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Pikachu's Goodbye (039)


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To be honest, I have to disagree with saying this is a good episode. It had a good, emotional ending which of course give you the satisfied feeling of witnessing one of the best moments in the original series. The ending was fabulous, whereas the other parts of the episode were in my opinion, quite dull. I don't want to say this episode is uninteresting, but I have seen some better episodes than this.


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When I saw this I was thinking Ash was going to start releasing everyone since Pika was his main and he already got rid of Buttefree


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This episode is sad but has a good ending. Ash left Butterfree not that much earlier and it made me afraid for a while Pikachu would be next to go. Seeing Ash run away and see all of those moments they spend together was something worth falling a tear for.


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Honest to god this episode made me cry.

I thought Pikachu was going for good.


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This was one of the best episode of the main series. It contained emotional feelings that could touch the public, a detail that rarely or never occurs in later generations.

The episode shew us how strong was the bond between Pikachu and Ash.

Unlike some members previously said, I don't think that I cried in this episode as I predicted that in spite of Ash left Pikachu, in the end it was going to come back to him.


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This episode is one of the most emotional episodes of the Kanto Saga.
It showed the strong bond between Ash and Pikachu. It's sad when " The Time Has Come " was playing during the flashbacks.
I knew Pikachu wouldn't leave, but this was still a memorable episode in my opinion.
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I always loved this episode back as a kid and it's probably the most famous one of them all. What I find great about it is how over the course of the episode, you can see Ash getting sadder as he starts to realize Pikachu might be better off in the forest than staying with him. I actually keep forgetting how dramatic this one gets in the last five minutes. The song and flashbacks are obviously the highlight (I prefer the male voice over the female CD album version though), but I also love Ash's goodbye to Pikachu and him running away alone in the forest. It works far better here than the one in "Charizard's Burning Ambitions". Of course, the difference is Pikachu comes back, but it doesn't feel cheap or unmeaningful. Ash's tears on seeing Pikachu return to him is still one of the most heartwarming and tearjerking moments of the entire show.

I didn't find this episode as sad as others did because I knew there was no way Ash would just give up Pikachu that easily.
It's episodes like these that to me highlight the difference between Veronica Taylor's brilliant acting as Ash in so many ways from his anger to his sadness, to his happy moments, and so much more, and Sarah Natochenny's atrociously wooden acting as Ash restricted to a fake "a-ha-ha-ha" laugh, and her emotional tone being restricted to the same monotone, almost lifeless, tone she uses for any situation in any context.


I was overwhelmed by all the Pikachu that appeared here to be frank. I mean tolerating one Pikachu is already more than enough for me. Anyway, I thought that this episode's sappiness was handled well, all things considered. I thought Ash's choice to leave Pikachu behind was actually really mature of him.

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When I watched this a long time ago, I absolutely loved it because there were so many Pikachu. Was going to be disappointed that Ash was going to release Pikachu but was relieved when Ash decided to keep Pikachu. Tbh, I think that Pikachu episodes are meh compared to back then just because I was a kid.

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I didn't find this episode as sad as others did because I knew there was no way Ash would just give up Pikachu that easily.

I figured he was staying when I saw this episode when I was young, but the flashbacks and emotional song still made me sad. Seeing so many wild Pikachu plus baby ones was adorable tho. :3


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It was a pretty memorable episode of Ash-Pikachu bonding.It's sad that I don't like Pikachu as much I used to back then.But yes,this episode was emotional and heartwarming. :)

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In one scene, some of the Pikachu chew on the rope bag (whatever it's called) that is keeping them captive. This is in line with behaviors that their real-life counterparts, mice, exhibit (though mice usually chew on wires - electric ones at that).

So yeah, Pikachu and its relatives should learn Bite and similar attacks.


Lol Pikachu leaving was such a tease, but Ash should've known better than to think Pikachu would leave him to live with random Pikachu.
Ah, this was an iconic episode. I literally held back tears when I saw this episode when I was 9 and I remember thinking Pikachu would leave forever and wondering what the anime would be like without him. ><