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Pikachu's Great Ice Adventure (P11)


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Pikachu's Great Ice Adventure

While playing in the ocean near a tropical resort, Pikachu & Co. get in a scuffle with Team Rocket's Pokémon. This scuffle causes the Pokémon to wind up miles away in an Ice-covered Paradise. However, when they get there, they are seperated soon find that certain Pokémon in the area require their assistance. Will they be able to reunite with their friends and help these Pokémon out?

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I think it was the best Pikachu short.

I loved to see Abomasnow and all those ice type pokemon, it was great.



I don't usually watch Pikachu's movies but this looks interesting.

It was interesting, especially at the beginning since things started out at a tropical beach before things get "colder". The Pokemon only ended up in a land of ice because of a Wailord's Water Spout attack, which sent them into the sky. All of the Pokemon then sort of crash-landed in a place that looked like Antarctica, but that was a charm of this special since we hadn't seen an area like that before in the anime. There were tons of debuts in this special too, like Glaceon, Froslass, and Snover (there might have been more, but I only counted those). I think my favorite moment of this special was when the Pokemon Airplane (on which this special was shown) was seen in the sky. Anyway, this was one of the better specials. 8/10.


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This short was ok... It was cool to see the cutest Ice Pokemon Snorunt , Glaceon, Frosloss, Snover and Spheal. It was great seeing Abomasnow in this short. Wailord's Water Spout attack is really cool to see. The Pokemon looked really cool chilling in the inner tubes. The Master Ball beach ball was back. The Igloo-like thing was really cool. The Castle looked great and sparkly-shined. The sculptures the Pokemon made of themselves were awesome.


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Hee hee, I liked how this Pikachu short took place in a snow setting and I liked seeing the pokemon airplane and Marill from the previous short. Dawn's pokemon hiding in an igloo was the cutest scene.
So Glaceon, Froslass, and Abomasnow debuted here, though they didn't do much that was special. I didn't like the frozen landscape, but I liked how Meowth, Yanmega, Seviper, Wobbuffet, Carnivine, and Mime Jr. showed up and caused trouble. What was with the random airplane, though?


I liked watching Buoysel and Pochama race each other, but Whaloh blasting everyone into the atmosphere was ridiculous. The frozen area that was shown was refreshing at the very least, and seeing Yukikaburi again was good consistency with the previous ANA short. As a fan of Shinou's Ice-types, I was satisfied seeing Yukinooh and Yukimenoko at the ice palace.


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So I finally watched this and it was okay. It was nice to see released Pokemon such as Dawn's Ambipom again and even Ash's Gliscor and it's always good to see more of Swinub before it evolved.


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This was a cute episode, I wish it was available in English though. Anyway the story was interesting and there were a lot of cute and funny moments.