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Pikachu vs Mewtwo and Ash vs Giovanni

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by PikaPiPi, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. PikaPiPi

    PikaPiPi Member

    :surfpika:I don't know why I always have a strange feeling that Giovanni is Ash's dad. The writers never mentioned what happened to Ash's father whatsoever. I believe that his dad had the same ambition as Ash to become a Pokemon master. But, for some reason, he turned to the dark side and has now become the Godfather of Team Rocket. That person could be Giovanni.

    Probably, Ash's heartbroken mother wants to keep that secret from him because she is so sad about her husband's wrongdoings.

    If Ash becomes a Pokemon Master one day, he will face the Elite Four and even more dangerous challengers like Mewtwo.

    Mewtwo has strong hatred against human beings and might turn evil again because he feels being betrayed by people.

    Here are my questions.

    (1) If Ash somehow finds out that Giovanni is his father, will Ash battle him? and why?

    (2) If Mewtwo turns evil again, how can Pikachu awaken his true hidden potential to battle Mewtwo?

    (3) I also notice an unusual bond between Pikachu and Ash. They seem to be more than just trainer and Pokemon. Probably, Pikachu was a human boy and changed to a
    Pokemon like the game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
    Do you think Pikachu and Ash are actually brothers? ;025;
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2012
  2. Maybe ash's father is the having the secret part of the scene or event for the continuation of the story...
    Only the creator knows when Ash's father will be put to the story...

    Dotnetnuke support
  3. Bisharp

    Bisharp Well-Known Member

    If he ever will...
  4. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    Ash had a deadbeat dad who walked out. His mom just lied to him about the trainer thing.
  5. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    Oh good Lord, this kind of thread again?

    There was supposed to be something about Ash's father showing up, but that was before the anime became extremely popular and they decided, "To hell with it," and ditched the subplot like they did with the GS Ball subplot. That, and they changed writers around the Johto saga.

    We have no proof Giovanni is Ash's dad. Remember: Pokémon Live! is not canon. It hasn't been proven to be canon by anyone who's working or had worked on the show. I honestly think the whole "Giovanni is Ash's dad" came to being because of Pokémon Live!, when only a few people have truly seen it.

    Also, I remember hearing Delia say that it took Ash's dad two days to get to Viridian City. Ash pretty much was chased down the entire route by Spearow, and pedaled a bike fast as he could to Viridian. Obviously, it'd have taken him half his dad's time. If Ash's father was on a journey as well in his adulthood, if he was dreaming about being the very best like Ash, he wouldn't have stopped in Viridian City for who-knows how long and become the gym leader.

    Though again, you could argue that "Oh, Giovanni did go on his journey as promised, and he won the Pokémon League, and they went up to him and made him an offer he can't refuse! And then somehow he became a successful business man without letting his wife know--and it's obvious she isn't a woman with a lot of money--and became a millionaire while running a gym and being the leader of Team Rocket he inherited from his mother and earning even more money from black markets!"

    And even that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Hasn't he "technically" faced the Elite Four? Lorelei--I mean, Prima--I mean--yeah, it's Lorelei had a short battle with him, but Ash lost. He "trained" with Bruno, but never fought him. He may have met Agatha, I don't exactly know, and he has met Lance before, I think even teamed up with him as an homage to G/S/C in Mahogany.

    He's then gone on to meet other Elite Four members, but far as I know, he hasn't battled any of them. He has of yet to actually win a Pokémon League outside of the Orange Islands. I'm sure it's been hinted at that trainers need permission to battle the Elite Four, but Ash hasn't gotten there yet.


    Mewtwo was never evil to begin with, just confused, and he has had a change of heart. Could he fight against the human race again? Possibly, but he has a strong will, and it takes a lot to change his mind.

    And Ash has "challenged" Mewtwo before, but wait, he lost his memories. He doesn't remember his first true meeting with Mewtwo. And he never wanted to fight Mewtwo when he met him again--could be because Mewtwo was already in mortal danger, and Ash was being Ash and decided to help Mewtwo, never once thinking, "Oh snap, Mewtwo's the world's strongest Pokémon! I must battle/catch it and prove my worth as a Pokémon Master!"

    Which brings us again to the theory of Giovanni being Ash's father.

    One of them, if not both, did not recognize the other.

    You could argue it's because they didn't get a good look at each other. We don't know when Ash's father left. We don't know if Ash knows who his father is. Giovanni might've known if he had a son (outside of Silver, but that's game universe only, not proven for the anime) with Delia, and perhaps knew of his name. Team Rocket won't shut the hell up about "that twerp's Pikachu", and Jessie, James, and Meowth know his name even if we don't hear it from them a whole lot.

    And the fact that Giovanni's memory was erased of Mewtwo and thus his encounter with Ash, if the two were to meet face-to-face again (which I think may have happened recently, I don't know yet), Ash would know of Giovanni, but Giovanni wouldn't have known of Ash outside of Team Rocket's claims.

    Why the hell not? If it turns out Giovanni is Ash's dad, then it'd be a father-son battle, and those are always fun and exciting, you know?

    Or it'd go something like this.

    Giovanni: Ash, my boy, one day, you will inherit Team Rocket.

    Ash: God, no. They stalked me for ten years to steal my Pikachu under your orders.

    Giovanni: Boy, I did not ask for a freakin' Pikachu.

    Ash: Still a no.

    Giovanni: Then fight me for your inheritance.

    Ash: I agree to the battle, but I'm declining either way.

    Giovanni: You don't know what you're missing, boy.

    Ash: Mom will ground me for life.

    Giovanni: Touché, son, touché.

    Ash: *WINS*


    No, because Ash will only run into the middle of their attacks and turn to stone again, and then we get the Pokémon tears deus ex machina again--IN CHEAP ANIMATION FORM BECAUSE IT'S AN EPISODE.


    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is just a spin-off, and a different alternative universe to begin with. Even in the anime, Bill was just wearing a freakin' Kabuto costume. There's no proof outside of silly magic that's easily fixable humans can turn into Pokémon. Pikachu is a wild Pokémon who hates Poké Balls for some reason, period.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2012
  6. •Cute Pokemon Lover•

    •Cute Pokemon Lover• Just wait for it

    I believe this is a great thread! :3 But anyway as we all know Ash he will never want to be in an alliance with some CRAYZAY peeps trying to steal HIS Pikachu for like so much Frikin' time!! :p

    2-What I believe is if Ash turns out to be hurt or looking dead like FOREVER! Pikachu would have a strange aura floating around him making him look crazy with a black scar across his face,bloody fur,evil grin and hungry for revenge so he'll be crazy mad:)

    3-AND FINally! It might be possible..Because Pikachu surely understands him as well as a brother and he'll fight and defend his so called "Brother" Great question!! You have a creative imagination! :) BUT In my opinion it seems as if Pikachu and Ash should STAY as best friends because brothers are good & then bad to eachother which doesn't really happens to Ash & Pikachu..You get me? ;3 (≧∇≦)
  7. Erinmizu

    Erinmizu Well-Known Member

    Pika being a human idk could be. Would make some sense tbh
  8. TakenGrace

    TakenGrace Champion Sami

    No I don't think pikachu and ash are brothers because think about it this way. If you went backpacking by yourself and only brought you dog. you would talk to that dog like a human being to keep your sanity. and your relationship with the dog would grow because it is the only thing you have. now I know ash has friends but pikachu has always been there. as for the giovanni theory, I think that is quite a ingenious theory. But If Ash's dad did become a Pokemon master maybe he is training on mount silver (like red) or is the champion of Kanto (we never saw who that was) but I don't think ash's dad could have gone soo evil when he has a wife like ash's mom. as for pikachu vs mewtwo: that battle would be epic all though I can't see any attack or ability pikachu could use to defeat mewtwo a psychic type
  9. Pinsirius

    Pinsirius Sentimental Fool ;)

    (1) If Ash somehow finds out that Giovanni is his father, will Ash battle him? and why?

    Black/White finally killed the theory. But it's no question Ash would battle his father should he still be a trainer of active sort.

    (2) If Mewtwo turns evil again, how can Pikachu awaken his true hidden potential to battle Mewtwo?

    Was just thinking about this, actually. Ignoring Mewtwo Returns closing the book of Mewtwo's existential crisis;

    The only way to actually fight Mewtwo in the anime would either be to swarm him with dark types- though they likely wouldn't have blanket psychic immunity in the anime- or to get him to purposefully stop putting everything he sees into psychic holds and throwing them into walls until they pass out.

    Presuming the latter, I think Mewtwo could simply serve as a final boss for how well Ash knows how to command Pikachu. Bring out every trick the two have. I could see Pikachu learning Double Team and combining it with other things at the very least, say, tricking an opponent into attacking a copy and use as an opening.

    Not to mention Mewtwo would probably enjoy seeing how far the two came, since in the movie he got to see Ash at a very specific time in his life.

    (3) I also notice an unusual bond between Pikachu and Ash. They seem to be more than just trainer and Pokemon. Probably, Pikachu was a human boy and changed to a Pokemon like the game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Do you think Pikachu and Ash are actually brothers?

    T'would be a dumb, dumb twist from nowhere if it really was a Mystery Dungeon scenario, if only because it would only be forshadowed in the arc it would be revealed in. Sadly, because of who the series is written, you cannot pull something like that without being forced almost automatically.

    Besides, already been platonic brothers and one of the truest representations of the series core values since 2000 or so. I mean, not to beat the dead horse, but PETAsh asks in 2012 if he's ever shown Pikachu any concern, fans post screen caps from 1998. My mind tells me that stupid people are taking the bair, what of my heart's in this series tells me that's just beautiful justice.
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