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Pikachu Re-volts! (088)


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Pikachu Re-volts!

Arriving on Mandarin Island, Ash & Co. see that Pikachu and Togepi turn against them, as have many other Pokémon on the Island. Finding out that theres a Pokémon doing this, Ash & Co. decide to investigate and find Butch & Cassidy responsible...can they stop them before all the Pokémon on the Island become evil?

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Factory Head Noland

I love this episode! (I love all episodes!) I was so surprised to see Butch and Cassidy in this ep. I think their rivalry with Jessie and James is so funny!


Team Awesome
I love this episode for three reasons:

1. Jessie/James and Butch/Cassidy doing both their mottos at the same time
2. Great dramatic plot
3. Team Rocket and Team Twerp actually teaming up to take down the bad guys (that doesn't happen nearly enough)

Wolf Cypher

My favorite Orange Island epidoe! The animation was at its best (we wouldn't see a well animated episode again until the Johto episode where Ash's Heracross battled that Scizor) and seeing Pikachu and Togepi act evil was great! Even J&J helped out big time! Butch and Cassidy at their best!

...unfortunately after this episode, B&C became a lot less intimidating and feared.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
I too thought this episode's animation was above average. Even just the way the characters are drawn - look at the awesome pose on Meowth as he lunges forward in that still shot with the other possessed Pokémon.

Oh yeah, and Butch and Cassidy are awesome characters too. I get so much mileage out of these two...


Speaking of the animation, I don't think this style was ever used other than in this episode. I loved it, personally. Very dark.

And Butch and Cassidy were awesome. There *still* are, but less evilish. There Japanese motto rules. Shokkingu Pinku!

Bibi Nefertari

*glomps James*
Coolest Orange Island ep in my opinion!
Jessie and James were awesome in this ep!!! ^___^ And apart from that, the rivalry with Butch and Cassidy and all made the ep one of the few to remember! :D Definitely a 10/10!

Crystal Latios

I love this episode! No, not because Pikachu was evil. The evilest Pikachu is in another episode, but because Butch and Cassidy are there^^ They are my favorite Rockets.
Ummm..... only one thing was mega weird to me. Officer Jenny didn`t take her police team for help only some kids! Don`t you think, she was reckless?


Well-Known Member
The best epsiode in the whole series. I loved this one the best. Not because of Pikachu, Togepi, Meowth, and the other Pokemon were evil(Part of the reason...more serious stuff). But the animation was so great. I love this style of animation! I loved when Ash tried to get Pikachu to thundershock the machine with Drowzee. So it stop the evil in the Pokmon. Ash had I plan...he used it very well. Team Rocket even help Ash, Misty, and Tracy for once. Butch and Cassidy were great. Now that is the real Team Rocket! But I like Jessie and James still. ^___^ The good thing Pikachu, Togepi, and Meowth went back to normal(they looked kinda scary...). Ash and Pikachu, Misty and Togepi, Jessie, James, and Meowth are back together again. Awww...it was sweet. Butch and Cassidy went back to jail. HAHAHA!! Oh yeah I loved their motto. Awesome stuff.

Evil Azurill

RIP Maddie
One of the best episodes ever created. Really. Butch and Cassidy were awesome. Plus the motto-battle thing they had was funny. B&C threw in the perfect balance of comedy and evil-ness....I give them a 10. ^___^ *claps*

Butch: *bows* Thank you.
Cassidy: Thanks much! *flashes the peace sign and eats the praise up with a spoon*

Anyways, yes, I'd have to say this is the best episode of the entire Orange Islands season, and is still one of my favorite episodes to this day. (second only to the episodes with Professor Sebastian in them.) Very good.

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
I agree with most of you, this is definetely one of my favorite episodes of Pokemon ever, and surely my favorite Orange Island episode. I didn't expect Butch and Cassidy to come back either. i like most episodes when Team Rocket are good guys.


Battle Factory Champion
Ugh God I hated this one. I think this was one of the worst Orange Island episodes - sorry guys :p

I can't stand it when they play up Ash and Pikachu's supposed "special friendship" or even worse when Team Rocket decide to play the roll of the good guys with Ash and Co - too much *** kissing between them. Although if there was a best part, it was easily the moment when Jessie, Cassidy, James and "Batch" squared up with each other's motto!

Blazing Charmander

Well-Known Member
I've seen this episode many times. I saw it just on Toonami as well. Although I love the plot, it's starting to get boring with the amount of times it gets aired. I'd say that this is one of the most commonly played episodes.

The music played is superb. I liked the piece where Weezing, Arbok, Lickitung and Victreebel turned against their owners. Also the harmonious piece played at the end when they defeat Cassidy and Butch.

The best bit of this episode by far though is the joint motto where both groups do it together. lol. The arguments are hilarious.

I'm sure that this animation has been used before on the "Flame-Pokemon-athon" except it looked darker. One thing that bugs me about this animation is that the character's faces are much longer.

Rating: 8/10. (Would have gotten higher if it wasn't played so much).


Without a doubt, this was one of my most favorite episodes EVA! The animation was very well done, they should really consider doing more episodes in this style. Butch and Cassidy once again make a great apperence. It was awesome seeing all those Pokemon in evil mode, and one major thing I liked about it was the Pokemon didn't snap out of their trance through friendship memories or a big cheesy speech by one of the good guys, but from actully destroying the machine that was causing it. I always like seeing Jessie and James team up with Ash once in a while as well. Drowzee was really funny and powerful, and I loved seeing a Gastly in action again. X)

I give it a 10 out of 10, one of the best episodes... period.


Hands down one of the best eps in the series. Out of all the eps (not including their very first episode,because I haven't seen it) this is B&C at their best.

1) The animation is awesome. This may be silly but I love in the very beginning where Butch & Cassidy are shown mostly in the shadows. It had such a cool-looking effect. It's been a while but I seem to remember a part where Butch & Cassidy are coming down on that mechanical platform (with them mostly in the shadows still) and the camera pans around in a circle them while the platform is still lowering. Was that in the ep, or am I imagining this?

2) J&J and B&C saying their mottos at the same time, line by line. I just love it! Uber-funny scene.
3) I find Cassidy's expression and line when Ash is trying to get possessed-Pikachu to shock Drowzee very amusing.

Cassidy: "I think he's lost it! It's almost as if he's actually enjoying it."

Probably the only time Cassidy isn't getting enjoyment out of watching another person suffer, too.

I wish this was aired as much in the US as it is in the UK. It's been at least three years since I last saw this episode.
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I love the episode lucky me I have the whole season on DVD lol. Too me it is one of the best episodes out of the season. I agree with whoever said the animation was at its best in this episode, it was awesome. I thought it was pretty cool too see Pikachu go evil. My favorite part would be towards the end when the drowsy {correct me on the spelling if I'm wrong} was attacking them, the music was good for the background music and it was perfect timing too. I liked how Team Rocket for once was going to receive an award for doing good, and not get blasted off. They all got pretty injured badly; Toipie learned a new attack which was awesome. I love episodes were Ash co. and Team Rocket work together also, their my favorites, except Team Rocket always does something in order to get them blasted off in the end. Well this will always be one of my my favorite episodes.


Sharpshooter said:
Ugh God I hated this one. I think this was one of the worst Orange Island episodes - sorry guys :p

I can't stand it when they play up Ash and Pikachu's supposed "special friendship" or even worse when Team Rocket decide to play the roll of the good guys with Ash and Co - too much *** kissing between them. Although if there was a best part, it was easily the moment when Jessie, Cassidy, James and "Batch" squared up with each other's motto!

I could not agree with you more Ash and Pikachu's supposedly "special friendship" ehh we just get it you know? We get that Ash and Pikachu have the bond that will never be broken. and wooh Jessie and James become good guys too cliche if ya ask me. Ash just needed to get a grip. Although I have to admit it was nice see him use his brain for once.


Aside from the Ash and Pikachu theme, this episode was quite good. Team Rocket turning good ehh just didn't fit them but they had a reason so I guess it can slide. All in all fair episode.