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Photoshop Recolor Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by supersmew, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. supersmew

    supersmew Let me heal your ⓗ♈ʒ

    *bell rings*
    Oh, hey! WElcome to the Photoshop Shop. We recolor hair, suits and parts of images, remove shadows and weird-ify. Feel free to request!


    Please credit.
    Please do not spam, if I don't reply within a couple days, feel free to PM me.
    please don't leave mean comments.


    http://i48.*******.com/jucz9k.jpg --> http://i48.*******.com/55jwvo.png
    http://i49.*******.com/2eezu53.jpg --> http://i50.*******.com/2gtw6dt.jpg
    http://i50.*******.com/2igydsm.jpg --> http://i49.*******.com/eu23af.png

    Hair / Clothe Recolor:
    http://i45.*******.com/ayvepg.jpg --> http://i45.*******.com/5u4rio.jpg
    http://i45.*******.com/1iy1zo.jpg --> http://i49.*******.com/tyzur.jpg
    http://i48.*******.com/2rnipop.jpg --> http://i46.*******.com/30ldt38.png


    Oi! Mew! Make My Image A Weirdify!
    Wanted Things:
    Which People:
    Anything Else:

    I Would Like A Hair / Cloth Recolor From Supersmew!
    Hair Or Clothes (Or Both):
    What Color:
    Which People:

    Not Much Currently But More Will Be Added.

    Thank You For Shopping At The Photoshop Shop! Haz A Nice Day!
  2. Shymain

    Shymain Shaymin Lover

    TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I don't really want to order anything, but good luck- may the Smosh be with you.
  3. Xragon

    Xragon Dragon Master

    someone has a smosh fettish.... best of luck
  4. supersmew

    supersmew Let me heal your ⓗ♈ʒ

    Thanks for the "good luck" messages. And I just found Smosh images on my pictures and I was like "Wynaut?"
  5. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Closed upon shop owner's request.
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