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[PG-13] Knights of Unova [SU]

Starkrai: Sorry, but I'm gonna have to say this one is DENIED. The story is very Stu-ish: mysterious orphan is found by a powerful entity, given over to a peasant family, then grows up to be a war hero (never mind the fact that a fisherman's son couldn't afford proper schooling in this era)? Not only that, but he ascends through all the ranks of Knighthood, from page to squire to Knight to general, in only four years? That's about how long it takes to complete your initial apprenticeship. Read through some of the other SUs to get an idea.

Secondly, your SU is nowhere near high-enough quality to qualify you for a legendary Pokemon. The formatting is wonky, the details are practically non-existant, and frankly the Pokemon itself seems like an attempt at a self-insert, which simply will not do. In addition, you've disregarded the cardinal rule for choosing a partner - they must be a Pokemon that is found in Unova. Feel free to make a new SU though, we'd still love to have you be a part of the game.

RefreezePR: That is perfectly acceptable - as Ysavvryl has said a few times, Armor and Weapons can have any ability a Pokemon can use, be it an Ability or a natural skill or trait, such as a Ghost's immunity to Normal or Fighting type moves. You're RESERVED!

TO EVERYONE: The game begins later today! I don't have time to make the first post now, but I'll be back to do so later this evening. After I make the first post as Ernst, kindly wait for Ysavvryl to maker her first post as Aleksandr before writing your own posts. Thank you.

EDIT: THE GAME IS AFOOT http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?607487-Knights-of-Unova-PG-13
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For those who may have missed it, here is the link to the RP thread! Also, for those who haven't finished their SUs, there is no rush, but I'd like of each of to tell me about your current progress. I'll also be sending messages to ensure you're all still interested.


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Finally finished this, I’m so sorry for the long wait, I had to re-write this character like 8 times because I wasn’t happy with it. I hope you like the finished one! :D


Name: Sandra Veruen

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Weapon/Armor: Sandra carries a weathered short sword made of solid steel. It is an old fashioned but sturdy weapon with the marks of many years of combat that its newest owner cannot even imagine, it was owned by her father before her. While she only wears a plain black leather tunic and trousers; it is the cloak that she received from becoming a knight that defines her look. The cloak is made from a special material that causes any normal punches or kicks to phase through her (Normal and fighting moves miss). The cloak appears to be immaterial itself, often acting as if wind is blowing through it when there is none and looking at it closely reveals that it doesn't look black, but instead colorless like a void. She also keeps many throwing knives on her just in case.

Affiliation: Ernst/Ideals

Appearance: Sandra often appears to be pretty small although this is because she often bends her knees or her back a little to seem like less of a threat among her often more muscled and boastful party members. She actually stands at about 5'10" and has very unkempt hair that looks like it was cut with a knife (which it often is), her hair is a dark brown and her eyes even darker. She is very skinny from surviving only on the plants and berries she can find in the forests because she refuses to eat meet knowing about what happens to the poor animal’s souls who pass on, and is also very pale from very rarely ever taking off her cloak and living a mostly nocturnal lifestyle. She wears only a black leather tunic and trousers with her cloak around her body and the hood up most of the time. She also rarely ever wears shoes unless she is in the snow or Sandra tends to often be very dirty from often going a week or two without showering. This tends to lead others to mistake her for a young male.

Personality: Sandra is often very complicated on the outside which is partly because she never wants anyone to get a clear bead on her, but also because she was grown in the forest barely knowing anyone other than her father. Most social interaction she had in the haunted areas where she grew up was with the friendly ghost Pokemon and spirits who have yet to pass on, due to this she does not fear death and views it as the next step in life, she also holds considerable respect for spirits yet to pass on in the world and often sleeps in cemeteries or places that are deemed to be abandoned and haunted to try to provide them company. She often sits on the edge of a conversation and listens to whatever information she can obtain.

Sandra's combat isn't very strong alone and she often loses straight 1 on 1 battles, but she works together with her Lampent to confuse and strike fear into their enemies. Often using smog as cover and hitting them with confuse ray while wearing down their enemy with fast attacks until they surrender or are knocked out. Sandra is very loyal to her teammates and often plays the part of leading the enemy off their tracks by having the bad guys chase her instead of her teammates before she escapes into the bushes, alleyway, sewers, forest, rooftops, etc. She also stays up late at nights to watch over them as they sleep. Despite this though, Sandra tries to maintain a business relationship with everyone she knows because she often moves around Unova doing missions as a knight with no place to call home and has never found a place to call her own.

History: Sandra often traveled with her father throughout the region as Spirit Channelers. They would speak with and calm wrathful spirits who needed closure in their lives. She was trained by her father, who would often use his Golurk to speak with and fight malevolent spirits. This work was mostly uneventful but she and her father were dedicated and he taught her all about the ghosts and spirits who haunted this world because of their uncompleted goals in life and some who were powerful and wrathful that could take on forms and attack people. Her father dedicated his life to stopping spirits like those after losing his wife to one that attacked their family when Sandra was less than a year old. One day though, they came upon a cemetery haunted by the angry souls of many soldiers from battles long forgotten, they were ambushed by the powerful spirits and overcome by their strength. Sandra’s father fought them back giving time for her and the Litwick she had at the time enough time to escape. When she came back all that was left was her father’s weapon and soul which her Litwick absorbed by her father’s wish for it to become powerful enough to protect her.

After striking out on her own, Sandra often did small jobs for what little money she could get, like house chores and talking to passed on family members through her Lampent, for food and if she was lucky a dirty bed in a tavern. Eventually she tried to stop a rampant spirit that had started gaining power in an area she was living. She was losing badly when several Knights of Unova came and saved her while stopping the malevolent spirit. She was inspired by their courage and strength and dedicated her life to becoming one of them so she could also save people who needed help.

Eventually after becoming a new knight and having worked in some previous missions with teams the kingdom was split into two by the war and everyone started picking sides. This immensely angered Sandra believing for this to be a stupid and childish battle between the two princes, in her eyes they were both chosen to rule Unova but they couldn’t for some reason do it together. All of the senseless fighting and killing is an insult to the kingdom she knew before the split and will only create more malevolent spirits like the ones that murdered her parents. But knowing that the brothers were too thick-headed to think this for themselves she set out to help Ernst hoping that she could help his resistance become a big enough threat that Alexander would have to meet him in battle personally so she can try to get them to talk things out diplomatically and try to work together.

Other: Are smoke pellets allowed? Vikings set fire to the settlement!


Species: Lampent

Nickname: Shadowfire (Shadow or Fire for short)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Shadowfire looks like an everday Lampent although when it becomes enraged its flame growsand its eyes turn red.

Personality: Shadowfire is an extremely feisty and carefree Pokémon out of combat. It likes to play jokes and pranks on people, especially Sandra. It often lounges around not doing much when it isn’t needed but when it has the chances to scare someone by jumping out of a corner it will often do it to see the look on their faces. In combat it is almost the same where it confuses its enemies and strikes them with quick, flanking maneuvers to keep them off their guard and enrage them so they can’t focus. It also uses Shadow Tag to lock fleeing enemies in place so they can’t escape. Sometimes whenever Sandra becomes hurt or endangered her father’s soul powers the Lampent immensely and the powers of its attack increase in its rage.

History: As a Litwick Shadow often spent its time in a haunted wood with others of its kind, one day as it saw two humans passing through the woods it noticed they were headed for a part of the woods it knew was haunted by a powerful and out of control Golurk, it followed them curiously trying to see as to what they might do. When they reached the sentinel they began attacking it in a weak effort to stop it. When their efforts began to fail it jumped out instinctively into the fray and helped by releasing a smog attack to cover the humans and hit the Golurk with a confuse ray to keep it off guard. Managing to beat the sentinel the Litwick stayed with its new friends and started traveling with them to assist in their adventures.
Powers: Ability: Shadow Tag Moves: Smog, Confuse Ray, Flame Burst, Shadow Ball

Other: Is it alright if the to can in a way telepathically communicate simple thoughts and emotions? Not like a conversation, just like sadness or something simple like "Danger Ahead!". I don’t even know why I even build settlements anymore with all these Vikings around -_-

Edit: That moment when you finally finish a huge and detailed character and you're about to get up to leave when you notice a glaring mistake in the character you hadn't thought of before. -_-
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RefreezePR: You are ACCEPTED! I really like the look of it, and that's a clever concept for Armor. Welcome to the club!

Edit: I almost forgot to mention that thesilverwolf has WITHDRAWN. If you ever decide to come back, you know where to find us!
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RefreezePR: You are ACCEPTED! I really like the look of it, and that's a clever concept for Armor. Welcome to the club!

Edit: I almost forgot to mention that thesilverwolf has WITHDRAWN. If you ever decide to come back, you know where to find us!

Thanks! But about my questions, would smoke pellets and limited telepathy with the Pokemon (and other spirits) be allowed? By the other spirits I mean Lampent talks to the spirits and then relays to Sandra through simple thoughts and emotions what they said.


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Team Ernst seems to have a monopoly on the Ghost-type.
Thanks! But about my questions, would smoke pellets and limited telepathy with the Pokemon (and other spirits) be allowed? By the other spirits I mean Lampent talks to the spirits and then relays to Sandra through simple thoughts and emotions what they said.

Missed that, my bad. Yes, both are perfectly fine.

Team Ernst seems to have a monopoly on the Ghost-type.

Funny, it just so happens that Warumo's partner is a Jellicent! :p


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It's complete. ~


Name: Romulus "Rom" Balthazar

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Weapon/Armor: Besides the ordinary equipment a knight customarily carries (such as basic knives, an iron sword, and an iron shield), Rom equips an obsidian sword imbued with the dark power of Night Slash. This embellishment allows the wielder to strike an opponent's weak point, increasing the damage dealt. However, an attack from the sword has an increased chance of missing as well. Rom's attire consists of traditional lightweight knight's armor with white steel war boots that bear a slight resemblance to the feet of a Bisharp. A crimson fauld also adorns his waist, surrounding his entire hips in a form similar to a skirt.

Affiliation: Aleksandr/Ideals

Appearance: While Rom has gradually become accustomed to the bulk of the armor he carries, he fancies adorning simple peasant cloth in his free time. The dark-haired knight apathetically dons a careworn sweater during the frigid winter months. As the warm summer days approach however, Rom favors going shirtless, solely wearing light shorts and inexpensive sandals. Rom possesses rough, large features and unassuming forest-green eyes. A broken nose and thin, chapped lips inhabit the area below his eyes. Drab, unkempt ash-brown hair drapes over the breadth of his shoulders. Uneven creases line the span of Rom's forehead, exposing the anxiety concealed beneath the mask. He seldom shaves, permitting a dark stubble to decorate the extent of his jaw. Suggesting years of hard labor, muscles ripple beneath the surface of his farmer's tan. An innate air of charisma and rugged attractiveness seemingly exudes from his otherwise characterless appearance.

Personality: Rom acquired the idea that life is a battlefield from a young age. He observes before he strikes (with words and actual attacks) and continuously assesses his surroundings in a futile attempt to feel as if he's winning the ongoing battle outside and within himself. As such, he appears to others as highly belligerent and egocentric. Everything is a test of wills to him and backing down would be the ultimate crime. At his worst, he becomes ruthless and dictatorial, pushing the boundaries and exerting his power through intimidation.

Nonetheless, Rom still has a human soul. He expresses a "can do" attitude and sometimes allows a dash of magnanimity to escape his cold veneer. A strong sense adventure lies close to the dark-haired knight's heart as well. Only self-restraint and mastering himself through self-surrendering to a higher authority will allow Rom to preserve his inner security and finally attain a healthy interpersonal relationship with another human being. He hopes to one day fulfill his dream of having a lasting influence on the world around him.

History: Born to a peasant farming family in the Eastern Province, Rom was gifted with two loving parents, Moira and Tiberius Balthazar, who were determined to rid themselves of their perpetual poverty to create a pleasant life for their only son. Rom's father in particular held a sharp contempt for his family's penurious existence. When Rom was only an infant, his father used his family's savings to embark on a suspicious journey. Rom's mother worked herself into the ground to put food on the table. Moira incessantly assured young Rom that Daddy would come back eventually and that the wait would pay off, but she was only trying to assure herself. Rumors soon sprang up that Tiberius went to see the soothsaying witch in the western forest. Eventually news reached Moira that the ship carrying her husband had sunk somewhere along the western coast of the continent. Moira soon passed away of a broken heart, leaving the feudalistic system of the era to nurture five year-old Rom.

Rom spent the entirety of his rudimentary years in an orphanage. The humble matron of the orphanage described Rom the best during these early years: "A willful child with the heart of a Stoutland." As he grew older, Rom would get lost in the collection of novels the matron kept and began working in the orphanage orchard. Carrying hefty sacks of fruits matured his muscles and his mind. The dark-haired adolescent would soon ponder the nature of his beginning since he was left no memory of his parents. An abandonment complex gradually developed, enticing him to be reluctant to hand out trust. A spectacular opportunity arose when a group of representatives from the Knight's HQ in Castle City approached the matron of the orphanage with the delicate broach of recruitment. Adolescent orphans made the perfect knights, after all. Romulus Balthazar was a premier candidate. A well-built muscular young man with a stout heart. Simply perfect. Except maybe for his deteriorating self-perception. But that can surely be remedied with an apprenticeship!

The representatives eventually had their homecoming with Rom in tow, settling Rom with an appropriate master to ripen his gallantness. Isolde was her name. She was elegant and tender, if a bit people-pleasing. One of the first errands she tasked Rom with was befriending a Pokémon. Rom had no master plan to go about this, so he just waited for a Pokémon to find him. The day a creature finally stumbled upon him was a pleasant spring day when Rom was just an absentminded fifteen year-old practicing his technique with a wooden sword in an open meadow. He felt a gentle breeze flowing through the eaves of his glossy brown hair when a bloodcurdling shriek uttered from beneath a bush. Curiosity lured the fifteen year-old into peering beneath the shrub only to find a bashful Pawniard covering its eyes. Rom decided to comfort the mortified Pokémon with a compassionate head pat. The Dark/Steel-type gazed up and slashed at the perpetrator. Rom staggered back, barely evading the attack. The dark-haired squire frowned and discerned that it would in his best interest to depart from the creature. Unbeknownst to him, the Pokémon followed Rom on his way home, intrigued by the wooden sword Rom was handling. Isolde spotted the Pawniard straight away and informed Rom that the Pawniard would become his partner.

Rom incubated a distinct affection for his superior, manifesting goofy grins when she looked his way and gently smiled in response. Isolde was quite aware of the fondness Rom held for her, but she had only motherly love for the boy. She also recognized the stigma associated with mentor and mentee relationships. One day far into his internship, when the unresolved sexual tension became enough, Rom mustered the foolishness to place a kiss upon Isolde's soft cheek. She jumped back in surprise, processing the moment. An ireful disposition took place of her regular tenderness, prompting Isolde to backhand her student across the face. This act of violence triggered Rom's fight or flight response so he sprinted away in shame. Rom and Isolde's relationship as mentor and mentee would never be the same. Awkward stillness would replace the laughter and words. Grimaces replaced smiles. His first love conquered by his own folly. He endured the last days of his apprenticeship with a quiet strength as his complex was beginning to kick in once again.

Rom dishearteningly passed his trials three years ago when he was twenty-two. Rom hasn't been the best with money since he wastes it all on alcohol and gambling, so he serves the empire as a knight errant being the landless pathetic knight he is. He isn't exactly sure why he sided with Aleksandr, and it wouldn't probably take a whole lot of money to sway him to the other side.

Other: I hope his history is somewhat believable. *shrug* And the Vikings (DID NOT) set fire to the settlement!


Species: Bisharp

Nickname: Orcus

Gender: Male

Appearance: Orcus resembles a traditional Bisharp.

Personality: The traditional social competition of male Bisharps gives Orcus territorial and combative instincts that the Pokémon has trouble controlling. Orcus is an amiable and cool-headed Pokémon, lest his instincts get ahold of him. He has a sharp distaste for battle and conflict in general because it brings out the worst in him, so he prefers harmless negotiations. This distinctly differs from his master's perspective on battle when Rom goes all "might makes right." If Rom makes it clear that it is an absolute must for Orcus to battle, he will wistfully oblige and can easily hold his own in battle. Rom and Orcus also make fantastic teammates, confronting the enemy on opposite sides to increase the pressure and shielding attacks the other might be unaware of.

History: As a Pawniard, Orcus served as a grunt in a pack Pawniards that inhabited the meadows outside the Upper District of Castle City. He was quite timid as a Pawniard, terrified of being alone and participating in battles. The head of the pack, a bloodthirsty Bisharp, often scorned Orcus' useless presence. One day the Bisharp secretly commanded the other Pawniards to wake up significantly earlier than Orcus, so their pack could cruelly be rid of his insignificance. This turned out to be the momentous day Orcus met Rom.

Powers: Defiant, Slash, Metal Sound, Night Slash, Iron Head, Swords Dance

Other: And the Vikings (DID NOT) set fire to the settlement!
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What do I do now?
Would you kindly allow me to make a reserve? This looks great!
Narvi: I like it! You are ACCEPTED!

Cometstarlight and Da_bomb.com: You are both RESERVED! If you like, take a peek at our RP thread to get some inspiration!
Pokefan0234: you're RESERVED!

To everyone: I apologize deeply for my absence; I have been very busy lately. However, the game is still on, and I hope to have a discussion thread up within a week or so!


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Would it be possible to make a reserve for a second character? Seems to be more going on in the Ernst camp & area at the moment.

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I haven't been on the forums for quite a while but this grabbed my interest so I thought I'd try. Its a bit rushed because its late and I'm tired and I wanted to get this done tonight, so I hope you enjoy! ( And accept me!)


Name: Jaclen “Jack” Cuhleroin

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Affiliation: Ernst/ Reshiram

Special Weapon/Armour: Jack wields a pair of tough black leather gauntlets which have been imbued with “Nature Power”. They are a family heirloom and as the oldest son, Jack has inherited both gloves, one of which from his deceased younger brother. They allow for wearer to manipulate their surroundings to their whims, but require significant concentration, creativity and control to use so one could not just don on the gauntlets and create an earthquake to destroy a castle, as they are just as likely make a sink hole where they are standing. They work best when stood still as well. Jack has been using the gauntlets for 16 years.

Appearance: Typical of the Cuhleroin family, Jack is quite tall standing at 6’1 ft. He has short kept hair the same colour as tree bark and dark green eyes and a deep bass voice which when roused can make many men cower. His facial features are fairly sharp and masculine, with a strong jaw line, covered in a dark beard, many people describing him as ruggedly handsome. He is tanned skin from spending most of his life outdoors and has a body frame which one can easily tell is in the peak of physical fitness when me moves, not rippling with muscles, but more of like that of a skilled hunter, each step he takes with a purpose.

When is battle, Jack wears a full suit of plate armour, emblazoned with the Cuhleroin family crest of a Sawksbuck head on his chest and on his round shield. Jack is well trained in the art of the spear and also in a hand-and-a-half sword which can be used with one hand or two. The sword also has the ability to channel the power of his gauntlets to a certain degree, although not with any great finesse. In more casual attire, Jack wears a plain green tunic and brown trousers, all of good study quality thanks to his wealthy background. He also has leather armour for when he’s on a mission which requires more stealth.

Personality: Jack’s presence is much like being in the presence of a huge oak tree, a quiet strength resides in him, which has at times made people mistake him for royalty. He is a gentle and honourable man, who sees no need for conflict, excess, frivolity to cruelty. Indeed, he has many makings of a monk had life not taken him down the Knight’s path. As you can guess, he is a calm and caring man the majority of the time, who wishes he could mend many things especially that of his brother’s demise – he knows his death was not his fault, but still the guilt that he was supposed to look after him saddens his heart. To bring harm upon another always makes him pause, for the briefest moment.

Do not think him meek and submissive however. Jack was brought up to take charge. As the eldest son, he has a great mind to organisation. He can run an estate with ease. His low tones are gentle yet subtlety commanding, and although hard to do, his anger is quite the sight. One doesn’t like to bring a forest on their heads after all. Once he makes his mind up, nothing can get in the way. However, when it comes to social political prowess and the dance of the houses and courts, Jack struggles. He was brought up to be a leading man, and to be part of a web pulling many strings and trying not to get pulled, not giving himself time to mull thoughts over and all manner of ill deeds and thoughts occur.

History:Jack was born as the oldest son of the Cuhleroin family, who owned an extensive estate in the foothills of the twist mountain range, much of which is forest home to many Sawsbuck and Deerling herds. The Cuhleroin is an old family that has been serving and protecting Western Unova Empire for generations, namely through farming and also key family allegiances which kept the central western province a peaceful place

Jack’s childhood was what many would call an easy one. He was lucky, being part of a wealthy, powerful and most importantly, stable family. Since they were a rural family, they often avoided the conflicts of politics and city life. All these resulted in allowed Jack to have some of the best education in a variety of different topics. Jack, as the eldest, grew up learning how to govern an estate since it was expected that he would inherit the estate in the future once his father passed away. As well as being involved with such matters, he was taught the arts of being hands-on by his father and servants, resulting in Jack being an accomplished hunter and tracker, plus knowing many survival skills.

However, sitting upon his familial seat in a backwater estate didn’t appeal Jack’s younger brother’s wondering mind. When he was 14, he was given the opportunity to become a Knight. Wishing to bring honour upon his family name, Jack’s brother accepted. Their father, while disapproving, accepted his choice, and decided on the understanding that life was the best teacher one could give his sons, instructed Jack to become a Knight as well. He give Jack and his younger brother one of each “Nature Power” gauntlets to protect them, as well as giving both his sons the sons of his Sawsbuck, who was the leader of the herd.

Their trip to the big city was uneventful, and they were quickly accepted into the Knights in training. Both Jack and his brother excelled, especially with their bigger frames typical of the house from the western forest, and formed a well-known pairing of high skill with their Sawsbuck. Jack was knighted on his 21st, followed by his younger brother 2 years later. Since they already had a special imbued piece of armour, they did not receive anything new.

They served the city for several years. Jack avoided as much politics as he could, since he had no head for such matters, while his brother enjoyed many delights of the city. His younger brother began to fall astray however, falling into many vices of disreputable nature which began to strain their relationship, especially when Jack had to maintain an image of a respected House. Over and over again, Jack had to get his brother out of many problems and keep them covered up, and all this time Jack knew not why his brother was being so.

Jack’s brother died in his 27th year. He was hungover and was attacked by bandits. Jack inherited his brother’s matching gauntlet, the bandits obviously not realising the power the plain leather glove had. This was a period of great sadness and mourning for him, for not long afterwards, his father died, and Jack was allowed leave to return back to his estate to manage and sort out the family affairs, bitter with the loss of his brother he couldn’t keep together.

Several years later, upon the schism of the brothers, Ernst came to Jack for support. He was a simple man and found Aleksandur’s pursuit of ideals quite distasteful – for ideals are subjective. Ernst’s quest for truth lay plain and understandable. Jack have his support to the champion of Truth and gathering his banner men, left the care of his estate to his wife and mother.

Other: Jack has a wife who is pregnant with their first child. It was an arrange marriage after his father died and they do not love each other, but respect each other.

“And the Vikings set fire to the settlement!”

Species: Sawsbuck

Nickname: Rohan

Gender: Male

Ability: Sap Sipper/Chlorophyll

Moves: Nature Power, Horn Leech, Natural Gift, Aromatherapy, Odour sleuth, Jump Kick

Appearance: Rohan is very aptly deemed the “serene” Pokémon. He is a very large Sawsbuck and leader of his herd back at the Cuhleroin family estate, standing at roughly 5’6 ft to his shoulder, easily allowing him to carry humans with ease.

Personality: Rohan is a very calm individual, radiating an apathetic aura of power which isn’t surprising in that he’s the king of his forest. He is a quiet individual who would rather avoid anything around him but is completely loyal to his master and will quietly defend him till his last breath. He does not find joy in war and fighting and prefers to settle things in a simple and quiet matter or avoid the issue completely just like his Knight but if push comes to shove, he will fight, and using his wealth of experience in battle, be quick and efficient about it. However, he will never run away once he is brought into a fight until he is utterly beaten. He is much at home in the countryside, and gets uneasy in cities and towns, and has an immense dislike for pavements, much preferring the feel of earth beneath his hooves, often making him appear somewhat skittish in urban areas at times when busy.

History: Given to Jack when he was just a Deerling, Rohan is the offspring of the previous head of the herd on the Cuhleroin estate and has served his master ever since as partner and once he evolved, as his steed, experiencing much together. Once he came back to the Estate, he fought his way back to being the head of his herd and pretty much roamed free and did as he liked until Jack called him into service once more.

Species: Castform

Nickname: Torren

Gender: Male

Ability: Forecast

Moves: Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Hail, Weather Ball, Thief, Protect

Appearance: Torren is a small Castform being so young.

Personality: Torren is an incredibly shy Pokémon and will often stay close to his master, often hiding away at the sight of others and sticking close to Jack at all times, seeing Jack more as a parental figure than his master. In fact, Jack never orders Torren to perform anything, but asks. Torren’s main role is to aid Jack and his teammate Rohan any way he can, just as clearing the skies for battle or creating cover for a stealth mission, or defensive purposes. When just around Jack and Rohan, Torren often becomes a lot more cheerful and excitable, with a childish wonder for everything which always brings a smile to Jack’s face.

History: Torren came to Jack on a stormy night on the Cuhleroin estate. He doesn’t remember what happened to him before (Jack suspect trauma to his head) but he was blown into the window of Jack’s study who, seeing the distressed unconscious weather Pokémon, let him in. Since then the little Pokémon has been by Jack’s side, not knowing anything about his past, but content as the situation he is in with a teammate he respects and a master he loves.


That Dark Type Power

Name: Zane Leinhart

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Weapon/Armor: Double Edge/Black and Red Light Armor

Affiliation: Alexsandr - Truth

Appearance: Zane has flat black hair. He wears light metal armor that has a hood to conceal his face. He has light leather armor for leggings and combat boots. He is always seen wearing a black crescent necklace. Zane is average sized not too skinny not too big. Most if not all of his attire has the color black and red to show that he is a dark type user. His Double Edged sword is seen in separate swords and sheaths and are able to be connected together quickly.

Personality: Zane is very secluded. He usually works alone because of the fear of losing someone. He can be very caring, but shows a tough persona. That tough persona is what he uses to make sure that no attachments towards anyone can be made. The only attachment he has had was with his childhood friend and his pokemon. Dark is a good way to describe how Zane feels towards his opponents. If pushed too far he can become enraged showing his dark side.
When someone tries to converse with him, Zane tries to be as silent as possible. When Zane sees someone in trouble he would dive in head first to help them. Zane can be in deep thought most of the time and reads lots of books to keep his intelligence up. Zane is always seen working and would never rest unless a superior commanded him to. Zane can be seen hurting because of how life treated him. He keeps his hood on to prevent anyone from making eye contact with him.

History: As a young child, Zane had only one friend and that was Drey Maven. Right after acquiring that one friend, his family had died in a tragic accident. Suffering from the tragic loss, he decided to hide in the darkest of forests and cry there. Drey had found him and decided to take Zane in to his home and had done his best to comfort him. Zane had sworn that he would never want to get close to too many people to avoid the suffering. At the age of 13, Zane and Drey soon aspired to fight for Aleksandr believing that if they fought for him Unova would be a better place when filled with truth and justice. This idea especially intrigued Zane because he felt that justice was needed in order to help those that had suffered just as he did.
Zane would then fill his days reading. He reads books about battle strategy, pokemon, and the guide to having great success with your pokemon. Zane had studied for a whole year. While he had done this, he fell in the anti-social category. With his intelligence improved, he then strives to become stronger physically. He had focused mostly on stamina, and agility exercises. Zane then trained to have some strength to carry onto the field of battle.
With years of training, he excelled more in the speed and power area. At age 17 he finally thought himself ready, so he enlisted in Aleksandr's army. He stuck with his friend Drey through the whole recruiting program. When both are accepted into knighthood, they start to head off to train.


Species: Zorua/ Dark Fox Pokemon

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zane's Zorua has wheat in its mouth and has a moon pattern on its back.

Personality: Zorua is cool, and acts somewhat like a Treecko. He stays by the side and ignores other pokemon unless Zorua warms up to them. Zorua will always be in front of Zane if a person confronts him. Its a protective instinct.

History: At the age of 14, on of Zane's trips to his favorite forest, he finds an injured Zorua. Zane nurses him back to health and takes him back to his house. The Zorua becomes fond of his company and follows him everywhere he goes. Zane refuses to let Zorua keep following him, but Zorua always somehow comes back to find him. Zane gives up and allows Zorua to stay with him. Over the years they become great partners and friends. Since then he has trained with his Zorua to become a great knight.

Powers: Foul Play, Agility, Scary Face, Dark Pulse Ability: Illusion