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Philippines Rejoice! The path to Advanced starts on August 5

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Raine_Skylock, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Raine_Skylock

    Raine_Skylock FINAL FANTASY XII

    To all Philippine people here in Serebii, good news for you

    Today, philippine Cartoon Network has announced for a special Pokemon event that'll be happening on August 5. as far as I know, it will be a 3-hour Pokemon Special. I Just a news I received from my sis in the Philippines

    Today's episode is "Round One, Begin" whereas will mark the end of season 1 of Pokemon before August 5

    Maybe, I will visit the philippines this august before august 5. And I will see what I can dig up. finally, Pokemon has a special event in the Phils.

    Pokemon episodes for this week in the Phils. Pokemon on Philippine Cartoon Network, every Monday-Friday at 7:30pm Toonami Slot

    July 24: Round One....Begin!
    July 25: Fire and Ice
    July 26: The Forth Round Rumble
    July 27: A Friend In Deed
    July 28: Friend and Foe Alike
    July 31: Friends to the End
    Aug 1: Pallet Party Panic
    Aug 2: A Scare in the Air
    Aug 3: Pokéball Peril
    Aug 4: The Lost Lapras

    Starting August 5, Pokemon will have 12 episodes every weekends. meaning, They will have Pokemon Advanced as soon as possible.

    this might be connected to the season 9 in the US.

    Possible schedule for August 5

    *Fit To Be Tide
    *Pikachu Re-Volts
    *The Crystal Onix
    *In the Pink!
    *Stage Fight
    *Bye bye Psyduck

    possible schedule for August 6

    *Shell Shock
    *The Joy of Pokémon
    *Navel Maneuvers
    *Snack Attack!
    *A Shipful of Shivers
    *Meowth Rules!

    possible schedule for August 12

    *Tracey Gets Bugged!
    *A Way Off, Day Off
    *The Mandarin Island Miss Match
    *Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?
    *Git Along, Little Pokémon
    *The Mystery Menace

    possible schedule for August 13

    *Misty Meets Her Match
    *Bound for Trouble
    *Charizard Chills
    *The Pokémon Water War
    *Pokémon Food Fight!
    *Pokémon Double Trouble
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2006

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