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Pikachu's Goodbye (039)



If I know Ash/Satoshi he might've had the intention of leaving Pikachu but you know he'd probably end up going back for Pikachu even if it didn't show up at that moment. You saw how he ran through the forest and then stopped. I don't think he could bring himself to leave that forest or ever leave Pikachu for good. He might be able to make it without Misty and Brock as we've seen but can he make it without Pikachu? I think not. :D

*~Dark Umbreon~*

I've watched this episode before awhile ago , when Ash left Pikachu and he ran after him I thought he was going to leave Pikachu there I found it said but was quite happy at the end when they were back together.


pika2000 said:
This episode didn't make me cry, because I already knew ash was going to keep Pikachu.
Although I like Pikachu I hate this song, since it's just another of this "OMG WE CAN'T SEE EACH OTHER ANYMORE AND THIS IS SOOO SAD" crap.

The whole frigging song was cheesy.

missed squirtle

Everybody thinks this ep is sad I was'int sad was'int crying either.;121;
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Hmm, not surprising that a few of the clips that played with the music were changed in the dub. Though it is interesting to note that one of the clips that only appeared in the dub was taken from the Japanese opening. XD


This is one of the few episodes that I actually cried for. I knew that Pikachu was staying, obviously, but...I couldn't help it. Actually, I don't cry at all when I watch it anymore. Guess it kinda wore off. =/

Although, now that I think about it, I wish that Pikachu WOULD have left in this episode. It would have prevented it from becoming repetitive. >/ ...Then again, this was Kanto, and Pikachu was actually still interesting in Kanto. =/


Team Awesome
The Pikachu montage in this episode doesn't move me like it does the Butterfree montage in "Bye Bye Butterfree". Maybe it's because Butterfree hasn't returned, and Pikachu's still around 300+ episodes later. I do love the song, and I sing along to it when I listen to the 2BA Master CD (I also love singing to other songs on the Pokemon CDs), but otherwise the montage doesn't really do anything when we know now that Pikachu's not going anywhere.

I do love the pikachus in this episode, though, they're so cute. :) I like Team Rocket's references to the fans, too.


I got verry emotional on this episode but it was also cute


Pursuer of the Past
This is a very sad episode. Not as sad as "Bye Bye Butterfree" but still a great episode.
I did rather like the song, for a dub made in the mid-90's it ain't half bad at all. In fact, I'm a big fan of most of the Kanto dub music, and my 2.B.A. Master CD is still a secret favorite of mine today.
Anyway, back then I didn't know there was no chance Pikachu would ever leave. How was I supposed to know the show would continue for countless more episodes?
Also, Pikachu not leaving in the end gave it a real "punch" as well, in a friendly instead of sad way. How many of Ash's pokemon have come back? Just this one (and Charizard very briefly in the 3rd movie...).

Aikou Bupiggu

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This was in the year I had just started primary, I cried so badly, heh >< And then the joy which sprand to my heart when pikachu came back *remembers* anyway, I really enjoyed this episode 8.5/10 ><


As sick as I am of seeing Ash and Pikachu episodes when I saw this one for the first time. I'll even admit I was even moved by it. But I didn't cry I mean come on the day Ash and Pikachu split up is the day miltank fly! I liked the flashbacks and the song was also nice. It wasn't as cheesy as some of the songs I've heard in it. I thought it was a real good turning point for their friendship. ehh now I'm getting all mushy I'll stop now!


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i cried when i saw this episode (i was 8 at the time) i thought it was pretty sad and happy at the same time. this was one of the better filler episodes. 10/10


This episode made me cry , It was really sad and I thought Ash was going to leave Pikachu there for good. I was happy at the end of the episode.


Well I'm even gonna score this episode a 8/10. I'll admit when I first saw this I was quite moved by it. I think it was a great turning point in the show for Ash and Pikachu. Although I knew Pikachu whatn'd going no where! I know I've already commented on this episode but it was just that good!
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7/10, I think I almost cried when watching it, it did express how much Ash and pikachu love each other; but after I finished watching, I think there's nothing much to it. Seriously, this episode doesn't mean that much to me, I'm one of those who are not so emotional, kinda oblivious you could say.


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Ah, yes... that episode was very heartfelt... Ash and Pikachu being seperated was kinda sad... And them being reunited again at the end was worth watching for! :)