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[PG-13] Knights of Unova [SU]


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You can take me off the list. I cannot make a SU that's even close to those awe-inspiring ones i've seen here, and I'm only a waste of time
Hey now, don't belittle yourself like that! Trust me, making a high-quality SU is hard. Besides, you can always sign up with a less powerful partner Pokemon. But, if you really want me to, I'll remove you from the list.


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I must find new inspiration first, but I can try with something... Not Metagross-ish
I'll wipe your reserve clean, in that case.
Blackkyurem, you are RESERVED!

To everyone else, I think I'm going to be posting the game thread next week. It'll be either Wednesday or Friday, so hang in there!


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Name: Consanto Mill

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Weapon/Armor: His weapon is a pair of copper gauntlets shaped like the hand of a Beheeyem, with fingers of roughly the corresponding colors. The gauntlets gives him the ability to temporarily erase and manipulate memories, similar to his partner Pokemon. In adition, he carries a small, easily hidden switchblade in his coat-pocket.

He is affiliated with Ernst

Personality: Consanto is an extremely cynical man. Having been a con-man for most of his life, he has adopted a dog-eat-dog philosophy regarding life and is vehemently opposed to ideas, which he believes to be delusions for the fat ingrates who can afford them and the weak paupers who need people to believe them. He is distrustful and downright malicious upon first meeting people, but can warm up to them given proper motivation. It would seem that the only companion he is willing to keep is his Beheeyem, Trave (pronounced trah-VEY), with whom he has a somewhat fatherly relationship relationship.

He is also severely pragmatic, possessing no real sense of valor or honor and will cheat to get his way. With no formal combat training, he relies on his terrifyingly sharp wit and willingness to go where others don't dare to gain the advantage. This being the case, the long time con-man is also a magnificent actor, creating affable personas and demeanors that cleverly mask his weaselly and cruel attitude.

Appearance: Consanto is a tall man who almost always wears a long leather coat and a wide brimmed hat, wearing no armor but his gauntlet. Underneath the hat is a square-faced bespectacled gentleman obviously in his mid 30s with a short, dark brown beard and matching side burns. His skin is just slightly pale with inexplicable dark patches on his ankles. His hands, almost always hidden behind his gauntlet, are calloused and abnormally large. As a hold over from his time as a full time con-artist, he is prone to making rather broad gestures in situations that don't require it. His physique is reasonably nourished but is neither astoundingly fit nor wide. He has a thick and distinct North London Accent that can be suppressed if necessary.

He is sometimes known to shave his beard and hair, adopt a limp and pretend to be much older than he really is to gain sympathy. This is the most often successful of his decent sized stable of aliases. (Though many have allegedly died, making them kind of useless) He using his default wardrobe to build an air of mystery and distrust about himself to make whatever "perfectly reputable salesman" that comes into town seem trustworthy by comparison. (This doesn't work nearly as often as he seems to think it does.) He carries a purple felt bag containing gold (and a switchblade) with him in case of emergency.

He is rarely seen, knight or otherwise, traveling without a carriage with an easy to change sign on it and a pair of beds and a money table inside.

History: Born into a single mother in poverty with no less than 12 other children to feed, Consanto took up pickpocketing in the streets of the Northern District in order to help his family make ends meet. One day, while stealing from a particularly cautious and jumpy man, he was caught and sent to the local jail. The boy was let off with a warning, but his mother, concerned for the family's safety, panicked and skipped town, never to be seen by him again. Feeling betrayed and hurt, he took up his current draconian viewpoint and vowed to pull himself up to the highest economic class he could.

14 years pass of Mr. Mill traveling around the region with his “Medicine Show”, selling snake-oil and picking pockets wherever he could. It was on a trip between A small island village and The Castle District that he became lost in Pinwheel Forest. For some reason, the Bouffalant pulling his cart was spooked so badly that it broke it's ties to the cart and fled. He tried chasing after it, but to no avail, he was stranded in the middle of the forest. Delirious from thirst and hunger, he came across a peculiar site: a group of Elgyem and Beheeyem sitting around a large metal object. Convinced that he has gone mad from hunger, he passed out and expected to die. He woke up nearly one week later in the middle of the night with a lone Elgyem standing over him, it's companions and and object of interest nowhere to be found. Much to his shock, he was no longer thirsty nor all that hungry. He looked at the little Pokemon for a moment before trying to head the rest of the way. As if by some miracle, he reached his destination by dawn and took time to recoup, all the while followed by the tiny alien Pokemon. Upon getting close enough to it to speak, he asked if it would like to join him. The creature nodded. From then on, the two were an inseparable team, using Trave's memory manipulation skills to clear his reputation and hit the same marks multiple times.

Another 9 year later, upon hearing the rift that was caused by the kings death, Consanto saw his values reflected in truth, believing that the kingdom would fall to ruins if ruled by ideals. He traveled to the Victor's Passage and used trickery and strategy to get through, avoiding most battles and physical trials. He was accepted (with NO persuasion from Trave. He-he...) and took up his current place as a knight serving Ernst immediately. Trave evolved shortly after in a relatively unimportant battle.

Notes: Purchase some Viking Insurance!


Species: Beheeyem

Name: Trave (again, pronounced trah-VEY)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Nothing nonstandard of note, but may dress up as a child to preform cons on particularly dim marks.

Personality: Trave is very similar to his trainer: cynical, pragmatic and manipulative, though he is slightly more trusting and has a noticeably more defined moral compass. He is prone to playing it fast and loose with his mind wipe ability, using it for even minor inconveniences. He also seems bizarrely fascinated with the concept of handkerchiefs.

History: Nothing is known about his history or motives before encountering Consanto.

Ability: Synchronize (To tell if the mark is buying it) Moves: Teleport (To beat a hasty retreat), Simple Beam (For dealing with abnormally perceptive or clever marks),Focus Blast, Psychic (Standard offensive moves just to be safe).
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Hey I hope i'm not too late for this but could I reserve a spot here, my first rpg on this website or in general so I hope I don't kill it, I hope I can perform it though.


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@Starkrai: Hey there! Feel free to ask any questions you have, even if through PMs. I hope you like the game.

I wrote up another character, since the King might not be around the Knights much.

Name: Bernard Wake

Gender: male

Age: 55

Weapon/Armor: A large metal club nearly four feet long, a deep red in color. It's slow and requires two hands to wield it. But that is with a boost from Sheer Strength that allows one to wield it in the first place. He also keeps around a wooden staff that he uses for a quicker weapon. Or for when he's training and doesn't want to kill the squires he's working with; the club can smash boulders and walls to dust, after all. Since the club slows him down already, he typically wears heavy armor, if he wears armor at all.

Affiliation: Alexsandr

Appearance: Bernard is a big muscular man; although of average height, his build makes him seem much larger than others. He typically has a deep bronze tan, from training outdoors at all parts of the year. Since he was about thirty, he's kept his head shaved bald (if you're going to be losing hair, why not take it all off?). But he's still got hairy arms and hairs on his chest, so it seems that he had black hair once. He's got several scars from old battles, most noticeably one angled down across his left cheek to his chin. His eyes are a light green and his eyebrows are thick.

While he's gotten used to the heavy armor, he's not a fan of heavy clothing like sweaters. Even on the coldest days, you'll find him in a lightweight cotton shirt, a lightweight windbreaker, and work pants (commonly seen on dock workers and farmers). Maybe some boots and gloves if it is wintry weather, but if he's in a hat, his wife talked him into it. On warmer days, he prefers not wearing a shirt at all, just pants, secure sandals, and a headband to keep sweat out of his eyes. He claims that he looks horrible in formal attire. On the few occasions that force him into it, most people would agree that he looks like a bear in a suit.

Personality: Bernard is a cheerful man who loves life. He's great for raising morale since he'll encourage those with him and find reasons to give them hope. At the same time, he is hard-working, dedicated, honorable, and expects others to be the same way. He's a tough man to train under since he will call out slackers and overconfident youths, but in most cases it's because he cares about the trainees; he wants them to become responsible and reliable adults. He also shows no restraint in calling out another knight for acting out of line, abusing their authority, taking bribes, or any number of things that are against what a Knight of Unova should be.

He also has a strong religious side, respecting the many gods of the world. Strange to most people, he primarily worships Tornadus, a local god that most law-abiding citizens wouldn't think of honoring save to placate the wild wind's gales. He says he has his reasons and doesn't show the mischievous or even malicious intentions that most worshipers of Tornadus have. It's become an accepted quirk to those who know him.

When called into battle, Bernard typically does not start using the enchanted club he has, instead using his fighting stick. He knows exactly how powerful that club is and thus is reluctant to use it against a living opponent. Most times when he uses it, it's to destroy an obstacle. He respects his opponents, although he won't hesitate to frighten one into reconsidering their position against him or to taunt one to gain control of a battle.

History: Bernard was born and raised on a pirate ship, the notorious Bloodwake which terrorized the ocean shipping lanes and coastal towns (but curiously not the eastern shore of Unova around Undella even though the ship was occasionally sighted near there). As such, he learned a roughhouse style of fighting at an early age, along with various other dubious skills like cheating at cards, arm-wrestling, fishing, tying and untying ropes (even if he's tied up), cussing, hiding and throwing knives, and cooking meals with a limited amount of supplies. Once he was eleven, he used the trust of the captain to work his way up the ranks quickly, becoming first mate after a little over a year. He might have even made it to being captain, but then a rough storm one afternoon quickly sank the ship. As far as he knew, he was the only one to survive the wreck.

It was a close call, but the next morning, he came ashore on the eastern coast of Unova. He was completely shaken by the accident; bloody battles were one thing, since he could control his part in such things. But there had been little he could do against the natural might of sea and storm. With all of his 'family' gone, he made his way to a small village of fishermen nearby. There, he learned that the storm was likely caused by the local god Tornadus. Was it divine retribution for the crimes of the pirate crew? Bernard bluffed that he couldn't remember anything so that they would take him in. But it forced him to reconsider what he wanted to do.

A month later, he thanked the villagers who had taken care of him and headed north. There was a hidden cove along the coast that he remembered as one of the places the captain had liked to store wealth. He was able to locate it and retrieve a small pouch of gold there. There were many other riches there, but he felt this should help him establish himself as a new man (albeit at age 13, but he still had some arrogance about it). From the villagers' talk, he decided to make his way to Castle City.

There, he had a chance to be a card shark and make a living that way. But he felt determined not to fall back into a life of crime. Instead, he made his way to the Knights' headquarters and demanded to be let in as a squire. He was nearly turned away immediately, since he couldn't reveal that he was a former pirate on the infamous ship Bloodwake and wasn't living anywhere. But he gave a few gold coins to the recruiter which got him past all complaints.

He got paired up with a knight who was notoriously strict and harsh. Most squires given to him didn't last two months before they either quit or begged to be transferred. But Bernard saw it as a chance to be redeemed and reformed, telling himself that the bribe he used to get in here would be the last dirty trick he pulled. He worked hard to meet his master's expectations, taking his recommendation to get a Pokemon from Pinwheel Forest (a Timburr, after several days of trying to get one to come with him). Training under this man was hard, and he did get frustrated at times. Then one day, he snapped and cussed out his master, not attacking him outright but giving him a verbal beatdown that impressed the few who had witnessed the exchange. He got told to clean out the Pokemon stables by himself and then spend the night on guard duty without cleaning himself up first.

The next day, his master surprised him by complimenting him on being bold enough to do that, and then willing to go through the punishment to prove his determination to stay. He continued being strict on Bernard, but showed a fatherly affection for him then. Bernard passed his trials at age 20 and then worked hard for the next couple of years to buy his own house. Well, he had gone back to the treasure hoard and added that to his funds, but he was the only one with any claim to it. It might as well be used.

He may have been born a pirate, but he settled into the life of an honorable knight and (mostly) honest citizen. He married a baker named Eleanor and had four children with her. Over the years, he became recognized for his service and dedication to the empire, even getting promoted to being a Captain. Even so, no one knows the truth about his childhood outside of Bernard himself. It's been the subject of many rumors, which he seems to delight in not confirming or denying. In recent years, he's been involved with training many of the squires and younger knights, including the twin princes. He hasn't explained much of why he opted to stick with Aleksandr over Ernst, but it's likely that it has something to do with when they were training under him.

Other: Bernard likes and is really good at darts, although sometimes he uses knives. And Vikings set fire to all the settlements!


Species: Conkeldurr

Nickname: Crush

Gender: male

Appearance: Looks pretty normal, although sometimes will be seen wearing a white belt as that used to be how Bernard distinguished him from other Timburr and Gurdurr.

Personality: Crush is a confident and gruff Pokemon; experience has led to him to lose his recklessness and keep a cooler head. He may act like you've bothered him just for breathing the same air as him, but he doesn't actually get angry all that often. On the other hand, he genuinely likes to help others and may provoke a trainee's Pokemon into action and improvement. It's for their own good, although he's not about to show that he's proud of their progress.

History: When Bernard signed up to join the Knights, he was told that he needed a Pokemon partner. He'd known a few on the ship, but those Pokemon were all lost as far as he knew. Instead, he crossed the river to reach Pinwheel Forest, to see what he could find there. Crush noticed the boy trying to attract Pokemon, but being picky on who he was actually going to partner with. The Timburr was eager to prove himself; since this boy was being choosy, that had to mean that he was a better than average human to be around. At least, that's what he thought when he approached Bernard to offer his assistance.

At first, the ways of fighting between the two were very different. Bernard was used to small sharp blades and moving about, while Crush was content to smack things with his log. But over the years they've grown close, adapting to each other's styles and taking on each other's tactics so that they could fight better together.

Powers: Sheer Force, Stone Edge, Chip Away, Bulk Up, Hammer Arm, Low Kick

Other: nada
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Pretty cool to have an older character and some age variety! Most RPGs its 85% 18-21 year olds it seems. Also, it looks like our character's wives have the same name.


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Really? I hadn't thought to check the name of another character's wife, lol! I can change that easily, though. I just had Elise on my mind from reading something else.

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Haha, should be fine, I doubt the two would ever meet!


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Hey thanks for the reassurance, and should I put my character up anyway? The OP hasn't been on for a while and I don't want to miss out, also is unique special abilities aloud I've thought one up that sound's really well suited to my pokemon, and that's still fair on the others.


I kinda feel like a freshman stumbling into a greek house party for the first time... hehe

Name: Lori Ann

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Weapon/Armor: Lori wears a flowing, royal cape with her into battle. It extends down to her mid-calf and is made out of a material that could only be weaved in the strange world she lives in. It’s light and silky smooth, and on its own can mute the blows of thick-fisted bandits and pokemon. Aesthetically it resembles Whimsicott’s soft cotton fur and carries the same kind of airy, bouncy physicality about it. Through the use of its hidden ability, Chlorophyll, it can grant Lori increased strength and speed for a short time, putting her on par with some of the strongest knights in the land, as well as granting her unprecedented stamina in battle. The only catch- it relies on the sun for power. It only reaches its full potential in daytime, granting marginal increases in morning and twilight, and having virtually no effect at complete night-time. While activated, the cape shines brilliantly white, exhuming pure, solar energy.
In addition, Lori uses a heavy knight sword for plain battle as well as a black-iron shield, both sturdy and reliable.

Affiliation: Alexsandr

Appearance: Lori is a tall, tanned woman with a tight and powerful body. Underneath her golden-tinged skin are robust muscles, torn down through countless hours of sparring and fighting, and rebuilt leaner through soapy baths and late-night protein feasts. Her stance, always deliberate and chiseled like a greek statue, brings a presence with her wherever she stands. Though usually hidden behind the mask of a black-iron helm, supple feminine features define Lori’s expression. Her heart shaped face is punctuated by two pouty lips that can just as easily curl into a smirk as a scowl. Her nose is soft and rounded, and topped off by a pair of dull brown eyes. Accordingly, and partly out of utilitarian needs, her wavy hair is short and wild, stained as dark as the coffee she drinks in the morning.

Lori’s armor is an important part of her person. It’s like a second skeleton, fitting over her body perfectly, conforming to her womanly curves, yet strengthening them with jagged edges. The armor itself is made of high quality black-iron and polished with daily reverence. It strikes a balance between speed and strength, being thinly plated all over. While most black iron armors might end up being bulky and impractical, Lori’s is streamlined and inlayed with fragile etchings on its edges. The armor also comes with a helmet as well. The helm remains the same night-black color as the body and has a functioning visor to create an increased oxygen supply and field of vision. As described above, the white cottony cape Lori owns completes the battle-outfit.

Outside of battle, Lori’s outfits are usually practical- consisting of hardcloth pants and t-shirts. Sandals are a mainstay (can’t be bad-*** all the time, right?), though in the winter she’ll pack up a leather coat and boots. She owns no frilly dresses, corsets, lingerie, or other such explicitly feminine offerings.

Personality: Lori is a woman of action. Hers is a world of impulse, and she acts as such. Spontaneous thoughts are treated as dogma rather than as theory, and after all, aren’t your first reactions usually the most correct, anyways? But if set on a problem, she’ll think as logically and rationally as she can. Emotional weight is always set aside, putting great moral humanist quandaries on the same level as what to have for breakfast. (Eggs of course, easy to prepare and full of protein.) In her mind, things shouldn’t have to be mulled over for too long. The solution to a problem should be dealt with as quickly as possible and executed as efficiently as imaginable. Some might call it uncaring, or cold, but Lori simply sees things in terms of what must be done.

Still, though, Lori is an incredibly fun person. She revels in the drama and flair of bar-scenes and gambling games. Her spontaneous nature goads her on, letting her always be at ease in most social situations. She knows how to tell a story well, and embellish it finely with white lies if no one is impressed on first tell. Furthermore, she can pick up on easy physical cues like posture and facial expression and she’s willing to call out persons out on them. People are attracted to her like moths to a lamp and as such, becoming friends with her is as easy as saying hello and sharing a drink. People who are to prudish or snobby around Lori should prepare to be confronted.

But for all of her social prowess, one can’t help but wonder where the golden-girl fails. Well, it’s not too hard to find out if you spend enough time with her. You see, Lori is the kind of woman that cheated and winked her way through most of her schooling and, accordingly, she’s simply not very bright. Theoretical treatises and philosophies just don’t interest her. They’re seen as boring and impractical. The main importance of a thought is directly related to what it can offer to Lori right here and now. Classes like Philosophy, English, and Art, simply go right over her head. She can’t hold half her weight in an intellectual debate and usually defaults to her sword when things get heated. Lori is kind of like the rat in the lab test that never solved the maze to get to the cheese, but still managed to ram through all the cardboard walls.

Because of this, Lori can be a hard one to direct in battle. She does well in situations where she can act on her impulses foremost, which makes her well suited for large confrontations when the chaos of the fight can be truly embraced. But executing precise plans made by others can be a challenge for her if she is put in a spot she deems unimportant. She would just as soon leave those meaningless jobs to lower ranking knights. That said, as long as Lori put out on the front-lines and given some freedom to do as she wants, she will excel. Expect resistance if you attempt to stifle her with tedious chores.

History: Lori grew up as the only daughter of a well-earning blacksmith is the Upper District of Castle City. She had 4 brothers, all older than her. As per family tradition, the boys were shown from a young age how to smelt and carry on the trade of the family for future generations. Meanwhile, Lori was billed as a beautiful wife to be leveraged in future business interests if the need arose. Lori obviously had other plans however. From the minute she could walk, she was chasing her brothers. Trying to keep up with the rough-housing and the play-fighting. When her birthdays came around she asked for wooden swords and spears instead of pretty dresses and pearls.

Clearly, this was a problem. Lori’s father, an important person in the Upper District social scene was at his wit’s end with the tomboy. Her mother wept openly, lamenting that she had given birth to a daughter with a son’s spirit. Without her parent’s love, bonds were left free to be built elsewhere, and it was in her bothers that Lori found real support. They functioned both as protectors and as teasers by simultaneously treating her as a punching bag and as a precious ornament. If word got around that some poor boy had lobbed an insult her way, the four boy’s themselves would go pay a visit to the antagonist himself and make sure he apologized in full.

Lori and her brothers grew up in this way for years. Until the day of Lori’s eleventh birthday. What she had expected would be a rather unsurprising day of receiving more un-worn dresses and jewels turned out to be a defining moment for her. She was forced into a Sunday dress and driven out to a large mansion. It was here that she was greeted by what would have to be her future husband, a drooling, snotty brat of a human being who cried at the first utterance of the word “no”. A spoiled pest that only by the loaded dice-roll of fate would be gifted with a miniscule amount of royal blood. And It was through this marriage that Lori’s parents hoped to advance their status in life by becoming closer to the nobility. And the boy's family, massively in debt and inheriting their mansion only in name, would lift themselves out of their economic woes.

One can imagine what would happen next.

Lori fled, stopping only to inform her brothers that she would be seeking reprieve in the Wharf District of Castle City. She scrounged by on scraps of food. She learned quickly the ways of homeless life, of the art of going without food for multiple days at a time. She explored the outer reaches of the entire hub, mapping out the entwining streets and alleyways in her head, fearing the day she might have to use them to flee from attackers or worse. It was one of these trips that Lori befriended Whimsi, a Cottonee that resided on the outskirts of Castle city where the busy of the urban landscape turned to forest.

For the first time in months she had constant company. And for the first time in month she had two mouths to feed. It was due to this that Lori went to a district orphanage. Claiming that her parents had abandoned her at a young age. Here, she managed a year of peace living amongst the other parentless children. But what Lori’s young mind had failed to understand was that by putting herself in the district’s system, she made herself painfully visible to her parents. In a fit of rage they stormed into the orphanage demanding her daughter be brought to her. Trapped in her room with the door locked, Lori panicked. The steps were coming closer, and then the knocks, and then the voices, screaming.

Without a thought, she grabbed her Cottonee and escaped out the window, heading towards the one place she knew she had a chance at: The Knights of Unova. Lori enlisted as a squire and found freedom from her parents. Under the discipline of the Knights she thrived, finally upgrading her wooden sword to iron. She excelled in all physical endeavors, and became a quick study of sword and shield. Her greatest challenge was the written studies that all squires had to undergo, which she fudged with enough ability to pass. When the time came 6 years later for Lori to scale Victor’s Passage she was visited by her brothers, now all grown into the family business. They brought along with them a great black-iron armor, forged by their own hands, as well as an expensive Sun Stone. With this final gift and many tears, the siblings saw Lori off with her newly evolved partner at her side.

When Lori had finished her trial she was greeted with her full knighthood as well as her important cape. When the war finally broke out, Lori eagerly grabbed her sword and proudly declared her loyalty to the most logical, and rational choice: Aleksandr.

Other: And Vikings set fire to all the settlements!


Species: Whimsicott

Nickname: Whimsi

Gender: Male

Appearance: Looks like a Whimsicott, though a bit rough around the edges for sure.

Personality: Whimsi is generally an upbeat, easygoing pokemon. He’s never found moping around, or even getting mad in petty situations. He has a strong bond with Lori and is willing to go to great lengths to make her happy. He enjoys caring for smaller pokemon and is a natural born nurturer and protector. If given the chance, he will take younger pokemon in knights training under his arm to encourage and cheer them on. Though he knows he can’t offer them advice in traditional battling sense, he hopes he can give them a positive influence to keep them on the track to success.

During battle, he assumes a devilish fighting style. He mainly floats around his owner, letting her take most of the attention while he peppers the enemy with status affects or life draining attacks, assuring that Lori always comes out on top. His strength and confidence in battle is usually dependent on the state of Lori, if she is at ease and doing well, then he is too. He becomes worried and less capable if he sees her beginning to fault under pressure.

History: Whimsi grew up on the edges of the entrance Castle City, surrounded by a plethora of other peace-loving grass and poison pokemon. He knew little of human endeavors besides what he had observed from the few people that came out to the forest where he resided. Of course it all changed when Lori made her way to his home. She offered him small bits of her food, what little she had. Like any wild animal, he was instantly attracted to the prospect of consistently free food and followed Lori out of the forest and into the city life.

The two became inseparable as best friends. Lori did her best to pamper the grass pokemon and Cottonee did his best to try and grant the poor girl some comfort. After being moved into the orphanage in Wharf District he began to develop his nurturing nature, caring for the extremely small kids and even pokemon that resided in the grimy housing. But as fate would have it, he would instead be thrust into the life of a battling partner when Lori fled to the Knights of Unova.

Things were tough for the pokemon at first, he wasn’t made for battling like fighting pokemon, or defense like rock pokemon. He had to develop his attacks in a completely different way. There were many cruel defeats at the hands of more competent pokemon and masters. But it was through these trials that Whimis developed his keen fighting style, playing to his strength as a supporting variable to Lori’s already powerful sword prowess. He was able to increase these skills by a great deal through the generous offering of a Sun stone, giving him the confidence to tackle Victor’s Passage by Lori’s side.

Powers: Chlorophyll, PoisonPowder, StunSpore, Giga Drain, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed

Other:…and the Vikings set fire to the settlement…

edit: isn't it funny how everything can look perfect on a SU until the second you submit it?
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Sorry I haven't been on in so long - graduation is soon, and I've been a busy little bee. On to business!

Starkrai: You are of course welcome! RESERVED!

kilowatt: While I like the idea behind Constanto, there are a few problems. Firstly, in his history, you mention Nimbasa City, as well talking about how Castelia is still "small." If you would please go back to the OP and read about how medieval Unova is different from modern, that would be great. Also, I'd like the Appearance section to have a little more info, if possible.

Ysavvryl: Hahaha, I love it. I think it's obvious that you're ACCEPTED.

folksy: Very very nice! You're ACCEPTED!

TO EVERYONE: The game will either be up some time today or on Friday! I hope you're all ready!

EDIT: I almost forgot! I will also be playing a second character - even though Ernst's game will be more action-oriented than Aleksandr's, he'll mostly only show up for the big battles and to hand out missions. So here it is!



Name: David Carpenter

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Weapon/Armor: A bronze and turquoise mace. Unlike a traditional mace, it has no spikes or edges, instead having a large terracotta sphere at the end. The sphere is decorated with glowing spiral markings, and is imbued with Heavy Slam.

Affiliation: Truth

Appearance: One of the first words that comes to mind upon seeing David is “big.” He’s a mountain of a man, with muscles the size of an average man’s head. He has the leathery complexion of someone who spends much of their time outside, and for good reason. He also has a hawkish nose and bright, inquisitive eyes that seem to take everything in so that his mind can take it all apart. He stands tall at 6’7”, but he is dwarfed in comparison to Goliath.

Personality: Curious about everything, David’s greatest desire is to understand the world around him. In his mind, everything is a great machine, and it’s his job to discover its purpose. He loves to tinker with and build things. His desire to create and maintain extends to his interactions with people as well, as he makes friends easily and is always willing to help people with problems, be they large or small.

A big man with a big heart, David is also very generous, and will go out of his way to make people happy. Sometimes this conflicts with his thirst for knowledge, which causes him to become irritable and introverted. When things are well though, he is a cheerful individual, full of vigor and a lust for life. He maintains that discovering the reason behind things doesn’t subtract from life’s beauty, but adds to it – for how can one truly appreciate something one doesn’t understand?

History: Born in the Eastern Province to a family of, what else, carpenters, David was apprenticed to his father at a very early age. His father taught him the basic things a carpenter needs to know, and schooled young David himself, putting special emphasis on mathematics. David soon developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and his father began to save money to send his son to Castle City and receive a proper education. After years of scraping pennies together, David was sent to Castle City, full of excitement. He was twelve.

It soon became apparent to David that “proper” education was a lot more work than the simple schooling he had received at home. He applied himself with determination and perseverance, and his grades steadily climbed. Pleased with himself, David was shocked when he was expelled. To this day he is still unsure what exactly caused his expulsion, though he suspects that some politician’s boy had ++complained to his daddy about the stupid hick, and daddy had pulled some strings to kick the bumpkin out.

Regardless, David was on the streets now. He refused to return home, ashamed of his failure. He eventually decided to join the Knights of Unova and, after extreme training, was granted full Knighthood. He soon joined the Royal Engineers, a subsection of the Knights who specialized in battlefield construction. Earthworks, siege machines, forts – you name it, the Engineers could build it. David had found his dream job.

Unfortunately, his happiness was soon shattered when the twin princes went to war with each other. Torn between his duty to the king and his own personal predilection towards Ernst – a well-known student of the sciences – David nonetheless defected from the Royal Engineers to join Ernst’s army. Presently, he and a group of fellow ex-Engineers are in charge of maintaining the Ernstian base of operations.

Other: David still keeps in contact with his father through letters, but is very careful to conceal his exact location in case of spies.


Species: Golurk

Nickname: Goliath

Gender: NA, but referred to as a male.

Appearance: Goliath’s outer shell is identical to the rest of his kin. The cracks where his internal energy leaks through are less uniform, and most notable of these is one in the center of his forehead that glows with unusual intensity.

Personality: Some people might call Goliath stoic. Others might say that he’s the strong, silent type. Both are in fact wrong, for Goliath does not actually have a personality. He, like other Golurk, is an exceptionally early form of artificial intelligence. Created as a servant race by the same Ancients who constructed the Seaside Ruins, most Golurk lack personality matrices, rendering them flat, one-dimensional beings who exist only to serve their masters. David likes to pretend that Goliath communicates with him at times, and is very fond of the giant, going so far as to occasionally pat Goliath’s mammoth belly, explaining to observers that the Golurk enjoys it.

History: David met Goliath while he was living on the streets. Inexplicably, the Golurk was found, inert and inactive, in a back alley. David was fascinated by the behemoth, and attempted to restore power to the creature. Eventually succeeding, the Golurk rebooted itself. Its memory banks had been wiped due to extreme cranial trauma, and so it identified the nearest human as its new master – this was, of course, David.

The Golurk began to follow David everywhere, and David grew to enjoy its company. He named it Goliath, and began to treat him like a large, artificial dog, giving the Golurk tummy rubs and calling him “good boy.” When David went to join the Royal Engineers, there was no other choice for a partner. The two are never seen without each other now. Logically minded folk might venture that this is because Goliath is programmed to follow his master anywhere. David insists that it’s out of loyalty and Goliath’s personal fondness for him.

Powers: Iron Fist, Heavy Slam, DynamicPunch, Hammer Arm, Night Shade, Magnitude

Other: Goliath is the only thing that David does not treat with scientific curiosity. This is not out of a lack of interest, it is simply because he once attempted to puzzle out what made the Golurk tick, but soon realized that it was beyond his comprehension. And the Vikings set fire to the settlement!
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@folksy: haha, well maybe not a frat house, but I have noticed that the standards here on Serebii are higher than usual. I don't think you'll have a problem with that. :) On a side note, I love that little lab rat metaphor!

@Starkrai: On a unique ability, as long as it can be reasonably connected to the Pokemon, it should be good. Like if it's something in the Pokedex entries or possibly related to the inspiration for the Pokemon.


Darkrai's Advocate
Name: Leos Klein

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Weapon/Armor: He carries a large tempered silver Katana, with intricate carvings down either side of the blade; the hilt encrusted with sapphires.
His armor is made of silver including a scarred chest plate, with a black silk fringe hanging asymmetrically to his knees. His feet and calves are clothed in silver boots; equally as weathered as the chest plate. One arm - his left - Is completely bare from his shoulder excepting a black silk arm protector called a Tekka, covering from his palm to his mid-forearm. His other arm is covered from fingers to shoulder, once again in aged silver armor. The shoulder is protected by a jagged silver pauldron created by layers of the metal. This leads to the gauntlet that covers all of the arm, barring the fingers, leaving them free and mobile.
Covering most of this is a jet black sleeveless duster made from distressed leather, the fabric around the arm holes are jagged and torn, the bottom is frayed and ripped, covered in dirt from where it has brushed the ground for so many years.
His weapon holds a very unique kinship with Darkai's moveset, as it can absorb the energy from Dark and Ice type moves to gain their effects and benefits. This allows Leos to strike devastating blows in unison with his partner.
Also every time it says silver that's the colour not what its made of, everything is made out of steel for amour and sword, just in case you got confused.

Affiliation: Ideals

Appearance: At a height of 6'2, Leos has a wiry and athletic build, with a slim yet subtly strong frame. With a neutral skin colour that is weathered with age and trauma, his body is also littered with scars; many covered by his armor or too small to notice, excepting the large diagonal slash going across his face, which both obscures and enhances his often haughty features.
His almond shaped eyes are framed with black lashes, unusually long and thick, giving his electric blue eyes a softer tone.
His raven black hair is swept backwards, the ends cut in a jagged, unkempt style, with the occasional streak of snow white running through it.
His chin and lower jaw is covered in a short black goatee, sweeping up the sharp jawline, but only just reaching the ears.

Personality: Due to his cruel start in life, and the pain he has endured in his past, Leos has developed a cold and cynical outlook on life. He is a passionate idealist, wanting to change the world for the better despite his sardonic views on the people around him. Honour and loyalty are two things that he will forever uphold, regardless of whatever situation he might be in.
He does not condone injustice of any form, nor does he allow the exploitation of the weak and needy. If someone calls upon him for aid, he will usually comply with utmost haste; however, if he feels that whomever asks for his help does not deserve it (or actually need it), he will depart upon them a few words of sarcastic wisdom, and then be on his way.
However, underneath this frosty demeanor, there lies a surprisingly caring and humorous human being, with a heart that can overrule his tactical mind in times where the people he cares about the most are threatened.

History: Leos has suffered from a young age. To be precise, the day from when he was born, for he was abandoned in a dark forest, his first sight being the starry sky, and not his mother’s face. His first embrace was from the cold forest floor and not his mother’s arms. On that night his screams filled the quiet forest air, and he continued, but with no avail... And yet, a much unexpected visitor to the source of the screams stopped them, for his first sight of another living being was a Darkrai. This Darkrai took pity on the child and decided - against his better judgment - to bring the child to a nearby village, and placed him on a doorstep, watching from afar as the man who almost stepped on the child picked him up in his arms and turned back into the house.
Years passed quickly for Leos, as his father was a fisherman, and so he spent most of his time - when not in school - fishing with his adopted father. He loved him very much, and he did not even begin to suspect that this man was not his real father.
The day came when Leos reached 16, and he had grown weary of the everyday life of a fisherman. On the morning of his birthday, he decided to enlist with the army; as he was of age. Despite his father’s best wishes for him to reconsider his decision, he never listened, and so on the afternoon of the day where he finally became a man, he left the tiny fishing village and make for Castle City where he would enlist in the army.
As he turned his back on the village that he called home, he was met with an oddly familiar face, the face of the Darkrai who had rescued him all those years ago, and watched him grow up. And so without an exchange of words, Leos continued walking with a smile on his face, and his new partner by his side.
It’s been 20 years since that day, and now, as a General in the army, he was faced with a very difficult choice. Since the splitting of the brothers that held Zerkrom and Reshiram, the army also split ways: one picking ideals and the other choosing truth. After a long discussion with his partner, they both traveled to Castle City to side with Alexsandr and Zekrom, the Heroes of ideals.
He is now fulfilling their wishes alongside the other idealists, assisting in the war against Ernst and Reshiram, and the overall purification of Unova.

Other: He is an exceptional Pianist. Oh, and Vikings set fire to all the settlements!


Species: Darkrai

Nickname: Starkrai

Appearance: Starkrai has all the usual characteristics of the average Darkrai, excepting the fact that his build is bigger and more human like, plus the plumes of darkness emanating from his body are longer.

Personality: Starkrai's mind is almost identical to his human counter-part's, excepting the fact that he's far more unforgiving than Leos, and once you get to know him, his stony demeanor does not change for anyone but Leos.

History: What happened in Starkrai's past, previous to his first encounter with the child Leos, is unbeknownst to anyone but himself, including Leos.

Powers: Move set- Dark pulse, Ice Beam, Focus punch, Dark void and Nightmare.

Special ability: Dream siphon: This ability makes Darkrai stronger or weaker depending on time of day and surroundings, so for instance night time in a city will make Darkrai very strong whereas Day light on a standard route will make Darkrai weaker. Also he's immune to Ground type moves.

Notes: Please please let me keep Darkrai, I know legends are a bit unfair, But I've made it so his ability can impede his general effectiveness from time to time, which is quite fair, also the ground type immunity is standard I mean he's floating so that's fair, and lastly he can only use Dark void twice every battle. Can't wait to start this role play with everyone =)
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May I reserve a spot? I'm a dungeon master in my school's video game and anime club, and I'd really like to have somewhere where I can take a break from being behind the screen but still do Role-Playing. I'll probably have my character form up today or Friday at the latest.

Also I'd like to ask a question. I'd like to base my character's special ability off of the ghost typing thing where fighting and normal types moves don't affect them (like punches and kicks, but swords and arrows would still work) but I don't know if this would be allowed.
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