District. Her father was a Veteran Knight, whose many accomplishments in battle had earned him many medals, awards, and a great deal of money. Even before this, her father was from a noble family, who was already wealthy enough for them to easily afford a mansion with five storeys, including an attic and a basement, with a spacious garden and a pavilion, not to mention many servants. She also had a brother, Alexei, who was four years older than her, and was also definitely the stupidest and most obnoxious person she had ever met in her life. He constantly criticised her for ‘not looking like a proper woman’, as well as ‘not acting like a proper woman’, and was always ordering her around like a slave, or telling herself to go shut herself away in the kitchen with the servants. Needless to say, Valentina hated him from the bottom of her guts, disgusted by everything he did and said. In spite of this, their parents took no notice of his actions, and doted on him instead, giving him everything he wanted and more, especially their mother, even when he treated her like a piece of garbage. The only person he respected was their father, whom she respected as well, though she didn’t agree with most of his views.

What enraged her most was that, as the first-born male of the family, he was automatically in line to inherit all of their father’s fortunes, despite the fact that she was much more talented and intelligent. She loved learning about the world and honing her battling skills, and showed immense dedication to them, but Alexei showed no interest in this sort of things whatsoever, much preferring to insult and harm young girls and women around town, using his father’s status to do whatever he wanted with no consequences. Though her parents did spoil her rotten with gifts and food, and gave her her Partner Pokémon, a Gible, it was obvious that they didn’t actually care about her much, not caring at all about what she did with herself, and that Alexei was the most important one, with him being the heir and all, and treated him the best above everyone else, supporting his actions no matter what. However, Valentina found comfort within the servants instead, who loved her for being so sweet and chirpy. Taking notice of this bias, she magnified these positive traits, so that people would love her more, especially her parents, but she ultimately failed to win them over. As a result, her outlook on life deteriorated, blaming her gender on her failures in life, and began to take her rage out in the form of violence, starting out by torturing stray Pokémon she found on the streets with her Gible.

It was several years before Valentina realised three things: one, she was an excellent battler; two, her father would form a better impression of her if she became a Knight, like him; and three, she actually considered her Gible, by now a Gabite, to be her friend. She finally gave her Gabite a name, Aphrodi, and when she was twelve, after conducting much research on the Knights of Unova, she asked her father to allow her to become a Squire, and eventually a Knight, which, as she predicted, impressed him, though it still wasn’t enough to make him favour her. She was still determined, however; she would definitely become one of the greatest Knights in all of Unova, and prove once and for all that she was the rightful heir of her father’s estate, much more capable and skilled than her good-for-nothing idiot of a brother, who, not to mention, would certainly bring the family name to shame, including herself, when all his misdeeds would be uncovered. It would also nearly kill her to see the person she hated the most in the world inherit all that wealth, and she wasn’t going to have any of that.

She passed the entrance programs for becoming a Squire easily enough, possibly with her high-born status helping her pass without difficulty, and trained herself vigorously with Aphrodi, who later evolved into a Garchomp, vowing to prove her worth to her father, often driving herself to the brink of exhaustion. Despite being popular with many other Squires (though at first, she used to be ridiculed for her small stature), she didn’t make any friends that she considered to be real friends, especially since most other Squires in training were of a lower class than her, she didn’t consider any of them to be valid candidates for being her friend; besides, they would tarnish her father’s impression of her if he ever found out, which she obviously couldn’t let happen. She maintained a high performance level all throughout her training, easily besting others in practice battles, and she managed to obtain full Knighthood when she was 18, partly due to her starting her training a year earlier than others, and partly due to her exceptional skills.

She’d only been a proper Knight for a few months when the war between Aleksandr and Ernst broke out, during which she’d already carried out several successful missions. Grabbing her chance to participate in a war immediately, she joined Aleksandr’s army, as she sympathised with his situation, comparing it to that of her own – not to mention, she couldn’t wait to get into a situation that involved killing people for once. Of course, there was also the fact that he was the current ruling king and that allying herself with him would boost her family’s reputation further in the very likely event that he retained his position.

Other: Huh? Your Pokémon is evolving! [insert fanfare] Congratulations! Your Pokémon evolved into a… what? A Viking? Wait, where’s it running off to? Oh, shoot! Someone stop it! Someone! …Oh well, guess it can’t be helped now. And the Vikings set fire to the settlement.


Species: Garchomp

Nickname: Aphrodi

Gender: Male

Appearance: Aphrodi looks much more beautiful than your standard Garchomp… at least, to himself, anyway.

Personality: Aphrodi is a proud and arrogant Garchomp, who views himself as some kind of deity, thanks to his mostly pampered upbringing, which made him become a spoilt brat. He is always confident and full of himself, and has an unbelievable ego. He will attack anyone and everyone who even attempts to say that he isn’t the best Pokémon in the world, completely blowing off his head in almost a comical way, and has a tendency to get into unnecessary fights just to protect his ego. Thanks to his overblown ego, and the fact that he grew up pitting himself against much weaker and more vulnerable victims before Valentina began training as a Squire, he also has a crippling habit of underestimating his opponents and leaving openings for them to exploit. Even outside of battles, he can be very shallow and dense at times, often too busy making a big fuss of himself to notice other people’s emotions.

However, Aphrodi is different from Valentina in that he hardly ever actually means to hurt people on purpose, and that he does feel sympathy for others. Though he may like violence and action, he does feel vaguely guilty every time he injures or kills a fellow Pokémon, and on rare occasions, even feels genuinely sorry for his victims. He doesn’t mind making new friends, as long as he feels that they are on the same level as him, and cares about his loved ones to ridiculous levels, going absolutely ballistic when anyone attacks his friends, most especially Valentina (who he feels a sisterly bond for). He isn’t hard to impress or amuse, though most of the time, his pride will prevent him from letting others know about this, and will almost always deny having affections for anyone.

He has a distinct weakness for anything sweet, and giving him lots of sugary stuff (especially chocolate) will guarantee pretty much anyone a one-way ticket to becoming his friend.

History: Aphrodi’s memories before being given to Valentina as a 7th birthday present are very hazy, with him only remembering very few, mostly insignificant details. When he first met Valentina, he wasn’t sure of his impression of her; what he did know, however, was that he disliked being ordered around by a little girl (despite him being a little boy then, too), and constantly rebelled against her, disobeying her at every single opportunity., Valentina, however, instead of running to her parents crying, as he’d expected her to do, took the matter into her own hands, and employed a whip. Whenever he didn’t listen to her, she whipped him – not very harshly at first, but not by any means gently either. Aphrodi was certain that he could wait this out, that she’d eventually give up, and continued to disobey her. He was utterly wrong – the whips began to become harsher, and eventually, Aphrodi decided that he was having none of this.

One day, about a year and a half after his first meeting with Valentina, Aphrodi completely turned against her, slashing her upper arm (fortunately, as he was still a Gible then, the wound was nowhere near fatal). However, what happened next was definitely not what he’d expected. Instead of bursting into tears and wailing noisily, the young, tiny Valentina immediately struck back; she grabbed hold of his head, flung him to the ground, and stamped her foot down upon him fiercely, remaining expressionless all throughout as her arm continued to bleed. He tried to struggle, but Valentina refused to back down either, and eventually, both were on the ground, wrestling each other. That was when Aphrodi realised how much of a brave and admirable girl she was (well, in a way), and subsequently when Valentina realised that her Gible was a Pokémon with true power and potential. In the end, they ended up lying on the ground together, muddied and exhausted, but laughing.

Aphrodi and Valentina maintained a shaky relationship from there on, but Aphrodi now felt respect towards Valentina – a first-time experience for him – and he was determined to help her, though he wasn’t sure if she even liked him back. It was yet another year and a half until he evolved into a Gabite during one of their training sessions, and around the same time, Valentina began to be friendlier to him, giving him sweets in secret, playing with him in the garden, and finally gave him a name – Aphrodi. From then on, they grew even closer together, playing pranks on each other and challenging each other, and were now officially pretty much best friends, albeit ones with a slightly vitriolic tone to it. It was also around this time that Valentina turned to street violence, and began seeking out Pokémon to fight and destroy. At first, Aphrodi enjoyed fighting with the other Pokémon, but after a while, he realised that he was fighting opponents who had a disadvantage, compared to himself, a toughly trained and already evolved Gabite. However, he was both too proud of himself and loyal to Valentina to stop himself from hurting them any further. Anyway, it gave him plenty of experience and satisfaction.

Aphrodi was fully supportive of Valentina’s goals to become a Knight; of course, it would do a lot of good for him as well, as it would finally be time for him to show to the world what an awesome being he was. He got along with the Pokémon of the other Squires better than Valentina got along with said Squires, though he often got into unneeded arguments that he could have gone without. He made a couple of friends too, but many others considered him to be somewhat of a comic relief character (at least, outside of battles; inside, he could probably knock them out in one blow if he wanted to, or so they believed). He evolved once again into a Garchomp during their trek through Victory Road, which definitely gave them a boost. It was around this time that he began to question his past; it seemed unusual to him that he evolved into a Gabite at such an early age, looking at all the unevolved Pokémon around him, and figured that he must have built up at least some experience before he met Valentina, though he couldn’t remember when. For now, he has put this question aside, though he still brings it up every now and then.

- Sandstorm
- Dragon Claw
- Dragon Rush
- Earth Power
- Fire Fang
Ability – Sand Veil

Other: And the Vikings set fire to the settlement… again. Honestly.

I think I might have made Aphrodi a bit overpowered (what with him being a second-stage pseudo-legendary and all), and I'll happily change it a bit if I need to.
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@Azran Flame

Wow, that SU took a pretty dark turn from 'Valentina is an extremely bubbly, sweet-natured girl', haha. Really interesting sign up!


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Aah, thank you very much. I will fix it later today. (probably deleting the whole thing and start over from scratch
wayjun: You are ACCEPTED!

Double-oh-Platypus: MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA. You are RESERVED!

SoulMuse: Aside from a few grammatical errors (except Zweilous, you did spell that correctly!), it's fantastic! Put that Volcarona to good use! ACCEPTED!

Azran Flame: I love the idea of this character. But, I can't help but notice that you failed to specify which of her weapons was enchanted, and you also gave Aphrodi six moves and an Ability. You may only have six total powers, including both moves and Abilities. Being that Aphrodi IS a Garchomp, his being so powerful I might just let slide if you fix these other things. I mean, come on, SoulMuse's partner is basically a god. I think Garchomp will be okay.
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Ah, okay. I'll go fix that right away, then. Sorry, I didn't really properly understand the thing about weapons, but I was too lazy was too proud didn't care uh... just... didn't ask. Yeah

EDIT: I elaborated on the powers (though I guess I was a bit liberal with it), and also took away Dig from Aphrodi's moveset. Hopefully it's better now.
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As I'll be making a completely new SU, I'll have Metang already evolved into a Metagross
Azran (can I call you Azran?) : The Weapons section looks good now. I like the idea of a weapon that can cause weather effects, that's actually something I hadn't thought of when I came up with the concept. Bravo indeed.

One thing I did notice upon closer inspection, however, is that Aphrodi knowsBrick Break and Earthquake. This wouldn't be a problem, except that KoU takes place in an era before TMs were invented. If you could substitute these two moves for something else, I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be accepted.


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Metagross also know Earthquake.. Should I replace it then?

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Azran (can I call you Azran?) : The Weapons section looks good now. I like the idea of a weapon that can cause weather effects, that's actually something I hadn't thought of when I came up with the concept. Bravo indeed.

One thing I did notice upon closer inspection, however, is that Aphrodi knowsBrick Break and Earthquake. This wouldn't be a problem, except that KoU takes place in an era before TMs were invented. If you could substitute these two moves for something else, I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be accepted.

You may indeed call me Azran, I don't mind at all. =D

I replaced them with Move Tutor moves instead, I hope that's fine. why do i always mess up in SUs at least once
Elysian: That would be ideal.

Azran: Move tutor moves are fine. And don't worry about it! Nobody's perfect. The more mistakes you make, the more you'll be able to improve! It all looks good now, so I'd say you're ACCEPTED!
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It seems as if my character is the weakest here in terms of Pokemon that attack. Cofagrigus can burn and use Shadow Ball...and that's about it. Then, again, she's made of gold (check the Pokedex entry), so if we ever need a heavy object... Andrea and Oscura will probably be relegated to being stalls, which may annoy everyone.

I'm not complaining; just observing. Andrea's intended path isn't meant to be in direct combat so it makes sense for her to weaker in attack than everyone else.
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Yeah, not every Pokemon is suited to front-line combat, just like not all warriors are. I like that Oscura is more defense-based.

Also, Elysian, I didn't see that till just now, but you are more than welcome to make Metang a fully-evolved Metagross. Keep in mind, however, that you'll need to make the SU just a little bit more high-quality than if it was still just a Metang!


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SoulMuse: Aside from a few grammatical errors (except Zweilous, you did spell that correctly!), it's fantastic! Put that Volcarona to good use! ACCEPTED!

Awesome, thanks. That took forever to write. Glad to see I have Zweilous in word spell check correctly.
ImAnOKIE12 has decided to drop out due to school and other life-related busyness. Good luck to him!

Also, the game will likely be starting either this week, or sometime next week!


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Okay, so I just wanted to say that this was a lot of fun to write for and it took forever but it makes me really excited for the roleplay. Also, if Ellie's Pokemon is too powerful or not to your liking, I can change that part easily because I didn't include anything about him in Ellie's history (for that specific reason). So yeah. Just say the word.


Name: Eleanor “Ellie” Toews (pronounced TAVES)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Weapon/Armor: A yellow hooded cloak with teal angel wings stitched onto the back where Ellie’s shoulder blades are. The inside is the same creamy colour as the belly of all Dragonites. This cloak takes on the powers of the move Dragon Dance, which gives Ellie a bit of a boost in her strength and her speed.

Affiliation: Ernst (Truth)

Appearance: Upon first glance, Ellie doesn’t seem to fit the bill for a knight. She’s of average height but is very thin and lithe, built more for speed than for defense. She’s muscular enough to hold her own in any battle she’s thrown into, but one would hardly know from just a quick look in Ellie’s direction. She’s about as lean and lanky as a knight could be.

Ellie’s hair is also a notable difference that makes her stand out. Instead of cropping her blonde hair to her shoulders or into a pixie cut, Ellie prefers to leave it long; down to about the middle of her back. While traveling around she’s most likely to leave it in a ponytail, but for practicality reasons she tends to plait it neatly down her back or over her shoulder or put it up in a bun for battles. Despite joining the ranks of the knights, Ellie has been firm to keep her long hair and she’ll stare down anyone who tries to tell her otherwise with cold grey eyes that are judgmental and always calculating. She’s also got a mean “I’m disappointed in you” stare at her disposal that she’s never been afraid to use before.

As far as clothes go, Ellie wears a black, loose fitting tunic and black leggings. Around her slender waist is a brown leather belt that holds her short sword and pouches of various medicines. On her feet are black moccasin-type shoes that allow Ellie to stay light on her feet.

For weapons, Ellie is trained formally in the bow and arrow and prefers to make long range attacks over getting into the thick of things right away. However, as that’s almost always the inevitable option, Ellie is handy with a short sword and can wield it very well. She recognizes that a bow and arrow combination is not overly practical for a knight, but it’s another thing she has stubbornly kept.

Personality: In modern-day terms, Ellie would most likely be described as an emotionless robot, which is certainly not true, but can seem fairly accurate to anyone who doesn’t know her very well. Ellie is naturally very serious and she’s very self-motivated. That’s what happens when you’re always the underdog. Always being looked down upon has made Ellie determined and as hard a worker as they come.

All of these qualities make Ellie a natural-born leader. Though she has not ascended through the ranks to be decorated with a title, Ellie is not afraid to speak her mind or take charge of a situation if something goes awry. This has and will get her into trouble with higher ranked soldiers, but they are often the first to admit that Ellie does have good ideas and a solid understanding of battles. While they do appreciate Ellie’s contributions, her superiors do punish her for acting against orders and Ellie often finds herself doing a lot of unwanted tasks or side quests that other knights don’t want to do. It’s less than desirable, but at least Ellie gets some field experience.

But despite her robotic-first-impression personality, Ellie is a pretty nice person once you get past all the awkwardness. She’s still a teenager, cut her a break. Having grown up with several siblings, Ellie does fairly well with children and has the habit of talking to them with respect; she doesn’t look down on them and she doesn’t talk to them as if they aren’t intellectual.

Ellie’s nice to adults too, though she does find them infinitely more difficult to talk to. While Ellie herself is kind and knows how to take a joke, her own dry sense of humour often leaves others a little confused. That, paired with Ellie’s bad habit of clamming up in conversation can turn an interaction sour quickly. It’s one of Ellie’s worst qualities and she works hard to try and amend it; she says she talks a lot better with her fighting than with her words.

Ellie is almost always the first person in to the training rooms and the last one to leave. She’s incredibly dedicated to being a knight and she puts in endless hours of practice as part of her whole “be better” mantra that she’s got going on. Ellie has spent a lot of time proving to others that she’s got what it takes to be a knight and she knows that if she slacks off even a little, her doubters will pounce on the opportunity to criticize her. Ellie’s also very firm on the belief that women are just as capable as men in just about anything. She never hesitates to challenge a man to a battle, and with good reasons: Ellie almost always wins and her opponents are usually left feeling embarrassed that they even bothered to try and trash talk her.

History: Born into a high-class family in the Wharf District of Castle City, Ellie had high expectations placed on her from the beginning. Unfortunately for her family, Ellie took those expectations with a grain of salt and headed down the route of a knight. But more on that later.

Ellie’s father was the owner of a very vast ship building company that had been building a variety of ships for the kingdom since Ellie’s great-grandfather founded the company many, many years before. Ellie and her siblings spent a lot of their childhood down at the docks and ports, though gradually as the girls got older they were tied up in fancy dresses and paraded around the city under parasols and behind fans while the boys were allowed to play with wooden swords and tumble around in the backyard.

When Ellie was sixteen, her sister Lyra (one year her junior) agreed to a marriage into another wealthy family in Unova, uniting the families. Though Lyra would never inherit a share of the company, the connection to the Toews family was invaluable to her husband’s family. Initially, he had pursued Ellie, but she had declined his efforts and suggested Lyra instead. It is perhaps for this reason that Ellie does not keep in touch with Lyra very much.

After Lyra’s marriage, Ellie’s mother was very eager for Ellie to marry as well. Being the oldest of all the children, Ellie would inherit a small share of the family company when she turned eighteen (with the entire company being passed down to the eldest boy, her brother James), which would provide her income for the rest of her life and, therefore, made her a very eligible lady in Unova. Ellie, however, did not enjoy the idea of being “auctioned off to the highest bidder” and often escaped her mother’s efforts by hiding at the archery range in the Castle District. This is where Ellie honed her shooting skills.

Around that same time, James left home to begin schooling in Lentimas Town with a family friend of the Toews’. It was his first step on his journey to becoming a squire, and his departure planted a very small seed in the back of Ellie’s head: the life of a knight.

Ellie first brought up the idea to her father, who rejected her immediately. As the eldest of his children and probably the most sensible, he’d much rather see her marry a knight than become one. He refused to give Ellie his blessing, though he did give her his bow and arrow set, made out of an ancient maple tree that had once been planted on the Toews property and was represented on their coat of arms. He said that while he did not approve of her practicing archery he knew that she would not give it up and simply wanted her to have proper equipment (“Besides, Eleanor, I’d much rather see you put this to use than any of your carefree but idiotic brothers.”).

Ellie never brought up the subject of knighthood with her mother. In fact, she never knew about Ellie’s dream until the day she left, which had also ended a very tense relationship between the two of them.

On that such day, Lady Toews had presented a suitor to Ellie. He was, literally, the perfect man: handsome, strong, a knight-in-training, and from a wealthy family. The Crosby family, though no longer prominent on the economic side of Unova, were a family of old money that still held considerable social rank. Marrying into them would be a large social boost for the Toews family. Ellie, however, did not like Crosby. He was rude to her and tried to assert his dominance as the man, telling Ellie that the bow and arrow were not children’s toys and that she would much rather enjoy activities such as embroidery or going for strolls in the gardens.

Ellie had slapped Mr. Crosby around the face and left the room promptly.

Her mother had been livid and after a very intense shouting match, Ellie packed a single back, grabbed her bow and arrow, and fled on the back of one of the family Rapidashes, heading off for a life of knighthood.

Without her father’s blessing, however, Ellie’s dream seemed highly unattainable. It was only her skill with the bow and arrow and her speed that kept her in consideration at all. She worked hard through her apprenticeship as a squire and on her eighteenth birthday, Ellie became a full-fledged knight.

Since her acceptance into the Knights, Ellie’s spent a lot of time doing the dirty work of the other knights. She’s often sent on minor quests that higher-ranked knights don’t want to do and she’s always challenged to sword fights in training because she is almost always bested by the older knights.

In one such challenge, shortly after being accepted into the Knights, Ellie was challenged by one of her more foolish comrades. The bet was simple: his Dragonite-themed cloak if Ellie were to win, or Ellie’s hair cut short for the rest of her knighthood if he would. Being the gentlemen, however, the other knight let Ellie choose the challenge, and, naturally, she chose archery. Ellie hit the bullseye every single time, winning the challenge and the cloak, and since then, no one has ever challenged Ellie to an archery match or commented about the length of her hair. Though many people across Unova admire Ellie’s archery skills, the other knights do not respect Ellie the way she deserves, which is why she continues to work twice as hard as everyone else to receive half the benefits.

About a year and a half into her knighthood, the war broke out. As the knights divided amongst themselves, Ellie found herself siding with Ernst. Rising against the current king would infuriate Ellie’s mother, and she took great satisfaction of joining Ernst’s army, solely in the name of truth and justice, of course.

Other: I didn’t really know where else to put this, or if anyone’s even interested, but Ellie has five siblings: Lyra (18), Tessa (16), James (15), Alec (13), and Jack (10). By running away, Ellie forfeited her share of the family company, which was then passed on to Lyra. So, her marriage ended up being very beneficial to her in-laws, but that’s not really important. James is now a squire and the next youngest brother, Alec, is now studying with the scholar in Lentimas Town. The Rapidash Ellie stole from her family enjoys the grassy pastures at the training academy and Ellie visits it regularly. And finally, in other news, the Vikings set fire to the settlement.


Species: Dragonite

Nickname: Patrick

Gender: Male

Appearance: Patrick looks like most other Dragonites. Pretty average.

Personality: Patrick is pretty much the complete opposite of Ellie. He is chatty, friendly right off the bat, and generally very carefree. While Ellie is constantly training and honing her abilities, Patrick knows what he’s good at and is confident in his abilities. That’s not to say that he slacks off, though. Patrick will work just as hard as Ellie does, he just likes relaxing a lot more than his trainer. He likes some good-natured teasing and pranking others, though he’s toned that down now that he’s supposed to be all knightly and regal or whatever.

Despite being a strong Pokemon, Patrick is an underdog at the training facility like Ellie. Due to his inconsistent work ethic and his friendly personality, Patrick is often looked down upon by other knights. His training also affects Ellie, who is often criticized that she doesn’t train Patrick hard enough. It’s comments like these that often get Patrick riled up and into the gym, but more often than not Ellie will get him to fly around for hours to clear their heads.

Patrick tends to wear his heart on his sleeve and his moods can often be determined by the way his antennas stand. They often droop when he’s sad but are usually floating freely when he’s happy or content. He can also be convinced to do almost anything for a rice ball, which Ellie finds rather distressing.

History: As a Dratini, Patrick was caught by a fishing boat that was owned by the Toews family. The fisherman, believing the rare Pokemon to be of good luck, offered it to Lord Toews, who accepted it gratefully and decided to award it to his first born child as he believed the child would go on to do great things.

Of course, Lord Toews had had a boy in mind when he had promised Patrick to his first child so when Ellie was born, he reluctantly gave the Pokemon to his daughter. Patrick has always watched over Ellie, though there was quite a long time when Lady Toews refused to let “a worm strangle her daughter to death.”

As a Dratini, Patrick was a lot shyer than he is as a Dragonite. He cowered at the sight of Lady Toews’ Liepard and Lord Toews’ Bisharp. Ellie, however, always had an air of indifference around her when she was with people she didn’t like (Lyra, Lyra’s husband, Mr. Crosby) so Patrick adopted that as well. Ellie’s pretty sure that this attitude change helped Patrick come out of his shell to become the goofy Pokemon he is now, but she’s not complaining. This was also around the time she named him Patrick, a distressingly common name that her parents didn’t like.

Patrick evolved to a Dragonair during a battle with Ellie’s youngest sister, Tessa, and her Snivy. The change from a worm-like Pokemon to a majestic serpent/dragon caught the attention of many people in town and definitely ramped up the number of suitors that came and visited Ellie.
As Ellie battled her way towards knighthood, Patrick put his fun-loving and mischievous nature aside in order to help her. He trained hard and despite his difficulties with moving on land, was soon acknowledged as one of the hardest working Pokemon in-training.

Shortly after becoming a knight, Ellie was sent on a mission in Pinwheel Forest to disband a group of bandits. Things got wildly out of control and with Ellie hurt and Patrick fearing for her safety, he evolved again. As a Dragonite, Patrick was able to defeat the bandits and rescue Ellie, strengthening their bond and proving that despite her young age, Ellie and her Pokemon were a force to be reckoned with.

Powers: Aqua Tail, Dragon Rush, Thunderpunch, Hurricane, Iron Tail. Ability is Inner Focus.

Other: In the Toews family, Pokemon are given to each of the children when they are born. Patirck was originally intended to be a gift to James, the eldest son in the Toews family, but because Lord Toews wasn’t specific about who the Dratini would go to, it went to Ellie, the oldest. Patrick’s “Pokemon siblings” are (in the same order as Ellie’s siblings were listed in her other section) a Ninetales, a Servine, a Pikachu, a Rufflet, and a Prinplup. And those darn Vikings have set fire to yet another settlement.

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Good to know it will be starting soon. I'm really excited!

Also, I edited my sign up slightly. All I did was increase my characters age slightly and edit the history to say that many of the events happened at a slightly younger age, (marriage, knighthood etc). I wanted to make it so that he had been a knight a little bit longer.
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Accelgor X: That's perfectly fine. So long as there are no major changes, you're still approved.

Double-oh-Platypus: I like the look of it, but I have a few issues. One of the largest ones being that Ellie went from page to squire to full knight in two years. Being a knight takes years of training - I know I said some Knights are in their late teens, but those are the ones who start early. If she started at sixteen or seventeen, there's no way she would have been a Knight by nineteen.

Also, her Armor. While I like the concept, I take issue with how she received it. Knights don't "win" their equipment. It's specially, carefully, lovingly crafted specifically for each individual - there is no way on earth that any Knight would give his or hers up. On that note, what was Ellie's original Armor/Weapon? Why does she just happen to have the same partner Pokemon that the guy whose Armor she took had?

If you fix those, I'll have no problems with it.