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Pikachu Re-volts! (088)



pokeball557 said:
hi everyone can you give me info on that epesode?

Check out the "Episode Guide" here to read a detailed description of the episode.



I love this episode.
Always have.
Its been one of my favorites for the last 7 years. -^^-
I say 7 because I saw the Japanese version before it was released in the USA.... but I loved the english episode too!


Well-Known Member
A good epi. It had a good plot,Funny Characters and a good ending. All round gold epi.8/10


Ash fan girl! Cute!
Ahh I love the episode so muchXD

.Animation was just wonderful

. Ash teaming up with Team Rocket, awesome

. Loved the battles

. It was so cool.

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
It was pretty sick to see Cassidy and Butch being sadistic. But then again it's not surprising seeing how they love to gloat about being nastier than Jessie and James.


Ready, Set, and GO
This episode had a dark plot. the way Team Rocket ended up wounded by their own Pokemon, Manipulating a Pokemon to use all Pokemon against them. Cassidy and Butch were the best.

I remenber the original airing aired the same saturday Fox Kids was about to reveal the 8th digidestined child. I remenber flipping channels all the time to see both shows. Saturday Morning Feb.12


This is a kinda cool eposoide i liked some parts but did'nt like other parts i liked it when the pokemon started to hate there masters
Funniest part - Both TRs doing their motto, lol, and I love the little fights between Butch&Cassidy and Jessie&James


Well-Known Member
really cool episode and Drowzee was really cool in the pikachu's jukebox thing.


~ Forever Lonely ~
Fave orange island episode! I find it cool that all the pokemon got posessed by a drowzee.


Well-Known Member
Nice to see the return of Butch and Cassidy and them being more evil than in their last outing. Loved the idea of Drowzee taking control of the Pokemon and making them evil, the animation was nice and the voice actors really went all out in this episode some of their best work in my opinion. Nice to know Jessie and James aren't relegated to being good in just the movies and that they have a couple of good guy moments in the series.


Butch and Cassidy totally rock <3 this episode was sad and it nearly had me crying to be honest :p </emo> but hey i was still a young girl when i was watching this ;)

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
I actually loved this episode everytime I see it, I guess I like episodes of anything when a character becomes dark/evil for one epispde regardless of being controlled or not (Same with the bad guys helping the good guys once).

I believe this is the only episode where TR never gets blasted off when helping Ash and Co (The episode where Jessebella first appeared was funny when she was chasing Ash and friends and TR was just drifting off happily)


Speak No Evil
I have to admit. This episode made me a bit upset when I was little. I was like...

"Why did Pikachu and all of those Pokemon have to turn against their trainers like this? Their glowing red eyes scare me!"

All in all, it was a pretty good episode. The high point was when Jessie and James had that argument with Butch and Cassidy.