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[PG-13] [SU] QUISTA: The Guardian's Mantra

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Avenger Angel, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven



    Gift or curse, Lugia, Guardian of the Seas, was left with little choice...

    As humans celebrated the year 2017 with the introduction of new technology and scientific research, the only remaining Lugia had grown too old and sick, realizing he was not immortal and ageless as he once believed. But only after this realization, his search to find the possible myth of an existing mate was fruitless, and only wore him down even further. With no options left but chaos or the reliance on humanity, he had to let go of all his fears and let fate decide.

    Waiting for the right moment, he waited until midnight before heading to Olivine City's shores...

    Five friends had been having a late night beach party about a mile away from Olivine City itself. Little did they know their presence on that beach at that very moment would change their lives and destinies forever. Amidst the music, late night partying, and conversations, it wasn't long until one of them spotted something large washing up upon the shore. Eventually, they all saw it and soon approached.

    When they realized it was Lugia, they were bewildered like never before, but the bigger shock was the realization of how close Lugia was to death mainly from being too old and sick. They had only heard rumors of the legendary Pokémon's existence, but now it was real, and they realized he had used the last of his energy just to drift and wash up on the shore. The five trainers had tried to save him, using Pokémon healing supplies and other means to keep him alive, but it only gave him a few more minutes. Regardless, Lugia felt that with no one left to turn to, he felt these five Pokémon trainers that had tried to save his life would be the best ones to trust and rely upon.

    Wasting no time, he told the trainers how important the role of the Guardian was while they stood there in awe, never thinking there was a Pokémon that could directly communicate with humans. The Lugia made it clear that his death would cause a great disturbance in the balance of nature and that the future was in their hands now, still leaving them in question as to what was going to be done. It was then that the Lugia had sung the Guardian’s Mantra, something almost no human has ever heard before. The trainers listened intently to a song that sounded both mournful but hopeful, and soon, out of nowhere, they felt themselves enveloped by a great, blinding light that only they could see and feel. For a split second, they saw themselves as a Lugia, a brief vision that only lasted for a few seconds before everything died down again, and they found themselves standing on the beach again. Once the strange trance had faded, they found the Lugia had died before them. After agreeing not to tell anyone about what happened that night and to keep it a secret, they pushed the dead Lugia’s body into the water, packed up their things, and went home with questions and anxieties racing through their heads.


    Little did they know, just out of their sight, a Johto Coast Guard vessel had spotted the trainers, and was about to reprimand them for being on the beach at midnight when his surveillance equipment had captured them conversing with the Lugia. His equipment was unable to get sufficient audible sound recordings, but he was able to get pictures and video of all five trainers before they pushed the Lugia’s body back into the sea, packed up their things, and headed home.

    After transferring the files and footage to an FBI server, the Johto Federal Bureau of Investigation flagged the five trainers for further surveillance. Thinking the trainers might have been responsible for the Lugia’s death, they analyzed the body of Lugia, and kept watch on the trainers however they could.

    In the process of the investigation, the DNA samples of the five trainers collected by forensics teams, samples mainly including fallen hairs, chewing gum, discarded trash, and other samples, had yielded very unusual results when analyzed by the FBI laboratories. What they found completely baffled them as they discovered the DNA of the five trainers far more closely resembled that of Lugia than a human.


    After experiencing several vivid dreams usually relating to the incident and Lugia itself, one of the five had learned how to transform into a Lugia by concentrating on the likeness of Lugia. Once transformed, each one of them would have the same power and capability as the Guardian of the Seas. However, after the five of them got together and realized this, they suddenly understood that one among them would have to give up everything to take Lugia's place and leave behind the life they had as a human. And it was there that they realized what the now deceased Lugia had left for them to resolve, and why he had given them this incredible power. But while they had a very difficult time trying to decide who would be the one to take Lugia's place, the weather and rainstorms were only getting worse without a Guardian to control and monitor them, and it was all the evidence they needed to understand they were running out of time.

    However, never knowing they were flagged and were being watched by the FBI, Johto’s agents saw the Lugia transformation in action, and made the capture of the five trainers a priority one objective. They named the trainers as “Quista, children of Lugia” and made it their mission to find them and see if the Quista initiation process could be replicated once again to turn normal humans into Lugia-transforming individuals. With that kind of power, the Johto government knew the kind of leverage they could obtain from it would be massive. They knew they needed to get their hands on the power first, and keep it out of the hands of normal civilians. However, most of them were under the assumption that such a massive amount of power would likely be used for military purposes.

    Operation Quista was immediately launched by the Johto government, and soon enough, police, FBI agents, and the military were after these five mysterious trainers, all intent on finding just one of them to uncover the secret. All the while, they kept the general public in the dark regarding the whole operation, not wanting anyone to know that such a powerful secret walked among humans.

    But now, the Quista are on the run, and need to avoid letting their secret slip into the wrong hands, all while trying to decide who will have to give up everything to become the next Guardian of the Seas...


    But from within the shadows, they were being watched...

    Xexan, an underground Johto-based group of hackers, criminals, mad scientists, and other such renegades, had come across the Operation Quista files after breaking into the government's databases while searching for other information. When they had confirmed the files and information was authentic, the five Quista trainers intrigued the organization, knowing if they managed to get their hands on the power of Lugia and bestow it upon multitudes of their members, they could create an army that could easily overthrow any government, including Johto's. While their mad pursuits of power have already taken the nefarious organization to new, darker heights, the Quista are their ultimate key toward unleashing anarchy and gaining total control of Johto, if not the entire world in due time.

    Meanwhile, they fight a secret war with the government, knowing the government can't disclose knowledge of Xexan without causing panic and hysteria. And at the same time, Xexan has access to weapons and powers the government could only dream of using, but need to remain in the shadows to avoid revealing themselves and their secret society to everyday trainers. To Xexan, such a secret needs to remain hidden... until the time is just right for total takeover... right when everyone is helpless to do anything about it...

    Like a wolf in the night stalking its prey, Xexan dispatched its forces in the shadows, stalking and hunting the five Quista trainers.


    Currently, there are five Quista members. Each of them adheres to the following:

    • Each Quista has a tattoo of a Lugia on their back which can never be removed. It’s about the size of a dinner plate. This can’t be seen unless their shirt is taken off, obviously.
    • Also, every Quista has a lower body temperature than a normal human. Because the FBI knows this, use of thermal visors and technology has become a spearhead in the pursuit of them.
    • Every Quista knows the Guardian’s Mantra, and could easily perform it in their Lugia form to create additional Quista members (although great care should be taken with regards to this, of course). However, the FBI does NOT know anything about the Guardian’s Mantra or exactly how the five trainers got this power.
    • A Quista can only turn into a Lugia and revert back to a human four times before permanently becoming a Lugia on the fifth transformation. Also, each cumulative time, it becomes harder and harder to turn back into a human. On around the third time, the transformation back to human becomes only partial, meaning the Quista may be walking around with white, rubbery skin and a Lugia tail. On around the fourth time (a sincerely difficult struggle), they are nearly half human, half Lugia. However, becoming a Lugia at will is very easy, and just requires some concentration. They basically imagine themselves as Lugia, and it actually happens (because it's so easy, it could happen unintentionally). In addition, if a Quista stays as a Lugia for over 24 hours, they can never turn back.
    • Transformation into a Lugia destroys clothing. Things like Pokéballs and devices are spared, however, but fall to the ground alongside the tattered clothing, and cannot be carried while the character is in Lugia form.
    • Every Quista no longer has normal dreams. Every night (or even when they just nap or doze off) they have a Lugia-related dream, even if they didn’t dream so often in the past. Also, the dreams are always pleasant, tranquil, and comforting, all attempting to push the Quista to accept their fate and become Lugia.
    • A Quista can not be captured in a Pokéball… not until they become a permanent Lugia (would still require a MASSIVE amount of non-fatal beating up prior to a capture attempt). Also, in Lugia form, they can use any level up move, but not TMs. Those can only be learned once the Quista becomes a permanent Lugia.
    • And finally, a Quista can communicate with Pokémon, but only while they’re in their Lugia form.

    If you want to role play as one of the five Quista members, that's great and I'm fine with you reserving yourself a spot as one, but you definitely need to promise to be very active and stay active in this RP. Please don't take one of these spots if you're unsure.

    Role players can also sign up as civilian Quista supporters. However, they should have some kind of connection to one of the already existing Quista members, such as being a trusted friend or family member of one of the characters. It's best if you contact one of the Quista role players regarding what possible connection your character has to theirs.


    The following branches of Johto's government are involved with the pursuit of the five Quista. Role players on the Johto government side can take any one of these three roles.

    Police - Police are at the forefront of the operation, wanting to keep the Quista pursuit under control and hidden from the rest of the Johto population. They have been informed of what they're up against, but they are hopeful the Quista can simply be caught, arrested, and imprisoned without ever transforming into a powerful Lugia. And if conflict and fighting can be avoided, all so much the better. Quick, simple, and clean is what they're aiming for.

    Police SWAT teams may be called in if things become violent and/or officers have or could become injured in their attempts to apprehend the Quista. That could include possible confrontations involving Xexan as well.

    Johto Federal Bureau of Investigation - The FBI are trying their best to keep the situation very hush-hush and unknown to outside civilians. While police perform most of the grunt work, FBI agents are constantly researching the five Quista members, their families, their lives, backgrounds, and other information.

    The FBI also have access to the government surveillance program known as Urban Eye, which connects all surveillance cameras, audio and visual feeds, and information databases into one central network. Using this technology, the FBI can use facial recognition, audio scans, and the like to find and track the Quista down. Meanwhile, the Quista themselves are not aware this technology exists, but they could potentially uncover the secret through using Lugia's psychic powers once they've taken on Lugia's form.

    Johto Military Branches - While the military has taken an interest into the power of the Quista and using it for military purposes, they are only taking a supportive role with surveillance and communication in the beginning. Unless things get extreme with the Quista and the five Quista members use their Lugia forms in reprisal, the military likely won't use excessive force and will simply resort to non-lethal tactical neutralization strikes upon the Quista. However, with the heat rising and Xexan becoming involved, there is chance of all-out warfare taking place.


    • Everyone on the government side has plenty of money to work with, and would already have quite an arsenal of technology and devices to use in their efforts to find and capture the Quista. Also, expense is not an issue. The Johto government would gladly sacrifice a few squad cars or other expendable equipment if it means getting their hands on a Quista and learning the secret behind how they came to be.
    • RPers on the government side are allowed to have many NPCs working with them, whether they’re by the character’s side or are back at base, using tracking technology to help the RPer’s character. Unlike the Quista and Xexan sides, the government has the advantage of numbers, money, and technology, but unlike those two, public relations are at stake if the Quista situation blows out of control and suddenly becomes public knowledge through heavy conflicts involving Lugia transformations and many eyewitnesses.


    The Xexan organization, hidden away in an underground bunker in Ilex Forest, consists of pure rebels, hating the current government institution. Funded by mob leaders, criminal kingpins, and other nefarious crime lords and masterminds, Xexan relies on strange and unethical means to leverage power and take down their enemies. In that dark, cold, underground bunker, many of the darkest creations of science and corruption have been spawned.

    Hackers - Xexan hackers are extremely skilled and are capable of breaking into anything. They don't want to shut down the government's machines until after they unlock the Quista secret, but they will fight with the government to ensure Xexan wins the race and gets their hands on the Quista first. But until Xexan has what they want, they'll keep piggy-backing off of the government's surveillance for the latest scoop for as long as they need to.

    Scientists - Xexan's scientists have no moral or ethical regard with how they conduct their research, willing to do anything in the name of science. Having a living Lugia as a specimen and as a power they could incorporate into their corrupt and morally deplorable projects is something they passionately desire. But in the meantime, they will research and design mutagens, technology, and weaponry to compete with the Johto government.

    Soldiers - Many of Xexan's secret mutagens have resulted in many half-human, half-Pokémon hybrids among Xexan's soldiers. Others are Pokémon that were once human for deception and disguise, and there are quite a few soldiers that have been turned into cyborgs with the number of implants and appendage replacements they have been given. As deranged as even this sounds, Xexan makes it possible for soldiers and other personnel to change forms and revert back to normal or take on new forms whenever they so please with little scarring and aftermath with the help of dark, mad science. However, they need to keep Xexan's research secret, and cannot allow this research to fall into anyone else's hands or be destroyed. And there is nothing more the Johto Government would enjoy than eradicating every last bit of Xexan and their research.

    In addition, they also have their hands on powerful, experimental weaponry, and even their Pokémon have been mutated, combined with other Pokémon, grafted with implants, and subject to a variety of dark experiments and procedures, all in the name of power.

    NOTE: A role player character on the Xexan side can choose any two of these three role positions. However, NPCs in Xexan can only assume one role.

    Xexan wants the Quista and are willing to do whatever it takes to get one of them so they can start creating their vicious mutated Lugia army. That also means they don't care what civilians get harmed or killed from getting in their way.


    - No spamming.
    - Limit OCC chat.
    - No god-modding or bunnying
    - Posts should be at least a paragraph long. I'm not a fan of one-liners.
    - Every post should have your character’s name, side, and location at the top in the form of a header. This is to make it easier to tell who is on what side, and differentiate between characters in case two or more are being used for the same post. Also, if you're role playing a Quista character, use the header to track how many Lugia transformations they have used.

    With that said, hope you enjoy the RP.


    Name: Character name, first and last
    Side: Quista, Johto Government, or Xexan
    Role: For Quista: Quista or supporter. For Johto Government: Police officer, FBI Agent, military operative. For Xexan, pick two: Hacker, Scientist, Soldier.
    Age: Character age in years
    Gender: Male or female
    Description: Your character’s physical appearance. Please provide two good paragraphs of detail describing your character.
    Personality: How your character behaves. Two well-described paragraphs, please.
    History: Your character’s background. Should be at least two paragraphs.
    Other: Anything else you'd like to add.


    Your character is allowed to have up to three Pokémon. For each of them, use this form:

    Nickname: Optional.
    Species: What Pokémon it is
    Gender: Male, female, or genderless
    Description and Personality: A small description of the Pokémon's appearance and how it behaves.



    Quista #1 - Valeros Branshaw <Played by Agent Tectonic>
    Quista #2 - Jeff Barnes <Played by Avenger Angel>
    Quista #3 - Mallory Webb <Played by Cometstarlight>
    Quista #4 - Carter Flannigan <Played by Sheps>

    Yvonne Corellis, Quista Supporter <Played by Flash Sport>
    Lucas Serenes, Quista Supporter <Played by Andydemon>


    Cameron Schade, FBI Agent - <Played by Elysian>
    Howard Rainard, FBI Agent - <Played by Requiem's Eclipse>
    Nathan Carr, Police Officer - <Played by Avenger Angel>
    Ian Blackwood, Military Operative - <Played by SoulMuse>
    Robert Garner, Military Operative - <Played by The Lord 67>
    Mason Mercer, Military Operative <Played by Tasslehoff>


    Emily Johnstone, Hacker/Soldier - <Played by Nythe>
    Ava Olsen, Hacker/Soldier - <Played by Skillfulness>
    Kramen Marraloff, Scientist/Soldier - <Played by Tasslehoff>
    "Zephyr", Soldier/Hacker - <Played by Meeker>

    Hacker/Scientist - <Reserved by AnalogClocks>
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2013
  2. Agent Tectonic

    Agent Tectonic From Ashes, I Come

    If you're taking reserves, I'd like to be a Quista! I'll get to work on it right now in fact. Also, since one of the trainers has already transformed, could that be a challenge that only he/she can turn four more times instead of five?
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2013
  3. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    I'll also take a reserve on a Quista. I'll begin work on it ASAP.
  4. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    I would like to reserve a spot but, not quista. I would like to reserve a FBI spot.
  5. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    I'd like to reserve as a Quista supporter, the problem is my intended character's birthplace is Sinnoh so coming up with prior interaction with one of the Quistas could be difficult.

    By the way, could this have been inspired by the Animorphs books by any chance?
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2013
  6. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    This looks very interesting. I would like to reserve an FBI, please?

    And those books are awesome. lol
    And I have a question. Are the moves of the Pokemon Limited? Or is it like With Lugia, and they can use any move of their moveset?
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2013
  7. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Sure thing, you're reserved, amigo.

    As for that whole transformation thing, I'm just not counting that one, unless someone wants to already have that one transformation clocked onto their character (could be you too, if you want).

    Cool beans. You're reserved.

    You got it. Because yeah, being a Quista is like running around in Grand Theft Auto with a five-star notoriety. Plus, FBI agents are cool and wear shades.

    I'm okay with this, but you might want to wait for a Quista character's sign up to be completed and then chat with the role player regarding how your character knows theirs.

    As for Animorphs, you have an eagle eye, amigo. Those books are awesome and I admit I did take a few scraps of ideas from that series when it came to creating this.

    Sure, your reserve's ready.

    As for the moves, anything of their moveset is fine, and I'm okay with a TM move here and there as well. I've never been a fan of the four move limit. :p



    Quista #1 - <Reserved by Agent Tectonic>
    Quista #2 - <Reserved by SpyroxPikachu>
    Quista #3 - <OPEN!>
    Quista #4 - <OPEN!>
    Quista #5 - <OPEN!>

    Quista Supporter - <Reserved by Andydemon>


    Police Officer - <Reserved by Avenger Angel>
    FBI Agent - <Reserved by Requiem's Eclipse>
    FBI Agent - <Reserved by Elysian>


    <NONE YET>
  8. Agent Tectonic

    Agent Tectonic From Ashes, I Come

    Well, if you don't have a problem with it (and no one is gonna challenge me for it), then I'd like to have it count towards my character. 1) Get a bit of realism out of it. 2)Extra challenge. 3)I'd like to delve into the emotional and psychological aspect of it. I mean, come on, it's not like they're going "oh look, I can transform. Cool!" It may be a gift, but I'm willing to bet it has a toll on the mind. And I'd like to investigate and RP that.
  9. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Awesome, I like RPers that do that. And yeah, it sure does have a pretty hard toll on the mind. Their normal, everyday lives are over, and one of them has to give up everything permanently before the world falls apart in their hands. That feeling of knowing you'll never be safe again is very likely bound to have its negative effects. And the voices in their heads and in their dreams only make it worse.

    Anyone that thinks it's just a fun and neat transformation trick to stomp the bad guys is in for some nasty surprises. This isn't one of those kinds of RPs.
  10. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Hm...ho boy. What to do, what to do...I will take a reserve...not sure for who quite yet. Need to eat lunch and think about something first....
  11. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    So.. Both original moves and TM's? Cool, but what about Move Tutor moves?
  12. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    I would like to reserve as a Quista, if I may
  13. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Sure thing, but you're always free to change your mind and switch sides if you feel midway the character might fit in better elsewhere.

    Yep, those are fine. Trust me, I'm pretty lenient.

    Gotcha, it's yours!



    Quista #1 - <Reserved by Agent Tectonic>
    Quista #2 - <Reserved by SpyroxPikachu>
    Quista #3 - <Reserved by Cometstarlight>
    Quista #4 - <OPEN!>
    Quista #5 - <OPEN!>

    Quista Supporter - <Reserved by Andydemon>


    Police Officer - <Reserved by Avenger Angel>
    FBI Agent - <Reserved by Requiem's Eclipse>
    FBI Agent - <Reserved by Elysian>


    <NONE YET>
  14. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    Question, do we need to sign up NPCs that your character is going to utilize in the RP?
  15. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Nah, that's not necessary. Just introduce them in the RP itself, and it's all good.
  16. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Name: Cameron Schade
    Side: Johto Government
    Role: FBI Agent
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Description: Cameron looks a lot like every other 20 years old, being a bit above average tall With dark Brown, short hair. He's gotten deep emerald-green eyes that rarely show signs of emotion, much because of his profession. Cameron does not have any tendencies of facial hair, and he does sometime looks childish, resultnig in people not taking him seriously. He's a fit Young man, and is very muscular, despite being genetically slender. To uphold his apperance and Fitness, he Train regularily at the Office gym.. His skin is pretty pale, as he's not often out of the Office and in the Field, and he could look like a stereotypical gamer at first glance.

    For clothing, Cameron dress much like a normal Young adult. When not in the Office, he dress casual like a civilian. He then often wear dark blue skinny jeans and dark red Converse shoes along With a sleeveless dark red hoodie With nothing under it. Over it, he wear a black leather jacket. His casual outfits make him look more like a ruffian rather than a federal agent. When at the Office though, he wear a dark tailor made suit With expensive shoes. Like most federal agents, he also have a pair of dark shades that he wear outside of the Office. underneath his suit, he have a holster With a gun he inherited from his father. Cameron also don't use a tie, mostly because he have no idea how to knit one. "One of the worlds seven Wonders" he Calls them. To make up for it, he un-button the Three upper buttons on his white shirt.

    Personality: Cameron is a strict fellow. His days are stained With routine, and he rarely goes outside having fun With his friends. He's very loyal to his friends though, and he's a reliable person. He doesn't have much sense of humor, but he manage to press in small jokes where he see it fit. He gets along well With his co-workers and People he meet along the way, and is rarely negative when speaking With others. He used to prioritize work over social life, and never went outside at all. After his father died though, he have started to seperate his working life and personal life more, and have managed to gather up a small piece of the social life People his age is supposed to have. He's also a very cusious person, and he wants to get to the bottom of the Whole Quista-deal that his father had worked on before him. He spend many of his anti-social hours at hmoe in his appartment Reading books on Pokemon, myths and legends, as well as other topics.

    History: Cameron have always lived a wealthy life, and he still is. He was born into a Family of good name, and lived pretty much like any kids from the upper class would have. He did all his homework, was obedient to his father, and did everything he was told to do. When he turned 10 years old, his father gave him a Houndoor so that he could practice to understand Pokemon. his father also tried to push him into following his footsteps and become a federal agent, as that was expected from him.

    Throughout his teen years, Cameron went on a small Journey With his Houndoor in order to Train to become police officers. He even took on some of the Johto Gym Leaders. After his Journey was Complete, his father pulled some strings and had Cameron become a part of the FBI when he was just 17 years old. Cameron did not disapponit, despite his Young age. He was a Prodigy in undercover missions, and quickly earned the respect from the rest of the crew. All in all, Camerons future was Bright, and pretty much already decided at the Young age of 17. It wasn't until Three years later that his father died of a heart attack, leaving Cameron behind clueless. He wasn't used to handle Things for himself without his father around, and his life started crumbling. His only option was to take over the case that his father had been working on. The case called the "Quista-Case". The case involved the mythical Pokemon Lugia, and five Pokemon Trainers that somehow was Connected to it. Simply arrest them without ltting the Public know anything is going on. Yeah, it's that simple

    Other: Cameron is allergic to Garlic



    Species: Houndoom
    Gender: Male

    Description : Houndoom is Camerons first Pokemon, and looks pretty much like a normal Houndoom, except that his fur is a bit darker than usual.

    Personality: Houndoom and Cameron are very Close, as they have been together for 10 years. He's Camerons best friend, and always do as Cameron says.
    He's very protective towards Cameron, and won't hesitate endangering his own life to rescue him.
    Houndoom is not Camerons main fighter, but knows a lot of good moves that aid him in his Field-work.

    Species: Weavile
    Gender: Male

    Description : Weavile looks just like an ordinary Weavile. He does, however, have a pair of dark shades, just like Cameron does.

    Personality: Weavile is Camerons main fighter, and is very strong and fast.
    He knows many strong moves, and enjoys being in Battle. He's a very proud Pokemon, and does not take defeat lightly if it ever where to happen.

    Species: Metagross
    Gender: N/A

    Description : Metagross' body is a bit brighter in color,
    Personality: When everything else fails, Metagross is Camerons last resort whether it comes to battling or work-related problems. Metagross is a pretty laid back and calm Pokemon, but its Powers are intense! It's able to fight its way out of many problems, and is without a doubt Camerons strongest Pokemon.
    Despite this, he rarely use it for battling, and rather use it as a form of transportation or to move obstacles out of the way
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2013
  17. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    My WIP, simply because I don't want to clutter my computer with a bunch of different sign ups.

    Name: Howard Rainard

    Side: Johto Government

    Role: FBI Agent

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Description: Howard Rainard is one intimidating man. Standing at 6'0" and his weight being nearly all muscle, very few aren't instantly intimidated by him. His skin is a deep olive color because of the years he spent out in the sun in Hoenn. The sun also aged his face a lot but, this only adds to his ruggedness. Many people joke that he has perpetual 5 o'clock shadow and his hair NEVER grows. This is because he likes being well groomed but, at the same time, tries to appear manly and rugged. His hair is what you'd call, salt and pepper. His hair used to be black but, because of his genetics, has begun to gray in recent years and so, it looks like salt and pepper sprinkled on his head and beard.

    Howard's face is strong, hard and commanding. He has a rectangular shaped head with a strong masculine jaw line. His nose has been through the ringer and broke about 2 separate times. This caused it to be slightly asymmetrical and have a slight curve to it. Even with the crookedness of it, it still manages to not overpower his face and remained relatively thin. His eyebrows are mostly straight with a slight curve near the ends of them. They, unlike his hair and beard, are still black. Howard's eyes, however, completely contrasts his intimidating frame. They are the lightest brown eyes many have seen. Though strong, they have a deep serene and nurturing energy about them that, if you can get past his rugged frame, you can see that he's not that intimidating at all. He's just a Papa bear personified.

    Howard doesn't wear anything special; it's just how he wears it. He wears a standard white button up t-shirt, fitted of course, with the sleeves always rolled up. He wears a black skinny tie and a holster with a gun. The holster goes around his left arm and clips to his belt; the gun rests under his arm pit. The button up really has no real special markings. He wears standard black dress pants and a normal belt. To finish it off, he wears a brown trench coat and impeccably clean dress shoes.

    Personality: In stark contrast to his appearance, he is very nurturing, caring and sensitive person. However, if someone attacks the people he cares about, which is almost anyone he meets, he can become quite enraged. He is known as a Papa Ursaring around the FBI because of this. His rage can become so bad, he blacks out and can't remember anything that happened. He doesn't exactly understand why this happens. After realizing that he hurt someone with his own hands, he becomes guilt ridden and, like a scared turtle, retreats into his safe place for a couple of days. The only exception for him having no regret about hitting someone else is when they have clear motives to hurt someone or a lot of people.

    While on the job, however, he becomes quite cold and calculating. He needs to in order to be the great FBI agent he is. He is also quite the observer. Howard has 20/10 vision, allowing him to see things clearly slightly farther than the normal person. He is also quite the detective and has questioned many criminals in the past using his intimidating form as a bluff, since he really isn't that way. That being said, when dealing with criminals, he puts on a very intimidating front. He does this to get information out of them and he doesn't really care about hurting criminals as he sees them as scum.

    History: Howard Rainard was born and raised in Sootopolis City, Hoenn. He was born to a long line of police officers that also bred Growlithes for the local Police. Right around Howard's 10th birthday, when he would receive his "family Growlithe", a odd Growlithe was born. This Growlithe's coloring was odd in the fact that it was reverse. It's coat was black with red stripes, however the black coat had speckles of red, causing it's coat to look like cooling magma. Howard took an instant liking to the Growlithe for it's different, overall cooler look. His parents tried to persuade him from not picking that particular Growlithe because it was the runt of the litter and they thought Howard should have stronger Growlithe to have but, Howard made his decision and there was no turning back. However, since Howard wasn't the oldest of the family, he wasn't forced to be a police officer like his brother Terry. Howard actually wanted to be a pokemon trainer.

    His family flew him out to Littleroot Town in order to receive his pokedex from Prof. Birch. Most of his teen life was going through both the Hoenn and Sinnoh league. By the end of his two adventures he flew out to Johto and began his journey in Johto. Howard, however, started getting rather bored with the life of a trainer. It was tiring and, quite frankly, repetitive. He needed some sort of action and variety in his life. So, he abandoned his trainer journey and joined Interpol, the international police force of the pokemon world. He quickly raised the ranks but, got into trouble when he mortally wounded a Team Plasma member in Unova. Luckily this was right around the time the Quista were discovered in the Johto region and so, he was transferred to investigate. However, unbeknownst to the Johto FBI, he is keeping tabs on them for Interpol. He is supposed to gather information for Interpol to see if there will need to be Interpol intervention since Interpol doesn't believe that the Johto FBI will use the powers of the Quista responsibly. In other words, he is a double agent.

    *if this isn't allowed I'll change the last part of his history. I made it so it would be easy for me to do that.

    Other: He was born June 2. Sign of Gemini. He doesn't like Spicy Food.


    Your character is allowed to have up to three Pokémon. For each of them, use this form:

    Name: Rebel
    Species: Arcanine
    Gender: Male
    Description and Personality: As said before, his coat is slightly different than normal Arcanine. He is much like Howard in the fact that he is super nurturing and loving. He doesn't like being told orders by anyone except Howard. To others, having to deal with Rebel can be a difficult experience. He Tends to be little bit of a Rebel, thus that is why Howard calls him that.

    Name: Sonata
    Species: Milotic
    Gender: Female
    Description and Personality: Sonata has slight difference from your run of the mill Milotic. Her horn is more on her forehead like a unicorn rather than the back of her head. Sonata is a very calming pokemon and is usually the pokemon to calm Howard down. Sonata is a really down to earth pokemon but to a point. She is very concerned about her grooming and is usually seen cleaning her scales when resting out of her pokeball.

    Name: Patriot
    Species: Braviary
    Gender: Male
    Description and Personality: Patriot, unlike Rebel, listens to the rules and never goes against what anyone says. He can be a little nervous at times but, he composes himself after a short time. He tends to be tightly wound and is quite easy to tease but, when the going gets tough, he is one fierce fighter. Patriot and Rebel tend to get into power struggles a lot if simply lounging out of their pokeballs.
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