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Pikabolt's Request Shop V2

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Pikabolt, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Pikabolt

    Pikabolt lightningy^^

    'Ello! Yep I'm reopening my shop. Quality work here. If you want me to change something on the finished product, i'll be happy to edit it for you. All the Serebii.net Forum rules apply here.
    *My Rules*
    • Don't say anything about my cool bold yellow font.
    • Be nice, considerate, and polite on this board or else.
    • Give credit please.
    • No swearing.
    • No spam.
    • No flooding me with requests that's what happened last time >.<

    *Things I can Make*
    • Recolors- tell me a pokemon and what other pokemon's colors you want on it. And please tell me where you want what colors.
    • Mixes- same form as the recolors, but tell me which body parts do you want me to put on the pokemon.
    • Inverts- tell me what pokemon you want and if you want a black background, and I'll invert it's colors for you.
    • Trainer Cards- tell me what pokemon, what badges, describe the background, and describe the trainer sprite. oh, and tell me the name you want on it.
    • Chao- just tell me the pokemon you want and I'll turn it into a cute little chao! (I'm good with these!)
    • (Coming Soon!) Angel + Devil Pokemon- tell me the pokemon and I'll...umm...put it to sleep.
    • Pokeballs- tell me the pokemon and which body parts you want on the pokeball and I'll make ya one.
    • Trainer/ Pokemon Fusions! Tell me the pokemon and trainer.
    • Avatars- Tell me what pokemon, what background, and what text, and I'll make you a nice avatar.^^
    • Banners-Tell me the size, background, text, and pictures, and I'll make one. I'm not that good at them, though, so don't expect anything super when it's finished.
    • I-pod pokemon- tell me which pokemon you want and what background color you want and I'll make you an i-pod pokemon.
    • Siamese pokemon- tell me which pokemon you want and I'll make you a cool looking, siamese pokemon.
    • Glowing pokemon- These turn out really nice. tell me the pokemon and which color on that pokemon you want it to glow.

    More will be added!

    3.short ban
    4.long ban
    5.permanent ban

    ~+Banned List+~
    • None

    [​IMG] recolor

    [​IMG] mix

    [​IMG] invert

    [​IMG] trainer card

    [​IMG] [​IMG] chao!

    [​IMG] pokeball

    [​IMG] trainer/pokemon mix

    [​IMG] avatar

    [​IMG] banner

    [​IMG] I-pod

    [​IMG] Siamese

    [​IMG] glowing

    • Now Hiring!


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