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Picking up the Pieces


PG-13 (for Mild language and Thematic elements)

This is my first official Pokemon Fic hope you like it.

Chapter 1: Criminal Mind

"It's time" said a voice through an earpiece into a young person’s ear. The boy then nodded slowly to the thin air as he put his hood up. Shadows hid his features but you could tell he was up to no good. As he stepped out of the shadows the hood covered his eyes, no one could tell who he was. He took a small red and white sphere from his pocket and threw it into the air a small black pokemon with a pink ear appeared before him. "Sneasel?" the little pokemon said inquisitively. "It's time" said the boy imitating the man who originally passed those words on to him. "Let's go. Icy wind!" yelled the boy. Immediately the Sneasel blew a giant stream of snow into the air causing the floors to become icy and freezing every exhibit in the museum. "Now let's get those diamonds." The boy said almost too loudly, a near by security guard "overheard" and had every security worker converging on the diamond exhibit.

"Suckers get dumber every job." The boy said "Now for the real job, Sneasel, cut through the glass on this exhibit case." Inside the case was an orb which shined with the same light as the stars above. This was what Neo-Team Magma was after. He stashed the orb in his blue jacket, and made it seem like he was just some innocent bystander as he recalled his beloved Sneasel. He removed his hood tucking in the “ears” of it revealing his perfect green eyes, and his muddy brown hair.

"Excellent work my boy, excellent indeed!" Archie the leader of Neo-Team Magma cried as he held the orb as he would a child. The office area (if you could call it that) was sound proof so you couldn‘t hear the excessively loud praisings of Archie to his best agent. "Thank you, just doing my job." replied the boy with an evil grin on his face. "You know Logan I'm not going to be around forever and I need an heir to this marvelous team, having no children of my own I wish for you to be my successor." Archie said in an eerie yet charismatic tone. "I'm honored, Sir" said Logan bowing as the knights of old England bowed before the king. "You know how I hate that." Archie said as the boy rose again. "I know" Logan said "I was merely playing up the drama of the moment.""Well whatever you call it I have a way to train you for this amazing honor. I want you to travel through the pokemon leagues of the various regions." said Archie as if he was reliving a part of his past he wished he could re-do.

"What do you want me to steal powerful pokemon, more orbs of unknown origin..." said Logan nodding toward the orbs now resting on a holder. "No, there will be no theft this is strictly a mission to try to..." Archie said swallowing "...reform you, for you see I wanted, at one point, to gain control of the world through the power of Groudon and the blue orb. I lost, and in losing I realized that even if I did gain this power someone would eventually take me down. I don't want you to follow completely in my foot steps. I want Neo-Team Magma to be a respected team not a hated one." "Then what was the point of me stealing that orb for you?!" Logan said frustratedly "I expected that" said Archie "You see my boy that orb contains the power of an ancient pokemon that can bend space, I was doing some experiments and found that the mineral from which the pokemon's skin and that orb share can alter memory. I simply need to harness that power and I can make it seem as if Team Magma were actually a team of good guys not the evil that you see here."

"But I was raised on this evil since I was 10." said a confused Logan. "And it pains me to see the best in the business leave." replied Archie staring out of the tinted glass window at the numerous training fields that Neo-Team Magma had built. "Well if that is your plan then I'll continue where I left off." Said Logan decisively. "What?" Said a shocked Archie. "Well, before Neo-Team Magma arose I was a skilled trainer, which explained my powerful pokemon." Replied Logan in a manner that reeked of bragging. "Well" he said "looks like I'll have to get back home, mom's making sailsbury steaks for dinner, mmmm sailsbury steak." He drooled. He walked out leaving Archie alone staring at the orb. In a low ominous tone he said “Maybe there is still time.”

Well there's Chapter 1 of who knows. Enjoy!
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