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Photon Shockwave


{5D's Elite Duelist}
It's no match for the almighty Cyber End Dragon.


~Grammar Nazi
I got a bit too excited when I saw Thunder End Dragon, but died a little inside when I saw it did nothing for Thunder-Type monsters :(

Still like amazing though :p

Blue-Eyes White Dragon has a new BFF ;)
I actually like where this is going, even if the set's name is kinda... weird.

Meanwhile, I'm inclined to want to put Evolkaiser Ragia into a future Jurrac deck.


Psyched Up
Staff member
some of the new cards are nice.

Galaxy-Eyes is NOT an Xyz, which is quite suprising. And its stats are predictable, level 8 LIGHT Dragon-Type with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF.
The good part is that it is not a Nomi or Semi-Nomi.

Then we have No. 10 and No. 20

Light Servant/Serpent/whatever......DW decks anyone?

It's kinda funny that so far from all the "Photon" support cards shown, NONE of them actually shows a "Photon" monster in its artwork.


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Full Spoiler
Interesting cards. There's also Watt, Naturia, Ice Barrier, Spirit, Ninja, and Rabbit.


Psyched Up
Staff member
many good cards there.

Also, copying what I said on pojo

- I'm tempted to make Baby Tragon out of Acorn Squirrel + Fallen Cone + Growing Pinecone.

- Deadly Wind's effect makes me think it is really just to stop Tengu lol

- I like Des Rabbit, Ho-oh, Thunder-End, Rabbidragon, Bunnila, Tri-wight Zone, Goblin Construction Crew, and the "Elec" supports.

- They need to release the monster in the artwork of Cross Attack/Burning Fighting Spirit/Regretful Complaint already.