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Pikachu's Goodbye (039)


It was a sad episode, i almost cried....

And Pikachu was so loyal to Ash, great.



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This is quite a good episode and I was expecting "The Time Has Come" to make a re-appearance in "Gotta Catch You Later" when Misty left so was a bit surprised when it didn't.


Man of Mystery
I remember seeing this episode when I was a kid and was almost brought to tears. To this day this was the saddest pokemon episode I've ever seen.


Catching up on XY
I must say, I got teared up a bit.

As I continue on my journey of watching the entire original series of Pokemon (the first five seasons), I came across this episode. When I was a kid, I can distinctly remember this episode as a very sad episode. But, the more I look at it, I only got choked up this time because of how happy the episode is.

Sure, the montage was nostalgic and saddening (and without it I possibly wouldn't have felt as happy at the end), but it surely was NOT the defining moment of the episode. The last two minutes were the defining moments. Ash and Pikachu reuniting, hugging each other... You can just tell how much they care for each other and how special their friendship is. Sure, it SOUNDS lame, but if you watched the series from the beginning to this episode, it is very dramatic and heart-warming.

This episode (as well as a few others) are the ones I define as the best, most memorable, and the most important episodes. If someone said that they thought Pokemon was boring and just an "advertisement" for the games, I would tell them to watch this episode and still keep that same opinion.


...Maybe a few tears came out...


Goodbye... DP
Even after 10 years... this episode still makes me tear up, haven't had a good episode like this since... not one this emotional at least.


Shiny Flygon
One of the best episodes ever.
Loved how Pikachu wanted to return and proved he loves Ash!

Well this time TR helped them actually because when they have tried to capture all the Pikachus, it realized why it needs to stay with Ash. Even until now.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
A very beautiful episode that makes me cry everytime. If only the writers would return to doing things as good as this. It would make me so happy. Yay for Ash and Pikachu.


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The pikachu singing was so cute


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This was an ok episode. The part where Ash leaves Pikachu and the "Together Forever" song playing was very sad the 1st time I saw it. Seeing all the different Pikachu was pretty cool as well.



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I liked the song that the Pikachu were singing when they were all together. I remember it really well and it was probably my favourite part of the episode.

I didn't really find this episode too sad, probably because I figured that there was no way Pikachu would leave forever.


Call me Robert guys
Best episode of pokemon ever I just watched it again and almost started crying.


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This was like one of the saddest episodes.


I never thought that this was a sad episode to be honest. It's probably because of the terrible song the dub decided to play but it was really just average for me. Watching it again all of these years later, I still don't see why anyone got sad over this episode but that's probably just me. I never bought into the fact that Pikachu was going away.

It's funny how there was a whole clan of Pikachu in that small section of forest but the Pokémon is so rare on the show that only a couple have actually had a Pikachu and Raichu.


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This was a really sweet episode. It was nice to see how Pikachu was accepted by the other Pikachu after they went through their near death experience! When I saw this when I was young, there was a point when I actually thought Ash may have actually left Pikachu there. I'm sort of glad he didn't!
I didn't really cry about it, because I knew Ash would never leave Pikachu there, the writers couldn't ditch their mascot. Still a sad episode, but even when I was a little kid, I knew it was going to be all right, unlike Butterfree...
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