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Pikachu's Rescue Adventure! (P02)


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Pikachu's Rescue Adventure!

Ash, Misty, Tracey and their Pokémon take a rest from their travels around the Orange Islands. Togepi gets lost in the forest and causes major hassle for Pikachu and the others. Can they and their new friend Elekid find Togepi before the storm?

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When I saw this mini-movie, I thought the whole thing was like 'Alice In Wonderland'. Of couse, I imagined that I was actually there with the Pokemon.
stuarthillman said:
i loved this, the music was cool it got suck in my head!
I'm guessing you mean 'stuck', right?

I liked this short. Togepi barely ever has anything devoted to it, so it's nice for it to be focused on(rather like Max). The music was good, too. The one thing that truely irked me was that Poliwhirl running amok yelling "Poliwrath! Poliwrath!" They are different, 4Kids, get it right! A good debut for Elekid, IMO, and I laughed pretty hard when Snorlax was trying to get some apples.

Overall rating:
8.3 out of 10!!!
Probably one of my top five favorite movie shorts. Not to mention, Dragonair flying really was interesting. I thought it was Earth bound before this. First movie short that's actually taught me something:D.

SC~ out


Was that Garyados trying to EAT Meowth? I read that somewhere. I loved his final part, "I neva wanna go to camp, eva again," that was hilarious!


Team Awesome
I think this short suffered a bit from the lack of narration like the first movie short did. It took me quite a few viewings to realize that the story was that one of the exeggcute was missing and Togepi was staying with the group for a while till it came back. The narration was a bit annoying in the first short, but they could definitely have used it here to explain things a bit. It was an okay short otherwise. I liked the bellossom dance, Meowth's appearances, and snorlax trying to help out. I also liked the appearances by wild versions of Team Rocket's pokemon. The three victreebels on that vine were so cute. :)


Ub3r Trainer
this was my first short ever- and my favourite!!!


Master Coordinator
I LOVED this pikachu short movie soooo much!!


Don't die, ketchup!
This was one of my favorite Pikachu shorts.


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I liked this one because the storm animation was frikkin' gorgeous. What can I say, I'm a weather geek.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I always wondered where Exeggcute came from and now i know.

Pikachu and Elekid had really great control over their attacks, it was impressive to see them taking on a storm.


When I saw this mini-movie, I thought the whole thing was like 'Alice In Wonderland'. Of couse, I imagined that I was actually there with the Pokemon.
I thought the exact same thing it is very similar to Alice in WonderLand but with pokemon not talking animals and magical creatures.