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Pikachu Re-volts! (088)


I like to play hero!
I felt so beckoned to watch this episode even though I didn't like it at all! Yet, it felt like a thrill ride to me.


kiss my greens
I thoroughly enjoyed the rivalry between Jessie & James and Cassidy & Botch... er, Butch ^^;

Great animation, and seeing evil Pikachu is always a bonus ^_^ And lest we forget, Togepi attacked for the first time! A very good episode, I'd have to say ^^


In my nightmares
I just loved evil Pikachu. It was a great plot twist.
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Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I think it was funny that Togepi stopped Drowzee and no-one even realised.


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I love watching Ash actually thinking and strategizing- he didn't do that too often back then. Watching everybody think he'd gone nuts was a giggle too.


Pikachu and Togepi were very mean...

especially Pikachu. but Ash saved it, great


Let's go to the beach, each.
It all started so randomly. With Pikachu and Togepi ignoring commands and leaving with other Pokemon.

One of the best episodes. Glad Butch and Cassidy reappeared. I was worried that they'd remain in jail forever. I liked how their Drowzee was able to hypnotize so many Pokemon at once, even with help.

Glad Team Rocket and Ash and Co. teamed up to retrieve their beloved Pokemon. 10/10


No longer posting
I didn't like this episode. I don't like seeing Pikachu act evil in an episode ever. I also don't ever like Butch and Cassidy episodes, they drive me crazy.

Okay, this episode was actually better than I thought it was going to be!

Every time I heard victreebell, I actaully laughed. Does it always scream like that? That is hilarious!


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I remember how Jessie/James and Butch/Cassidy were saying thier mottos at the same time! It was really funny. xD

It was a little frightening when it showed Pikachu, Togepi, and all those other Pokemon acting all evil. They were really scary looking and I was worried they were going to behave like that forever. I was really glad when they returned to normal.

It was cool seeing Togepi save the day at the end by using its Metronome attack. Too bad nobody realized it, though. :/


From a Flygon Era
Two funniest parts of the episode for me were: Drowzee dancing while he controlled the other Pokemon and ANGRY DEMON TOGEPI. Also Togepi does an attack for the first time. That Metronome was pretty cool.


1 more day ^^
I really liked this episode. Besides the orange league battle episodes and the one where charizard finally obeys Ash this is my favorite episode.


Who knew that Drowzee could be such a powerful Pokémon? It bothered me that Ash was able to take those hits from Pikachu and the Magnemite. Butch and Cassidy are, of course, forever competant and better than Jessie and James. I would've liked to see a straight up Ghastly/Drowzee battle but whatever.


aka Lamia
I'm not much of a fan of Butch and Cassidy. I liked the episode but it was sort of repetitive to have Drowzee controlling minds again.


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This episode was really dark, but excellent. I didn't like how Pikachu and Togepi turned evil with serious eyes, later making Ash & Misty all depressed. Anyway I love how Ash, Misty & Officer Jenny snuck in the cart while TR were moving them and they all jumped out that was epic! The was ending LOL because of the entire building being destroyed.
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