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Pikachu Re-volts! (088)


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"Hey, it's Botch!"


You just gotta love the most lovable running gag their is in the Pokémon anime. Great episode and I just love the comics in this implemented. Couldn't done it any better.


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Wow. Butch and Cassidy were really dangerous in this episode. What if they actually got away with this? And they had a Starmie too! How could they?!

Yeah. They proved they were better Team Rocket members than Jessie and James in this. xD [sub]We all prefer Jessie and James over them though, right? :U[/sub]

This was the episode that made Drowzee one of those Pokemon that kind of creep me out. xD


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This episode was dark, but awesome. Butch and Cassidy were a threat to the others in thir episode. It's cool to see Drowzee controling all those Pokémon and turning them against their trainers, I liked the scene where Ash's Pikachu and Misty's Togepi turned evil.


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If Cassidy and Butch is in the episode, you know it's gonna be a great one!
Their Drowzee was awesome! Too bad the plan failed lol


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Absolutely brilliant! This is one of my all-time favourites episodes because the plot is really dark and so many awesome things happen in it. I mean, how many times did Ash get attacked by Pokemon in this episode alone, seriously? I just love the look of "Evil Pikachu" when his eyes glow red and gives out that stare to Ash. He was quite scary to me when I was a kid. Also, it was great seeing Togepi become evil too. The highlight is Team Rocket clashing with Butch and Cassidy, and helping the good guys so they could stop them. The showdown with Ash and the gang against Drowzee was intense, as all the Pokemon attacked back at them and Gastly was the only one who could defend them. Pikachu would not stop using Thunderbolt on Ash, but ultimately gives him the idea on how to defeat Drowzee in a clever way. Togepi using Metronome for the first time was pretty cool too, as well as Team Rocket refusing to accept an award for doing a good deed but still giving the trio a happy ending.



Evolve me please
This episode wasn't good nor bad in any way possible. I though the episode had a stupid way of Pokémon getting mind controlled by Drozee because the Pokémon has the ability to eat dreams and able to control people mind. It would have made more sense if the Drozee was a Hypno because it said in the Pokedex that Hypno can hypnotic people to eat their dreams. I just thought why is Drozee is doing it because it was stolen in the breeding center episode. I was wondering why it was listening to Cassey and Bucth because should be wondering what happen to it trainer or why is it doing these things. I really want to know why Team Rocket boss got those two out of jail. I don't think Giovanni would come to the jail and pay up front. Would the police be suppresses of why these two are getting out of jail because this guy.

I felt that Misty's reaction of losing Togepi was little bit off because should been more emotional like Ash, but she didn't feel the lost of Togepi as much as Ash was for Pikachu. She should have panic that Togepi was gone. As a mom, she need to care more about her child going to the dark side. I feel like the writers made Ash way to attended then going to Misty feeling about this. Even though Misty did cry, but I think she should reacted earlier in the episode.

I feel like Team Rocket should have teamed up with their rival so they could have controlled more Pokémon then they could do alone. It would have much more praised from the boss and get a promotion.

Togepi learning move was good, but later in the series it made it the get out of jail free card when they get into trouble that they can't get out of. I think make the hold thing more bad for the writers and make the charters dumber. So what I mean is that it is good for this episode, but for what the they are going to it later will make it bad and cringe inducing later in the series.

In conclusion, I felt like this episode could have been better with a little bit more emotion from Misty and Team Rocket working together or something like that.
Ah yes, the (first?) episode with James' Victreebell, and all it's screaming glory! :)
J+J and C=B saying the motto right after another was entertaining.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Upon viewing this episode again, I was really pleased by Officer Jenny; she actually did something useful here unlike most of her relatives. Her Gastly was funny as well. I was glad to see so much action and Butch and Cassidy really put up a strong fight and had a good plan set up. I applaud them even if they are villains. :p


Pikachu Fan
after rewatch it again i give it 10/10
best epsiode of TR how much i miss the team rocket in OS where they still have their moment and emotion
i miss Butch and Cassidy so much they should appear In XY their interaction with jessie and james is the best


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This is my FAVOURITE episode in the whole series! It has 3/5 of my favourite characters: Butch, Tracey, and James! I have seen this episode many times in many different languages and I am sure I will watch it again many more!!

(Plus, in my family we have an inside joke about the 'Drowzee Dance'!!)

Mrs. Oreo

Wow seeing Pikachu and Togepi turn on their trainers was sad and I was also sad for Jessie and James for once. Jenny's Gastly was cool tho and so was Cassidy and Butch's Drowzee. I was super impressed by how good their plan was. ^^


Butch and Cassidy's plan was brilliant and it's sad how no matter how inventive they were, the good guys ruined everything as usual.


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I love the Ghastly! The ghost pokemon look so evil in the games, but in the anime they are just silly and cute :)


Meowth fanatic
Omg Jenny's Gastly made me squee with joy. He was too funny. I also thought it was funny that Togepi stopped Drowzee and no one seemed to realize.