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Phione, Shaymin, Kings rock

Discussion in 'Sinnoh Families' started by Tomeh, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Tomeh

    Tomeh Member

    Im looking for a manaphy/phione, shaymin and a kings rock

    also do you know if its possible to trade items from black to white?

  2. Minigoth

    Minigoth New Member

    i have a phione
  3. swantonbomb2011

    swantonbomb2011 Active Member

    i have zorua's 11 tepigs, snivys, oshwotts, bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, treeko, torchick
    chickorita, totadile,

    looking for manaphy or phione (legit)
    pm me if interested:)
  4. rallo92

    rallo92 Member of Omega

    I NEED A Shaymin
    offering shinie
  5. azkirby

    azkirby Gen 5 fan+Pokemon

    I'm seeking for a Manaphy & Shaymin, I have a Phione.
    I'm offering lots of shiny!
  6. Lirium

    Lirium Member

    Offering a Phione, pm me if you want :)
  7. jarod111

    jarod111 New Member

    I'm Looking for a Fateful Encounter Shaymin =/ Willing to offer a Darkrai, or a Victini, Message me if your interested =)
  8. Vip226

    Vip226 Victini

    I have shaymin!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. zandroas

    zandroas Member

    WHat do you want for your Shaymin?
  10. Dillonbus

    Dillonbus Willing to trade.

    I want a shaymin! I have Lugia, Moltres, Shiny Gyarados, and Shiny Tentacruel along with most starters! PM please
  11. SoloDolo

    SoloDolo New Member

    Looking for manaphy or shaymin. Tell me what you want, I definitely have it.
  12. twiztid420

    twiztid420 shiny hoarder

    how does this thread even exist? there are threads for both families already. this is baffling
  13. lokowoko

    lokowoko PokeBreeder

    looking for manaphy and shaymin, i'll be offer any starters that you ask for or what else i have in my pc box
  14. ChaseYoung

    ChaseYoung Knight of Ren

    I'm looking for a fateful encounter Shaynim I can offer a Genosect or a shiny PM me.
  15. ChaseYoung

    ChaseYoung Knight of Ren

    I have a Shaynim I am trading too PM me offers.
  16. chase21

    chase21 New Member

    looking for shaymin and manaphy have few events for trade
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