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Phantastic Pokemon Phor all Your Needs

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by PhantasticJoe, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. PhantasticJoe

    PhantasticJoe Mr. Phantastic

    Credit to Shymain for awesome banner!

    Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of me!
    This is my little trade shop, and will hopefully grow bigger in time.

    Post 1: Shop
    Post 2: Overflow

    I finally found out how to RNG! New Section
    Looking for Cloners!

    I am in the process of reopening, after a long hiatus due to massive technical difficulties (read: broken computer). The shop will be closed for now, but will reopen in the next day or two
    Shop is: Open Closed
    Open means open to offers, not immediate response. I will leave the shop open overnight. You may have to wait 12 hours. You will survive. I hope.
    Closed means no posts, any posts during a closed period are one black mark
    The annoying stuff:
    1. All Sppf rules apply
    2. No spam: I have a life, and it is known as Skyrim, which overrules pokemon. I am sorry.
    3. Be polite
    4. Don't be stupid
    5. Clones and RNG are fine. Most of my pokemon will be cloned
    6. Do not lie about your pokemon
    7. Please ask about all information you care about. I will try to trade back with you if you find something you didn't like, but you will be on low priority.
    7. Do I really have to say no hacks? Really?
    Violation of any of these will result in a black mark. 2 black marks, and you are banned.
    If you think I am stupid because there are two rule sevens, congratulations, you read the rules. If you post below saying there are two rule sevens, you are as useless as a period Unknown. Congrats.

    Do not pm me until you have posted in this thread, and been accepted.
    After that, only PM me for trade times, and other such like.
    Do not post again, unless you have a new offer.
    I think trade rights are stupid, and will only accept something that is non-redis, or semi-redis if it one of my specific wants. All pokemon in this shop are Full-redis

    To my knowledge, none of my pokemon are hacked, although I do not have the most comprehensive knowledge of all things hackage... so yeah. If one of my pokemon turns out to be hacked, please give me your proof, and I will do a trade back as soon as is physically possible.
    Also, I care exactly nothing for flawlessness. If your pokemon is flawless, good for you, but don't expect anything more for it.
    I am however a shamelessly extorting personage, so If my pokemon is flawless, I will take many more things from you!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!

    New: Credits. Because I can never keep track of this stuff. 1 credit is one pokemon in shop. You only get credits by working for me, or for being incredibly nice, and patient, and a good trader.
    Note: I am an incompetent cloner. I can do it, but it takes ages. Until I get a competent cloner, Trading will be slow. My apologies.


    Currently looking for more cloners!!!

    Not looking for any at the moment

    Random people with credits:
    Pkmnfan:1 for getting screwed over by awful timing twice. I apologize sincerely
    Vali: 2 Former RNG service.

    Degrees of Rarity.
    Anything in the same degree of rarity is worth one pokemon of the same degree. Multiply by two for each degree up you go. All deals are subject to my approval. No Eight Patrats for Shiny Legendary. Read rule 4

    -1. Normal Pokemon. I don't think there will be any of these, but its good to provide a baseline.
    0 Dw males. I can't honestly see why people want these, but here they are.
    1 Dw females, good male eggmoves, Tutor/tm from gen4. Eggmoves subject to approval
    2 Shinies, Most Events
    3 Legendary Shinies, Flawless shinies, DW shinies, rarer events (only if mine. refer to Mwahahahahaha)
    4. Ultra-Super-Mega Rare events!!!!!
    5. Pokemon of such absurd awesome that they have their own category.

    (If anybody is on the verge of believing number five, I encourage you to refer to rule 4)

    Anyway, now to the fun stuff!!!

    Pokemon on offer!!!
    (More information is available on request, although unless it is stated next to the pokemon, I am too lazy to check Iv's


    Shiny Rotom UT
    Shiny Snivy UT
    Shiny Haxorus lv 100
    Shiny flawless Staryu UT
    Shiny flawless Oshawott UT
    Shiny Tentacruel lv 100
    Shiny Larvitar UT
    Shiny Flawless Birth Island Deoxys UT
    T PCNY Flygon
    WIN2011 Shiny Suicune
    WIN2011 Shiny Entei


    Banette, UT
    Bibarel, T, ev's unknown
    Roggenrola, UT
    Magnezone, 100, Ev'ed (HP Fire)
    Swinub, UT
    Geodude, UT
    Dragonite, T
    Krokorok, UT (OT might be Korean)
    Shiny Mantyke
    IV's: 31/31/30/30/31/30
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Steelix, T
    Totodile, UT
    Beldum, UT
    Charmeleon, BT, Ev's known if interested
    Rhyhorn, UT
    Zorua, UT
    Larvesta T, Morning Sun (Needs EV Erasure)
    Growlithe (Close Combat, Morning Sun, Flare Blitz, Wild Charge) Flawless
    Vulpix UT
    Rotom UT NN'able
    Snivy UT
    Haxorus lv 100
    Flawless Staryu UT
    Flawless Oshawott UT
    Tentacruel lv 100
    Larvitar UT NN'able

    DW shinies
    Dratini (Extreme Speed) Flawless

    Legendary Shinies (non-event)
    Ho-oh, T
    Giratina, T
    Latias, T
    Mewtwo, UT
    Cobalion, UT
    Darkrai, lv 100
    Groudon, lv. 100
    Kyogre, T

    The numbers are the tiers I consider them to belong to.
    EUSMR09 Regigigas 2
    Carita's Hydregion, Shiny 3
    Janta's Golurk, Shiny 3
    TRU Shaymin 2
    Some random Victinis 2
    Movie 14 Japanese Victini Adament, Flawless 4
    Oaks Letter Shaymin. Shiny, UT. 3
    WISHMKR Jirachi, Shiny 4
    Flawless Aurora Ticket Deoxys, Ut, 3
    ANA Japanese Flychu, with LightBall. 3.5
    Japanese DW Bulbasaur 3.5
    Japanese DW Charmander 3.5
    Japanese DW Treecko 3.5
    Korean DW Turtwig 3.8
    Shiny Flawless Birth Island Deoxys UT 4
    T PCNY Flygon 3ish? If someone can give me an idea on how much that's worth, I'd appreciate it.
    WIN2011 Shiny Suicune 2.5
    WIN2011 Shiny Entei 2.5
    Movie Keldeo, UT, Modest

    RNG Request
    You can request pokemon by filling out the form below
    Eggmoves (I might need you to supply a breeding parent for rare eggmoves):

    Iv's request coming soon

    Pride and Joy: These are probably not for trade, unless you are willing to give me awesomeness in a bottle.
    Shiny Ageto Hardy Celebi, UT
    Pokepark Mew, Shiny
    Please note, Shiny Ageto Celebi and Shiny Pokepark Mew are in question as to its legitimacy as a general rule. As far as I am aware, these particular ones appears to be legitimate, but I can not confirm or deny this completely. There are conflicting opinions on the subject. Please do not send me pm's, or post in the thread telling me that it is a hack, or that it is legitimate.

    DW Females
    DW males
    See dw females
    Other stuff

    Egg moves
    Ferroseed with Leech Seed and Stealth Rocks
    Maybe some other stuff.

    Literally a metric fudgeton of Heart Scales
    Some master balls
    A few evo stones
    So yeah. That's about it for offers.

    Oh wait, services
    Lvling to 100

    Specific: probably worth more than their tier
    KELDEO Will pay big
    Surfchu, either gen
    Shiny male Ralts
    Shiny Manaphy
    Ditto with 0 speed IV's
    Flawless Ditto
    Win2011 Raikou
    UT Colosseum/XD Shinies (With original movesets)
    DW STARTERS (excepting bulbasaur, charmander, Turtwig, Treecko)

    Stupid request:
    Could somebody RNG me this?

    Dragonite/Dragonair/Dratini NN'ed "Stevo" (no quotes)
    Max IVs
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Multiscale
    Needs Draco Meteor.

    Bonus if EV trained to: 252 Sp Attk/ 252 Speed/ 4 Hp
    Bonus if comes with:Choice Specs
    Bonus if lvl 100
    Bonuses not required, just nice.

    I will accept an RNG'ed lv 1 UT Dratini, with Draco meteor, Marvel Scale, Modest, and Flawless.

    Bonuses just add extra value

    All shinies I lack: To the ShinyDex, and Beyond!
    (Note: this includes evolutions and pre-evolutions of shinies I already have. If I don't have that specific shiny, I want it)
    Most Events I lack
    Anything awesome

    People who can teach me how to RNG!
    You will be well paid (hopefully), and will engender my eternal gratitude.
    If anyone wants to give me art and stuff, and help with layout, I will give you an e-hug

    Pending Trades:
    pkmnfan- His Surfchu in 4th gen for Flawless Deoxys in 5th (pending renewal)
    CoachGump- His Scrafty with Drain Punch and 31 atk iv's, plus dw female shinx, plus hippopotas with slack off for TRU Shaymin (pending renewal)

    orochi- His shiny GAMESTP Suicune for my shiny Zorua
    GoGoGojira- His shiny Gliscor for my shiny Trapinch

    Complete Trades:
    thedarklord2155- his shiny flawless staryu and shiny flawless oshawatt and shiny tentacool for my DW Korean Turtwig
    fruitbox-his shiny Haxorus for my shiny Beldum
    CircuitCJ- his shiny flawless birth island Deoxys for my shiny Oaks Letter Shaymin
    ilovelatias- his T PCNY Flygon for my shiny Zorua
    DragonChampMorgan- his shiny Snivy for my shiny Roggenrola
    Handbannana- DW Treecko and Korean DW Turtwig for Flawless Oblivia Deoxys
    MSCPD- His shiny T Kyogre (Sapphire) for EUSMR09 Regigigas
    Vali: My shiny beldum for HP Fire magnezone, with a free shiny Shaymin thrown in the mix.
    Asmoday- DW bulbasaur and Charmander for shiny Mewtwo
    Romeo32: TRU Shaymin for shiny swinub and shiny geodude.
    scraftyscrafty: Shiny Pokepark Mew for Flawless Aurora Ticket Deoxys, and Shiny Roggenrola.
    pokemonjeff- my shiny banette for Flychu event.

    List of Awesomeness in the Universe
    No one. I am alone :(

    List of Evil and Corruption
    No one yet
    List of those Cursed to an Eternity of NotMe
    You poor, poor people

    My FC is 1506 9121 0390

    Userbars credit to master2738
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2012
  2. PhantasticJoe

    PhantasticJoe Mr. Phantastic

    Reserved for future use.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2012
  3. First post :D
    I'm interested in your shiny pokepark Mew.I can offer a flawless Aurora Ticket Deoxys.Hope we can work out a deal :)
  4. pokemonjeff

    pokemonjeff interested trader

    I love shop setup and organization. Aha. So rediculous.

    Anyway. I'v got most of this stuff. Actually. All of it.

    Might as well ask for the shiny banette though, probs wont ever evolve my shuppet
  5. Romeo32

    Romeo32 Well-Known Member

    Can I get more info on the tru shaymin (ivs nature etc)
  6. NoToRiousBrawL

    NoToRiousBrawL Stones of Baked Clay

    I've got a legit shiny flawless Shaymin friend can you please contact me ASAP ? Cheers man.
  7. Lasaro

    Lasaro Moustache Cash Stash

    Interested in your shiny Trapinch. Not counting IVS, can you give me as much info on it as possible? Thanks!
  8. Vali

    Vali King of Beets

    I would trade your Beldum for my HP Fire Magnezone, NN'ed Trapper.

    I can give you a replacement shiny Oak's Letter Shaymin for free.
  9. PhantasticJoe

    PhantasticJoe Mr. Phantastic

    Is your Deoxys shiny? If not, I might need something to sweeten the deal...

    Thanks for the compliment! I can't quite tell, are you saying you have all of my wants, or all of my offers? If you have all of my offers, and want the banette anyways, what are you offering?

    Okay, sure. Thanks! Send me a vm with your trading times, and time zone, and we'll work out a time.

    All details on pokemon will be forthcoming as soon I have access to my storage game. Probably within the next couple of hours.
  10. pokemonjeff

    pokemonjeff interested trader

    I'v got that flawless mantyke, almost exactly already. And the flychu event xD.

    Doesn't mean much to me, so the flychu seems like it'd be fair for the banette :D.

    Sorry for not being clear xD.
  11. PhantasticJoe

    PhantasticJoe Mr. Phantastic

    Great, Shiny Banette for Flychu. I'll be able to trade in an hour or so. I'll vm you.

    Sure. Here you are.
    Male, caught in Quick Ball
    OT MARK. ID 18536. UT. No pokerus. Jolly nature. From Sinnoh. Proud of its power. Ability: Hyper Cutter. Moves: Bite, Sand-attack, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb. Ev's none. That should be it.
    Read the entire OP please.
  12. Romeo32

    Romeo32 Well-Known Member

    Ok what about at least nature
  13. PhantasticJoe

    PhantasticJoe Mr. Phantastic

    Full details:
    Lvl. 50
    Promo ball
    Mild Nature
    OT TRU, Id 02089
    Arrived from Sinnoh
    Fateful encounter
    Proud of its power

    Natural Cure

    That enough? :)
  14. Romeo32

    Romeo32 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'll give you shiny Swinub and shiny geodude for it
  15. dewey911p

    dewey911p primus inter pares

    hiya :) im interested in your EUSMR09 Regigigas, if its UT that is :p. If its UT i can offer an UT ANA Pikachu w/ fly and light ball
  16. PhantasticJoe

    PhantasticJoe Mr. Phantastic

    Its ut. I'm already undergoing a trade for a pikachu with fly, with pokemonjeff, sorry. Anything else on offer?

    Sounds good. Give me ten minutes to clone it.
  17. Vali

    Vali King of Beets

    Almia Riolu for 3 Heart Scales (It's an event)
  18. Ausgirl

    Ausgirl Well-Known Member

    What nature is your TRU Shaymin?
  19. PhantasticJoe

    PhantasticJoe Mr. Phantastic

    Look a few posts above yours :)
  20. I'll throw in a shiny Roggenrola~
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