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Photoshop Problem =P

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by Mizu Kasumi, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Mizu Kasumi

    Mizu Kasumi The Mist

    Hey guys. I need help with my Photoshop. Everytime I open it, it takes so long to load, so after a while, it just freezes. So when I try to X it, it tells me that there's no respond to the program. So I can't use my Photoshop if I don't get that error fix... Any suggestions? It's not going to do me much by uninstalling it, because the owner of the c-d, took it back. It's been happening for like a month... =P
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2005
  2. an_idiot_

    an_idiot_ Guest

    to be honest with you, you will probably need to re-install it, and you cant, so, well... um

    get a copy of your own
  3. Mizu Kasumi

    Mizu Kasumi The Mist

    Okay... Not allow to. =P Do you know what's the problem with it? X.X
  4. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    You could try and clear the cache and stuff... Just go under the menus and see if there's a selection that says 'clear cache', choose it. It'll likely help.
  5. Mizu Kasumi

    Mizu Kasumi The Mist

    Where's that? Sorry, I'm not a computer genius... ^^"
  6. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    On the Windows version, I'm not too sure either... but on mine, it operates a tad different.. but you could try and see if it's in the same place. Try Edit ---> Purge --> All, that might work. XD Dunno though.. I have Photoshop Elements.. so that makes stuff different too.
  7. Mizu Kasumi

    Mizu Kasumi The Mist

    Oh, do you me in Adobe Photoshop?
  8. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    It's Adobe Photoshop Elements, yes. Elements is more of a.. less expensive version..
  9. Mizu Kasumi

    Mizu Kasumi The Mist

    Oh. I guess I won't be able to use Adobe anymore... It freezes during the loading part. Like it loads for a while, and then half of the pictures turns white, and I get that window that says Program not Responding. *Sigh*
  10. Jake Dragon

    Jake Dragon Dragon KungFu Master

    this happens to me also (btw i use Adobe Photoshop CS 8 ), but in my case i just wait or open another program and wait for it to load after 2- 4 minutes it start working, try it.
  11. I think charizard has a point lol

    Adobe Photoshop takes forever to load up : P (Many reasons I use Paintshop Pro, unless I'm doing something fast)

    I think you just have to wait for a while and see how it goes, if it's loading up and you closed it, the program will stop responding. Give it some time and see.

    If not, you will have to re-install it.
  12. Mizu Kasumi

    Mizu Kasumi The Mist

    Thanks for the tips. But no, it loads for over five mins. Then it freezes. I deleted it. Lol.
  13. PokePaladin

    PokePaladin Suimori bidoof ftw!

    Re-install it if you have it on a CD, if not, well... It's gone...

    I don't know much about image-editors...(Using MS Paint myself)
  14. -:Buro-kun Tsubasa:-

    -:Buro-kun Tsubasa:- Sovereign Of Shadows

  15. Eileen

    Eileen Queen of Orudoran

    You should copy the setup files to your hard drive so if you need to reinstall, then you can reinstall without the CD.

    Try to get a copy of the CD. If not, I suggest you to buy a copy of photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
  16. Mizu Kasumi

    Mizu Kasumi The Mist

    Yep. Definetly I will somehow get one around this year. I have to wait till my friend gets back, or beg my parents.
  17. Pax Deorum

    Pax Deorum Tempus Vernum

    Photoshop slows down everyone's PC, you just have to be patient and it will open
  18. Mizu Kasumi

    Mizu Kasumi The Mist

    Thanks for the suggestion. But it was nearly a month like that. So I just deleted it. I'll get it back one day. ^^

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