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Pikachu's Really Mysterious Adventure (P13)


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Pikachu's Really Mysterious Adventure!

While playing in a city, Pikachu & co. encounter an Unown who pulls them into a parallel world. This world features a change in physics and has the Pokémon appearing in different sizes or disobeying laws of gravity. Pikachu & co, eager to get back, try to find the Unown in order to return home. Can they do it?

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Can anyone tell from where do they upload these pics...if at all please tell me from where to download it and watch .Thank you

Opal Pikachu13

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So I seen this Pikachu short today. That was funny that when Pikachu turned giant he started shaking with Meowth, Mime Jr., and Wobbuffet on him, and was even about to shock them too, until Meowth told Mime Jr. to use Teeter Dance (I think that's what it was). Plus Meowth's run ins with the singing Marill was funny as well. So much like Jigglypuff, but it attacks instead of draws on people.


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The F Unown looked so cute in this short. The wall that had a Square, Triangle, and Circle 3D shapes and patterned lines was the gateway to the parallel world. The Gateway itself looked incredible. When they entered the pathway, it was colorful, almost pastel-like look to the background, very sparkly it was. The F Unown led them to this gateway. The Pokemon had a lot of fun with the swings, teeter tottor (with Gible helping balance it), and the slide. Pikachu and Piplup landed onto/into a tire and ended up crashing into an alley-way. Once they entered the Parallel world they ended up on stone blocks which broke into what looked like puzzle pieces floating. The singing Marrill stepping in to stop Meowth, Mime Jr. and Wobbuffet in their tracks when they were going after Pikachu and the other Pokemon. The Pokemon ended up in a Stone-monument desert-like area. After getting through the cave at the end, they entered what looked like a rainbow colored outer space, really colorful, like a work of art. The next area (which looked also looked like a desert) they were much larger than they normally in the real world. At first it was just Meowth, Wobbuffet, and Mime Jr. that became giants. Then the rainbow space switched them around and now they were reversed in the desert. Meowth, Mime Jr., and Wobbuffet were back to normal size, and Pikachu and the other Pokemon were now giants. It was funny when Mime Jr. used Teeter Dance on everybody, and they were sent flying. Croagunk (who kept appearing) and the singing Marrill were also made into giants. When Meowth, Wobbuffet, and Mime Jr. landed again; the Marrill sang them to sleep again. The next world they were all sent to was a beautiful grassy field with flowers, apple-loaded trees and oran berry bushes. Pikachu and the others met up with Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. Mesprit handed them apples. Unlike Pikachu's group, Marrill again sang Meowth and the others to sleep again when they tried to grab the Oran Berries. The next area they were in looked like the inside of a castle-stone cave. When they exited the cave, there was a tall stone-like structure broken into puzzle-like stone pieces and the surrounding sky looked like cloud swirls. Pikachu and the others had trouble staying on the stones and had to be helped up the stone structure by Deoxys. At the top it looked like a rainbow-like water area with water funnels sticking up to the sky. F Unown's Unown friends were in this area. The Pokemon had a fun time playing with the other Unown. The Pokemon got a glance at the real world again and were sent back to it. The episode ended with everybody watching the fireworks in the sky.

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Mrs. Oreo

Wow I liked seeing an Unown again and the dimension shifting scenes had such gorgeous animation as well. I also liked how we saw Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf and Deoxys in the different dimensions. ^^
The city at the beginning looked like NYC, which is weird since Castelia City was based on it too. Marill singing to make Meowth fall asleep like a dozen times was annoying too.
Best Pikachu short from the Diamond and Pearl era, hands down. It had the best animation, plot, and music. I just didn't like Marill's cameo. :mad:


This was DP's final Pikachu short, and it was my favorite so far. The inclusion of Eneco and Unknown worked well, and even Deoxys appearing with the Shinou Lake guardians seemed natural. The surreal landscape and animation were top-notch, and I enjoyed seeing Nyasu, Sonansu, and Manene as giants. The fireworks scene was gorgeous, too.