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Pikachu is not a mouse!

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It is not a mouse

Nor is it a pika

It is a Pikachu

It is a completely separate entity

Arguing that Pikachu is either one or the other is like saying "A dolphin is a shark" "No, I'm pretty sure it's a tuna"


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The game says it's a mouse. The game is canon, so I believe the game.


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Pikachu is the electric mouse!


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To teach them to use the dictionary?

You got me there. XD I don't know. POKEDEX Y U MAKE NO SENSE?!?

No, I think you're right when it comes to animal names; I glanced through the list and I didn't see any animal names that kids wouldn't know, except maybe Starling or Angler. Or bagworm. But you're right, it does seem like most of the other animals were changed to something else (Echidna -> Mouse)

But that doesn't explain why they call Bidoof a Plump Mouse but Bibarel a Beaver. And I'm pretty sure most kids would know what an otter is (they use it for Oshawott) but Buizel and Floatzel are still Sea Weasel. They'd probably know what an eel was, but Tynamo's family is called "EleFish." Swanna is called "White Bird" in English but the Japanese versions call it the "Swan Pokemon." We may never be able to follow their logic.


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Canon wise Pikachu are based off of mice. However, there is a remarkable resemblance to Pika's, especially considering their name.


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Of course Pikachu isn't a mouse.

He's a Pokemon!
The entire argument is what he is based on.

He can't be based on apples, ninja swords, or Stephen Colbert. It's not like he isn't based off anything, so why don't we understand the perimeters of this argument?


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guy, guys, guys. pikachu's name has nothing whatsoever to do with the pika animal. that similarity is just a coincidence. in japanese, pikapika is the onomatopoeia for something sparking. chuchu is the onomatopoeia for the sound a mouse makes. so pikachu is a pun on those words, and are just a combination of the sounds for sparking and mouses. the pika is a rabbit relative, not even NEARLY related to mice and pikachu is nothing like one. the word "pika' is pronounced "pie-kuh", not "pee-ka." Pikachu's name is the same in japanese, so if they intended it to be a pika, it'd have been "paikachu" since thats how you'd pronounce pika in japanese (katakana - used for pokemon names - are always arranged phonetically).

tl;dr, it's not related to a pika and is just named after japanese onomatopoeias


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'Pika' is the sound Japanese say an electric spark makes. And 'chu' is the sound a mouse makes. So Pikachu is like an electric mouse.
Also, from: http://web.archive.org/web/20090327...40/pokemon-platinum-developer-interview-pt-2/
Yes, it's incredibly difficult! Especially [coming] up with a name [that] is universal here, in the U.S. or Europe, such as Pikachu, Dialga, Palkia, and Lucario. Those are the names that you have to come up with, appealing to all of the audiences. That's very difficult.
The "Pika" rabbit must be a coincidence.

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I recently found something shocking (for me mostly :D). Pikachu is not a mouse... It is a pika. Yes, there is an animal called pika. It is just a small rodent, like a mouse. Proof: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pika

My question is: Why is pikachu called the mouse pokemon, not the pika pokemon?

1. The similarity of the names?
2. The fact pikas aren't world renowned?

What do you think?

Mousachu sounds like crap so...


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Until the mice in my neighbors garage start shooting Thunderbolts, Pikachu is not a mouse.

It's the mouse Pokémon!

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GAMEFREAK porbably doesn't care, mouse or pika;cat ferret or mongoose;etc. As long as you get a general idea and have fun with pokemon, its cool. Anyways, nobody/Gamefreak really cares much aboutthis matter. I think.
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