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Pika and Goliath (542)

Terrible episode. The whole thing was pointless, dubbing was worse than usual, plot was bad even by rehash -standards-.

I wish they wouldn't start that many episodes with the characters walking together, or eating. Especially if the latter leads to this...

"Man, that Brock sure can cook!" (Ash) --- Yeah, it's not like he's been tasting his cooking for a LONG TIME.

When Sho comes it's all downhill. His accent and (un)cool dialogue are just grating. The battle he has with Ash is good, but it's predictable. Ash loses, and Ash has to take it to the Pokemon Center --- JUST LIKE THAT OTHER EPISODE.

Pikachu runs off to train --- JUST LIKE THAT OTHER EPISODE.

Ash and Pikachu confront Sho and beat him --- JUST LIKE THAT OTHER EPISODE.

Sho agrees that maybe Pikachu isn't so bad the way it is --- JUST LIKe...I'm not even going to say it.

Team Rocket was useless (and annoying) in this episode, instead of them taking the Thunderstone, Sho could have took it and used it to evolve one of his Pokemon and said, "Oops, my Pokemon touched it. Looks your Pikachu's stuck that way." Brock and Dawn were just pretty much in the background, this episode was the Ash vs Sho show. ESS was much the same, but Misty and Brock actually DID SOMETHING.


Another Pikachu glorification episode, as if every other episode isn't enough for him. I loathed the COTD's slang; I could barely take him seriously. Seeing Pichu and Raichu here was cool though, but seeing Pikachu lose to Raichu and suffer a personal crisis involving evolution again was beyond reductive. At least TR made this more endurable.
I can see I'm not the only one who despised Sho's way of talking from the second he opened his mouth.
(Best way I can describe it without sounding racist or offensive).

At least now I know one episode I can skip when I get to it again...

I'll give the episode this though on the above point: Sho seemed to tone it down with the slang a bit, but only a bit, at times the second time he appeared in the episode. Doesn't mean he totally out-right stopped with that painful way of talking.


Lol at Sho using "hip" lingo and sounding like a wannabe. His Raichu was meh too, and why did we need more Pikachu and Thunderstone angst?!


Another evolution drama episode for Pikachu. We all knew he was never going to evolve so the plot here seemed pointless in the end. 5/10

Mrs. Oreo

I liked how we saw another Raichu vs Pikachu battle even tho Pikachu lost the first time he fought Sho's Raichu. I knew Pikachu wouldn't evolve, but I liked seeing the Thunder Stone again.
My favorite moments were when the Raichu owner used slang phrases. Pikachu's battle with Raichu seemed like when he fought Lt. Surge's Raichu.

Opal Pikachu13

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Basically a retelling of "Electric Shock Showdown", but seeing another Pikachu and Raichu battle was good. Sho was pretty annoying with that hipster talk, and his Raichu critically injured Pikachu that first match. Then we see Pikachu in the Pokemon Center, followed by a flashback scene of the first time he was injured in the Pokemon Center, from "Electric Shock Showdown". Ash gave him a choice whether to evolve or not, and of course it is the same result. Team Rocket end up taking the Thunder Stone, and Pikachu trains and beats Sho's Raichu on the rematch. Not a bad episode, and not the only rehash done.

Nice episode. I really enjoyed it, especially Sho's slang words which made this episode funny. Seeing that the writers used someone like Sho really surprised me. Good battle though. The beginning wasn't much, but the second was nice.

Mrs. Oreo

My favorite moments were when the Raichu owner used slang phrases.

Hee hee, it was kind of annoying after a while tho. I wonder if he used slang in the Japanese version of the episode as well. Any ways, Sho seemed overconfident too, which made him seem like a jerk. ^^;
I don't know why we needed this rehash of the Vermilion Gym episode. Why did we need to spend 22 minutes watching Pikachu's inner turmoil about evolving?


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I don't know why we needed this rehash of the Vermilion Gym episode. Why did we need to spend 22 minutes watching Pikachu's inner turmoil about evolving?

I'll tell you exactly why we needed this, surge's Raichu evolved too soon and as a result was'nt properly developed. Sho's Raichu is much faster and stronger, meaning it was a much harder challenge than surge's. So the question became can Pikachu defeat a raichu who's been properly trained without evolving? I think the episode gave the vibe that even Pikachu understood this and that's why he was wondering if maybe he should consider evolving. In the end they prooved once and for all that Pikachu could have as much power as a Raichu even a well trained one.


The fact that we had to deal with another episode where Pikachu made the predictable choice of not using a Thunder Stone showed just how un-creative the DP staff could be sometimes. :(


Shou owning a Pichu and a Raichu was neat, although I quickly grew to dislike Shou's attitude as well as Raichu's. Pikachu losing to his evolved form made sense, although the fact that he was put on life support seemed overly dramatic. The repetition of the Thunder Stone subplot from Kuchiba City was vexing, and Shinji's presence wasn't needed either.


I call you honey
Pikachu's flashbacks to his important moments/battles with Ash was so great to see, same for the Vermilion flashbacks. Team Rocket, once again, is almost completely ignored.


In hindsight, I now wonder why Satoshi still had the Thunder Stone in his backpack given that his Pikachu has already shown distaste toward evolving so long ago.


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This episode was just Electric Shock Showdown without the gym battle. Not that the episode was bad just that it was done before in a better way without so much time wasted.


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I liked it, Sho was cool. I like the way he spoke. I also enjoyed the throwback to season 1 and sticking to the continuity, it was nice to see it still happening this far on.