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Pika Pika Sparkling Love! Poipole Spins Round and Round!! (1010)


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Given that Lusamine told Ash to keep Poipole as his partner Pokémon until they find the Ultra Wormhole it used to get to Ash's world, I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume Poipole(/Naganadel, if it evolves) is going to be released by the end of the series, regardless of how well it bonds with Ash and his team. As much as I would love to see that bundle of giggling playfulness remain a permanent member of Ash's team, at the same time, I also feel it's more appropriate for it to be returned to its own world. If the writers do this right, they could turn that into an interesting and emotional story/character arc, for all of the characters involved.
I can see Poipole staying til the end of the series especially if Ash could use it in battle (and I honestly want that adorable rolling top to stay). There's a reason why it's explicitly shown in Ash's rooster and being seen as Ash's Pokémon whereas with Nebby, we knew it was going to be involved in the Aether Foundation arc and mainly used as such. Poipole has the opening as the main focus and having it leave after an arc doesn't seem right like why let it be the main focus with lyrics describing it's feelings instead of side scenes? I want Poipole to be a breakout character where it'll stay with Ash until the end of the series. I can't see them catching all the Ultra Beasts that quickly and easily as they did with Buzzwole.


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A temporary capture still counts as a capture for Ash. Poipole is no different that Butterfree or Goodra.
Did I say it wasn't a temporary catch? -____-

Um, no. At the end of this episode, Poipole was along with Ash, playing with Ash's Pokemon in Kukui's house. Based on what is shown in this episode, and what Lusamine said, it's clear that Poipole was caught as a genuine capture, like all of his other Pokemon. Definitely not a Pokemon of Ash just for that Ultra Guardian stuff like Garchomp, like what Duqu^E? said.

No, it was. I've explained why it's not like the others and someone had to catch. It's an official catch, just not a permanent one.

Lusamine's words heavily implies that when Ash and co. discover the Ultra Wormhole through which Poipole crossed over into this world, they will very likely have Poipole released back into the Ultra Space. But Lusamine also said that before Ash finds that Ultra Hole, he can treat Poipole as his partner Pokemon. So there's nothing to suggest that Poipole won't be treated like other standard captures of Ash and won't be used in battles.

I literally never said it couldn't be treated like his other Pokemon.

It's not just Lusamine, I'm pretty sure Burnet in the "Pokeproblem segment" explicitly stated that Ash caught Poipole or suggested that Ash is the trainer (if even temporary) of Poipole. Although I might be wrong, she mentioned Ash and Poipole (or rather their Japanese names) so I assume it was meant to mean he caught it.

This is definitely NOT a Buzzwole situation, this is exactly (if anything like), Lapras, which I think Playerking seems to have completely forgot about.

Hard to say Lapras didn't belong to Ash just because it was caught just to be released later.

She said he got it, not that he would keep it for and now and forever.

Also, I never said this was a Buzzwole situation. Did anyone actually fully read the posts? And this is nothing like Lapras. Ash never planned on saying goodbye. Ash caught Poipole under Lusamine's suggestion, obviously because they need it under supervision and to care for it, until it can be sent back home. That's all I've ever said.
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Please have this culminate in Satoshi being about to try and release Bebenom only for it to be like "No I don't wanna" and have it stay after all. srsly, I get why he couldn't keep a Solgaleo around, but I think in this case they can let him keep it.

...That said, I guess it makes sense given that the thing is basically a baby, but I'm not super fond of how its voice is pretty much just baby noises.


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I actually really enjoyed this episode, it was so much better than the previous two.

I love Poipole, it is adorable and I love that it is so playful. I was a little surprised that Ash got Poipole but I would much rather him get it now instead of them dragging out the capture. I will admit that scene towards the end when Poipole kept dodging the Beast Balls Ash was throwing at it had me cracking up, especially with the facial expressions Ash was making.

This episode made me love Ash’s Rowlet more than I already do. It has now overtaken Gible as my favorite episode Ash has caught. The fact that it went to defend Pikachu, who it thought was being attacked, made me smile. I felt bad for Poipole though when Pikachu started yelling at it. But at the same time, Poipole was defending itself from Rowlet, who was going to attack it. Don’t act like you wouldn’t do the same thing if you were being attacked, Pikachu.

While I do love Bewear in the air, I’m getting really annoyed of having it swoop in and grab Team Rocket when they’re losing. It was funny the first couple of times but now it is really beginning to get redundant. I would gladly take them blasting off again at this point. Can we think of something else, please?

So all in all, I really enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t the best one but it was better than the previous two by a long shot sorry, I just do not like Iliama in the games or the anime at all whatsoever but I’m beyond sick of Bewear and Team Rocket. 8.5/10


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I like how this episode turned out from start to finish. We were allowed to see Poipole remembering Ash and Pikachu and deciding to go look for them, and the bonding between it and Pikachu was good enough (Pikachu, you're so noble; sharing food and giving the bigger half to the other pokémon. Never change). Poipole's baby talk was a little annoying for me, though, but at least I like its laugh. It was cute to see Charjabug trying to console Togedemaru.

And finally a good amount of Team Rocket in this episode! Mimikyu helping make the donuts, so wonderful! It was great the writers once again brought up that Meowth can't understand what Ultra Beasts say; and I also appreciate that they took the time to squeeze in a dialogue of Meowth realizing Litten has evolved and showing pride over it. It baffles me how they can be attentive to details like this one, but they don't seem to care about continuity from other series. Oh, well... It looks like Team Rocket is starting to properly appreciate Bewear saving them lol

And I shall continue waiting for a decent Pikachu vs Mimikyu battle (seriously, just having Mimikyu stand there, waiting to be hit by a thunderbolt? Smh, writers).

I must admit I didn't expect Ash to catch Poipole, but now I don't expect him to keep it :p It's been established Poipole is to return to Ultra Space and, while they could pull off something like Ash refusing to release it and Poipole refusing to leave him, I don't see it as such a strong possibility given previous releases.


I wasn't expecting much from the Pikachu versus Mimikkyu skirmish, although it was still sort of entertaining. What caught me off guard was when Bebenomu decided to go with Satoshi, which I didn't think we'd see in this episode. I'm glad things worked out this way, however.


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So this episode is alright but I feel like they could have given Pikachu more of a reason of following Poipole. As for Team Rocket I felt they could have fought Ash and his team a little longer


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Well, we'll see what happens with Poipole being with Ash. As of now, I'm just wondering what Ash's sixth team member for the region will be. Guess we'll just have to wait for that one.

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So this episode is alright but I feel like they could have given Pikachu more of a reason of following Poipole. As for Team Rocket I felt they could have fought Ash and his team a little longer

Pikachu has met poipole some episodes back. I think this was the reason pikachu followed it after seeing it again.


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Well, we've got our inevitably released Pokémon at least. Maybe it'll evolve into Naganadel at some point, though that would require Heart Scales if I recall correctly.


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I'll just say 3 things:
Masaaki Iwane is a boss
This is probably Matsui's best recent episode
Poipole-Pikachu-Rowlet were very cute (heck, they made CHARJABUG look cute here)

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Instead of being concrened with releases, let's stay focused on the now..

OMG soooooooo cute I want a plushie of this plz TPCI!

I hope it knows Toxic, Venoshock/Venom Drench, Sludge Wave/Bomb and Fell Stinger, then(later) Dragon Pulse and Air Cutter/Slash


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Nope. It needs to learn dragon pulse to evolve.

Yeah, and in game when you get it, it's past the level to learn that. I know the games don't equal the anime, but SM seems to be sticking fairly close mechanics wise.


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Yeah, and in game when you get it, it's past the level to learn that. I know the games don't equal the anime, but SM seems to be sticking fairly close mechanics wise.

I'm pretty sure moves is one of the few things they wouldn't be sticking close to mechanically. I mean, the trainers hold the Z-Crystals, not the Pokemon, for instance, and moves have always been shown capable of being learned regardless of "levels" since they don't really exist in the anime. So, yeah, Poipole could probably learn Dragon Pulse without any sort of Heart Scale.


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Anyone notice the only other thing Poipole took interest in was Ash's z ring? Odd that it quickly grabbed it from around his wrist.

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Anyone notice the only other thing Poipole took interest in was Ash's z ring? Odd that it quickly grabbed it from around his wrist.
Yeah. I think it was due to the Electrium Z sparkling and Poipole takes interest in shiny objects. It could have as well just taken the Electrium Z because it was the source of the sparkling that attracted Poipole.


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The last two episodes were terrible, and this one is just ... meh. I found Poipole too annoying to care about Ash "catching" it.


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btw, poipole on ash's team looks pretty cool on the sidebars of the episode's main serebii page