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Picture/Voice thread - the "Get the Last Word" thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Ethan, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Katya Ivanova

    Katya Ivanova Banned

    lookin foine homeguh (H)

    wouldn't say you make the best choice in anti-acne products
  2. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    Guh you are lookin nice!!
    One of the prettiest people in this thread tbcomodh!!!

    Could you please get something for that acne?? Like whatever you are using now is making it worse. 8|

    I think his taste in women is fine - she's very pretty. Your taste in acne products is terrible.

    I would post my voice but the clip Katya posted (of me) was apparently TOO MEAN FOR SPPF ;~; soo guess that's a no go!
  3. Shishioken

    Shishioken Banned

    I don't buy nor endorse acne products, much less use them. If I had, I'd have cared too much for them, as they serve as little more than petty (damn near unnoticeable) inconveniences I don't give a **** about. That being said, the reiteration of the acne "issue" is doing little more to benefit anyone but make the idiot mentioning it sound like a pariah fishbrain, so, yeah, I'd take the repeating of the stupid remarks with more than a grain of salt, so, yeah.

    Also, who were you again, Yeti? If you didn't get a name change, you haven't been exactly memorable, so I need a reminder. :0
  4. Katya Ivanova

    Katya Ivanova Banned

    you act as though we actually needed to be told that
  5. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Okay, okay, let's hold up here, please. I'm happy to see that we're all very witty and self-confident, but let's just enjoy those facts as they are and not turn our lovely pic/voice thread into an acerbic discussion of skin conditions and mental acuity. Yes?

    Thank you~ ^_^
  6. Swampy

    Swampy Crack the Skye

    What are you inferring? And are you aware insulting someone and saying "I'm not going to argue" is basically asking for an argument. Is it really that hard to be a bit more passive and just let things go, or I don't know..settle in pm? :/

    on topic
  7. Rave

    Rave Banned

    Dude, she's very beautiful, I dunno what you're going on about.
  8. Ichi

    Ichi swagswagswagswagswag

    Okay, I get it. But when you make posts like this

    and this

    Instead of just posting that it was never meant to be a huge insult, you're basically opening yourself up for ridicule, especially when it seemed like you were insulting a popular, well-loved user.

    Oh and for the record, this:

    Sounds like something straight out of a child's very first attempted essay where they're encouraged by their teacher to "use lots of similies."

    Moving on.

  9. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Ichi, I love your doggy friend.


    This didn't go unnoticed, so the conclusion is that it went ignored.

    Now listen up, kids. It's very boring and pointless to beat dead horses. It's also rude to do so when someone has kindly and politely asked you not to. So no more petty bickering between yourselves over anyone's state of maturity or attractiveness.

    It's neither mature nor attractive, hehe.
  10. Locke Yggdrasill

    Locke Yggdrasill Eustis on reddit

    Profesco declared it and as such it is beyond contestation!

    Also fro
  11. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice

    Nice do, i know someone who has hair just like that.
  12. interstellas

    interstellas Banned

  13. Mars Girl


  14. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    Damn..a lot of you guys are model material. Take that any who says that Pokemon is just for kids and ugly nerds!
  15. JoshYEAH

    JoshYEAH ???

    Can someone take the crime against humanity out of the topic title please. Every time I come onto SPPF it's bad enough that I am lambasted by the severity of horrific encounters in every single post, let alone have that kind of thing in such direct view via the topic title.

    I thank whomever fulfills my request.
  16. Phailsafe

    Phailsafe Like a Boss!

  17. Phailsafe

    Phailsafe Like a Boss!

    Lol All of your pics look the same :D
  18. Shishioken

    Shishioken Banned

    I know, isn't it awesome? it's hard to get some variety with nobody around who can operate the camera nor pose with me, as I currently live alone. :O

    You had anyone take your sideways pic?

    Edit: Also, for the record, that is indeed a bunch of bread crumbs on the right side of my face on the second picture. Had those for lunch, if any of you were wondering what the fuck those just were (though, like anyone would, I doubt that).
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2009
  19. kochoupink

    kochoupink butts lol

    I'm kochoupink, and I approve of this thread.

    Shishioken, not to jump on the bandwagon or anything, but no matter what a girl looks like, you shouldn't insult her. It makes very little sense because that girl is really pretty, but if she weren't, you would have really hurt her feelings. Seriously. Wtf were you thinking?
  20. Phailsafe

    Phailsafe Like a Boss!

    Good lord Katya, drop it... You guys are being little girls about this...
    And no, I took that one muhself.
    Now, this one...
    My sister (Front) took it about a year ago. My most favorite picture of me.
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