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[PG-16] Brave New World: Return of the Magi Sign-Up!

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by DVB, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    In the universe, there are many forces. The two balancing forces that did a dance between the cosmos are the Holy Light and the Sacred Darkness. Over the billions of years, galaxies formed, worlds were created and eventually sentient beings formed. However, perhaps one of the greatest creations from the union was the birth of magic. Magic became a fundamental force on its own and worked to help advance life. To guide the universe through these times, the forces created avatars. The avatar of the Holy Light was Daema while the avatar of the Sacred Darkness was Sevuch. The two spread across the universe and helped life cultivate through the power of magic.

    Life grew and eventually much of the cosmos lived in peace and harmony. However, not all was well. Unlike those of the ethereal plane, the mortals were susceptible to corruption. Order and Chaos did not always play well and the two would take on different forms and appearances to try and dominate the other. It wasn’t long before Daema and Sevuch stepped in. However, not even they remained untouched.

    It was stated that despite their victory, nothing was ever the same for Daema and Sevuch. It was believed that Sevuch starting to become corrupt. That the Sacred Darkness was becoming corrupted. Over time, much of the universe became shrouded in the darkness that was losing its kindness. Eventually, the war between was inevitable. Worlds united under their different gods and fought. Worlds shattered, galaxies were destroyed and the amount of life lost was beyond measurement.

    Eventually, the final attack led by them atomized everything. The strike caused by them was known by many names, but its current name was the Big Bang. The universe was reset and much of what previously existed was lost. Daema and Sevuch were too tired. Most of the magic spent was used to recreate the universe and were the only beings left.

    It was then that Daema decided to leave the future to the hands of the mortals. She used Sevuch’s magic against him and by combining the light and the dark, she took the primordial elements and transformed them into superweapons. They were wielded by chosen warriors, people who survived because of their moral strength. Using it, they assisted in sealing Sevuch into a small body orbiting an infant planet, forever to slumber.

    However, much of Sevuch’s darkness remained and so Daema spread her light and she sealed herself with the weapons inside the world to slumber while her spirit fused with the nearby star. This world was Earth, 4.6 billion years ago, the body was the Moon and the star was the Sun. The survivors settled on the planet and manage to survive despite its young state. However, it was revealed that Sevuch’s forces were not finished.

    They came back and fought against many of the life forms there. These ancient civilizations were in ruin, but the people would not die. Eventually, the dark forces resorted to banishing many of the races. However, their children survived and bred with the one race immune to the banishment, humanity. Much of the structures were destroyed, but the temples survived and vanished, hiding away the secrets.

    The survivors became god-like in the eyes of primitive man and taught skills and to make civilization, resulting in the 2nd age of civilization on Earth. Some of the more influenced civilizations were those of Ancient Egypt and Mesoamerican. These survivors spread their knowledge, but soon they died out and the secrets of the truth were hidden. The last survivor, the one known as the Prophet, was born of mysterious circumstances and attempted to spread the secrets, but the knowledge was distorted and after his death, it was the end of an age.

    Despite the attempts to make the great secrets lost, they still survived and one was on the Catalyst. The awakening of the ancient weapons. Using humanity’s current calendar, in the transitioning to the Winter of two thousand and twelve revolutions after the death of the Prophet, the spirit of Daema will awaken the weapons. Much of humanity, those who carry the blood of the ancients will vanish, kept in a limbo until their ancestry is revealed, leaving few survivors. However, those who inherited the will of the warriors from long ago will be called upon. They will roam the world and free Daema, so she can finally finish her duty.

    You are one of these six heroes.

    You are one of the few who can still wield magic and be called the Magi. When the Trials to decide the fate of the world and the cosmos begin, you will find yourself alone with your fellow heroes. But fear not. Spirits long dormant will awaken and guide you through your quest.

    However, young heroes, be wary. History is written by the winners and not all is clear as you commence your journeys.

    This is a brave new world.


    Welcome everybody! This is DVB here with my RPG. This will be for me and six other people so first come, first serve. First of all, the weapons. They will initially appear as gems as a dormant state before awakening in their weapon forms. They all share designs of ancient ruins accompanied by geometric designs and circles.

    They are the:

    The Garnet Fire Sword
    The Amber Earth Hammer
    The Topaz Thunder Lance
    The Emerald Wood Axe
    The Sapphire Water Staff
    The Amethyst Air Bow
    The Diamond Cosmic Wand

    These weapons rely on the user’s creativity and out the box thinking, allowing for different methods of attacking, such as the Sapphire Staff capable of wielding ice and the Air Bow wielding smoke. Research your element and come up with interesting things.

    Second, the environment. The world will mainly look deserted with only hints of ruin. There will be people, but much of the population has vanished. However, as you grow close to the location of the temples, the surroundings will look more arcane and mystical. The temples themselves are hidden, but when revealed, they are large and filled with puzzles.

    Furthermore, there are the monsters. The forces take on the shapes of figures from different mythologies, depending on the surroundings, so expect some examples of research.

    As for the time period, well, we will be doing frequent time skips. The beginning of this quest takes place the 22 of December, 2012. So it is the middle of winter, but will move on to Spring and Summer and Autumn.

    Lastly, the characters. We will all be with one another, so we should all get along. Romance is encouraged so try and settle on something beforehand if you can. Power of Love tends to help out a lot here.

    I will edit in or edit out information in case I missed things that I realize over time. We will begin the RPG with you at your homes, more or less counting down the minutes until Dec 21, 2012. At midnight, everything changes and you and your fellow heroes will find yourselves in a dream being explained all of this.

    It would be best if we were all in one state as to make this easier, though we will work things out. A big rule is to participate as much as you can. I am giving you guys two weeks before having to off your character. This is IF you do NOT inform of that you will be gone. If you do inform me, we will have to elaborate and make arrangements.

    I believe that is all for now.


    Current Heroes:
    Diego Vendrix (DVB)- Water Staff Confirmed
    Halt Gao (deltakurumiru4)- Earth Hammer Confirmed
    Cadenza Mia Amoré (Monster Guy)- Wood Axe Confirmed
    (Aura of Twilight)- Thunder Lance Rserved
    Julia Wilczyński (*Jean_Grey*)- Air Bow Confirmed
    (Beirut)- Fire Sword Reserved
    Zuri Watkinson (Kiruria)- Cosmic Wand Confirmed[s/]

    The Fallen:

    Here are the sign-in sheets:

    Age: (16-21; the age range will be explained why)

    Appearance: (At least 2 paragraphs)

    Personality: (At least 2 paragraphs)

    History: (At least 2 paragraphs)
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2013
  2. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    I will start things off with my sign-up sheet as an example.

    Name: Diego Vendrix
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: The Sapphire Water Staff

    Appearance: He stands at five foot, 11 inches. He has low cheekbones, a boyish face, slight stubble, and wears a pair of glasses that darken themselves in bright sunlight. His hair is black with subtle patches of very dark brown, mainly in the tips. His hair is kept trimmed and neat, however the ends on the back of his head are messy and spiky. He has slightly bigger than average eyes, which are chocolate brown. His eyes are large enough that they are noticeably larger than average, even by a margin amount. His skin is a pale shade of olive skin that could be seen from his face. His body is a slight stocky build, a bit of fat and some muscle also.

    He wears a black T-shirt with a gold yingyang symbol on front and a white silhouette of Quetzalcoatl, portrayed as an Ouroboros with the crescent moon and sun in the center of the loop on the back. He has on some black cargo pants that has pockets to carry anything he needs to and black tennis shoes with a red spiral on them. He completes this ensemble with n gray fleece "M-44 Jacket". He also has on a digital watch with him. He does change shirts to different slightly bizarre shirts, but overall this is kinda his basic attire.

    Personality: Diego is a warm and emotional person with an occasion fiery temper and an adventurous spirit. He is very empathetic and has a great desire to help people out. Beneath this outgoing personality, Diego is a shy and quiet person. He is also a very artistic individual as he will often draw whenever he gets the chance to do so. He is very loyal, but can come on as clingy, especially around girls. He also likes to cook. When in serious situations, he knows it is time for him to use his intelligence and strengths at their full capacity. He is very creative and known to be devious for his ideas. He is regarded as being very smart in many aspects.

    He has his faults, however. Some of these are being blunt, sarcastic, picking fights, laziness and often day-dreaming during certain moments and saying a weird comment afterward. Beyond that, he also has moments of self-righteousness, showing frustrated toward some of the less-than-savory characters, but holds his tongue when he needs to. He may also show some malevolent intent or hold grudges for a while. He may even show cruel moments, characterized by a crazed grins and shadows under his eyes. He is prone to snarky or blunt comments and is often unable to figure out what to do in situations with people so will often mess things up, though he means no harm. Despite this or because of it, he tries to overcome these traits so people don’t judge him on his faults and see him as a good person.

    History: Born of Mexican heritage, Diego does not have of an interesting background. Born on the West Coast, his parents move to the Southeast a few months after his brother is born. He grew up being a bright but eccentric and lonely kid. Not able to understand that he was different and why the kids viewed him strangely, he took it in stride though his short temper would come out and showed that that the neglect gave him a growing self-loathing. In his mind, for every one of his age to avoid him and not being able to make friends until much later, made him wonder if something was the matter. Believing something was wrong with him, he repressed this self-loathing with optimism. He continued moving forward, though he became sulky and aggressive during middle school.

    This coupled with his brother’s normalcy, growing contrasting personality and popularity made the two clash and a rift was created that Diego ultimately regretted and while on better terms, still views this as a shame. Regarding his parents, his father worked in Operations for a computer company while his mom was a homemaker. Diego loved both his parents but closer to his father because he was a very competent, understanding, patient and understanding man, despite his stubborn attitude and need for control. Diego loves his mom and anyone who offends her will be given the traditional Mexican treatment, i.e. a tongue lashing a chance for a beatdown. However, he views her slightly as a ditz and is exasperated by her occasional lack of practicality and frugality, though he sympathizes with her emotional side, due to being the same way.

    Being left to his own devices with no real friends until later, Diego took to some of the nerd hobbies, mainly reading, video gaming and anime and manga. Being shy around some adults and never finding a mentor in the form an older peer, he centered his principles on heroes of various fictions. Emulating some of their properties and adopting their determination, they helped Diego forge a moral code. This combined with his stubbornness and intelligence, made him come off as someone who was devious in arguing and a smartass at times. In high school, as people matured and got used to him, Diego began mellowing out. However, he still holds a grudge to many a peer. To him, they did something wrong and the right thing to do would be to apologize. He does so and has often done so. This ratio adds to the self-loathing by making him think many things are because of his fault. This gradual compilation led to the formulation of a potential dark side. Retaining his assets while thriving on anger, sadness, revenge and other suppressed emotions , this is the side of him he does his best to restrain.

    Ultimately, he finishes off high school with strong grades, the only Hispanic with honors and going to college. However, his lack of experience with social cues as well as lacking any psychological coaching until late teenagerdom, put him in odds regarding networking. Furthermore, his philosophical ways and quirky views of the world made it odd for him to decide what he wanted, viewing the world having gotten to complicated. Currently, he is studying Film. He was encouraged by his father to partake in various scholarships and such and goes to a university there to study film while still contemplating on what he wants from life and hoping for the opportunity to come to live out his boyhood dreams of being a hero just like the idols of his childhood.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2013
  3. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Reserve for the Earth Hammer, if you would kindly
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    As I said, I'm reserving the Wood Axe. :3
  5. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Lance. And thank you.
  6. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou Up To No Good

    Interested, gimme a reserve for the Thunder Lance.

    Edit: Eff you too, War. Fire Sword, then.
  7. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Haha. That's what I was gonna say: Ninja'd like a mother****er. Haha. Cool.
  8. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou Up To No Good

    Hey, hey, we posted at the same time, not my fault the forum decided to favor your ass.
  9. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Actually, Chaos called the Thunder Lance first. Also, Jean called the Air Bow ahead of time. So him...

    Also, I am... surprised you're here, Goldenhouou.

    Mainly because of this:

  10. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Enough. The forum gods have spoken... Anyway, might be playing a chick this time around.
  11. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Hey hey now, lets calm down and keep all of these to VMs. No need to clog this SU with useless spam and risk a mod shutting it down for such a reason.
  12. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    I'm amazed your not taking the Fire Sword. That seems like more your taste. :p
  13. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    All right. Unless you have already contacted me regarding circumstances, the reserves last for 3 days. If you need extentions, contact me. When the sign ups are full, I will contact for the discussion thread where I will post supplementary material and we can discuss this more thoroughly.
  14. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou Up To No Good

    Heh, no worries Delta, we were just messing around, not actually fighting 8P We tend to do that a lot. You're right though, we'll continue that in VMs. Or we would if he hadn't disabled them *shakes fist*

    And I still think that you would have been reaaally unfit to be Echo's GM, greatly because, yeah, as you quoted yourself:
    'Tis your own rp though, and I'm willing to give you the benefit of a doubt. So... am I reserved or not?
  15. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Well, despite our fights, I can't provide a legitamate reason for saying no.

    That and I am sure some of the others would complain

    I guess you're reserved.
  16. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Starting with me, admitedly. GH is awesome how can you say no?

    Anyway, working on my SU now.
  17. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    And this is filled. Kinda shocking really. Diego, I already explained my situation over July to you, I hope you can bunny my character during said time. I'll have to get my SU up tomorrow morning, have some edit I want to make first. Just curious, will we start the RP off with the weapons, or be provided them a little down the way?
  18. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    We start off without them. I will explain more in the discussion thread, which I will request.
  19. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Okay dokai Loki! Makes my SU a little easier I suppose. Though no mater what, I'll have to keep myself from shouting "HAMMAH TIME" when doing this RP. I'll have it done for tomorrow, promise.
  20. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Name: Axel Parker
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: Thunder Lance

    Appearance: Axel has a tattoo inked on his right arm that flows into his chest. He prefers dark colors in his choice of clothing and owns a motorcycle. He also wears a pair of dog tags around his neck and a silver watch on his left hand. He has an athletic frame. He's 6'2'' and his eyes are green. His hair is black.

    He wears a black jacket. He actually really likes jackets and wears fashionable, tight fit jeans. He wears high-top sneakers. He tends to wear muscle shirts underneath his leather jackets and he wears aviator shades. His skin tone is tan.

    One word to sum it all up for Axel, he's cold and arrogant as Hell (okay, two words but whose counting?). He thinks himself above everyone else and although he won't be too blunt as to say it, he will single out others' mistakes. He doesn't easily forget and certainly won't forgive - normally. It doesn't take much to lose all of the trust you have gained from him and it will take you a monumental amount of effort to recoup it which might explain his lack of friends. Although he does have acquaintances, he doesn't necessarily consider the next guy to greet him on the bus, his "friend." Despite his inner insecurities, Axel does have a couple friends here and there; he's definitely not the type of person you wanna piss off much less have an enemy but if you do find yourself in his inner circle of those he trusts, you can bet he will set the world of fire to protect you. Regardless of what others may think, Axel is always right by his own book and absolutely hates it when he's wrong.

    Axel is insensitive so don't go leaning on his shoulder if you need to shed some tears, it would be awkward for him and you. This isn't to say he won't offer a few words of encouragement but he has a very difficult time expressing himself, especially emotionally mostly because he can't quite put into words what goes through his mind. Some would say he possesses a problematic attitude but he simply calls it like he sees it and he's real about it. Screw backstabbing people, if Axel needs to say something he'll go to your face and say it; he has nothing to hide. You should be advised against sharing personal information with him if you don't know him at that level mostly because he won't care. Certainly don't ask what you have no business knowing because chances are Axel won't want to tell you where he grew up and such. If for whatever reason he feels the need to share anything about himself, he'll do it in his own terms and for sure in private. Those who have sought his friendship will tell you that Axel is impressed through actions and rarely by words.

    His arrogance aside, Axel is by no means socially awkward, he will speak up to get his points across regardless of whose feelings he hurts. He won't speak to mindlessly insult others but at times, he might have a different opinion and you can guarantee he will voice it. Circumstances of life have hardened Axel's outer shell, numbed him even, to become highly tolerant of physical pain. He doesn't complain about cuts or bruises but he will make a scene about you trying to get too close to his personal space. That said, first impressions leave a tremendous mark in his mind. Chances are he will treat you according to the context under which he meets you and it could be very difficult to replace that image. Due to the general control over his emotions, Axel is great at making decisions under massive amounts of pressure and won't hesitate to do what needs to be done.

    It should be noted that Axel's greatest enemy is his own self. He takes failure too seriously and is highly obsessed with success. He will hate himself for his mistakes and will create walls between him and those that he does befriend (or befriend him, I should say) thinking he isn't capable of contributing. He doesn't like to be in situations of very little or no control, it drives him nuts to know that a group project depends on the effort everyone puts in.

    The spotlight doesn't scare Axel, he's indifferent to it and will perform excellently either way. He's not afraid to throw down in the middle of a crowd and as simple as that, he'll pick up his stuff and be on his way when done. Under normal circumstances, Axel won't brag about his actions, actually he won't. However, he will tell you how things are gonna go down even if things don't actually turn out that way. He has an insatiable thirst for destruction of sorts. He's violent. He's addicted to the adrenaline rush of being hurled into the worst possible situations where success means pushing himself beyond his limits.

    Despite his thick skin, Axel suffers in the inside. He wishes he could get along with people but he just can't let go or rather, he can't trust so easily.

    He has a huge ego but doesn't care for the mainstream, although he certainly has an asserted taste in what is fashionable according to him. He does seem like an older brother who constantly lectures on why you shouldn't do "x" or "y."

    History: Axel Parker was born and raised in New York City where he has spent most of his life. Although he lived a very privileged life, things seemed to be in a constant state of tension when it came to family matters. His father was a stock broker on Wall Street; the money Parker Sr. ranked in permitted Axel's mother to stay at home to raise their only child. Axel rarely saw or spent time with his father and the little time that he did see him consisted of extremely structured discipline and grooming to follow in his rigorous footsteps.

    In the early years, Axel grew up a quiet child that rarely seemed to attract or cause much trouble like other kids his age. At the care of his young mother most of the time, Axel was well provided for in terms of basic nurturing but this seemed to slowly change as time went on. Elementary school was but a flash, he passed by like a ghost, unnoticed; still he stuck out like a sore thumb among his peers. There was a natural aura about him that radiated extreme control and self-confidence as his early achievements would prove. Despite the successes, he rarely accepted awards nor did he bother to partake in school celebrations (to which he was invited but always declined). In Hunter's young schooling phase, there was a professor that developed a mutual understanding with the enigmatic boy; this certain professor foretold that if Axel did not change, no achievement in the world would prevent his ultimate downfall into the depths of his own self-destruction. Albeit not expressively told as such, the professor did phone home on several occasions inquiring about possible meets with Axel's father - this never happened.

    Axel's teenage years were perhaps the one's filled with the most action. He formed an unforgiving physical routine as a manner of coping with his figurative inner demons. He joined a local mixed martial arts gym where he practiced both Muay Thai and traditional boxing. He's been in a few scraps at school, usually because of others and very much to their own expense.

    In recent years, a natural rift occurred between Axel and his father that further damaged their already explosive relationship. Axel's mother was seemingly caught in the middle but ultimately sided with her husband when she failed to understand her own son. The young teenager began to 'let go' and numbed himself against social relationships thinking they''d all eventually sour like his own with his parents. Each day he wasted less and less effort in school but always stuck to the minimum required to get through for whatever reason, it remains unclear. Slowly but surely, a few people seemed to win his friendship; it wasn't easy at first due to the barrier he consistently held up in defense of his psyche but his guard eased with time.

    Finally, in a fortunate turn of events, Axel's father amassed enough capital to fund a huge venture in the East Coast. To this day, Axel's father expects his son to follow in his glorious footsteps...
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2013

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