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Phetty's Trade Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by phetty, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. phetty

    phetty Noob

    I'm looking for either Shinies, Events I don't have, or Good natured EV's Pokemon.

    Pending Trades.
    Vest-DW Lileep, Corphish for Pokesmash Cubchoo
    Dego35-Shiny Pawniard, Dratini, Shinx, and Riolu for Shiny Vulpix, Totodile, Charmander, and Scyther
    CrobatOwns-B-Day Togekiss, World 10 Crobat, Ruby Zigzagoon, and DC Octillery for Birthday Charmander, Concert Chatot, ROCKS Metang, Birthday Pikachu

    Rules & other Info.
    -I'll mostly be doing trades on weekends and when I have free time. PM me to arrange a good day to trade.
    -If I'm not responding send a PM
    -As a general rule I don't want anything hacked. This includes Events that are shiny unless they're meant to be shiny.
    -If it has all 31 IVs i'll assume it is a hack.
    -If you've traded me a hack or something I assume is hacked I'll ask to trade it back or for something else. Otherwise I'll add you to my shop Blacklist.
    -I will not accept DW Events with the OT Mat and the ID 30160. He's said that these DW events are not legit.

    A few services I can provide.
    - I can clone in both Gen 4 and 5. Which means I clone my Pokemon if you want a clone of yours back just ask.
    -I can transfer from Gen 4 to 5 for you if you do not have two DS'.
    -I can infect with the Pokerus upon request if it doesn't have it already
    -I can check IV's and EV's
    -I can teach any TM you can find in the game as of right now. Meaning anything but TM95 which isn't released. But I can breed Zorua who have the move.
    -I can make banners for your shop or sig. I either use the Game Sprites or Dream World artwork. PM/VM me for more details.

    My White FC: 5114 2718 1803

    Dream World Females
    Ponyta | Flame Body
    Dratini | Marvel Scale -> Dragonite w/ Multiscale
    Exeggcute | Harvest
    Munna | Telepathy
    Gligar | Immunity-> Gliscor w/ Poison Heal
    Murkrow | Prankster-> Honchkrow w/ Moxie
    Poliwag | Swift Swim -> Politoed w/ Drizzle
    Natu | Magic Bounce
    Elekid | Vital Spirit
    Lapras | Hydration
    Slowpoke | Regenerator
    Carvanha | Speed Boost
    Lickitung | Cloud Nine
    Vulpix | Drought
    Nidoran | Hustle -> Nikoking/Queen w/ Sheer Force
    Bidoof | Moody
    Magikarp | Rattled -> Gyrados w/ Moxie
    Anorith | Swift Swim
    Marill | Sap Sipper
    Bellsprout | Gluttony
    Kangaskhan | Inner Focus
    Oddish | Runaway -> Gloom w/ Stench -> Vileplume w/ effect Spore or Bellosom w/ Healer
    Tangela | Regenerator
    Igglybuff |Friend Gurad -> Wigglytuff w/ Frisk
    Taillow | Scrappy
    Zubat | Infiltrator
    Farfetch'd | Defiant
    Ledyba | Rattled -> Ledian w/ Iron Fist
    Aerodactyl | Unnerve
    Poochyenna | Rattled -> Mighyhena w/ Moxie
    Stantler | Sap Sipper
    Shinx | Guts
    Surskit | Rain Dish -> Masquerain w/ Unnerve
    Lotad | Own Tempo
    Hoppip | Infiltrator
    Mareep | Plus
    Psyduck | Swift Swim
    Drifloon | Flare Boost
    Doduo | Tangled Feet
    Rattata | Hustle
    Clampearl | Rattled -> Huntail w/ Water Veil or Gorebyss w/ Hydration
    Delibird | Insomnia
    Staravia | Reckless
    Sunkern | Early Bird
    Omanyte | Weak armor
    Skitty | Wonder Skin
    Swablu | Cloud Nine
    Wingull | Rain Dish
    Barboach | Hydration
    Luvdisc | Hydration
    Seaking | Lightningrod

    EV'd Pokemon
    Lv83 Mamortar* Timid (Sp.Atk & Speed)
    Confuse Ray/Lava Plume/Psychic/Fire Blast
    Lv45 Metagross Adamant (Atk & HP/Sp.Def)
    Earthquake/Hammer Arm/Iron Head/Zen Headbutt
    Lv79 Garchomp Adamant (Atk & Spd)
    Dragon Claw/Outrage/Earthquake/Crunch
    Lv50 Rampardos* Adamant (Atk & Def/Sp.def)
    Lv100 Electivire* Adamant (Atk & Spd)
    ThunderPunch/Magnet Rise/Brick Break/Earthquake
    Lv100 Rotom* Timid (Sp.Atk & Speed)
    Shadow Ball/Hydro Pump/Thunder/Volt Switch
    Lv20 Shedinja Adamant (Atk & Speed)
    Fury Cutter/Double Team/Sucker Punch/X-scissor
    Lv100 Lucario Adamant (Atk & Spd)
    Close Combat/StoneEdge/Extremespeed/Swords Dance
    Lv85 Braviary* Adamant (Atk & Speed)
    Brave Bird/Thrash/Fly/Aerial Ace
    Lv 50 Chandelure Timid (SpAtk & Spd)
    Calm Mind/Will-o-wisp/Heat Wave/Hex
    Lv50 Salamence Adamant (Atk & Spd)
    Dragon Rush/Shadow claw/Fire Fang/Dragon Claw
    Lv50 Infernape Adamant (Atk & Spd)
    Close Combat/Brick Break/Blaze kick/Swords Dance
    Lv62 Ninjask Adamant (Atk & Spd)
    Baton Pass/Aerial Ace/Swords Dance/X-scissor
    Lv81 Cloyster Adamant (Atk & Spd)
    Shell Smash/Dive/Ice Shard/Icicle Spear
    Lv52 Scrafty Adamant (Atk & Spd)
    Crunch/Dragon Dance/Drain Punch/Fire Punch
    Lv70 Palkia Timid (SpAtk & Spd)
    Aura Sphere/Flamethrower/Spacial Rend/Surf
    Lv24 Houndoom Modest (Sp.Atk &Spd)
    Smog/Flamethrower/Heat Wave/Dark Pulse
    Lv100 Darkrai* Timid (SpAtk Spd)
    Dark Void/Nightmare/Dark Pulse/Dream Eater
    Lv70 Charizard* Modest (SpAtk & Spd)
    Sunny Day/Solar Beam/Air Slash/Heat Wave
    Lv28 Crobat Adamant (Atk & Spd)
    Wing Attack/Confuse Ray/Cross poison/Bite
    Lv100 Lugia Timid (SpAtk & Spd)
    Aeroblast/Calm Mind/PsychoBoost/Shadow Ball
    Lv100 Lugia Calm (Def & Sp.Def)
    Aeroblast/Calm Mind/Light Screen/Reflect
    Lv50 Politoed modest (spAtk & Spd)
    Hypnosis/Ice Beam/Mud Shot/Hydro Pump
    Lv25 Lucario Modest (SpAtk & Speed)
    Dragon Pulse/Force Palm/Counter/Flash Cannon
    Lv79 Scizor* Adamant (At & Spd)
    Swords Dance/Bug Bite/Bullet Punch/Superpower

    Shiny Pokemon to trade
    Lv 40 New Moon Darkrai Timid UT
    Lv 29 Magmar Timid UT
    Lv 100 Electavire EV'd Adamant
    Lv 50 Snorlax Relaxed Ut
    Lv 1 Charmander Bold(M) UT Calm(M) UT Mild(F) UT
    Lv 20 Feebas Modest (0Evs, but Exp gained)
    Lv 6 Larvitar Hasty UT
    Lv100 Infernape
    Lv100 Palkia
    Lv1 Magby Jolly UT
    Lv 48 Gigalith Timid UT
    Lv50 Groudon Lax UT
    Lv1 Totodile Sassy Ut
    Lv1 Scyther Adamant (Technician) UT
    Lv50 Rayquaza Hasty UT
    Lv15 Mr. Mime Mild UT
    Lv15 Porygon Serious UT
    Lv15 Seviper Sassy UT
    Lv18 Misdreavus Serious Ut
    Lv8 Rotom (3 EVs in Speed)
    Lv36 Teddiursa Calm UT
    Lv18 Togepi Brave Ut
    Lv26 Trapinch
    Lv17 Tyrogue Docile Ut
    Lv36 Pachirisu Gentle
    Lv50 Cresselia Jolly UT
    Lv1 Cranidos Adamant UT
    Lv6 Ekans Hasty UT(has Pkrus)
    Lv42 Regice Rash
    Lv100 Ho-oh Timid (Jp)
    Lv7 Machop rash UT
    Lv16 Vulpix UT
    L1 Magnemite Modest UT
    Lv100 Ninetales Mild
    Lv6 Magikarp Bold
    Lv14 Nosepass Serious UT
    Lv1 Houndour Adamant UT
    Lv25 Spiritomb Serious (Jp)
    Lv100 Golduck Jolly (Jp)
    Lv10 Piplup Careful
    Lv1 Chimchar Modest UT
    Lv100 Dialga Lax
    Lv1 Mudkip Lonely UT
    Lv50 Mewtwo Hardy UT
    Lv43 Rapidash Rash
    Lv100 Machamp Relaxed (Jp)
    Lv5 Eevee Modest UT
    Lv55 Electivire Naive (Jp) (EV'd 255 Atk 255 Spd)
    Lv1 Squirtle Gentle UT
    Lv 55 Lucario Mild (Jp) (EV'd 255 Sp.Atk 255 Speed)
    Lv49 Wailord Docile UT (German)
    Lv65 Lunatone Quirky Ut
    Lv1 Trapinch Quirky UT (has PKRUS)
    Lv62 Weavile Quirky (Jp) (It seems to have only been rare candied)
    Lv27 Skarmory Adamant UT
    Lv50 Latias Docile
    Lv40 Latios Bold Ut
    Lv70 Mewtwo Docile Ut
    Lv1 Turtwig Bashful Ut
    Lv28 Golbat (Jp)
    Lv1 Rotom Timid (UT) (RNG'd 31-30/31/31/31/31)
    Lv100 Deoxys Brave (Jp)
    Lv1 Oshawott Modest UT
    Lv30 Axew timid Ut
    Lv1 Snivy Impish UT
    Lv1 Solosis Calm Ut
    Lv1 Tirtouga Modest Ut
    Lv4 Ralts (M) Adamant UT
    Lv1 Deino Bashful UT (Dark Pulse)
    Lv1 Larvesta Gentle UT
    Lv 27 Tynamo Timid UT
    Lv15 Venipede Adamant UT
    Lv16 Scraggy Relaxed UT
    Lv33 Mienfoo Lonely UT
    Lv14 Cottonee Timid UT
    Lv1 Archen Timid UT
    Lv45 Gothitelle Rash
    Lv32 Druddigon Quirky UT
    Lv100 Chatot Sassy
    Lv6 Hoppip Hardy
    Lv1 Elgyem Jolly UT
    Lv29 mantykw Lax UT
    Lv62 Clefairy Lonely UT
    Lv85 Braviary Adamant (EV'd 4 HP 252 Atk 252 Spd)
    Lv1 Litwick Timid UT(Had PKRUS)
    Lv1 Tepig Serious UT
    Lv21 Drillbur Hardy
    Lv34 Krokorok Mild UT
    Lv3 Patrat Lonely UT (Jp)
    Lv 70 Landorus Lonely (1 EV Sp.Def)
    Lv47 Giratina Bold UT (Jp)
    Lv1 Bulbasaur Lax UT
    Lv1 Zorua Naive UT
    Lv33 Snover Naive Ut
    Lv 35 Snorunt (F) Hasty UT
    Lv54 Dusclops Bold UT
    Lv100 Drifblim Modest (
    Lv1 Ralts(M) Jolly UT
    Lv7 Nincada Bashful UT
    Lv5 Aron Careful Ut
    Lv70 Dialga Naive UT
    Lv30 Regice Adamant Ut
    Lv40 Regirock Brave UT
    Lv40 Registeel Bold UT
    Lv100 Metagross Naive
    Lv42 Fraxure Gentle
    Lv42 Cobalion Rash (Jp)
    Lv21 Sandile Docile Ut
    Lv38 Rufflet Careful Ut
    Lv15 Pidove Rash UT
    Lv41 Durant naughty Ut
    Lv30 Shelmet Quirky Ut
    Lv22 Karrablast Modest Ut (Jp) (Nicknamed j5e)
    Lv42 Cobalion Impish Ut
    Lv42 Terrakion Lonely Ut (Jp)
    Lv42 Virizion Lax UT (Jp)
    Lv75 Kyurem Timid UT
    Lv100 Lugia Bashful
    Lv71 Swoobat Rash EV'd Spatk & Spd
    Lv45 Ho-oh Timid UT (Jp)
    Lv50 Uxie UT (Nicknamed:MystikCheez)
    Lv100 Absol hardy
    Lv52 Audino Mild Ut
    Lv100 Arcanine Adamant
    Lv12 Zubat Calm Ut
    Lv16 Stunky Quirky UT (Nicknamed Chi)
    Lv51 Pidgey Brave UT
    Lv69 Musharna Quirky (Jp)

    Event Pokemon
    Gamestop johto Trio
    10Aniv Celebi
    Space C Deoxys
    TRU Ash's Pikachu
    Alamos Darkrai
    TRU Shaymin
    Mystry Mew
    Gamestop Jirachi
    Aura Mew
    Spr2010 Pichu
    TRU Dragonite
    TRU Manaphy
    Hayley Phione
    Goon'z Scizor
    VGC10 Eevee
    MICHINA Arceus
    Michina Arceus
    PCNYc Crawdaunt
    Gamestop Deoxys
    Pokemon Ranch Flygon (Jp)
    Movie7 Darkrai (Jp)
    Strongest Pok�mon - 3rd Milotic (Jp)
    Ash's Pikachu (Jp)
    SMR2010 Jirachi
    Pal City Manaphy (Jp)
    10 Aniv Pikachu
    TRU Arceus
    Oblivia Deoxys-A
    Gamestop Celebi
    10 Aniv Articuno
    TRU Regigias
    10 Aniv Moltres
    Oblivia Heatran
    Wishmaker Jirachi
    HVR2011 Celebi
    10 Anniv Lugia
    PKTOPIA Pikachu (As a result of moving to Gen5 it no longer knows surf)
    PKTOPIA Electivire
    PKTOPIA Magmortar
    Buikore Eevee
    Hayley Mew
    Movie 10 Celebi (Jp)
    10 Aniv Typhlosion
    FAL2010 Mew
    Win2011 Johto Trio
    Birthday Charmander (Jp)
    10 Aniv Bulbasaur
    10 Aniv Charizard
    10 Aniv Tyranitar
    10 Aniv Absol
    10 Aniv Umbreon
    10 Aniv Alakazam
    10 Aniv Espeon
    Hadou Regice
    Hayley Phione
    Pokemon Ranger Manaphy (Lv10 No Evs, Original Moves, and Shiny)
    Movie 7 darkrai (Jp)
    Almia Darkrai
    Pokefesta Mew
    Oblivia Shaymin
    WIN2011 Celebi
    10 Aniv Dragonite
    Movie 9 Arceus (Jp)
    NZ Jirachi
    VGC09 Milotic
    Liberty Island Victini (Modest & Timid)
    Bark out Zoroark
    Pokemon Movie 10 (Crown) Raikou, Entei Suicune
    Saikyou Salamence
    Saikyou Dragonite
    Saikyou Magmortar
    Saikyou Electivire
    Concert Chatot
    ROCKS Metang
    MATTLE Ho-oh
    Birthday Pikachu
    Red Metagross
    SAPHIRE Zigzagoon
    McDonalds Pikachu
    Nzone Pikachu
    Pokémon Centre Pikachu
    Pokémon Centre Yokohama Pikachu
    Pikachu colored Pichu Jp

    Looking for DW Treeko, Torchic, and Charmander preferrably with good nature, but doesn't matter. Also looking for TRU Myster Egg Events.

    I'll have DW Leafeon and Espeon when the DW is released I'll be looking to trade for the others preferrably with good natures.
    Last edited: May 1, 2011
  2. PvtBlu

    PvtBlu New Member

    do you Have blastoise
  3. phetty

    phetty Noob

    I don't have Blastoise, but I do have a shiny Squirtle.
  4. hoboman8001

    hoboman8001 The Mew Man

    how do you clone in 4th/5th gen?
  5. Eugenides4

    Eugenides4 Member

    I would be interested in any Arceus, Darkrai, Shaymin, and Deoxys (Preferably obtained by you). I can EV train any Pokemon you want so just get back to me on what you think is reasonable and we can set up a deal (PM works best).
  6. Xman96

    Xman96 Fighting Leader

    I would really like that shiny Gigalith. I have a spare WIN2011 celebi among other things. I also have some shines. Pm me for a list. All are from the previous gens and would be willing to trade two of them for the Gigalith.
  7. Villy

    Villy New Member

    I am lookin for any shinny.

    I dont have one

    I am looking for a small level, good nature pokemon

  8. ddark624

    ddark624 Member

    im looking for an arcues
    i have lots of events... mews celebis dakari jurachi's ect... legit UT
    pm me if ur interested
  9. LunGhost

    LunGhost It's freezing

    I need a pokemon with actived pokerus.
  10. tylershrofe

    tylershrofe PokeMetal Head

    i need a latios and i need pokerus
  11. isaiah090909

    isaiah090909 New Member

    do you have the event win2011 celebi? i need it to get zorua. then ill give you back the celebi after :D
  12. isaiah090909

    isaiah090909 New Member

    hey man, do you think you can lend me that win2011 celebi? i just need it to get zorua. then ill give you back the celebi.

    my fc is 2365 5037 4966, name - Ice
  13. enoc

    enoc New Member

    looking for female tepig, snivy, oshawoot, bulbasaur, charmander, squertle, japaness ditto, tirtouga..

  14. \Mightyena/

    \Mightyena/ Well-Known Member

    Hey can you reply via PM to this: Can I get that shiny Lucario, Weavile, or Scyther?
  15. Dakilla455

    Dakilla455 Darkrai

    i have a shiny Infernape if you can clone i can give you one....

    if you can clone

    [EDIT] I have a Zekrom with pkrs if anyone wants to spread


    i think i have a bulbasaur snivy osshawaut tepig

    and thats it but i think their not females
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2011
  16. Zanji

    Zanji Well-Known Member

    I am interested in your Ash's Pikachu (jp) or TRU Ash's Pikachu I will offer anything in my sig's spoiler for it, up to 4-5 of them if need be and I can include a Macho Brace, and Choice Scarf if you'd like, I can also include evo stones but all I have of them is....Dusk, Sun x2, Thunder, Shiny x2, and Moon stone
  17. Dakilla455

    Dakilla455 Darkrai

    do you have a thundorous i will trade my tornadus for it
    PM me asap

    im online right now and i will be as of now

    Way of catching: GTS
    Language Japanese
  18. dragoniteKnight

    dragoniteKnight Pose as a team

    am i to assume you wont trade one of your female dw vulpixs for a win2011 entei or suicune?
  19. Dakilla455

    Dakilla455 Darkrai

    i have active pokerus PM me when u need it

    on for the day
  20. ShadowSplash

    ShadowSplash Don't Mess With Me

    What are the EV's of your shiny Latias?
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