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Pikachu's Goodbye (039)


One Love
First time I viewed this episode I assumed he was actually leaving

Captain Brain

Well-Known Member
I think there should be more episodes like this, but closer to the ;012; one. If they did I think it would be sign of them changing back to the Kanto style episodes.;025;


Born This Way
The thing is... i knew that pikachu would not leave, because my friend (he's japanese) was telling me future episodes of pokemon. ^^ he gives me all the spoilers

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
Pikachu would never ever leave Ash. That pokemon has been with him since the very first ep. They are inseperable.


Born This Way
yupp- but i think pikachu should have a pichu- then pokemon would be more interesting.


Well-Known Member
Pretty touching epi. I actually thought Pika was going to leave. I;m glad it stayed.8/10 for being a touching epi


Ready, Set, and GO
Even back in 8th grade when I first saw this episode I cried on that scene when Ash is leaving and the song: "The time has come" helps on that feeling even more. I wonder who sung that version cause on the 2B a master CD it's sung by a woman and with a few diferent lyrics.

"You're the part of my life, I'll always remenber!!"

"Who could've guessed that you and I... Somehow.. today.. we had to say goodbye..."

These are the two parts from the song I always have in my mind. I saw it in spanish and in English.. both versions made me cry..


Abort, Retry, Fail?
I held back tears when I first saw this episode. I remember thinking Pikachu would leave forever and wondering what the anime would be like without it. When I realised Pikachu refused to leave, I decided that Pikachu would NEVER leave Ash.

Maestro Kinético

Well-Known Member
I cried. F** good episode, I want to see more like this except those lame AG episodes were the Pokemon evolved randomnly (Ludicolo).

Korobooshi Kojiro

That episode ruled. The Mawille episode was classic.

This episode was subpar, imo. I found the episode where Pikachu lost his memory in AG superior, since Pikachu attacked Ash and all.

SOS! Its Not Healthy..

He Say Whaaa...
This episode made me cry the first time ever on the series, it was so sad. I thought Pikachu was going to stay at the forest, but no, and now look after 450 episodes and they are still together. But I was watching it out of sequence back then anyways. But this episode made me start liking Ash since I used to hate him at first.

Opal Pikachu13

Well-Known Member
This was pretty sad, I also seen the Japanese version of the episode as well, I thought Pikachu was going to end up staying in the forest. I'm glad it didn't though, Pokemon wouldn't be the same without Ash with Pikachu. But pretty good episode though. 8/10.


<-- La Foam
I am embarrassed to say this but . . . yeah, I cried at the end. I didn't see the whole episode of this one. Just the second half. But yep, I teared. >.>

Pikachu isn't even one of my favorites. He was way overrated (and still is; though not as much).