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Pikachu's Summer Vacation (P01)


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Pikachu's Summer Vacation!

Ash, Misty and Brock leave their Pokémon at a Pokémon Park for a day. They are all having a good time until they come across a gang featuring Marill, Snubbull, Cubone and Raichu. They test eachother until Charizard gets its head stuck in a drain. Will they all co-operate to save their friend?

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Togepi's crying was the thing that touched me 'cause I felt that I would like to take care of him while Misty was away for a day.


This was pretty good. Who will forget the one and only appearence of the Bulba Bye and the first appearences of Snubbul and Marril (I think). I liked the race between Marril and Squirtle and them getting Charizard out of the pipe (although it seemed wierd that they couldn't pull him out without Cubone even though they had onix helping >_>). Overall, it was good.

I give Pikachu's (Summer) Vacation a 9/10


I hated this mini movie. It was the worse one ever. The story just didn't flow smoothly. I also hated the cutscenes with the Pokemon.


I also really hated this one, mainly because if you looked away for a minute, you might come back to a different storyline. First it's about looking after Togepi, then it's a grudge match, then it's get Charizard out of the pipe... and I really don't like Snubbull's voice. The only thing this had going for it was the fact it was Marrill's introduction.


Team Awesome
This is probably my least favorite out of all the movie shorts, because it's the most kiddie short of them all (give me "Gotta Dance" any day!). Meowth has the best scenes in the whole short, including getting barbecued by Charizard and having his bomb go off under Charizard making it look like Charizard farted. LOL I also liked Jigglypuff's cameos and Raichu, but apart from that the short is pretty forgettable.


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It wasn't my favorite one....but it was good I guess. The first time I watched it(when I was little!!) I cried when Charizard's head was stuck in that pipe. Cubone was awesome too though. It was really weird when they got Charizard outta the pipe when Cubone joined in, even though Onix and Geodude were helping 0_o


This mini-movie is so under-rated. It's really great, and the second is okay too, but after that...they all go downhill.


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.....Right. And now, back to the actual topic.

I recently re-watched this and was reminded what my friends and I thought when we first saw it: it is positively scandalous that a show purportedly geared toward children should release a movie that one is obviously meant to drop acid before viewing. Scandalous or amusing- we couldn't decide which.

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I loved this, it was nice to see some of the new Johto Pokemon, even if they weren't the best choices.


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The first Pikachu short I ever saw was... electrifyingly hilarious. No doubt Bulbasaur, Psyduck, and Squirtle had quite the challenge in getting Togepi to calm down at the beginning, and that was after the other Pokémon ran over poor Pikachu. I definitely laughed when Charizard beat its chest after Pikachu and Raichu ran right over its tail, but even more so when Snorlax turned over -- and landed right on top of those two mouse Pokémon. The segment with Charizard's landing followed by that bomb in Meowth's hand gave this short an explosively hilarious major ending right before the Pokémon headed to their trainers, concluding a fun-filled adventure at this Pokémon park.


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i loved this pika short lol.

the way they changed scenes was funny(like the one with magnemites) and i loved the clash between the pikachu gang and snubbull gang.

great movie short lol.
I really enjoyed this pika short. I lol when they were going to give Togepi an apple and then Psyduck eats it.But I really got annoyed of that little Pokemon gang laughing a lot.Then Pikachu gives a hug to Togepi then Raichu zaps them I got to admit I laughed at that part.Other then that it was great. I'll rate it 8/10


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Probably the best Pikachu short. I like how the Dex narrated the story.

The swimming competition between Marill and Squirtle was unexpected. I didn't think Pokemon competed without their trainer's command. I loved the cutscenes too.

Glad they showedd two Gen 2 Pokemon; Marill and Snubbull. 9/10