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Pichu Bros In Party Panic (008)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
Pichu Bros Party Panic!

On an average day in Millennium Town, the Pichu Possé find out that a lot of Pokémon have recieved fruit shaped invitations to a Part but they haven't. They decide to go around town looking to get one so they can go to the famed "Meowth's Party". Can they find the invitations in time?

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Its almost time
This is the only Pichu short I have seen since I have Pokemon Channel and all I can say it was great.

The music was fun and the way the kids were playing around was just cute. Even as an added bonus we also got the Japanese version! Great show!


Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
I have it too. I thought the part where the Pichu bros. and they're friends were at Meowths party. I liked how they incorporated their friends. It was pretty good


Strawberry Milk
This is the only pichu bros. short iv'e seen and if the others are as good as this one then i will want to wacth the others! Seeing the squirtle squad again was a treat and seeing wobbofet scare teddiursa was funny!

Blazin' Blaziken

Well-Known Member
Cool ep! Watched it 48 times!

Blaziken master

I've watched it via pokemon channel.pretty sweet!I like the fact that they incorparated all the characters from pikachu and pichu like the houndour an snorlax


Ub3r Trainer
any1 who doesn't think pichu is cute needs some1(preferably me) to beat them up. They are so sweet!


Codenumber 242
I so loved this episode was funny, the bit with Magby falling in the water was so funny, I nearly laughed my head off.


i really find episodes like that anoying sometimes

Reign G

Roggen and Rolan
I love all the specials with the Pichu Brothers, especially this one! *Starts singing Pichu Brothers theme* Anyway, it was great seeing the Squirtle Squad again: "Squirtle! Squirtle! Squirtle!" Wooper is one of my all time faves in the Pichu Posse', next to the Pichu Bros. of course.

Now, if you excuse me, I must go.

"They're the Pichu Brothers, but I'm sure you knew that..."


Red: True Master
It's awesome! But how did the Squirtle show up in Millenium Town without Ash's Squirtle? Doesn't he lead them?

Reign G

Roggen and Rolan
I may be wrong, but I think this came out before Ash returned his Squirtle to the Squad.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I wasn't a big fan of this short, i don't really like the Pichu bros.


Ludicolo #1 fan!
I adored this short. I love all of 'em with the pichu bros. They're just so cute!


pikachus biggest fan
i say it was wonderful and great
a time for the pichu bros to shine